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Foundational Shifts and Incremental Upgrades

Have you noticed? So many times when we set forth a big goal or intention, we have a vague idea of what we’d like, but no nuts and bolts understanding of how to do it. How would it feel? How did our future self “get there”?

Many times, a really big upgrade requires a foundational shift. Minor issues at the current level would become major with more energy, more visibility, more wealth, more, more, more anything. We might not realize it now, but the bigger part of us connected to All That Is knows and course corrects.

Building a castle on a cracked foundation risks disaster. Flying higher with faulty wings isn’t wise. Real, lasting achievement of this magnitude requires repair first, in order to build or soar later — with confidence, grace and joy.

If you’ve set a big goal or intended something far beyond your current reach, take a moment to appreciate any foundational shifts or incremental upgrades:

What fell apart or faded away after you launched your goal?

In what ways might this loss be a good or necessary thing?

What weak areas did it expose?

What old wounds or resentments surprised you by reappearing?

What new opportunities for healing and integration presented themselves?

How have you seized or resisted these opportunities?

In what ways has your life improved during your longer quest?

Which incremental upgrades joined the journey without you noticing?

In a world of “instant manifestation,” “Law of Attraction” and “spontaneous healing,” I hear from so many people who feel discouraged or impatient with their progress. Yes, sometimes we block ourselves from moving forward, but it helps to take stock once in awhile. You might be further along than you imagine.

Healing and abundance often sneak through the back door while we pine away on the front porch. Only when we go back inside do we notice how our living space has changed.

Why You’ll Want a Garden This Year

Long term blog readers know I love my organic garden and all the adventures and delicious produce it provides. I generally like to focus on the positive motivations of gardening: fresher produce, grounding with the planet, chance to observe and commune with Nature, greater independence and cost savings. This year, though, the world –particularly the US — faces some potentially major food shortages. All of the greatest food providing regions in our country and many others around the world are experiencing either severe drought, unprecedented snowstorms, or major floods. You can read articles like “How to Beat Coming Killer Food Shortages” and “California Drought Threatens Entire Country. Three Pictures Show How Bad It Really Is” to find very sobering maps, photos and statistics.

I’ve already suggested people on the West Coast build orgone chembusters to break up the geo-engineering chemtrails exacerbating the situation. You can find substantial evidence for weather manipulation if you look for it. Some theorize that “someone” is trying to keep the Fukushima radiation cloud from hitting the West Coast, but even assuming this as a “benevolent” intention, the fact remains that most of America’s food comes from California. After hearing that the Fed’s won’t provide them water (or worse, are trying to allow private companies to claim available water!), farmers have decided to plant far fewer crops or none at all. Fruit and nut orchards face devastating consequences from the worst drought in 500 years. Prices will skyrocket as the longer term effects play out — unless other regions step in to fill the void.

Every crisis presents opportunities to grow and thrive. With the technology and know-how now available for growing in small places and growing indoors in off-grid greenhouses, people looking to fill a definite need would be wise to investigate ways to produce organic foods in their area. Next winter will likely highlight the worst effects from the California and Western droughts, since the rest of the country doesn’t tend to grow food in winter. We have about 9 months to shift that dynamic, and we would be wise to do so. Those reading from other countries would also be wise to explore ways of becoming more self-sufficient, especially with an eye towards fall and winter. California exports a lot of food to other countries. If you value food, you’ll want to find ways of replacing those imports into your own nation.

People without their own land can join community gardens or team up with neighbors who have yards but don’t garden. Offering a share of produce in exchange for the land brings benefits to both parties. People who have a little space can learn from this earlier post about maximizing vertical growing space. The Organic Prepper article I linked to in the beginning also shares great information on intensive gardening. Those who have land but not much sun, can look forward to a future article I’ll post on tips for gardening well in moderate shade. For getting the most out of very small spaces, I suggest tiered raised beds like the InstaBed Cubic Foot Gardening system or The Garden Tower Project.


I used three of the InstaBed’s last year, and the black beds raised soil temperatures enough that we had tomatoes far earlier than anyone else we knew. In retrospect, I would suggest building those in concentric circles rather than the “cascade” setup and also splurging on the extra soil mixture to fill the beds completely, rather than backfilling them with compost. Ours sank a lot! We did, however, have highly, highly productive plants. The InstaBeds work better for backyard gardens, as they look less attractive until your plants cover the black plastic. The Garden Tower Project, by contrast, offers a complete system –vermicomposting, gardening, fertilizing and extra compost creation — and looks especially attractive in the terra cotta version. You could totally display a Garden Tower in your front or side yard! I plan to order one myself just to demo for our town. Maybe some locals will decide to buy them for winter gardening or an off grid greenhouse by next fall.

Those who already do garden and who love to garden: please consider planting extra this year. I’ve composted and mulched our entire front yard as an experiment but also because I anticipated the coming food shortage. I intend to plant edible ornamentals far beyond our own needs, just in case neighbors can’t afford their own food. If we don’t need all that produce, then it will still look pretty, or I can donate to food banks, but in the event we need an urban farm … um … we’ll have it! LOL, but seriously. I’ve layered up so much compost and wood mulch that I hope the front won’t need much, if any watering, especially after all this snow. You can’t put wood mulch right next to veggies, as it will rob nitrogen, but in between plants, the wood mulch stores many times its weight in water, slowly releasing it to the soil as needed. Leaf mulch works great closer to each plant, and the more organic matter you add to your soil, the more water it will hold.

All these tips represent practical, 3D things you can do, and I highly recommend doing any or all of them. Even if you can’t become 100% food self-sufficient, you’ll still save money on produce and eat fresher food. On more metaphysical levels, those in drought areas can pray for rain, make offerings to the water spirits, and/or do rain dances. I’ve shared before just how effective rain dances and working with the Elementals can be! Every time I mention this again, more people tell me their amazing stories of Nature’s response. We can also work with the plant Deva’s, asking them to nurture our gardens and farms. Organic and heirloom plants work best for this, since Nature and Nature Spirits don’t dig on GMO’s! At all.

Companion planting and certain “stinky” flowers will help with unwanted bugs. Marigolds and red geraniums not only look pretty; they also repel unwanted eaters. Various herbs and flowers like lavender, borage and zinnias attract beneficial insects that eat the eaters. By working with Nature, you can let Nature do much of the work for you. Gardening need not take massive amounts of time. Work smart and sacredly, not hard. 🙂

On an even more metaphysical/magical level, you can practice generating “supply” with your mind. This takes instant manifestation up several notches, so that you can actually create something out of the ideal in your mind. Thanks to Ariadne Stardust for the suggestion to read Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding. David owned this set when we first moved in together, and I’ve reached over it every day to answer the phone since we moved to Goshen! Whether or not you believe the adventures occurred exactly as written, the techniques work. I’ve long practiced versions of them just on my own — manifesting things I need within moments to days of visualizing and requesting. Someone either gives them to me, I find them on super-duper sales, or sales clerks remark that they’ve “never seen this item in inventory before. It’s not even in our computer!” Hmmm, well, fancy that. 😉

I don’t tell this to many people and no one believes me when I do, but I will share it here as relevant: I once created seven $10 bills out of thin air. They literally appeared as crisp, new $10 bills inside a previously empty hat. It freaked me out so much I never did it again that way, but I know for an experiential fact that we can supply ourselves with what we need. Emphasis on need, not for party tricks. My late friend Leigh went through a period of extreme poverty before she passed. She would often go to the grocery store with no money in her purse, select everything she needed to purchase, and when she checked out, she’d find exact change in her purse to pay for her goods.

While married, I went through a period in which money flowed out more than it came in, and I remembered Leigh’s experiences. I would select whatever we needed without tallying up the cost. Every time, it always came in just under what I had to spend — even if that took 75% off sales to make it happen. It always did. I also frequently found unexpected $20 bills in pockets or wrapped around credit cards, which I know did not exist until I needed them. I share these details here not to brag, but as testimony that we have many ways of meeting our needs. Whether food or money to buy food, the principle remains the same: tuning into the pure image of what we need and then allowing the Divine Spirit to respond and create through us.

I truly believe all the challenges facing our wold today offer opportunities to return to our Divine connection, spiritual tools and natural abilities. Faery tales — great repositories of truth — describe so many situations in which people with pure hearts receive even the most impossible gifts. People say with scorn, “Oh, that’s just a fairy tale, a myth,” in order to dismiss something as ridiculous. I could not disagree more. Our weakness, disconnection and “need” to struggle are the biggest lies ever told. Faery tales, folklore, ballads, and myths — real ones, not Disney — give us clues and wisdom for a return to more magical lives.

Blessed Be, and be the blessing!


from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

n. The act of receiving; receipt; admission
n. The state of being received.
n. The act or manner of receiving, especially of receiving visitors; entertainment; hence, an occasion or ceremony of receiving guests
n. Acceptance, as of an opinion or doctrine.
n. A retaking; a recovery.

One thing I suggest to clients with big wish lists and minimal manifestation is to shift the way they pray for change.

“Ask and you shall receive” — except if you’ve engaged major blocks to that reception. If you really, really want something, and you’ve not seen your prayers and intentions manifest in tangible form, then you might want to add something to your prayers. Ask for the ability to recognize an answered prayer, along with the courage and wisdom to receive your answer.

If you ponder all the meanings of “reception,” you can see what a subtle, yet enormous difference that little change in prayer can make in your life and in the world we share.

Magical Gardening

Today was a day of call and response with the Universe. A day full of answers to requests just made. A day of abundance, sharing, and lots and lots of freebies! You know I love that. 😉

It actually started yesterday when David’s sister emailed me about how excited she is to can some of our tomatoes at the end of August. David and I don’t do much in the way of canned foods (other than Eden brand beans with kombu), so at first I thought this was just a “for Linda thing.” I figured that canning would be a good skill to learn, but I planned to dehydrate most of our excess tomatoes, as I’ve done the two previous years. The more I thought about it, though, the more excited I got, too. David’s mom is a veteran canner who lived through the Great Depression. Having a chance to learn this old art from someone who really used it to feed her family feels like an honor. Plus, I now have eight tomato plants, several of which are already producing more tomatoes than I can handle. Having a canning option to give away large quantities feels like a relief!

In the meantime, I decided that I’ll need to dehydrate a batch of tomatoes ASAP, because we just have way more than we, David’s parents, our friends and neighbors need right now. There’s nothing quite like a homegrown dehydrated tomato in the middle of winter, though — or even as a thickener for a raw food marinara sauce over kelp noodles. As I pondered the August canning, I sent out a very quick request to the Universe that we get more canning jars before then. Since canning’s not really a lifestyle for us largely raw folks, I really didn’t want to spend any money on these jars.

Well! Not even 14 hours after I made the request, along comes a Facebook post for David asking if anyone in Goshen could use dozens and dozens of extra canning jars of various sizes. Score! We drove about eight blocks and picked up a huge trash bag full of jars and lids. We are ready for August. About two hours later, another older friend of ours came by to look at the gardens. We told her about canning the tomatoes and getting the free jars, and she offered us even more jars that she has “just lying around collecting dust.” We accepted and will add her to the canned tomato gravy train.

Yesterday afternoon, I made the sad call to cut down my Boston Marrow Squash in crates, because the squash beetles had decimated them right after I took their picture for the last garden update. This was a serious bummer, but I have now concluded that squash in crates is not an ideal option, at least not with the potting mix I used. It was too difficult to regulate the moisture properly, which stressed out the plants and made them more vulnerable to attack. I was still feeling a bit sad about my poor squash, when I noticed a missed phone call from our friend who wanted to see the gardens. She had been gifted way too many squash leftover from yesterday’s Farmer’s Market and didn’t know what to do with it all!

free squash

In total, she gave us eight squash, some of which I will dehydrate into zucchini chips and share with her … and some of which will make a lovely steamed summer entree. Nature truly wants to show me her abundance! I’ve lost five squash plants, but apparently, that doesn’t matter, because the free harvest continues anyway. In the above photo, you can also see just some of our many tomatoes awaiting tomorrow’s dehydrator adventure with the zucchini. Our Early Girl plant has another 12 tomatoes that should be perfectly red tomorrow morning.

In addition to the free squash, our friend brought us two bags of basil, right after I got the hit to make and freeze loads of pesto. For some reason, I’m not real jazzed about pesto in the summer, but come winter, I crave it. We have plenty of basil for daily harvesting and the occasional pesto meal, but I was wondering how this extra basil would manifest so I could use up the lemons that need using and make enough pesto for many meals. Enter … free purple basil to add to my own harvest:

free basil

Thinking about all this food prep got me thinking about what else I might want to can, and how the heck to use up all the dandelion blossoms currently crowding our freezer. David suggested I throw them out, since we will have plenty more next year, but let me tell you: that was some neck straining work this Spring! I’m not tossing those babies out. Uh-uh. I’ve got one container of blossoms defrosting so I can make dandelion vinegar, which works as a tonic to help release the calcium in greens. Supposedly, greens eaten with a bit of herb or dandelion vinegar increase calcium absorption by at least 1/3. Nice!

free dandelions for jam

Sooo, with my free dandelions and some apple cider vinegar, after about six weeks in a dark corner, I’ll have a super potent, mineralizing health tonic that will last indefinitely. Click here to learn how to make your own herbal vinegars.

Of course, this barely makes a dent in my dandelion blossoms, so I started looking for dandelion jam or jelly recipes that use birch sweetener (also known as xylitol, or as we call it, “Berkano.”) Sure enough, I found a lavender infused dandelion xylitol jam recipe that will make fine faery use of the smaller canning jars we just inherited. The lavender has convinced me to make a go of this one, and it will make the whole canning process that much more exciting. I guarantee David’s mom has never canned dandelion jam!

The big impetus for relieving the freezer of dandelion flowers really comes from my recent daydreams about our Fall and Winter gardens. Oh, yes, Spring and Summer are just a phase here. I’ve spent all week figuring out whether to make or buy a cold frame and if we need a dedicated winter garden bed. Indeed, we do. The black sides of all our current garden beds should keep the soil warmer for a month on each side of the traditional gardening season, but the InstaBeds and repurposed Sleep Number Bed frame pose some interesting challenges in terms of cold frames. We considered creating a huge hoop house to cover all the beds, but that feels like a bigger project than we want to take on this year.

After much research and weighing cost versus time, I think I’ve decided on a combo raised bed/cold frame unit. Easy assembly. Twelve year warranty on the bed. Two year warranty on the cold frame. This 4′ x 8′ x 10.5″ structure will allow me to plant a wide variety of crops that need to get started before some of my bigger plants have completed their life cycle. Our raised beds have offered so much produce already compared to anything we’ve put in the ground that it seems like a no brainer to start another raised bed with winter crops, rather than try to force our soil into something it’s not (yet).

I’ve been reading Eliot Coleman’s “Four Season Harvest,” and he makes all those Fall and Winter veggies sound so delectable that I’m turning into even more of a foodie than I already am. I started looking at current plants that could make room for new crops in the next couple weeks, and I decided that my cilantro that’s gone to seed will come out (duh), but also that I can pull the lemongrass that has taken over the west side of an InstaBed.

this is from a few weeks ago, but already you can see the lemongrass looking like a huge ornamental in the round bed.

this is from a few weeks ago, but already you can see the lemongrass looking like a huge ornamental in the round bed.

I started thinking about all the carrots I could plant in the lemongrass spot and began researching how to preserve lemongrass for tea and all that yummy Thai soup I’ll crave come winter but not right now. It’s totally doable, but man, those plants are telepathic! I went outside to harvest a little bit for tonight’s stirfry, and I swear that plant drew blood. It has never done that before, but I think it was mad that I’d discard it so easily when it’s so beautiful. The grass part is very sharp, and you do need to be careful with lemongrass. Still, it reminded me exactly of the times I’ve harvested stinging nettles with nary a prick until I’ve heard them say inside my head, “That’s enough now!” Whenever I’ve ignored that message and taken “just a little bit more,” then whammmmm! Those nettles have stung me something fierce. I’m currently negotiating with the lemongrass about the possibility of becoming an overwintered indoor plant — just one stalk to start, and only if she promises to behave inside. No cuts on chapped winter skin!

Anyway, I apparently need to watch my thoughts not only around my plants, but also inside the house. Just like in The Secret Life of Plants, they really are listening and aware. I’m relieved to know that other gardeners and herbalists have had similar experiences with plants and that science appears to support claims of plant telepathy. I know my garden also grows even better after someone comes by and praises it. The next day, the plants and flowers puff up and glow with pride.

Tonight, they got quite the compliment from our friend, whose husband was a passionate gardener until he passed away four years ago. She has been telling me all about his love of plants, wild food foraging and gardening, about how he planted the fruit bushes and trees in Goshen College Woods, and how a chance meeting in a wild strawberry patch led to them finding their delightful lakeside home. She has shared stories to the point where “Lores’s green thumb” has taken on mythic proportions. Tonight she said, “Well, I can’t believe it, but your garden is even more lush than his, and he was gardener his entire life.” My mouth about hit the wood mulch, but I’m sure the plants are happy. Between that vote of confidence and the synchronously arriving eight squash, I feel OK about losing the squash beetle battle. It’s the cycle of life, right? And that loss has underscored something even more amazing, which I already knew but can always realize anew:

We live in an exuberantly abundant, joyful and generous Universe. Remember that. Breathe that in and live it. Then pass it along.

What a magical 24 hours! Blessed Be.

Morning Blessings from Reverend Angela

Another uplifting and inspiring message from Reverend Angela: so many sparkly gems in this one, I just had to share!

This week, see with new eyes and listen with new ears in order to hear the truth of something important that you have been missing about who you’ve been willing to be. Trust your world to teach you something surprising about yourself.

Each one of you believes externally for others. When you look at another, you believe that they can succeed. You believe they have the ability to heal. You believe they can grow younger or older, thinner or bigger, richer or poorer. You believe externally for them. This belief you have about each other does influence the outcome of one another’s world, sculpture and creation to a small degree. As a planet, what we believe about our world, our state, our government, our laws, and our people as a mass awareness has an affect on the world’s consciousness.

Each day you entertain a new thought about a new direction in your life, something new that you would like to try on and see if it fits yourself. You open options and opportunities that were not available until you took an action on that thought. That action could be applying for a new job, a loan for a new home, looking for a new love, etc.

Each action that you take and each thought that precedes that action then ushers you into a connection point of probabilities and outcome that were not available before. So even though there are many aspects of you that are designed as highways and byways of the Self that you will travel, ultimately the outcomes and the probable selves that you enter into are destined not pre-destined by your choices.

Say for example that you had a dream and in this dream, you were a great artist. But in your real world, you can only draw stick people. So you say to yourself, I should take a class to learn how to become artistic. I feel that I have that ability, but I do not see it in my life. As you take the class, you find that new abilities surface that were dormant from past lives, from other dimensional selves, from other probable selves. And thus, your artistic abilities surface. It would not have surfaced if you had not acted upon a thought. To procreate the future, to re-create in the future you must act upon the thoughts that come to you in your relaxed subtle average thinking. Take an action any action. That action could just be looking up things in your phone book to see if such a course is available and maybe next week you may call and maybe the week after that you might visit there or even visit via the internet. Just by taking a few baby steps forward into any of these thoughts, you change. You change who you are. You change your abilities and you draw to you new understandings and new vibrations and new light energies that will escort you in to these hidden aspects of self.

You have within you, every ability that is experienced by every person on earth. You have the ability to be a great cook, great lover, great financial advisor, great spiritual advisor, great healer, great doctor, great artist, and great lawyer. Anything that anyone on this planet can do, you have that innate cell structure within your biological body to do the same. You may not have the drive to do it, but you have the ability of being able to pro-create from that cell, from that thought, from that creational vortex. And thus, you each contain unlimited potential. That is universal law! And there are no by-laws on that!

Shake y’r tail feathas’…


There is only One Perfect Presence, the infinite source of life. It is the
source of all Light, all Life, all Creativity, and all Truth. And this Perfect
Presence is my source. It is always at work in me. It can never be hidden!

I know that my life is pure Spirit, taking form as all that I am…my body,
my personality, the conditions I experience. And whatever masks those
elements wear, the truth is that I am the wholeness of Spirit. I choose this
day to see behind the masks that I wear, and see the glorious beauty within.

With a heart opened wide to deep compassion and understanding of Self
I refuse to be frightened by what might be hard to achieve. I choose to know
that the power of Spirit is greater than all conditions. I know that the truth of
what I desire is greater than appearances. I know that Principle is greater than

Knowing this, all masks are removed, and the only thing left to
see is the Infinite love of Spirit, in all its forms. Thank God for this
wonderful experience! I let this be so, and give thanks for it continually.

And so it is.

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©2003 – 2011 Angela Peregoff | All rights reserved. Please feel free to copy and share these copyrighted Blessings with your friends, letting them know the source and inviting them to visit my website.

Revelations, Lightworkers, 2012 and Doreen Virtue

I was stunned to read this vision of Doreen Virtue’s from sometime before the 1997 printing of her book, “The Lightworker’s Way,” since it eerily coincides with some visions I received shortly after my 1998 brain injury. So stunned, in fact, that I thought I’d share Dr. Virtue’s wisdom here, since it resonates so strongly with all my earlier posts about food sovereignty, Codex Alimentarius, the EU’s herb ban, and the power of collective intentions, visualizations and prayer. I’ve lived with these downloads for a very long time. I didn’t know someone as prolific as Doreen Virtue was also having them and sharing them publicly. I know what I choose, but I’m also comforted in the knowledge (underscored by her vision) that it will all occur in Divine and perfect order and that Lightworkers will stand in good stead due to their understanding of spiritual laws and Love:

“We simply need to ask for guidance and then follow it. I thought of the times in which I’d pushed against life, straining to achieve goals. Those efforts always resulted in more stress and short-lived manifestations. I also recalled the times in which I had effortlessly manifest my needs using faith, visualization, and affirmations.

“As I pondered this, I received a chunk of information as if someone had scanned pages of a book into my mind. The message I got was that lightworkers, like myself, could manifest and heal anything. I saw a vision of a future in which traditional health care and food was artificially limited by a government-type agency that wanted to control the masses. It reminded me of the Revelations prophecy that warns of supplies being controlled by an anti-Christ.

“I saw lightworkers helping the sick and the hungry so that they could avoid succumbing to the governmental manipulation. Lightworkers, in this vision, were manifesting food out of thin air. They were also spiritually healing purely with thought and prayer, since no herbs or medicines were available.

“My vision also contained the information that all prophecies, such as that in Revelations, could be averted through lightworkers’ collective consciousness of love. In other words, we could avoid the whole scenario of diminished food and medical supplies through the united efforts of lightworkers. However, if lightworkers did not unite in time to avert the prophecy, they could still bring peace, healing, and supply to people through their spiritual gifts.

“I understood, after I received this vision, that I needed to rekindle the teachings about spiritual healing I had learned as a child. I was to dust them off and eventully write about and teach them to lightworkers who felt guided to read and hear my words. With that vision, I knew it was time to fully commit to my spiritual path.” ~Doreen Virtue (The Lightworker’s Way, first published in 1997 by Hay House)