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Full Moon in Taurus, Lunar Eclipse ~ November 19, 2021

My November 2021 Forecast noted:

November 19 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, 3:47 a.m. Eastern. We begin eclipse season with a Full Moon in late Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A WOMAN, PAST HER CHANGE OF LIFE, EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE.” These energies put strong emphasis on new beginnings that arise from a place of maturity. Pluto trining from Capricorn offers extra determination and empowerment.

Dane Rudhyar’s full Sabian Symbol description seems worth pondering:


KEYNOTE: Man’s capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations.

After having stated the youthful and the aged approach of the human individual to the use of what his culture has brought to him, the symbolism stresses man’s capacity to rise above the limitations which both biological nature and the “normal” social pattern of behavior have tried to impose on him. As in many of the preceding symbols, a “woman” is pictured, because at this early stage of the cyclic process the individual consciousness still has a receptive or “feminine” polarity — as was indicated in the very first symbol of the entire cycle (Aries 1°).

Whenever this third stage of the twelfth sequence is brought to a person’s consciousness, the indication is that he or she should freely open his or her mind to the possibility of always new REBEGINNINGS. Ideally, the new beginning should imply a more mature response to the new possibility of experience.

Following the powerful New Moon in Scorpio, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus reminds us to look for and cultivate new blessings, even as circumstances, vitality and relationships fall away.

Eclipse effects last six months, so this seems like a prelude to the first exact Pluto Return of the United States. For six years, we’ve dealt with a symbolic “peri-menopausal” time of change, as transiting Pluto approaches the Pluto point in the US natal chart from 7/4/1776. In symbolic terms, the US has endured dry spells, spotting, missed periods, heavy bleeding, fiery hot flashes, depression, rage, irrational fears, fatigue, brain fog, and severe hormonal imbalance. As with a personal peri-menopause, these shifts affect those around us, too. In this case, the entire world. We’ve experienced unpredictable changes to formerly regular cycles: but it hasn’t yet been a year since our last period.

The technical definition of “menopause” is when a full year has passed since the last period. Peri-menopause — the time leading up to this “change of life” — can last for years, sometimes over a decade. Again, the Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is A WOMAN, PAST HER “CHANGE OF LIFE,” EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE. The process of peri-menopause tracks with a Pluto transit: a long, slow destruction that leads to new life. Menopause shifts the creative process from physical womb to a fully engaged rebirth. Instead of losing blood each month, all that energy can now create on other levels.

Along with death and the destruction of that which no longer serves, Pluto also brings rebirth.

So pay attention! This November 19, 2021 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in late Taurus offers a preview of when the US Pluto Return goes exact on February 20, July 11, and December 28, 2022: a barren Crone finds new love.

As we watch the old world fall away, even the sky reminds us to prepare our hearts for something wonderful and new. Adding to the Plutonian signature of this eclipse, Pluto trines the Moon from Capricorn, the sign of tradition and “old structures and authority.” We can grieve how life has changed, but rebeginnings abound. Soften to receive what inevitable destruction has revealed.

In addition to trining the US Pluto Return point (exact within minutes), this eclipse also exactly quincunxes the Galactic Center — another mystical trigger for love and rebirth. Not just any old love and rebirth: this love and rebirth is galactic, central and primordial.

May 26, 2021 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

My May 2021 Forecast noted:

May 26 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 7:14 a.m. Eastern. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reveals tensions between repressed feelings and group solidarity. Pay attention to light shining on old patterns, condescension, and/or rigid ideals. Do these attitudes still fit? Accept invitations to upgrade.

This is a South Node Eclipse, with the transiting South Node at 10°43′ Sagittarius and the Full Moon at 5°26′ Sagittarius. This conjunction emphasizes a chance to release old things that no longer serve — especially old dogma, judgments, or overconfidence about the “correct” worldview. The South Node marks this as an extra karmic eclipse. Truth will out.

In addition to the collective South Node conjuncting this powerful Lunar Eclipse, asteroid Nemesis exactly conjuncts the Full Moon. According to Alex Miller:

Nemesis was the goddess of due enactment, a karmic equalizer who ensured that no one had too much good fortune, but paid appropriately for their misdeeds. Known as the restorer of cosmic order, Nemesis was particularly focused on punishing acts of hubris, which is defiant pride or arrogance in one’s place, gifts or fortune. Eventually her concept was refined to include a quality of vengefulness or retribution which is lacking in the original, which was more about rectifying imbalance. In modern usage, the term “nemesis” has come to represent any opponent, competitor, or adversary, anyone who stands in the way of our goal, or enacts revenge for wrongs committed.

Astrologically, Nemesis represents the vagaries of Fate, self-undoing, reversal of fortune, and any person or thing which holds us back, prevents our will, denies goals, or punishes our actions. Additionally, there can be issues with assigning blame, scapegoating, or finding fault.

Things in the collective could get interesting! Eclipse energy lasts for months, and this one begins a series of firecracker alignments between now and late June. Expect some shakeups, especially as we approach the second exact Saturn square Uranus event on June 14, 2021.

How this eclipse will affect you depends on your own natal chart, as well as your own willingness to entertain different attitudes, viewpoints and explanations. I keep hearing what a talented songwriter shared with me:

“Humble pie is always warm.”

Feel into that expression. Humility warms hearts as well as blushing cheeks. Vulnerability and curiosity can ease misunderstandings before they harden into outrage.

This eclipse and these next six weeks offer beautiful opportunities to course correct our personal lives and the collective challenges facing humanity at this time. A great time for soul searching, honest reflection, and a commitment to embrace difficult, yet liberating truths. We’ve lived in a divided society for far too long. Watch for and cultivate unifying themes and messages.

Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for April 2015

We’ve got quite a lineup this month, and Flash also gives some perspective on the fiery month we just passed. I can echo her comments about things polarizing. I’ve been hearing from clients and noticing in my own and David’s life this curious split between sometimes incredibly difficult challenges in the physical realm co-existing with synchronous breakthroughs and unexpected opportunities bursting through the chaos. For many people, March was a rough ride. The energy shifts triggered on the New Moon-Solar Eclipse-Equinox powerhouse date can be refined and focused upon during tomorrow’s (April 4) Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse. Choose wisely, choose well, and may you find and cultivate the beauty and liberation available in each moment. Thanks, Flash!

Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for April 2015


April moves into our focus on the first and most of us are not feeling too foolish. The harsh and hot Aries energy of March may have singed and over- amped our nervous systems as Mars and Uranus conjoined each other through the last half of the month.Following up with a Solar Eclipse in the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac has given us all inner and outer shocks which have also been mirrored by the weather,seismic and political events. The electro- magnetic field of the Earth is also being very shaken and stirred which can also carry the same results as these transits.

With all that chaos seemingly behind us,April begins with a Grand Trine in Earth signs consisting of the Moon in Virgo,Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. One might think that we could be in for a more peaceful and grounded time however with a Total Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon in Libra on the 4th we are likely to feel more intensity as these eclipses tend to turn up the emotional volume. We are going through a profound time of clearing and it is wise to take the opportunity to cleanse the shadowy parts of ourselves that lie hidden. It is simply not to our advantage to drag our baggage along with us repeating destructive patterns that may have not even been useful in our childhood! The Aries/Libra polarity requires that a balance between self and other be manifest with the Arian tendency towards self absorption toned down with Libra’s need for equality and cooperation. On the other side of that coin, Libra’s tendency to subordinate in favor of peace at any price or to people please requires blending as well. This is also a time when we feel fueled by our personal creativity and it is also a fine thing to find ways to share that light with others to create an even finer song or artistic expression.


With so many planets in Aries last month aggressive energy was really peaking on all levels and when such energies manifest globally it takes a while for countries and attitudes to reach a more peaceful place so we will still be working through some of that til the middle of the month as we will be experiencing one more explosive transit on the 5th as the Sun squares Pluto and then conjoins Uranus on the 6th and finally Mercury squares Pluto on the 8th.


It is little wonder that we have had such crazy manifestations socially and politically for the last month or so but the good news is that the energies are seeming to really polarize. On the one hand there appears to be much more violence and confrontation yet some of the these confrontations are leading to much better rulings against discrimination. Its like much of the shadowy nastiness that had been driven underground has flared up and has forced some issues such as the religious laws in Indiana and what almost happened in Arkansas.


The really good news is that we are shifting much more into a 5th Dimensional Reality, meaning that many more of us are anchoring our thought processes and energies in the world of the miraculous. I can’t say often enough to be mindful of your thought processes as our ability to manifest our thoughts has reached an all time high. When you consider the empowerment that it places in our hands it is awe inspiring but with that power comes deep responsibility. I really love the true meaning of that word too as it means the ability to respond!


If you have chosen to be on a pathway towards liberation which hopefully most of you are, we are being held to a higher standard of behavior as we hit these pockets of time and opening energetic portals. Externally we are seeing all kinds of drama and truly life on this planet looks bleaker and bleaker if we view circumstances from a purely 3 Dimensional reality. On the positive side of things all is really not as it seems and the strong Neptunian energy brought forth by both Neptune and Chiron in the sign of Pisces can drape reality in fog, mystery and deep spirituality. The dark side of Neptune is also present now as we can feel as if we are drowning in deception,chemicals and all kinds of toxicity. Being a double Pisces myself, I have been experiencing all of the Neptunian energies.

To the uninitiated, transits from Neptune can feel like you are being dissolved wherever those wondrous waves break in your chart and can indicate a time of great confusion if you try to solve problems with totally material plane solutions however if you dive deep into the cosmic waters and get to the heart of the matter you may be capable of transmuting long stuck behaviors that have eluded you for many years.



Since 2012 we have been pummelled by the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto,all with their pathways for liberation and transformation. Uranuis can be the quick change trickster of the bunch picking you up suddenly and plunking you down in a whole other reality,Neptune’s shift is in some ways more gentle and rolling but can still have the power of a Tidal Wave to shift your consciousness in a deluge. Pluto likes to cut to the chase and dive down deep to the root of the matter, no band aid cures for little Pluto and does this planet have the potency and shelf life to make sure that the changes made are complete and total! What a sacred trio of changers fo bring about Revolution/Evolution. I bet most of you can look at your lives over the last 2 years and already see the profound changes that have radically altered life as you know it. This is exactly what is supposed to be happening for us.Very important to remember that no matter how difficult the mainstream world appears to be there is a vast amount of misinformation being given and a culture of fear and scarcity that is being manufactured for mass consumption to keep us in line.Yes we have real physical problems and severe challenges from climate change but solutions are within reach if the powers that shouldn’t be would cash in their greed and dominance in exchange for a healing planet with good food, fresh air and water. How simple!

Many interesting transits are coming up as we move further into the month of April. Mars left warlike Aries on April 1 shifting into Taurus. This will be forcing that fiery planet to embody its energy in a more earthly manner. Also interesting that a whole series of earthquakes rocked the world on that very day as the fire of Mars met the earth of Taurus. Over all though I feel like Mars in Taurus will start to reduce some of the global violence and constant aggression that Mars in its own sign favored. Essentially we will all need to move more slowly and carefully as the pace of Taurus is built for comfort not for speed and favors quality over quantity. Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus and we could sure use a whole lot more of Her Love energy flowing everywhere.


On April 9 Jupiter the planet of expansion will go direct so economics should improve quite a bit and projects that have been simmering on the back burner will be ready to come to a brisk boil if you give them some good energy.With the overall energetic theme showing us that we can more easily manifest that which we think about this forward moving Jupiter should enhance this process in a big way.

April 11 sensuous Venus in Taurus slides into mental chatty Venus in Gemini which should create more opportunities for easy communication in our relationships. Of course with airy Gemini you can experience many thoughts and differing points of view all in the same day so don’t get too attached to any one answer.Venus will oppose Saturn on the 15th bringing with it issues of commitment and focus.

April 16 Pluto stations retrograde which should create a focus on the deep cleansing that we have undertaken for the last year or so which will remove all that has been lurking in the shadows needing healing.This should really clarify places where we can make more profound life changes.Your own integrity is extremely important and you will surely need to be good to your word so that you can honor your own power. Also key to become aware of how and when you give away your power. The key is not power over but shared power. Winning does not make you a winner but rather puts you on that hamster wheel of no win power over and under. Sadly too many relationships break under the strain of power struggles but if better understood and willingness on both sides deep healing and sharing is quite possible.

On April 17 Mars will square Jupiter making us feel like we have energy to burn. This can be fine if you remember not to do anything to excess because you will surely feel drawn towards over doing. If you need a lot of energy for some project that can be good as long as you remember that you are a human being with limited physical resources.
April 18 ushers in an Aries New Moon encouraging more new beginnings. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The concept of One, the beginning and the connection of being at One by replacing the solitary”me against the world paradigm” which is such a cornerstone and support for the Patriarchal mindset with a We Are All One
way of viewing the world.This is not antithetical to being independent or seeking diversity but rather a feeling of connection with all life which engenders a commitment to the planet and all of its beings. The last New Moon was in the last degree of Pisces and this one is on the last degree of Aries.
Very important to become your first authority, to listen to that inner voice that never misleads you.Hopefully this is a well established habit but if it is not this is a good time to start. If you need to test yourself start keeping note of your successes as you follow your own lead. This does not mean never get good advice from someone who has proven to be honorable but personal integrity and trust is very important now and primarily trusting you. If you trust you then you will know who else to trust.
Mars and Mercury in Taurus will conjoin on April 22 and 23 bringing out the passion and stubborn nature of both. This would be a really good time to avoid trying to have a successful communication and problem solving session as no one is likely to give an inch.
Not too much happening til April 30th which is May Eve and an important pagan holiday also referred to as Beltane.This is a Fire Festival and a time of Passion and Renewal.
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Tom Lescher/Kaypacha ~ May 22, 2013 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

I love this Pele Report!

First of all, Tom filmed it at Lake Tahoe, one of the favorite places I’ve lived. Twice. 🙂 Secondly, he gives some really wonderful insights into Gemini’s.

As a Gemini, I have always lived with this keen sense of not only extreme dualities, but also with the desire, need and passion for weaving those extremes together. When Tom says, “Gemini has one foot in heaven and one in hell,” I know exactly what he means, because I live it. My life’s work involves so much of helping people root out their Shadow, see the Light and bring Heaven down to Earth, honoring them both in physical, tangible ways. It’s incredibly healing work, but sometimes being able to recognize, honor and embody such extremes makes a person feel totally misunderstood and radically out of place in this world:

What?! You don’t want to choose one or the other? How can you possibly see both sides of such extreme issues? How can you possibly engage mutually exclusive visions? You’ve lost me there … You’re not one o’ them tree-huggers are you?! Don’t tell me you’re one of those conspiracy theorists! You’re a peacenik who supports the Second Amendment? You love, love, love the Amish and have Amish friends, but you also know and respect a lot of veterans? You relate to evangelical Christians but sing Hindu chants and engage your inner warrior with a magick wand? Um…

Somewhere along the way, I also became an intense Gemini who actually does care about the integration process. I used to be much flightier, but the Fire Faery of 2010 hasn’t gone away. LOL! Not hardly. Anyone who’s been struggling with duality, with a Gemini friend or spouse, or with the Universal nudge to transcend all this madness will appreciate Tom’s message, which covers Gemini myths and traits, several Tarot Archetypes, and the Lunar Eclipse that happens tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on your location. Enjoy!