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Lee Harris March 2012 Energy Forecast

Thanks to Tania Marie for letting me know this was out! As usual, I find Lee Harris expresses just those things I’ve been noticing for myself as well as repeatedly with clients. He focuses on self-nurturing, especially with regard to taking care of the body and establishing appropriate boundaries with others. “Can you trust that what is right for you is also absolutely perfect for those around you?” Sometimes saying no takes all the courage and tough love we can muster, and yet it remains the balanced response. Lee addresses people who feel others’ needs tugging on their heartstrings but who themselves need to honor what keeps them in a harmonious vibration. Whether you work in the healing field or simply care about those around you, March brings with it an intense need for centering.

Lee’s suggested Affirmation for March: “I will love and nurture myself, body and soul. I will honor and enjoy myself, body and soul. I will love and remember those around me, for we are all brothers and sisters. I will love and nurture my original mother, the Earth, just as she nurtures my life.”

Thanking Your Body

Just a quick follow-up post to yesterday’s information about DNA Activation Symptoms… .

It keeps coming to me in Medical Intuitive sessions and meditation that we really need to offer some extra support and love to our bodies right now. I have always described the body as the soul’s lover — so dedicated and unconditional that the body will even face its own destruction and death in order to help the soul embrace its dearest hopes, dreams and lessons. This remains true, but on a much grander scale these days.

As we witness the demise of so many “solid” structures, systems and institutions, like governments, banks, media and Monsanto (yes, Monsanto, you are going down with ’em!) … our bodies need to recalibrate to a different physical world. As unnerving as massive change may feel to our minds or emotions, our bodies are losing the surrounding stability of their native physical realm. Yes, we will still have bodies and still have some kind of physicality, but density levels make more difference to the body than to the soul, which has shifted dimensions many times without the body.

Our bodies have agreed to make this transition with us, but let’s give them some extra acknowledgement and support. They’ve been working hard! When was the last time you thanked your cells? When was the last time you loved your liver? Your teeth? Your spine? When was the last time you gave yourself a hug and showed appreciation for the miracles of life happening every moment inside your temple?

When we visit inspirational blogs or connect with online groups, we give our mind, emotions and spirit a boost, but our bodies often sit in cramped chairs with poor posture and squinted eyes. Like the exhausted mom who makes dinner every night for her kids because if she doesn’t then no one else will, our bodies keep on keepin’ on, whether we thank them or not. Sometimes they break down because they just can’t take it anymore, but with a bit of rest, those bodies continue their admirable work the moment they can start again.

A little recognition and gratitude go a long way. Imagine how good you feel when someone really sees you — grasps for just a moment how amazing you truly are and deeply appreciates you for showing up each day. Nothing in your external world might change in that moment, but somehow your attitude and energy level do. You get that extra little boost like a marathon runner who rounds the bend and sees the crowd cheering and holding signs. You can do it! You can finish what you began, and you can finish strong.

Unrequited love feels awful. Please love your body. It loves you ever so much, and it treasures those moments when you let it know the feeling and respect are mutual. Your body can live on Love. Did you know that? Laughter may be the best medicine, but Unconditional Love trumps all.