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Are You Sure?

As Life churns around us, even those of us who’ve committed to a peaceful, loving, joyful, Earth-harmonious existence continue to receive little blasts from the Universe: “Are you sure you want to give up all the old ways? There’s still time to bail out of the New World you’ve said you desire. Are you sure you want the new?”

Such “opportunities” may arrive in the form of old relationship issues rearing their ugly heads, nearly resolved patterns reasserting themselves, an avalanche of seemingly serious health issues, and/or dramatic displays of exactly what you’ve determined you do not want. I see this dynamic appear with many clients, most of whom initially panic, thinking they’ve somehow slipped off path. They call me wondering how after all their intending and positive visualization they suddenly find themselves in a surreal display of their own personal definition of hell. They feel tempted to throw all their tools and life enhancements into the disappointing fire of yet more techniques and guidelines that do not work. Faith plummets.

“Where did I go wrong??” they ask. “I felt like things were going so well. I felt so sure of myself. Things were good, but now they feel so off that I wonder if I was crazy all along. Seriously, Laura, where did I go wrong?????”

In most cases, it’s not a question of going wrong — not if you’ve been diligently creating and empowering the new. Rather, this blip of negativity usually means you’re getting very close to manifesting exactly what you most desire. You can transmute the “not wanted” into an extra powerful dose of:

“I want the change. I need the change. I am right to long for this change, and by all the power of the Universe, I now claim this change for myself and for the planet. Without apology. Without explanation. This change is mine, and it’s coming, and I am so hungry for it that I can already smell and taste it. My appetite has peaked, and I know what I want.

“No matter what others around me order as their meal, I know what’s coming on my plate. If something else appears to arrive instead, I will return that plate and demand what I ordered. Because I know how wonderful, empowering and satisfying this change will be. And I know how this change will sustain me in the new, exciting, loving and potent life I’m creating for myself. If something else appears on my plate right now, I will kindly return it to the Universal kitchen, rekindle my powerful, anticipatory vibration, and get ready for one amazing feast after another. I feel so excited and joyful to experience what the Universe and I have cooked up for ourselves. Mmmmmhmmm. Bring it, please, and bring it soon. I am ready, and thank you very much.”

Consider any surges of the not-wanted as an opt-out clause in your ordering process. If you feel certain of what you want, then you can return the unwanted to sender. Don’t engage. Don’t despair. Simply return the unwanted plate and get back to imagining and savoring what you desire. If the “order mix-up” brings to light other garnish or ingredients you’d love to include in your original order, then use this time to tweak that request, and again, prepare yourself to receive. Energies support fulfillment of exactly what you most desire right now. In Divine dispensation in the fullness of time, let the feast begin!


“Some Day They’ll Give a War and Nobody Will Come”

Yesterday I read an extremely enthusiastic call to mass meditation during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. As many long term blog readers know, I love a good mass meditation –under certain circumstances and with clear, focused intent. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on Universal Love, the suggestions of this particular meditation gave me the heebeejeebee’s. The guidelines for this mass meditation suggest tuning in to all the viewers and imagining them all feeling massive amounts of love as they watch the Satanic ritual spectacle presented as entertainment and celebration of the Olympiad.

I hear, see and feel several problems with this scenario:

1) There is now a large amount of speculation, evidence and insider revelation indicating diabolical intent behind the 2012 Olympics. From seemingly deliberate breaches in security to the 200,000 caskets ordered (able to hold four persons each), to the missiles placed on top of apartment buildings, to the nuclear waste dump beneath the stadium, to the “artwork” celebrating chaos and destruction, to the business partner of 9/11’s Larry Silverstein owning the Gates, to the police state setup, to the convenient “suicide” of Rik Clay after he exposed Illuminati symbolism and New World Order finalization of the 2012 Olympics … even those who usually reject “conspiracy theories” have an ill feeling about this year’s Games.

After the overt Satanic Rituals earlier this year, in particular, the mega-televised Black Mass enacted during the Grammy’s, it seems likely that the 2012 Olympics’ specially selected location, dates, names and symbols have been designed and intended to usher in a New Age. And by New Age, I don’t mean a Golden one. While many people know about the police state aspects of the New World Order, they don’t realize that this grab for control includes control over every aspect of life — especially spiritual. Whether people know it or not, there’s a war going on, and it’s primarily a war for your soul.

Most people can’t grasp this concept because it sounds psychotic. Why would anyone want someone else to worship them? Why would anyone seek that kind of insane control over others? We tend to project our own experiences and desires onto others, but unless you’re a narcissist or psychopath yourself — or have moved beyond projection — then you likely won’t recognize the degree of depravity and insatiable consumption of those who’ve quietly ruled our world from behind the curtain. The LIBOR bank rate rigging scandal has begun to show the intricate collusion, corruption and other aspects, but the bigger, more shocking revelations have yet to go mainstream.

For now, it is enough to know that the sickos behind the 2012 Olympics have absolute faith in the power and necessity of ritual, including human sacrifice. These “people” are so disconnected from God/Source that they have no Love/Light energy (power) on their own. By televising and making the rituals larger and larger, adding billions of humans’ focus to the mix, they intensify their offerings to whatever entity they feel they’re serving. If they can manipulate viewers (i.e. unknowing participants in the ritual) to run the gamut of peak emotions of Love and then utter fear, so much the better.

The trouble with Lightworkers conducting mass meditations centered around the opening and closing ceremonies is that most Lightworkers remain too naive to understand what they’re fueling. This is not a judgement. It’s just a fact that most Lightworkers and the general population of human would-be-do-gooders don’t understand how energy works. Energy is energy. If you know how to surf it or transmute it, you can change it into anything. As crazy as they are, the people running our world have managed to consolidate power because they do know how energy works. They have not only studied and monopolized secret, esoteric wisdom from the ages, but they have also funneled billions, perhaps trillions of dollars into black-ops, psy-ops and studies about neuroscience and mind-control.

Don’t believe me? It might interest you to know that the Dark Knight “lone shooter” was a PhD student in a CIA funded program about experimental neuroscience. He took part in those experiments and somehow, this unemployed grad student wound up with $20K of highly sophisticated military weaponry and armor and started shooting –sacrificing– innocents on a New Moon ritual. In jail, he remains convinced that he’s part of an unalterable movie script. Who gave him the equipment? Where did a neuropsych student learn how to rig such complicated bombs that could have blown up his entire apartment complex? And why did he bother to tell authorities? Classic Manchurian Candidate.

Still don’t believe me? Google “conversational hypnosis politics” and see what you find. Look up “sacred symbols advertising” or “religious symbols media.” See what you find. We live in a symbolically illiterate culture. Unless you’ve taken the time to study mythology, sacred geometry, Runes and Archetypes — extensively — then you remain easily manipulated. The subconscious craves spiritual experiences and rituals. In a world devoid of natural, positive, non-corrupted rituals, people are so starved that they’ll swallow anything. And often do. In this meditation that suggests watching the opening ceremony, innocent people will find themselves drawn in. Your subconscious mind creates your world. If you feed it tons of energy while watching a carefully orchestrated Satanic ritual, you will dramatically amplify the informed, unconflicted intent of the savvy psychopaths who designed the ritual. You will become a powerful participant in that ritual.

2) While the idea of sharing love with all humanity comes from a heartfelt place, superimposing that love onto rituals meticulously designed to destroy humanity could easily backfire. Remember, “A spoonful of sugar helps the ‘medicine’ go down.” Whereas the deepest part of humanity revolts at the cold, calculated ridicule of everything sacred, if billions of viewers feel Love while subconsciously swallowing poison, that poison gets in deeper.

3) A safer, more positive suggestion for helping raise the Collective vibe would be “think globally, act locally.” Turn off your tell-LIE-visions and go outside. Want to feel at one in the Universe? Go hug a tree; talk with your neighbor; interact with animals in nature. Forget the Olympics. Don’t give them anymore of your energy. Unless you have honed your ability to direct your own energy in highly specific ways with verified, consistent results, then the best thing you can do to raise the Olympic vibe of love for all humanity is to demonstrate love for yourself and those in your immediate surroundings.

Get mushy if you must. Share your own triumphs instead of vicariously living through Olympic athletes. Share your own joys instead of letting the media giants falsify and manipulate your emotions. If you want to feel the interconnectedness of all humans and Unity Consciousness, then start with your immediate surroundings and make tangible shifts in your own, direct experience. Abstraction tends to remove you from the here and now. It removes you from your body and from your own, innate wisdom and connection to Source. If you want Unity Consciousness with something positive instead of some fake, NWO One World Religion, then tune into your own Divinity and practice seeing that in everyone and everything. Moment by moment. You can practice extra often during the Olympics, but tend to your own vibration. Change begins within.

If you feel you have specific skills in the energy sending or focus department, then I still emphasize the above suggestions. You can also intend discernment for anyone watching the Games, and you can, perhaps, surrender and release the intention that something disrupts the carefully planned negative events. Maybe the television cameras don’t work. Maybe the sound and light systems goof up just enough to distract the full concentration required to carry out an effective ritual. The how doesn’t matter so much as the mischievous little winks from the Universe that say, “Um, no. This does not align with Source and so it will not receive positive synchronization.” Faeries, elves, crystals, children, the wiser subconscious parts of participants … all can be showered with Love and Discernment in order to support the right people recognizing anything untoward and reporting such things to the right authorities.

The power of strategic distraction can protect billions of people from swallowing poison and False Flags hook, line and sinker. If you feel you must participate in some way, then disruption of the ritual would be more positive than trying to shift the negative to positive. Most people simply don’t have the sustained focus and esoteric knowledge to override decades of planning and intent. I would suggest such visualization take place prior to the actual events, but pull all your energy back into yourself and your immediate environment during the events. As Carl Sandburg said, “Some day they’ll give a war and nobody will come.” Stop participating in the madness and watch it evaporate. Very few people want to play these Games anymore. Remove your attention from those things you don’t want, and tend to your own vibration and your own reality creation. You just might find yourself living more fully than you ever thought possible.

And that, my friends, is the most powerful, loving contribution you can make to our world and its Ascension. Practice Unconditional Love for yourself and others. Then let the Universe sort itself. Namaste.

Thoughts Are Transformed Through Their Association With You

Another excellent find by Gillian and excellent reminders! Some of it reminds me of all the writing I’ve done on integrating the Shadow and those Dark Goddess energies, but it always helps to hear things put in a different way. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve really been feeling this transformation process — recalling those “negative” thoughts I’ve sent away and suddenly needing to process through them. Right now. Rejecting them no longer works as they come back larger or more painful, demanding even more of my attention. The good news is that embracing this process results in freedom and the birth of something new and preferable. It’s like what Abraham-Hicks calls “pivoting and positive aspects,” combined with alchemy. Transmutation allows us to turn lead into gold … rebirth the phoenix from the fire … merge with our Holy Guardian Angel … create heaven on earth. Ohhhhh-kay then, go ahead and bring that, too! 😉

Twelve Insight ~ Thoughts Are Transformed Through Their Association With You
Twelve Insight

When you have thoughts that are misaligned, your task is to engage them in such a way that they are transformed through their association with you. Thoughts that are resentments, or unpleasant thoughts that revisit you routinely, are most definitely your own creations. They are aligned with you vibrationally in such a way that they are sticky, and seem attached as if with a rubber band. You may get away from them for a while, and then they return a day, a week or an hour later.

The important step is to recognize them as your own creations; they are not outside of you. And then recognize (know again) the reason you sent them off in the first place — because they really don’t fit you; not as they are.

But they are aspects of your own creation, thus they remain attuned to you. They will follow you about until you have paid enough attention to them that they either manifest in some form, (and since we are talking about unpleasant vibrations they will be unpleasant manifestations) or you have transformed them into something more pleasing, more concordant with you. But you cannot eliminate them from your field by rejecting them or expelling them: The Universe operates on the principle of inclusion. So you have to own up to them, accept that they are yours, and invite them back into the fold so that they may be transformed by the person whom you are now.

When you first thought those thoughts, launching them into being, you were not the person you are now. You were driven by other forces then, fears perhaps, or beliefs in lack and limitation, but forces that do not reflect who you really are, nor the knowledge you have of your true Self today. You are the most powerful force in your corner of the Universe. You are the most powerful being in your own field of experience and field of thought, and even in the field of your physical manifestations.

So you see, you do not make yourself stronger by rejecting those errant parts of yourself that you deny; you make yourself weaker by sending that energy away from yourself. There’s a part of you out there attracting your energy outward. You make yourself strong by welcoming back in those orphaned elements of yourself, allowing them to be transformed by the person you have become today.

You see, they are going to be transformed by you, not the other way around: That was then, this is now. When you sent them away you were unable to deal with them. Today you are much stronger and more sure of yourself than ever, and you can allow those rejected elements of yourself to be transformed by the light that shines within you so very, very brightly.

Darkness is always transformed by light. That which is shoved off into the dark becomes a great bogey-monster, creating fear and aversion. When the feared thing is brought into the light that emanates from you it evaporates, quickly diffusing into its elemental parts, to be reincorporated by you, back into the wholeness of your being. You disassemble the monster and its component energies are transformed into the wholeness of your being.

You are the light, and you are the transformer of your world. Shine on dear friends,

All Is Well

Just a little reminder from Abraham:

Absolute alignment with your own Source Energy means that you know the following:

* You are free.
* You are powerful.
* You are good.
* You are love.
* You have value.
* You have purpose.
* All is well.

Collective Intention: Abraham and Wayne Dyer Chat

Gillian MacBeth~Louthan ~ Loving The Invisible Until It Comes True ~ 14 May 2012

I’ve seen the following article on so many sites and finally decided to read it. Glad I did! I just like the way she puts Law of Attraction and co-creation into terms like invisible and visible. When I was younger, the thing I most wanted in life was “to become invisible.” I didn’t know why at the time … I suspected it was because I felt shy and didn’t like attention.

As we’ve moved closer to and now far into 2012, I’ve realized “becoming invisible” can mean lots of things, like vibrating at a faster pace so as to become translucent or seemingly “disappear” from denser reality — kind of like Avalon fading into the mists. It also reminds me of the end of the film version of the Celestine Prophecy, in which the forces arrive to destroy the circle of aware ones. Instead of getting captured, those in the circle “disappear.” Holding such a different vibration from all the doom and gloom scenarios allows us to do the same thing. We can evaporate from one world and move into another that more closely matches Love instead of fear.

This article explores invisibility from a different angle. Gillian talks about bringing the invisible into the visible realm — kind of like bringing heaven to Earth. It’s the flip side of disappearing into a new reality … inviting and creating what we would love to see and making that manifest in our current world experience. In any case, I hope you enjoy this little piece as much as I did:

Gillian MacBeth~Louthan ~ Loving The Invisible Until It Comes True ~ 14 May 2012

You have each walked into a stairway of questing, of questioning, of asking what is the next step of my journey, of my heart, of my mission. You stand at the top of the stairway to heaven, but it does not connect to anything that is visible and tangible. Your hearts’ desires live above the patterns of the mass consciousness and the mass manifestations. As you reach into your higher heart for higher truths, higher lights and higher loves; you also reach for higher creational abilities. These manifestations live in the invisible. They are visible only in your mind, in your heart and in your dreams. But they are invisible in your physical world.

You are asked to place all of your desires, your wants, and your needs –upon an invisible future. There are few that know without a doubt that the invisible will manifest in accordance with how deeply, how strongly, how powerfully they believe. You cannot see your future because your future does not live here on earth. It has not come as of yet. It has not manifested, you are ahead of your creations. In this there is great frustration, as you feel all alone in your creations. It is like baking a cake from a cake mix box that has no directions on it, putting it into an oven that is invisible and turning on a timer that does not exist.

Each of you holds your personal ‘vision in invisibility.’ Every great person that has existed on this earth has held the vision in a place of invisibility. First they imagined it, then they embraced it, and then they loved it until the invisible became true. It did not come by some divine decree. It came into manifestation through the hearts, the yearnings and the desires of those that called it into existence. You are responsible for creating the invisible dream that dwells in your heart. You hold it as one who holds a baby bird in their hands – comforting it, giving it warmth, nurturing it. You are continually birthing what you need, and what you desire.

Most people give up before it is manifested — the very day the birth is to be announced they quit, they stop, and they walk away. They think who will notice? Who will care? Everything of life notices and everything of life cares! All of Earth was ready to welcome in that manifestation that you so lovingly created, and germinated inside of your heart and that you so thoughtlessly aborted before it was birthed.

Trust the seeds that you have planted. You must trust that what your soul yearns for is true and will come forth and be birthed. The Creator does not ever and can not ever hold back from you or sequester something from you. You are given full reign on earth. You are the ones that will birth the future. When you see a need, fill it. At that moment in time the universe is saying to you – “Help me to birth this. Help God to birth it by just holding the vision long enough for it to manifest”.

Each of you is asked continually to help birth a better future, a better Earth, just by your thinking. Hold the vision of goodness for your world – not just your own creations. Whenever you have an opportunity to seed another’s thought – give them the gift of what you know to be truth and hope. Hold that gift long enough until it is birthed. Do not ever give up on it. The Creator, the Source has never given up on you. Do not give up on others. Do not laugh at their dreams or toss their dreams to the wind because sometimes a person’s dreams is all that they have to live for. Help to birth the dreams, the desires, and the invisible into the visible.

Time to Get Your Shift Together

Today I’m offering a little collective energetic “heads up” and some additional tools to help the collective shift into one the majority of people will enjoy instead of what I read as the current (at this very moment) collective timeline. Yes, we had the 5-5-5 World Liberation Day Meditation, but guess what? So did the Powers that (Would Still) Be. Diabolical though their plans for humanity are, these people, unfortunately, know how to keep their focus and work energy. Many people participated in the 5-5-5 meditation and then checked “liberation” off their list, as though one meditation somehow makes up for millenia of slavery and outsourcing of personal sovereignty and responsibility. Please don’t get me wrong: meditation and visualization can be powerful tools when used consistently as part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding process. They are not, however, a quick fix for a dominant vibration of fear and/or victimization.

If humanity would participate in World Liberation Day meditations and visualizations every day, get excited about personal freedom moment by moment, find ways to incorporate tangible aspects of that shift into their everyday lives, the collective would shift much faster and much easier. My read of the current (this moment) collective timeline is that something shifted on 5-5-5, and not in the way most people hoped. At this moment, on this timeline, the Federal Reserve Liens and Mass Arrest Scenario feels like it will flop or be used against We the People. Somewhere along the way, it feels as though that positive momentum got highjacked, and as things stand, a positive outcome seems unlikely. On this timeline.

I’ve heard a lot of rumblings lately that “if these arrests don’t happen in May or June, I’m done with channeled material and alternative news.” In some cases, that would be a step in the right direction! If you’re among the many who consider your enlightenment and personal evolution already complete just because you can see through corporate media’s lies, then you may have reached the next stage of your journey. Alternative news and channeled material can be just as full, if not more so, of disinformation, fluff bunny fantasy, over-negativity and generally discouraging confusion. Learning to sift through that material quickly makes for faster, easier, more accurate trajectories. Even better yet, practice tuning in to your inner truth, preferences and vision. That way, you won’t feel so rattled by the onslaught of conflicting stories and information.

In some cases, conflicting stories arrive because of competing and intersecting timelines, not because of flat out disinformation. When channels or psychics give predictions of event timings, (good ones) read the current vibration in order to assess likely outcome unless vibrational shifts occur. In early April, humanity had an uptick happening, and lots of fresh freedom energy burst onto the scene. Humanity could have taken that energy and run with it, and on some timelines those mass arrests would have already occurred. The collective has not chosen those timelines (yet). Instead of stepping into their own power, most people fell into an old pattern of outsourcing their responsibility and evolution to someone else. (Bad government? No problem, we’ll just let the good guys take care of it.) Hope is a powerful thing, but the LOVEolution stems primarily from a shift in consciousness. Without that, none of the external revolutions manifest in positive ways. We might see some of the same events, but the vibration of those events will match the collective vibration. Mass arrests can trigger liberation, total tyranny, or many gradations in between.

A growing number of people have expressed frustration with the idea that We the People couldn’t know all the secret mumbo jumbo savior action supposedly going on behind the scenes. Some of those frustrated people have stepped up their own evolution, personal power, and discernment. They have used their frustration to increase their wanting and raise their vibration to such a degree that their individual timelines look incredibly good right now. Kudos to all of you! If even more people did that and sustained their focus and energy, the collective timeline would tip onto a more positive timeline again.

Part of human evolution in 2012 includes radical changes in how the collective experiences time. A key construct of Matrix 3Dality, linear time only exists in the collective imagination. How many of you find yourselves forgetting which day it is, seeing 11:11 or other number sequences on clocks, having more prophetic dreams and synchronicities, and feeling like you can taste your future or past right now? All these experiences indicate shifts in your perceptions of time. When you begin to realize how collapsible time is, and how interconnected and present all possibilities are, you can start to have fun with timelines. You can also leave much of your frustration behind, because you, not external 3Dality, strongly influence your own trajectory.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” people say, “That’s beyond my ken. I don’t get it. You’re more advanced than me. That’s an interesting theory, but I still have to get up and go to work on Monday. If I choose my timeline, then how come I’m still in debt/haven’t found my soulmate/still have this clunker car?” Would it make you feel better if I told you that in at least one other timeline, you have zero debt, live with a wonderfully loving partner, and drive a space ship? Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” You might not consciously feel yourself rendevous-ing with that reality, but it exists. Working with timelines frees you to meet up with parallel and preferred versions of yourself and your reality.

I don’t know how to explain this in linear terms that linear minds will “get,” but I do know that this particular shift in consciousness can shift the collective in majorly positive ways. I feel silly quoting En Vogue so often, but they’re right, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.” As with the World Liberation Day Meditations, consistency and practice matter more than a one time dealio. They matter more. As in, they will help you to shape your material world in more empowered ways. When you start realizing that infinite timelines and infinite possibilities exist at once, you will begin to understand why consistency and practice matter. The only way we maintain the illusion of linear reality is because dominant vibration determines what comes next. Most people experience default linear 3Dality because that’s what you get without consciously tending your vibration and consciously choosing your next step.

Or next hop, skip and jump. As I’ve mentioned before, chaos offers way more options than linear realities. So much of the seeming disinfo pouring out over the internet arrives due to collapsing and entangling timelines. Some seemingly fixed (i.e. more dominant) points intersect, like the NATO conference and the Eclipse on May 20th, or the fact that special forces Russian soldiers will enter the United States in later May. What happens with those events, though? Do those Russian soldiers prepare the way for the supposedly 30,000-100,000 planning to enter the US by 2013? Do they dress in US uniforms and enact Martial Law that our own military would refuse to do? Or do they help the US take down the corrupt corporate US puppet state? Does the NATO summit turn into a Disclosure event, a paddy wagon fest to haul off “the bad guys,” or a False Flag with military evacuation of Chicago?

You can think of the intersections as a loose framework upon which to cast your vibration. If I were the collective, I would keep my vibration high and loose, so that I could alter course as needed, moment by moment. I would surf among different possibilities, finding the ones that feel best to me and most in alignment with freedom, joy, love, growth and positivity. I’m already doing this and being this, so my own personal timeline feels fabulous. The more individuals we have doing this and being this, the more easily the collective reality shifts, too. Call it The Hundredth Monkey Effect, “The Tipping Point,” Bruce Lipton’s “Biological Imperative,” or Collective Law of Attraction. The name matters less than the practice. Or the concept. The word concept also implies a construct — a building. Matter, practice, building, timeline jumps … welcome to the LOVEolution.

So what can you do, right now, on this particular collective timeline, whatever it happens to be when you’re reading this article? As always, that depends on how many attachment anchors you’ve managed to release, but in general, I suggest some playful research.

1. Invite more synchronicity into your life. Open yourself to signs and winks from the Universe without forcing any single interpretation on those events. Instead, watch how time plays with you as you play with time. Watch how your thoughts explode into your “reality.” Then play with different thoughts and attitudes and notice what you see. You can think of it like splattering paint onto a canvas. How do those abstract blobs of paint create an image? Do you see more than one image in the same painting?

2. Get Creative. Literally playing with paint will also open your mind to possibilities. Why do you think the artists are such visionaries? They know in very deep ways how to play with illusion, shift perceptions and redirect realities. They embrace their inner Creator and hone a process that carries over into life. You can, too. The medium doesn’t matter. The creation process does. You can build with paint, clay, seeds, metal or words. “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God … and the Word became Flesh.” These aren’t just Bible verses from Sunday School, or some kind of Christian doctrine: they contain Creation keys. Creative play brings us into Divine harmony, and the more we create, the more we recognize ourselves as Reality Creators.

3. Expose yourself to mind-expanding books and movies. Fiction bypasses normal reality filters, allowing greater appreciation for non-linear or improbable possibilities. Two great movies to watch or re-view: “Next” with Nicholas Cage and “Sliding Doors” with Gwyneth Paltrow. “Next” feels pretty intense, whereas “Sliding Doors” offers more of a chick flick experience. Other mind-bender movies include “Time Bandits” and the eye-rolling, but oddly triumphant “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

The novel “A Wrinkle in Time” will also have you rethinking 3Dality and exploring tesseracts. (Thanks to Diana for that timely reminder!) I even wrote my own novel as an easier, coded way of sharing multi-dimensional concepts. In trying to figure out how to explain so many of the shifts for human evolution, I found I could write tons of outlandish non-fiction books, or incorporate most of those ideas in a layered plot that worked on several levels.

4. Make Believe. If you still can’t wrap your mind around the concepts of parallel lifetimes and alternative timelines, you can still benefit by pretending that you can. Imagine, just for a moment, adding moment upon moment, that you really can create your reality. Just play with it, and see what happens. When you “make believe,” you can eventually make yourself believe whatever you’d most love to believe.

5. Stop whining. You’ve got some tough opponents because you’re training to be champions! Think of “Team Dark” or whatever you call them, as sparring partners who help you develop new skills and hone the ones you already have. The tougher the practice, the greater your improvement. If you get tired of just practicing, then you can decide you’ve had enough training and go strut your stuff. Show us all what you’ve learned! The Universe eagerly awaits your most glorious, expansive Self. Even Team Dark — in the biggest sense of reality — plays with this intensity to help you improve your Game. Complaining only reinforces the “can’t” attitude and makes it so. If you’ve ever played a sport and felt frustrated by an opponents’ dirty tricks, did you break down and cry, giving up? Or did you use that emotion and channel it into the best performance of your life? Whatever your answer then, this is now. We’re champions in training. Let’s act like it.

World Liberation Day Meditation 5-5-5

My friend Wendy sent the following to me in an email, but it says to make it viral, so I’m sharing it below. As longtime blog readers know, I am a huge fan of collective prayer and visualization as triggers to make change. On May 1, 2011 hundreds of us gathered locally and virtually for Ocean’s 11:11, a collective visualization and spiritual offering of shamans, healers, prayer warriors, witches, Earth doulas, astrologers, puja offerers, and anyone who desired to see a peaceful transition from financial tyranny to world peace, human evolution, freedom and general LOVEolution.

We had two events, one on Beltane, and one in June 2011, and we had some truly powerful people involved. The rules were to use whatever esoteric gifts and skills we had, rituals, prayer, Reiki … the form didn’t matter, so long as it came from a place of real excitement, love and enthusiasm, and that participants acted from a place of Love and Light and for the Highest Good of All.

In retrospect, much of the Awakening really ramped up after those events, as did the comical showcases of a Failing World Order scrambling to make people believe in its power. They are desperate now, and we have neared a tipping point. This year’s one-day event coincides with the energy of 5-5-5 (2+0+1+2=5) and 555=”radical change.” (I mentioned it yesterday, in fact: “555 – Buckle your seat belts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being ‘positive’ or ‘negative,’ since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.” ~Doreen Virtue) The idea this year is to tap into that 5-5-5 energy on the most powerful Full Moon of the year, Scorpio in Taurus. Details below. This is a time-sensitive global meditation. Please join as you feel led:


~ 5-5-2012 ~

It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands. Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of full moon this May. Millions of us will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.

There is a plan, conceived by positive people in the military, supported by civil authority, to arrest the members of the banking Cabal for their crimes against humanity. Our visualization will support this plan, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We will support brave heroes that will carry out this plan. Something like this has never happened on this planet before. This is our chance to be a part of it!

Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our visualization on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide.

We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of full moon, which comes this May 5th/6th. Exact times for different time zones are:

8:30 pm PDT May 5th (Los Angeles)
9:30 pm MDT May 5th (Denver)
10:30 pm CDT May 5th (Houston)
11.30 pm EDT May 5th (New York)
4:30 am BST May 6th (London)
5:30 am CEST May 6th (Paris)
11:30 am CST May 6th (Beijing)
12:30 pm JST May 6th (Tokyo)
1:30 pm AEST May 6th (Sydney)

(Of course, if you can’t do it exactly at this time, any time as close as possible will help too).


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize civil authority arresting central banking criminals such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, etc. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.

3. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.

Updates about the World Liberation Day:

Information on how the Law of Attraction works exactly:

[From Laura again: if you have no idea what they’re talking about with regard to arrests and peaceful military support of civilian intervention, please see/listen to this earlier post and some follow-up posts here and here. Peace, love, joy, abundance, freedom and all that good stuff!]

No Accident is Accidental

Just thought I’d share this recent Abraham-Hicks video about Esther’s car accident. She moves through vulnerability, anger, victimization, separation and eventually back to peace and re-alignment. “Real”ignment. She recognizes once again who she is and that hits the reset button for her point of attraction. During the last few minutes, Abraham addresses a young man who complains of feeling stuck, doomed to a lower vibration and unpleasant manifestations. Abraham shares how to move, step-by-step to a more empowered and better feeling place, which ultimately leads to more pleasing creations and experiences.

As we ponder who we are and what we’re creating as individuals, as a society and as humans on an evolving Earth, finding the patterns, the sense and the freedom of choice seems increasingly important. Our stakes may have grown higher, but we can still enjoy playing the game. We might even begin to feel more like winners. 😉

Happy (Quantum) Leap Year!

I awoke this morning from a dream in which I identified the Hagalaz Rune to a former college professor of mine. He had begun to show me his latest research, found in a rare book with an ornate Hagalaz on the left page and a “picture” of an infinity sign made of bees on the other side. I put picture in quotes, because the bees buzzed around, keeping the infinity sign in living, breathing motion. “That’s Hagalaz!” I said to the professor, “Do you know what that means?!” I stared, transfixed by the bees, watching how their energy engaged the Rune, making it, too, seem to dance upon the page.

Hagalaz Rune

My professor disappeared for awhile and returned with an envelope that read, “Please don’t ask me questions about the limits of my research in MY class.” The word “MY” was capitalized and raised, as if by layers and layers of magazine cutouts of that word, taped to the envelope. I realized that he had no idea what he had discovered in purely academic research. He sensed I knew more about this topic, but he didn’t want to look unscholarly in front of his students. I stared at the bees and the now vibrating Rune, marveling that the professor could actually care about his ego more than the miracle we held in our hands.

Hagalaz is one of those Runes you kind of hope you can avoid. Common interpretations include “harsh agent of change,” “hailstorm,” “loss,” “the hag,” “crisis and catastrophe.” Hagalaz is to Runes what the Tower Card is to the Tarot. It means big time change and acknowledges the sometimes traumatic aspects of that process. According to Ari Berk, as written for Brian Froud’s “The Runes of Elfland,” “When we endeavor to change, we walk the parallel paths of creation and destruction because nothing ends without something arriving to take its place. [The hag’s] nature is that of the hailstone levling crops, yet changing to water in time, a thing most necessary for future growth.” (p. 103)

In keeping with the hail theme, Hagalaz has another form called Hagal, which I often included in portal doors. It looks like a six pointed snowflake, and I used to call it my “create a new Universe Rune.”

Hagal Rune

According to, “RUNE-HAGAL is called the MOTHER OF ALL RUNES because she gives birth to the Consciousness Of One within you.” I love Rune-Hagal, especially its emphasis on harmony; however, the Hagalaz form showed itself in my dream, not the pretty snowflake form. When I awoke, I glanced up from the bedroom window and noticed two squirrels working together to build a nest just at the level of the attic I asked them not to inhabit this winter. They did move, relocating themselves outside, but what I noticed this morning was their gathering of leaves and twigs. I watched them for ten minutes or more, enjoying the careful gathering and placing of tiny branches. At that moment, I got a strong hit to consult “The Runes of Elfland.” Sure enough, the Rune story for the Rune of Loss makes much of the hag gathering twisty branches — a further emphasis on the dream Rune’s Hagalaz aspect.

In “The Book of Runes,” Robert Blum associates Hagalaz with “Disruption,” “Elemental Power,” “Hail.” These sound harsh, but he goes on to remind us: “Change, freedom, invention and liberation are all attributes of this Rune. Drawing it indicates a pressing need within the psyche to break free from constricting identification with material reality and to experience the world of the archetypal mind.”

Tyriel of Rune Secrets explains it this way: “Don’t try to fix what we should break before it breaks us.” “Hagalaz is the rune of objective confrontation with past patterns. It will uncover the vast flow of energies around and through human energy systems. Its nature is completely impersonal and it represents power generally beyond human ability to harness. … Hail shocks you with stinging hardness (confrontation) then it melts into water which creates germination of seeds (transformation). The ancients describe hail as a grain rather than as ice, thus creating a metaphor for a deeper truth of life. It contains the seed of all the other runic energies and this can be seen in its other form, a six-fold snowflake. Spiritual awakening often comes from times of deep crisis.”

Sound familiar, anyone? 2012 energies for sure! But what about those bees? Well, last night, I had asked the faeries to do some work on my teeth and any structural paradigms that needed shifting in my sleep. Bees have close associations with faeries and the Divine Feminine. When I painted doors 11 and 12 in 2010 in Canada, a shaman came to see me at my request. I had been “told” I’d find the right one there, and sure enough, synchronicities connected us. On her way to my location, a bee got trapped in her car and stung her cheek. She said that had “never happened before,” and she took it as a sign of bee medicine needed in my healing. She proceeded to remove “an entire hive” from my heart. Apparently, the bees had been working diligently on my heart, but their temporary “hive” had gotten stuck, even though they’d completed the original healing. She spent an hour, carefully extracting honeycomb pieces, freeing the bees as she did so. It was a potent healing, and I’ve felt closely tied to bees ever since.

As some of us know, bees indicate the health of ecosystems worldwide, and the bees are dying. Scientists have presented explanations from pesticide use to cell phone tower frequencies, but in truth, we don’t really know why the bees leave. I plant flowers to attract bees in my garden, and I talk with them whenever they arrive. According to my favorite shamanism site for dream interpretations, “Bee’s Wisdom includes:

Connection to the Goddess Diana

Understanding female warrior energy


Communication with the dead

Helping earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place



So … some interpretations of bees swarming in an infinity symbol, could mean infinite prosperity, infinite reincarnation, infinite removal of limitations that keep people bound to 3D reality, a return to an infinite sense of the Divine Feminine permeating our world. Plus a warrior willingness to fight for these things! Coupled with the Hagalaz Rune, the bees feel like pure potential for a quantum leap for those willing to set aside limitations imposed by ego. Now is not the time to fear looking stupid for not seeing sooner with the higher perspective becoming available. Sure, we will all probably have moments of “OMG, I can’t believe I ever bought into that!” Some people will choose denial over facing Truth, no matter how liberating Truth can be. “The Truth will set you free,” only sounds appealing to people interested in true freedom, which includes taking responsibility for your own beliefs, emotions, thoughts and the reality these create.

Someone (I think it’s Abraham, but not sure) said, “Belief is simply habitual thought.” In other words, we can change beliefs by redirecting our thoughts. “Truth” can shift as we decide to shift ourselves, as long as we don’t get stuck on looking “right” about negative “facts” that our former beliefs produced — because when we change our beliefs, the facts will absolutely appear to change. In “fact,” they will change, which means some formerly “right” interpretations will no longer fit. We will have grown beyond them!

Hail can pummel plants, but it also waters the ground from which they grow. As we move deeper into the energies of 2012, we continue to face the challenge of freeing ourselves from all that’s come before, or hunkering down and grasping to the old. As Rune Secrets reveals, “Hagalaz can be used as a force of repulsion or banishment. It is used in work to process and dispel the effects of subconscious baggage and ‘shadow elements’ so that your life pattern can carry itself forward in its pure form. Hagalaz has the magical energy of a ‘spring cleaning’.”

On February 29, 2012, we’ve gained an extra day, a leap year day in a year of quantum leaps. As I type this post, the sun shines brightly and the squirrels are upgrading their nest. We stand at the split of two worlds … a world in which all sorts of regulations and restrictive laws take effect on March 1 … or a world of infinite breakthroughs and radical discontinuity. Just like the Tower Card with its tossing of old paradigms into the sea, we have the power to embrace such change, thereby softening the blow.

We can harness that usually un-harnessable force and redirect it to hopes and dreams that need more fuel. We can choose which parts of our past we wish to bring forward, and we can reevaluate those relics that “society” told us to forget. As Ari Berk explains, “[The hag’s] realm includes those portions of Elfland most often lost to the modern world; the frontiers of crumbling kingdoms, the plains of forgotten epics, ruins, mead halls, stone circles, barrows, and the landscapes of ancestral memory. She inhabits all places where we forget to ask, ‘What happened here?’ She pauses at every hearth-side where a story is begun but left unfinished.” (The Runes of Elfland)

What’s your story? What’s our story? We’re at a potentially radical plot juncture. How and where would you love to arrive? Happy Quantum Leap Year!

Much Love!