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Feel More Love, Loving and Loved through Three Magical Breaths

My Facebook friend Sandra Lavender shared this simple, yet beautiful exercise today. When I asked if I could share it with my blog readers, Sandra replied, “When I find something that is truly wonderful I want the whole world to enjoy..This is for everyone from enlightened beings….The new world doesn’t need complicated exercises to reach enlightened states.” Yes, she’s a lovely one! Here are her observations and techniques:

“If you want to feel more love, loving and loved, you must do one essential thing. You must allow yourself to become more sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the more love you’ll be able to feel inside your being, and radiate through your heart to others and yourself. Being sensitive means being open, vulnerable, and willing to feel that which you’re afraid to feel. It means being willing to face that which you cannot face inside. An insensitive person has put walls around that which he/she cannot face or feel. The pain was too great at the time, and they believed they were too small to find peace within the pain. It takes a deeply courageous person, who has an inner strength and spiritual warrior to continuously choose sensitivity over anything else along their life’s journey.

“Choosing the path of sensitivity means you’re wiling to truly be alive. You’re open to feeling the wounding that others are holding in their body as well as what is buried within your own. This willingness to feeling the wound is the door to feeling the love, and healing that which is needing love. If you shut the door on feeling pain, you’ve turned your back on love. A deep compassion for yourself (and others) is born out of this path to higher sensitivity. It is one of the most essential and over-looked ingredients on the journey to self-realization and enlightenment.

“If you want a practical exercise to become more sensitive this week, try this one out:

“You can shift into higher sensitivity with 3 magical breaths. Anytime you feel reactive, defensive, or start to shut down emotionally, first take 5 seconds to yourself to go inside and feel where in your body the wall is forming. The wall can show up as tightness, tension, overall anxiety or even the stopping of your breath.

“Take that very next moment to breathe into this tension, and feel the wall between you and it shift into a warm liquid feeling.

“Then, take a second deep breath and merge with this liquid wall of light. Let yourself become the wall.

“On your third breath, imagine a vast open Universe inside and outside of you. Merge with the vastness, feel the spacious silence all around you and the sense that you can expand out into infinity. Relax as deep as you can into this experience. If any stuckness or wall tries to reform, simply start the process over with the first breath. Enjoy!”