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Laura Daligan ~ Wine & Wild Wisdom with Anna McKerrow

This is a fun and fascinating conversation between the ever lovely Laura Daligan and YA author of “Crow Moon,” Anna McKerrow, perfect as we creep closer to Halloween:

Chalice Well

I’ve waited to post this video until I felt people might really need to experience the World Peace Gardens. What better time than mid-Mercury Retrograde as the world careens towards WW3? You can feel the healing and restorative energies of the well moving through you as you follow Laura’s camera through the gardens. She notes “lots of faery sightings here,” and invites us all to “Join me on a little tour of the beautiful and tranquil Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury on Christmas Eve. A place of peace, healing and much magick…”

Peace within, peace without. As below, so above.

Fabulous Interview with Laura Daligan

I found this video yesterday, and it’s both delightful and informative! Crystal, Laura and other guests and write-in questioners discuss the Faery Realm, Glastonbury’s energies, Faery Queens and Faery Kings, etiquette when dealing with the Fae and what happens when you offend them, as well as many tips for rekindling your own connection with these heartfelt friends from the Otherworld. Regular blog readers will notice major similarities in things I’ve shared and the things shared by Laura Daligan and the other speakers. To me, that striking similarity underscores the validity of our individual experiences. If you’ve got 40 minutes and have any interest at all in faeries, imagination, or deepening your connection to nature, I hope you love this talk as much as I did. 🙂

Coffee & Inspiration with Crystal Starshine ~ Special Guest Laura Daligan

Lugnasadh and Lammas

It hasn’t felt much like summer here yet, but today (August 1) is the traditional celebration of Lammas and Lugnasadh. Technically, the actual cross-quarter day occurs on August 7, 2014. With its emphasis on courage and confidence, celebration and somber awareness, and powerful creativity, this video seems appropriate for today’s energies. As always, Laura Daligan and Zoe Hind provide an in depth review of all the multi-layered associations at this point of the Wheel of the Year, including lots of insights for Leo’s.

Lots to Celebrate!

Well, it’s a festive time of year, indeed. Just this weekend, we’ve got lots to celebrate, so take your pick, and please add more if I’ve missed any:

Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)! (Asian New Year)

Happy Candlemas! (Christian)

Happy Groundhog Day! (American)

Happy Imbolc! (Pagan/Wiccan Cross Quarter Day)

Happy St. Brigid’s Day! (Christian grown out of Pagan tradition)

I couldn’t resist posting the ever lovely and informative Laura Daligan (lots of Laura’s lately!) talking about Imbolc, St. Brigid, Bride, Candlemas and the “festival of new beginnings.” She also doesn’t mention Groundhog Day, but her story about the Cailleach sounds awfully familiar.

Happy, Happy!

Laura Daligan ~ Tarot & Tea: Introduction

Yesterday, I felt led to watch Laura Daligan’s whimsical, yet informative introduction to her YouTube series, “Tarot & Tea.” It’s actually one of the better “basic” overviews I’ve read or heard, so I thought I’d share it here. She primarily uses the Thoth Deck, whereas I prefer the Robin Wood for its storytelling capacity. The artwork on the Thoth Deck is particularly gorgeous, though. Like many other Tarot Readers, she and I both own many decks and enjoy studying similarities and differences among decks and traditions. Anyway, enjoy!

Laura Daligan ~ The Snow Queen and the Frost Faeries

Perfect story time for a day when much of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and bitterly cold temperatures!

Laura Daligan ~ The Reindeer Totem

The always lovely and endearing Laura Daligan shares encyclopedic and festive information about the Reindeer Totem. Careful listeners will notice a sync(hronicity)-wink with this previous post. 😉 Has anyone else noticed just how tightly and intricately the Web of Wyrd continues to weave itself? Even with –perhaps especially with — the most bizarre details. Those are the ones that catch our eye, though, aren’t they? That’s why I call them sync-winks!

Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas … complete with reindeer, elves and a shamanic Santa. If you don’t celebrate Christmas or Yule, then have A Very Merry Whatever You Do Celebrate.

Laura Daligan ~ Magical Trees: An Introduction