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Merging with Nature

These photos have been in my queue to share for awhile, but different posts keep jumping ahead of them. In late December, before larger snows began, David and I walked the Kalamazoo Valley River Trail while he tried out the camera on his new iPhone. I love these artful, moody shots — all courtesy of David:

We had to laugh, because once again, I ended up matching our surroundings. I didn’t plan to do so; it just happened, and this trail looked different than many of the other areas around us.

To me, this speaks of being in tune with Nature and aligning with the energies we love. No matter what the outside world offers, we always maintain a choice of where and how we focus our attention.

In between times bring their own stark and somber beauty.

We walked this trail just a few days past Winter Solstice, before the days grew longer. The Season of Winter is still upon us. This time holds many secrets, and some of them are marvelous to ponder. The Great Mystery meanders to and fro, whether or not we choose to notice.