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Alliance for Natural Health News at Risk

On this eve of estimated tax due date for Americans, I’m personally honing my own little “intentions” and um, “special blessings” to embed into my Trojan Horse check. As I’ve described before in “Embracing the Energy Potential of Money,” we have several options and ways to starve or maim the Beast.

I used to starve it. In recent years, I’ve gotten a bit more creative, charging my checks with spells and intentions for that money only to go for a) the Highest Good of All; with b) special emphasis on supporting organic farmers and protecting them and us from MonSatan, et al; and c) with the envelope and check leaving a long-lasting, indelible residue on any person or any system who handles said envelope, check or fiat money imprint so that those people and systems feel compelled to blow whistles, find new jobs that support humanity instead of raping and pillaging it, and/or (safely) dismantle the entire corrupt system.

I figure one of these days, the IRS will ask me not to send anything to them anymore (either that or I’ll get droned), but until that day, everything gets a special once-over on the Full Moon, which, conveniently for my purposes, just happens to coincide with the required postmark date.

I would have done this anyway, but those intentions received some extra emotional oomph (read: magickal pissed off power) from a notification that the IRS’s new power grab “regulations” could muzzle organizations like Alliance for Natural Health, forcing them to pipe down or lose their non-profit status. As ANH explains:

“Here’s an example: under the new IRS rules, even naming a candidate in any public communication through any medium, even orally—and this includes even vague references to him or her—within sixty days of a general election or thirty days of a primary election would be banned as “political activity.” This even includes content previously posted by an organization.

“Just imagine: sixty days before an election, ANH-USA would have to remove every single reference to a candidate from its website—no matter how old it is! We also wouldn’t be able to make any reference to a candidate’s connection to any legislation within sixty days of an election. This gives incumbents a thirty- to sixty-day free pass to introduce legislation with almost no public scrutiny.

“This is simply unconstitutional, and we should fight the rule that could make it a reality.

“Consider the implications: Sen. Durbin of Illinois—you may remember him as the anti-supplement senator who wants to regulate supplements like drugs—is up for reelection in 2014. If he reintroduces or has new anti-natural health legislation filed during the sixty days before his reelection, ANH-USA would be preventing from telling you about his connection to it.

“The new IRS rules will severely curtail the speech of 501(c)4s, as they may be afraid to engage in any political activities for fear of IRS or government retaliation. Any disgruntled politician could easily ask the IRS to revoke the 501(c)4 status of groups who disagree with his or her politics!

“Some readers suggested that it is unlikely that the IRS would scrutinize a smaller organization like ANH-USA. Don’t count on it. Although we are small in staff size, we represent millions of consumers. On numerous occasions, ANH-USA has suffered the wrath of members of Congress by holding up or working to change their bills.”

You can read the rest of the story and reader comments by clicking here. If you feel so inclined, you can also send a letter to the IRS telling them what you think. Click here if you’d like to do that.

I happen to know some very kind people who work for the IRS, but this Federal Reserve Beast has grown too many heads and represents too much power from the Usual Suspects — banksters who siphon US money to corrupt banks, ridiculous wars, and black ops, and the big nasties trying to poison and control our food, water and rights to natural health. Magickal ethics and practicality suggest using mundane methods whenever such ordinary measures will do the job. When dealing with unreasonable, completely inconsiderate, vampiric or downright evil people and entities, I prefer magick. It’s fun, clean, and I’ve received far better, consistent results from my little Trojan Horse checks and coded envelopes than all the calls, letters and rational approaches combined.

So, Happy Full Moon, End the Fed, and Blessed (We All Shall) Be.

GMO Labeling, Specters and Enchantment

Despite mainstream news already announcing a defeat of Washington State’s I-522 Labeling Law, due to the huge volume of uncounted mail-in ballots, the real numbers won’t speak for themselves for several more days, possibly a week. Since we can and do influence our Reality, I continue to send empowering energy towards a YES vote. Win or lose, the conversation continues, as do labeling initiatives and talk of bans in other states and smaller jurisdictions.

Ultimately, we need to purge these toxic perversions of nature from the face of the Earth before they pervert everything in their wind-pollinated path, and before all the pesticides, herbicides and endocrine disrupting genes destroy humanity. I agree with Mike Adams’ recent call for guerrilla tactics — not violent, but surprising … unexpected, extremely effective gotcha moments. Apparently, Mike’s got a scientific roll-out scheduled for January 7, 2014. I suggest we have a magickal, prayerful, and energetic roll-out effective immediately.

When I tuned in last night to assess ways of banishing Monsatan et al, I received a rather strange message: “Don’t bother hexing them. Monsanto’s a ‘specter.’ You would be wise to strip the specter of its Glamour. There’s nothing substantial beneath the projection. Eating GMO foods is like the old tales of eating food in the Underworld. It’s designed to trap people on the 3D plane. Monsanto’s power comes from an enchantment, nothing more. Remove the enchantment, and no one would accidentally consume such things. It would be like watching a ‘feast’ transform to dirty rocks. Remove the enchantment and no one will fear the specter or eat its food.”

I immediately saw a Scooby Doo cartoon ghost looming over the planet, threatening the “gang” who cowered in a corner, as they wondered how to fight such an enormous, scary, powerful beast. Then I saw the specter malfunction — the costume slipped, unmasking the criminal. In typical Scooby Doo fashion, the gang grew strong again, arrested the unmasked criminal, and Scooby got a (presumably non-GMO) snack. Another vision flashed across my mind. In this one, I saw a mud hut transformed by enchantment into an elaborate, shining castle, complete with horses, knights, royalty, villagers, all shimmering and glimmering, demanding attention and luring unwary travelers to partake of the enchanted feast that would trap them in the castle. A wizard raised his staff and the castle and all its inhabitants crumbled to dust — sand in the desert, deprived of its mirage. I also thought of Hansel and Gretel and the wicked witch who lured them to her oven via the candy house.

All of it.

In addition to Monsatan, I saw so many flashes of other enchantments the masses call “reality” that I seriously wonder if the dreaded “Project Bluebeam” hasn’t already been in effect for decades. Millennia?? There’s something about the food, though, that magnifies the enchantment, just like ancient myths and fairy tales reveal. For years, I’ve felt led to study fairy tales, folklore and myths, because herein lives the wisdom and knowledge suppressed by power structures that would like to remain in control. What better way than to convince the peons that any occult (hidden) knowledge that could possibly empower or guide them is evil, superstitious or silly? Indeed, it has worked quite well for a long, long time.

We speak of a global “awakening,” which hearkens back to stories like Sleeping Beauty and Rip Van Winkle. It’s not just about the lyrics of Amazing Grace: “I once was blind, but now I see,” and it’s not just “awakening from the dream,” since Dreamtime represents a powerful way of creating action in our waking world. Rather it’s like a fairy tale enchantment and the need to dismantle, disrupt or disperse that enchantment. Any of those methods would work, since if it appears even just slightly less solid, it becomes transparent, no longer effective. If produced via technology, then EMP’s, solar flares and space weather can disrupt. So can hackers. Animals chewing wires, regular wear and tear, and something as simple as rust or as powerful as an earthquake can dismantle.

But another guerrilla warfare strategy comes to mind, as well. Those of us who know how, or who have enough determination to learn how, or who are willing to outsource such things to beings from the Faery Realm who most assuredly do know how, we can hijack the enchantment itself, similar to the famous Tokyo Rose taking to the airwaves in WW2. Physical labels in the physical realm would grab attention and raise questions, yes. But if we’re really dealing with an enchantment, then perhaps we would also be wise to project enchanted labels right into the enchantment itself. Piggy back on the pervasive illusion, modifying it with our creativity and will. In a world of all possibilities, why the heck wouldn’t we insert some sort of “tag” that accompanies all GMO propaganda, crops and food? A glitch in the Matrix, a flicker in the enchantment, enough to give people pause so they experience an in the moment choice to accept or reject the imprisoning Frankenfoods.

We live in a free will Universe, but it only feels free when people realize they have a choice. We cannot make those choices for them, but we can make choices more obvious.

“All’s fair in love and war”

A transhuman, computerized, “scientific” force has been fighting an undeclared war on humanity for at least 13,000 years, probably far longer. The only reason this war remains undeclared is because most of humanity has been too oblivious to read the memo. The writing is on the wall. It has been on the wall for centuries, but in the past few years, that writing has turned to flashing neon lights. It’s in the courts, in the dying sea life, the poisonous chemtrails, the anal police probes (literally!), and the fracking that sends fire from faucets instead of water. For some bizarre reason, people continue to choose this as their reality. We cannot force them to change their minds; however, we can make the choice points much more obvious. The Universe itself has begun to do so; that’s why we witness so much contrast these days. Those fence posts are getting mighty pointy! Sooner or later, the sitters will need to jump off.

In this time of Harvest, density separation, dimensional rift — whatever you choose to call it — our choices matter. As in, they give form and structure to our material reality. I’m nonviolent by temperament, practicality and belief, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to defend myself. I also feel, as I’ve shared before, that visionaries who can see beyond the enchantment and imagine something preferable have a sacred duty to bring some of those visions into tangible form. That might be through painting, poetry, lyrical prose, or gardening … through soulful community involvement designed to heal the people through healing the land … through creating alternative currencies and financial paradigms … through sharing off-grid technologies … through finding our gifts and inventing ways to infuse our world with them.

I always come back to the Hopi Prophecy: “This can be a good time.” We need to recognize our own skills, power and capabilities. We need to remember that warning “labels” can take many forms. Packaging whose ink runs, foul tastes or odors, a burning feeling in the hands when picking up some poisonous “natural” chemical concoction, dreams about nightmarish Frankenfoods… . How we’ve limited ourselves in our labeling efforts! We’re not fighting an ordinary war with ordinary tools, but we can level the playing field by getting creative. Slip through timelines, use our Dreamtime, work with interdimensional and interdensity allies. There are abundantly more of us than them, and since the perversions of our Natural World affect other worlds and other realms, we have many more allies than most people imagine. This can be a fun time. “The Goddess is alive and magic is afoot.”

So is Mischief.

Love Bombs and Pixie Dust: last time I checked, those didn’t require any registration or background checks. Just sayin’ 😉

Jon Rappoport ~ The Magician Awakes

About three minutes before I read Jon’s post, I got a phone call from a local friend. We started talking about people who live in the past and how different they are than people who live in the present and future. The conversation was all the more remarkable since this friend is in her 80’s! She loves new ideas, creativity, “spending time with the young people,” and engaging in all the exciting possibilities of our times. If she can do it, then surely others can, too. The great question becomes “Are you ready for freedom, and if so, what do you want to make of it?” Personally, I’m excited. I love creating new things, following a vision from a wild inspiration into tangible manifestation. That’s how we “fix” our world … not by fighting what is, or digging our heels into a reactionary past … but by fixing our sights, hearts and minds onto that which we long to experience. And then sculpting it into being.

Jon Rappoport ~ The Magician Awakes

Here is another section from my unfinished manuscript, The Magician Awakes.

In this scene, the “speaker” is talking to Jimmy in a cheap hotel room. Jimmy has volunteered to go to FreeTown, which some people call FryTown, because they suspect it’s a prison.

But it isn’t. It’s an offworld colony where men and women seeking a different kind of life are emigrating.

Jimmy and the speaker have already been talking for hours. Jimmy thinks he’s qualified to take his place in the new colony, but the speaker has his doubts, and he expresses them at length in this final wrap-up:

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. I keep talking to you, but everything I say disappears. How do you do that? You’re a black hole.

It’s as if you’re folding time back in on itself, Jim. Do you really believe there’s nothing new under the sun?

All the ideas worth contemplating have already been hashed over, and it’s just a matter of going Spiritual Shopping at the great mall?

Most people live in the past, Jim, whether they admit it or not. So they guard it. They patrol it with weapons loaded.

New ideas are never preordained. That’s a hard one for people to swallow, Jimmy. They enjoy thinking about a universal library that contains all thoughts. Or an ideal invisible universe that’s already there. All laid out. Is that what you believe in?

They prefer it to the notion that something can come from nothing.

But nothing is exactly where something comes from, Jim.

There is no such thing as smooth cause-and-effect from the past to the present. That’s a fairy tale. There are always gaps, Jimmy. In our best moments, we live in the gaps.

People want to plug up the nothing and pave it over with explanations. Hundreds, thousands, millions of explanations.

God is a favorite. He created us with free will but he didn’t want us to create anything new? Is that how you think it really works, Jimmy? I don’t even know whether you believe in God, Jim, but if you do, I bet you have a pretty strange idea about who he is.

You think he made everything there was to make all at once, and then he stopped, and there we were, with freedom, but everything was already laid out? How do you square that, Jim?

If you want to describe the nothing from which something comes, you could do a lot worse than “invention.”

You invent.

“Nothing new” equals slavery.

The fear of new ideas is the fear of inventing.

The universe isn’t a mother or father, Jimmy. No. It isn’t whispering instructions in our ears.

The universe is “deciding whether things are meant to be?” Are you kidding, Jim? Where did you get that one from? A New Age church on Sunday? From a guy in a suit that cost five grand who has a thousand-yard stare and a smile plastered on his face?

There’s a Great Plan? You mean, Jim, the Plan blots out all your freedom and you’re just a machine trying to figure out what your programming is so you can follow it? Is that your best shot?

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

What am I going to do with you?

You’re walking around the dinner table looking at the food and you’re reaching out to put something on your plate, and then you’re drawing back. You’re hungry but you’re not.

You’re doing yes, no, and maybe. You’re looking for a way in and a way out.

You want to punch a time clock but you want to be free.

Let’s say you’re free right now. You’d have to ask yourself, what is freedom for?

What are you going to do with it?

Go back to the past, where everything is already settled? Is that what you want?

Imagine the whole world living in the past, moving along like one big machine, all the parts coordinated. Switch a few parts here, switch a few there. People trying to figure out what to do with their freedom inside the machine. That doesn’t sound realistic, does it, Jim?

In the middle of that craziness, somebody stands up and says he has the most important ideas to share. He says they’re time-tested and wonderful. But he’s in the machine, too.

People believe in him, and they start oiling parts and oiling themselves, and changing locations here and there. They want a better machine.

Who is going to support this new “prophet?” The people who own the machine. That’s who. But here’s the thing. The people who own the machine are inside it, too. They just don’t know it.

Could you dream up a more ridiculous situation?

I know some people believe the men who own the machine are outside it, but they aren’t. If they were really free (outside), they wouldn’t be stepping on everybody’s head. They’d be doing something else. Trust me.

Freedom is real. If you take it. It feels so good, you wouldn’t use it to crush people. Not in a million years.

You wouldn’t do that with real freedom.

You know, Jim, we started with a lot of people like you in FreeTown. And it didn’t work out. We made mistakes.

We had people who said they wanted freedom, but when they arrived at the colony, a strange thing happened. They went back to living the lives they had before.

We told them FreeTown wasn’t the past, but they didn’t understand. They were all about the principle of freedom, like you are, but inside them something else was going on.

They were putting themselves together like androids.

Look, Jimmy, we’re not going to turn you down. We’ll book your passage. But we have a way station. You’ll stop there for three years first. Three years.

The way station’s a special place. Some people call it Limbo, but that’s ridiculous. It’s anything but. But it is where you make your bones if you can.

It’s stupidly simple, when you come right down to it. No frills. No jive. No symbolism or hocus-pocus. No ritual.

It’s not a new kind of reality. It’s not a place that does something to you. You do something to it. Which is the whole point, if you’ve been listening to anything I’ve been saying.

We call the way station by its proper name. The House of Clay.

You’ll live in a little apartment over a studio. The place is all yours.

The studio has five thousand pounds of clay. Your job is to work the clay. Make anything you want from it. Use all of it. Make lots of things.

No rules. No guidelines. We don’t care what you make.

After three years of doing that every day, you’ll go to FreeTown.

We’re betting on the fact that…

Well, I don’t have to spell it out. I think you get it.

That’s the deal. Are you willing to take it?

Everybody who lives in FreeTown has been through the House of Clay. We’ve all done it. See, Jimmy, it’s one thing to say you want out of this system and you want freedom, but it’s another thing to go to a place where freedom actually exists and not screw it up.

You have to start inventing, Jimmy.

That’s what freedom is for.

Not just thinking about it. Doing it.

Inventing new realities.

Are you up for that?

Are you?

We’re giving you the chance, if you want to take it.

Or go back to sleep, curl up in the bed you call freedom. Sleep in the past where nothing is new.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

Magick Wands and Chris Hedges ~ A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

Thanks to Gillian for drawing my attention to this particular Chris Hedges article. Though dire, it’s also quite an unusual post for him in that he recognizes the power of the human imagination. I have been getting the same message lately about the state of our world: things have gone so far beyond what normal “doing” can remedy that it’s time for magic, magick, mgieck … whatever you call it, it’s time to tap in, dig deep, and empower those wands, spells, prayers, and beliefs in miracles.

With all the debate about Second Amendment rights, I’ve done some major soul searching. I don’t own a gun, and I don’t desire to own a gun. I’ve imagined what it would feel like to shoot someone, even in self defense, and to me personally, that just doesn’t feel in alignment with the rest of how I live my life. But neither does powerlessness. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” I don’t believe in remaining a powerless victim; I just prefer to use different means of defending myself.

After much prayer, visioning, study, hope and assessment of the potential road ahead, I bought a magick wand. Hand-crafted of holly, with a silver cord and prehnite stone at the tip, “Freya’s Dawn” came to me synchronously and beautifully. I’ve wanted a wand since 2004, but until a couple weeks ago, nothing ever grabbed me. I thought wands were kind of hokey, unnecessary, and perhaps just weird … but I still felt called to own one. Maybe my inner conflict kept the right wand at bay.

In any case, in my attempts to find and remain in my center despite awareness of some really not-nice things in the works in our country and in this world, I had returned to studying magick in a more intense, dedicated way. All of sudden, the whole purpose and scientific reasoning behind a wand made sense to me! It’s not about me not having the power myself; it’s about focusing that power in a stronger way. It’s not that one can’t do magick without a wand; it’s about amplifying energies. One definition of magic(k) is simply aligning ourselves with the natural harmony of the Universe. We learn how to work with energies, timing, crystals, plants, myths, and stories, rather than accidentally sabotaging our efforts through poor planning. The right wand is kind of like the Power symbol in Reiki — it amps up the energy already flowing through.

I’ve had some powerful manifestations in my life, both with and without wand. For me, personally, I felt like I needed to take the next step in strongly manifesting a new reality. The progress, though tangible, just doesn’t seem to be proceeding at pace with nasty and relentless implementation of the New World Order (as opposed to Natural Order). I choose Natural Order, and I know that Nature always bats last. For some reason, though, having a wand feels like I now have a powerful defensive weapon. Unlike a gun, I can also use this wand to create and empower worlds. And so, I do.

Chris Hedges gives a more intellectual read on this phenomenon, without mentioning wands or magick. As he says, “It is the imagination that makes possible transcendence.” Thank God/dess/goodness, I have a very fertile imagination. May we each dig deep and create beauty and freedom as we feel led. If ever there was a time for the Power of Love to take action, Now would be it. Of course, magicians, mystics and artists know that all Time is Now. We can access peace, prosperity, Love, Grace, and transformation anytime. Sometimes those extra tools just come in handy. 😉

The beginning of Chris’s article follows, with a link to the second page on his site:

Chris Hedges ~ A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

The planet we have assaulted will convulse with fury. The senseless greed of limitless capitalist expansion will implode the global economy. The decimation of civil liberties, carried out in the name of fighting terror, will shackle us to an interconnected security and surveillance state that stretches from Moscow to Istanbul to New York. To endure what lies ahead we will have to harness the human imagination. It was the human imagination that permitted African-Americans during slavery and the Jim Crow era to transcend their physical condition. It was the human imagination that sustained Sitting Bull and Black Elk as their land was seized and their cultures were broken. And it was the human imagination that allowed the survivors in the Nazi death camps to retain the power of the sacred.

It is the imagination that makes possible transcendence. Chants, work songs, spirituals, the blues, poetry, dance and art converged under slavery to nourish and sustain this imagination. These were the forces that, as Ralph Ellison wrote, “we had in place of freedom.” The oppressed would be the first — for they know their fate — to admit that on a rational level such a notion is absurd, but they also know that it is only through the imagination that they survive. Jewish inmates in Auschwitz reportedly put God on trial for the Holocaust and then condemned God to death. A rabbi stood after the verdict to lead the evening prayers.

African-Americans and Native Americans, for centuries, had little control over their destinies. Forces of bigotry and violence kept them subjugated by whites. Suffering, for the oppressed, was tangible. Death was a constant companion. And it was only their imagination, as William Faulkner noted at the end of “The Sound and the Fury,” that permitted them — unlike the novel’s white Compson family — to “endure.”

The theologian James H. Cone captures this in his masterpiece “The Cross and the Lynching Tree.” Cone says that for oppressed blacks the cross was a “paradoxical religious symbol because it inverts the world’s value system with the news that hope comes by way of defeat, that suffering and death do not have the last word, that the last shall be first and the first last.” Cone continues:

That God could “make a way out of no way” in Jesus’ cross was truly absurd to the intellect, yet profoundly real in the souls of black folk. Enslaved blacks who first heard the gospel message seized on the power of the cross. Christ crucified manifested God’s loving and liberating presence in the contradictions of black life—that transcendent presence in the lives of black Christians that empowered them to believe that ultimately, in God’s eschatological future, they would not be defeated by the “troubles of this world,” no matter how great and painful their suffering. Believing this paradox, this absurd claim of faith, was only possible in humility and repentance. There was no place for the proud and the mighty, for people who think that God called them to rule over others. The cross was God’s critique of power—white power—with powerless love, snatching victory out of defeat.

Reinhold Niebuhr, as Cone points out in his book, labeled this capacity to defy the forces of repression “a sublime madness in the soul.” Niebuhr wrote that “nothing but madness will do battle with malignant power and ‘spiritual wickedness in high places.’ ” This sublime madness, as Niebuhr understood, is dangerous, but it is vital. Without it, “truth is obscured.” And Niebuhr also knew that traditional liberalism was a useless force in moments of extremity. Liberalism, Niebuhr said, “lacks the spirit of enthusiasm, not to say fanaticism, which is so necessary to move the world out of its beaten tracks. It is too intellectual and too little emotional to be an efficient force in history.”

Niebuhr’s “sublime madness” permits the rest of us to view the possibilities of a world otherwise seen only by the visionary, the artist and the madman. And it permits us to fight for these possibilities. The prophets in the Hebrew Bible had this sublime madness. The words of the Hebrew prophets, as Abraham Heschel wrote, were “a scream in the night. While the world is at ease and asleep, the prophet feels the blast from heaven.” (Click here to continue reading @ TruthDig)

Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven: You’re Invited

This blog post arrives in response to a Facebook post in which I wondered what would happen if Lightworkers around the world joined energies and intentions into an astrologically well-timed shamanic ritual to help heal the Earth and redistribute resources, power and money into responsible, loving hands. Those who run the world (not just the BigBanks, BigPharma and BigAg, but the people behind the corporate machines) all use astrology, occult symbols, and rituals as a means of honing and amplifying their own power. Esoteric Agenda does a nice job of explaining this, in case you’re curious.

Regardless of your curiosity, a bit of research would reveal that the ruling elite declare wars, pass extreme laws, and activite terrorist attacks and “natural” disasters on key dates. Repeated number sequences like 3/11/11, 4/11/11, 9/11, 7/7, 777, and 888 are all over the place! As someone who has long studied mythology, paganism, astrology, Christianity, numbers, sacred geometry, Runes, occult (which simply means hidden) symbols and rituals, these patterns read like an organized code. Events in this world, especially events since 9/11/01 have not occurred randomly. They fit neatly into key astrological dates that correspond to the goals of those orchestrating the events.

Those running our world have kept much of the esoteric knowledge for themselves, demonizing it via religions and mocking it via science. Thankfully, intuition and indigenous awareness can’t be completely snuffed out. They have survived in fairy tales, ancient writings, myths, and art history. This wisdom and awareness are also keyed into most of the major world religions, if we explore them with the eyes and heart of a mystic.

So, what the heck is Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven, and why are you invited?

I came up with the idea right after the “historic” budget passed in Congress. What’s historic about heisting more money from the middle class, destroying EPA regulations, preserving corporate money and the military-industrial complex? Um, not much! Business as usual among BigBanks and the corporation known as the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. (Yes, not only are corporations now considered “persons,” but our “country” is not really a government, but rather a corporation. It’s the reason all the Birther arguments about Obama’s citizenship may not actually matter. While it would be illegal for a non-citizen to be president of the country, being president of the corporation is perfectly legal. All this quibbling really distracts from the deeper issue plaguing America and most of the rest of the world — the systematic transfer of all wealth, power and resources from sovereign individuals into the hands of a few. Indeed, as former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura reveals, feudalism is very much alive in 2011.) As Michael Moore reminded the world when he came to speak in Madison, “America is not broke!”

But it might as well be.

My Facebook post began as a wondering of what would happen if Lightworkers used similar esoteric awareness, rituals and intention to rebalance the budget, and restore balance to humanity and planet Earth. To my great delight, lots of people expressed enthusiastic support. I contacted some astrologers to help pick out dates most conducive to these goals, and I asked people of various spiritual and healing traditions about what sorts of ceremonies, spells, mantras and energy would most serve the rebalancing and restorative efforts. Common themes included: offering everything for the Highest Good of All, shamanic healing of core issues, and honoring free will (i.e. we can offer the energy and intentions for healing, but individuals can bypass them if they so choose). Many people also want to include Mother Earth in this process — especially since she is already intimately involved.

I chose the name Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven as a reference to the movie Ocean’s Eleven, which involves a group of highly specialized criminals working together behind the scenes to rob a corrupt casino. I love the idea of each participant in Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven offering whatever skills, energy, gifts, love and knowledge he or she happens to have –all in an attempt to redistribute wealth and power from the robber barons. 11:11 is a potent manifestation gateway, and I also like the reference to the ocean, which has been so abused by Japan’s nuclear crisis and the BP oil “spill.”

[Just an FYI, both of these events were also orchestrated. If you doubt this fact, please do some research on insider trading before the “spill,” Halliburton’s acquisition of the cleanup company 8 days before the “spill,” HAARP, and meetings and phone calls in Japan on 3/9/11. Even though a very small population on this planet has actively abused the Earth, to the degree we have allowed this to happen, we are all culpable. For this reason, I would like to include Dr. Emoto’s healing prayer for the waters at the reactors of Fukushima, but branch this out to ALL water on planet Earth: “Oceans of the Earth, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”]

Anyway, back to Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven: there is great power in names. Including the ocean and 11:11 in the name of this group acknowledges both the vastness of issues and the potential manifestation/transmutation beyond them. I also love the following quote by the mystic poet, Kabir: “All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.” A recognition of the interconnectedness and paradox of all things will allow humanity to transcend a seemingly impossible situation on this planet. Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven honors and celebrates this Ascension.

I will write more on this topic closer to the time, but for now, I wanted to let people know that the dates so far selected are Beltane (May 1, 2011) and the Solar Eclipse date of June 15, 2011. “In Neopaganism, Bealtaine is considered a cross-quarter day, marking the midpoint in the Sun’s progress between the spring equinox and summer solstice. … In Gaelic folkore, the village’s cattle were driven between two fires to purify them and bring luck (Eadar dà theine Bhealltainn in Scottish Gaelic, ‘Between two fires of Beltane’). This term is also found in Irish and is used as a turn of phrase to describe a situation which is difficult to escape from. In Scotland, boughs of juniper were sometimes thrown on the fires to add an additional element of purification and blessing to the smoke. People would also pass between the two fires to purify themselves.”

You can find more info here and in future posts. I love the idea of Beltane as the initiation of Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven, because it involves purification. Our world is so far out of balance that we need something beyond a complete reversal of stolen resources, money and power. In a very real sense, humanity has given these things away — allowed them to be stolen, even invited the thievery, due to deep-seated shame, fear and a loss of self-respect. The initial collective cereomonies, energy offerings and rituals will focus on healing these aspects.

I invite people from around the world to spend some time in the coming weeks considering what you feel called to offer on May 1’s virtual Beltane gathering. If you know shamanic or religious rituals designed to clear any or all of these feelings, please consider how and where you might enact those. If you feel more comfortable creating a work of art, song, poem, portal, or spell, please feel free. If you would like to light a candle or recite a mantra or send Reiki, these are all good contributions. In essence, the Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven festivities on Beltane will be an organized free-for-all with a collective intention of purification, healing and preparing to receive.

On June 15, during the solar eclipse, we will have another day of worldwide intention, creation and space-holding. More details on that to follow. Please feel free to share your ideas here or on your own blogs, linking in to this page if you’d like. You are welcome to include links to your own posts about this event. I never meant to lead a movement, and I really don’t care who gets “credit” or publicity. Another agreement on the Facebook thread involved the idea that those who resonate with this sort of event will find it. If I have time I will make a YouTube video with some ideas, and I will also post some possibilities for specific ceremonies, spells and/or prayers. Any religious or spiritual background is welcome.

I only ask that everyone who participates does so from a place of real excitement, love and enthusiasm, and that participants act from a place of Love and Light and for the Highest Good of All. As much as those in power have run amok, we do not need to emulate their motivations and attitudes. The tools are neutral: you can use a hammer to build a house or to bash someone’s head in. If you know how to use esoteric tools or spells, please feel free to walk the Middle Way (embracing your power, but remaining in the Light while doing so). If you feel more comfortable with prayer or meditation, we welcome your energy as well. The more the merrier. Literally! Let’s make this one fiery, joyful Beltane and a beautiful worldwide unified offering of possibilities. Shift happens. Woohoo and Namaste.