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Mighty Hummingbirds

Others and I have been experiencing so many hummingbird synchronicities of late that I felt called to give them their own post! I’ve noticed the hummingbird presence building for awhile, interlaced with amazing connections and weaving, past and present. Without going into too many personal details, Tania Marie and I have a friend who has floated in and out of our lives at various times. She used to live near me, and she and Tania had their paths cross somewhere else after being virtually introduced by me.

Very long story short, a few weeks ago, I realized I had forgotten to reply to an email from our mutual friend. Somehow that email disappeared, but while searching for it, my iPhone kicked out an email from June 2010 as the most recent correspondence. Um, not so, but whatever, iPhone! The strangeness caught my attention, so I read the email it brought forth. In that email, I just happened to be describing a bizarre series of synchronicities involving “this guy,” who turned out to be none other than David! It was clear from the email that I had zero idea that he and I would one day wind up living together and eventually become “a thing.” I had only mentioned the truly odd and intricate synchronicities in passing as an explanation for an entirely different connection and event my friend had asked me about.

My crazy iPhone did not indicate I had ever answered one of my friend’s questions back in 2010. In case I really hadn’t answered her 2010 question, I sent off an updated June 2012 reply with the requested answer. She emailed me a day later saying what perfect timing and that “you have no idea what an amazing answer this is for me.” She felt she wasn’t ready for the answer back in 2010, had discovered it herself since then, and my email came through as a strong confirmation from the Universe. Part of that email conversation involved questions about Runes for a tattoo, which Tania began to design.

It’s a hummingbird, with the Wunjo Rune, also known as the “Happily Ever After Rune” or the Rune of fulfillment and joy. By the time Tania posted the design, this was actually my second hummingbird of the week. After last Sunday’s Raph Channeling event, a group of us spent some time on the shore of Pretty Lake, WI, marveling at giant dragonflies and talking about elves and faeries. All of a sudden, one of the biggest and most distinctive hummingbirds any of us had ever seen grabbed our attention. I didn’t even make the connection between the tattoo and the magical hummingbird until a swarm of hummingbird happenings unfolded in a very short time.

Last night, I commented to my friend Gillian on her post about the “Dark Knight” False Flag event:

“Blessings to you! Thanks for shining a light on the cockroaches. If we keep shining, they will leave. … Wow, just saw a hummingbird as I typed that!

“Hummingbirds’s Wisdom Includes:

Ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth
Endurance over long journeys
Ability to fly into small places to heal


Gillian replied:

“:) I totally LOVE hummingbirds. Thanks for sharing. ~G”

Then, another commenter, Raven, added:

“I totally love hummingbirds too. I’m looking at a whole flock of them outside my window as I write this… just wow. They are our tiniest angels, miracles with wings.”

“What’s up with the hummingbirds?” I thought. The hummingbird wisdom from Animal Spirits resonated, but I guess there was more to ponder. This morning, an email arrived from my Sedona friend, Toni:

“The last three mornings – a hummingbird has been outside the bedroom sliding glass door off the balcony. And if I’m downstairs he (or she) is fluttering off the deck! 😉

Hummingbird – Tireless Joy and the Nectar of Life – Animal Speak – Ted Andrews 😉 ”

Later, I got a text from my friend, Ingrid, that she “saw the most adorable hummingbird mug last week on the square.”

Tania’s been having hummingbird synchronicities, too. So … what is up with the hummingbirds?

According to Native American Mythology:

“Hummingbirds are found only in the western hemisphere, so they are absent from the traditional fairy tales, legends, and myths of European and African Americans. There is, however, a rich supply of stories about these tiny birds in Native American mythology.

“A Mayan legend says the hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise, and he is trying to court a beautiful woman, who is the moon.

“Another Mayan legend says the first two hummingbirds were created from the small feather scraps left over from the construction of other birds. The god who made the hummers was so pleased he had an elaborate wedding ceremony for them. First butterflies marked out a room, then flower petals fell on the ground to make a carpet; spiders spun webs to make a bridal pathway, then the sun sent down rays which caused the tiny groom to glow with dazzling reds and greens. The wedding guests noticed that whenever he turned away from the sun, he became drab again like the original gray feathers from which he was made.

“A third Mayan legend speaks of a hummingbird piercing the tongue of ancient kings. When the blood was poured on sacred scrolls and burned, divine ancestors appeared in the smoke.”

In the Incan Medicine Wheel, we see four animals, one for each direction. According to Shaman, Healer and Sage, Alberto Villoldo, “Serpent represents the binding principle; jaguar is the renewing force; hummingbird represents the epic journey of evolution and growth; and eagle or condor stands for the self-transcending principle. Heaven is the creative force; Earth is the receptive force. When you summon them, you align yourself with the forces that animate all life.”

Coming full circle with the hummingbird synchronicities, I just noticed that Tania finished painting her version of the Incan Medicine Wheel the same week I sent that 2010 email to our hummingbird tattoo friend.

A Walk Between Worlds by Tania Marie

Whatever these little powerhouses mean, they are making their presence known. With potent healing and the ability to shine joy and light into hard to reach places, hummingbirds bring magic and delight wherever they go. They remind us that, indeed, “there are no small miracles.” Blessed Be.