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Zen Gardner ~ Facets and the Funnel of Kaleidoscopic Perception

Zen Gardner sent me this recent piece, and I thought I’d share it here. This one’s even more philosophical than usual, but encourages what I keep calling “a bug’s eye view of the world,” since they have those compound eyes! People talk about being “a fly on the wall,” too. You know, we really don’t give bugs their due. What about Grandmother Spider and the Web of Life? Anyhoo, here’s Zen with some wise words and questions:

Facets and the Funnel of Kaleidoscopic Perception

It’s intriguing to me to find viewpoints. When we observe anything we need to be mindful from whence we are doing so. It has everything to do with how we perceive so called reality.

I had an interesting experience one time, I can’t remember if it was in a semi dream state or some such altered frame of reference, but I could see an object or concept I was viewing as a sort of crystal. If you looked at it head on it had certain perceived traits and characteristics. But when I moved slightly to the side to see this form through another facet it was of a completely different nature than I had originally perceived.

It was a brief insight but it was extremely powerful for me. I actually could see more clearly what the nature of the form was from a side angle than I could from straight on. The “displayed” identity of what it was I was looking at was nothing like, or should I say very dissimilar to, the projection I was being given looking at it from the conformed frontal viewing space.

This is a very powerful metaphor for our ingrained ideas of perception. Looking “head on” is not all it’s cracked up to be, no matter how seemingly perceptive our understanding of that head on picture of the fractal holographic reality we’re attempting to process. Slide around the side and look again.


Our Twisting Perception

Let’s “face” it, so to speak, this world is all about perception. If you’ve ever looked through a kaleidoscope you’ll know what I’m talking about. The bits of glass or crystal move inside this cleverly mirrored viewing tube while light permeates from behind the image. With each slight twist the picture completely changes.

Such is our changing perception, and we should be mindful of that.

Plato, whom I don’t fully trust, said that behind our perceived reality are “forms”, archetypal images and concepts that we’re in a way identifying and even conjuring into our reality. I don’t know about that, but the idea is very interesting. It’s one way to perceive or explain our reality. The essential question is what exactly are we perceiving, and how can we get a true grasp on the nature of our actual existence?

Such is the life of human spiritual pursuit perhaps, but it’s not one without ultimate gratification. We’re not here to be deceived, tricked or led on into vain searches for meaning in life, however rampant this phenomenon is. Knowing we are whole in ourselves and have every answer we need at our disposal in some way is essential to the quest.


Perceive Outside the Tube of Thought

Twisting the kaleidoscope is fair enough as a metaphor, but why are we confined to even that? Perception has everything to do with the perceiver. We are the real, conscious crystal in a sense. And in a marvelous crystalline universe. The possibilities are boundless yet the spirit of perception is what lives on. Therein lies the key – conscious awareness in a sea of infinite possibility.

This is why the position of the observer is so essential to our awakening. The place of conscious awareness is our essential being. Not what we view, or even understand, as those will change, much like the kaleidoscope of perception. It’s who is viewing this magical world we exist in that is connected to the essence of everything that is the essential all powerful element being hidden behind this holographic veil of illusion that is the key.

Such is the power of detachment. We’re no longer subject to our surroundings, but playful participants. We observe, we pop in and out on the field of interchange, but are not subject to any laws other than those of loving Source, which we are aligned with by the nature of our detachment and awareness of our essential consciousness. It’s really not all that complicated. When we operate from this standpoint our actions have their most profound effects where needed, and our peace is kept securely in the bosom of a loving, creative Universe.

Facets – Something to Grok

Facet is a very interesting term. We use it in so many ways, but essentially it does reflect attributes or faces of perception. What “face”, derived from facet, is someone or something portraying? Is it the true face of what lies behind it? Are we often being given a deliberate false perception of something for whatever reason, or taking things at “face” value without realizing it?

This is one of life’s toughest lessons, realizing we’ve often been deliberately deceived and abused in whatever manner after a conjured lie caught our fascination. It’s a mainstay of popular, manipulated culture. It seems to usually appear one way only to lure us into participation or consumption in some way. Plants and animals do this as well to attract prey. Why not so within the human and even spiritual realms where deceptive parasitic energies are fully at play?

One look at the put on faces of our evil would-be rulers knowing well what lies beneath illustrates this point perfectly. Spoken lies are another projected facet through which they want the world to perceive them.

That wake up happens to all of us sooner or later. Be it crass advertising, religious and cultic predators, or socio-economic-political deviants on the road to nowhere looking for adherents, this is a minefield we each grow up navigating.


Have Fun With This Reality

This kind of detached yet fully aware and participating existence is a blast. Just look at the joy in the faces of realized people you’re read about or know. Happiness, clearly not derived from temporal pleasures although those can be fun too, is a state of mind and heart. It comes from overcoming the falsities imposed upon us by this lower dimensional paradigm we’re living in and in finding truly free and productive lives, helping to liberate those unfortunately entranced by the lies of this matrix-type world we find ourselves embroiled in.

Herein we find fulfillment in this current paradigm. Overcoming and then dancing with glee on the illusion couldn’t be a better setting for a conscious soul! If you’re not laughing at the current insanity you’re not there yet is all I can say. Overwhelmed or overcoming keeps coming to mind lately. It’s a choice.

That’s how to handle this current world. But it’s not without response-ability that needs to be actuated. We can’t possibly think we’re awake yet not helping to rescue those who are drowning.

Some thoughts to ponder.

Stay detached, yet engaged. That’s about as zen as you can get.

Enjoy the ride! And help others do the same while exposing the game for what it is.

Love always, Zen

Ukrainian Left-Wing Activists’ Appeal To UN, EU, And USA: Don’t Back Civil War & Fascist Coup In Ukraine!

In the interests of peeling back illusions, this article seemed of value to post as it shows yet another instance in which the US media and international “leaders” back a revolution that attempts to topple the inconvenient existence of a sovereign state. We’ve seen it in Syria, where the US backs and even arms Al-Qaeda rebels; it has happened too many times to count in Central America; and ideologies so obviously fly out the window that it becomes instructive to look at such things. The most telling paragraph of the article below, imho:

“3. The rights of those citizens of Ukraine who condemn Nazism and neo-Nazism, espouse a different ideology, defend the sovereignty of Ukraine, and categorically reject the Association Agreement with the EU, while seeing Ukraine’s integration into the Customs Union as a way out of the crisis, are being trampled on! Representative polling shows that over half the population advocates the integration of Ukraine with Russia and 97 percent are against Nazism. Do the EU and the UN think that the rights of tens of millions of these Ukrainians should not be defended? Do the EU and the UN consider it a standard of democracy, when the so-called self-defense units of the Euromaidan, unconstitutionally and in violation of the norms of international law, kidnap citizens, search them, interrogate them, torture them, and take them off for “sentences” to be carried out?”

In other words, the middle, non-extremist, empowered and empowering ground gets sidelined in favor of bloodthirsty battles that stemmed from originally pure intents to protect a nation’s sovereignty. This result arises from people refusing to recognize and stand up to the co-opting of sincere, loving, authentic movements. It happened with the Folk Movement turning into the Nazi Movement during WWII, and it’s happening again in the Ukraine. It happened with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It happens more often than not. One might say, “It always happens,” but let’s change that if we do nothing else this year.

As this world sits poised on the brink of WWIII, the puppeteers have their fingers and strings ready to exploit whatever triggers arise. Humanity has plenty of potential triggers right now as leaks — some of them intentional — reveal levels of abuse formerly incomprehensible to the masses. Now is not a time for heads in the sand; nor is it a time for emotional reactions. Raw, emotional energy can move mountains as well as faith, but humanity would be wise to examine and reclaim those emotions rather than lending them to the next illusion of “revolution.” We need an evolution, not a circular return to a different version of the locked down status quo. Please do not accept the Glamour of “necessary” mass murders and hatred. Every time a nation or humanity in general approaches the gates of liberation, the puppeteers stage a Civil War or a World War. No more.

Be in the world, not of it. Huge outbursts of love can overwhelm even the most insidious attempts at hatred. Light fills a darkened room. As I’ve mentioned before, Unconditional Love and Inner Light are invasive forces — let them loose upon this world, and watch it transform!

Blessings and discernment …

Thanks, G!

ThomHartman January 27 2014
Stop The Guerrillas’ Marauding, Halt The Incitement To Civil War, A Coup, And The Disintegration Of The Country!

Appeal from Ukrainian political parties and public organizations to the UN Secretary-General and the leadership of the EU and the USA

January 25, 2014

The political crisis in Ukraine is worsening by the day, taking the country toward fratricidal civil war, the loss of sovereignty, and the disintegration of the state. This is a foreign project to seize Ukraine. It is being implemented against the interests and the demands of our people. It is being carried out unconstitutionally and in violation of international norms and principles, which are based on peaceful action, free elections, freedom of speech, and respect for human rights.

Since the international media reports deliberately distorted information about Ukraine, stated by politicians and officials in the EU and the USA, and this is used in support of the illegal actions of the guerrillas, we are obliged to make the following Appeal.

1. The pretext for organizing the Euromaidan in Kiev was the refusal of the Government and the President of Ukraine to sign an Association Agreement with the EU. We draw your attention to the content of this document, for the sake of which the Parliamentary opposition led people to the Maidan. The heart of the Agreement is the complete loss of Ukraine’s sovereignty through the transfer to supranational agencies (the Council of Association and the Committee on Trade) of decision-making authority, placing them juridically above the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. It has been unconditionally proven that this contradicts the Declaration on the National Sovereignty of Ukraine, the Constitution of Ukraine, and decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. It also contradicts the expression of the will of the people of Ukraine in the referenda of March 17 and December 1, 1991.

Implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU would indisputably lead to the destruction of the country’s economy, industry, agriculture, service sector, and science.

Signing the Association Agreement with the EU would lead to the total annihilation of state property, which is a competitor of oligarchs in the West.

The Association Agreement with the EU would eliminate the national and state sovereignty of Ukraine. Its embedded political convergence mechanism would liquidate political sovereignty as well, drawing Ukraine into the Joint Security and Defense Policy (JSDP). This anti-Russian project provides for the expulsion of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol and Crimea as a whole, and draws Ukraine into the NATO military bloc.

The aforementioned arguments confirm that the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU is a project of the West for the takeover and colonization of Ukraine. Its implementation has been assigned to the Parliamentary opposition: the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland), Udar (Punch) of Klitschko, and Svoboda (Freedom) Parties.

2. We deem it necessary to draw your close attention to the nature of the political forces that have organized the Euromaidan and today are conducting combat actions throughout the territory of Ukraine. The terrorists have not only launched bloodletting with law enforcement agencies, but are seizing government buildings, smashing and burning the party offices of their political opponents, and applying mob law against the citizens of Ukraine. This unquestionably threatens the safety and life of citizens, as well as their dignity and the inviolability of their property.

You should understand that, in supporting the actions of the guerrillas in Ukraine, by according them the status of “Euromaidan activists” who are taking part in so-called peaceful actions, you yourselves are directly protecting, inciting, and egging on Ukrainian neo-Nazis and neo-fascists.

None of these oppositionists (Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, and Tyahnybok) hide that they are continuing the ideology and the practices of the OUN-UPA. They punctuate all of their speeches at the Maidan with cries of “Glory to Ukraine — to the Heroes Glory!” This Nazi greeting was adopted by the Ukrainian nationalists in April 1941 (at the Second Assembly of the OUN), and was copied from the analogous slogans of Hitler’s Nazi Party.

Other regular slogans of the Maidan are “Glory to Ukraine — Death to the Enemies,” “Ukraine above All,” “Ukraine for Ukrainians,” “Stab the Muscovites and Hang the Communists.”

Wherever the Euromaidan people go in Ukraine, they disseminate, besides the slogans mentioned above, neo-Nazi, racist symbols such as the Wolf’s Cross — one of the first emblems of Hitler’s NSDAP Party; the Celtic Cross — one of the main neo-Nazi and racist symbols, denoting the superiority of the white race; and the numbers 14 and 88. The 14 refers to fourteen words of the American neo-Nazi David Lane, who was sentenced to 190 years in prison in the state of Indiana, USA, for racist civil rights violations and racketeering; while 88 is an encoded version of “Heil Hitler!” (“h” being the eighth letter of the Latin alphabet). Right Sector, which coordinates the guerrillas, uses the black-and-red flag in all its actions. It is a symbol of the Nazi ideology of “Blood and Soil,” which in 1930 was consolidated as a certain sort of national socialist doctrine, which the Hitlerites used to justify their regime after coming to power in 1933.

Also confirming the neo-Nazi nature of the Euromaidan is the constant use of portraits of the bloody executioners of our people, Bandera and Shukhevich — agents of the Abwehr under the nicknames “Gray” and “Taras Chuprinka.” On January 14 a portrait of Bandera was hung from the Kiev City Hall [occupied by demonstrators], as a provocation. After a scandal ensued, it was removed to the interior of the building. Also diabolical was the march by Maidan participants with torches through the central streets of Kiev on January 1, Bandera’s birthday.

Not only the Kiev Maidan, but also the maidans unfolding in the regions of Ukraine are massively infected with Nazi ideology, and they are using the practices of their predecessors in their actions both against law enforcement agencies and against Ukrainian civilians (including their political opponents).

Washington and Brussels are either following the risky course of ignoring the Nazi nature of the Euromaidan, or they are consciously closing their eyes and covering up the fascist ideology of the Parliamentary opposition and the Euromaidan in Ukraine. It is appropriate to ask: “Have the UN, the EU, and the USA ceased to recognize the Charter and Verdict of the International War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg, where the Hitlerite Nazis and their henchmen were convicted? Have human rights ceased to be a value for the countries of the EU and the world community? Is the Ukrainian nationalists’ devotion to Hitler and his mass murders of civilians now considered democracy?”

3. The rights of those citizens of Ukraine who condemn Nazism and neo-Nazism, espouse a different ideology, defend the sovereignty of Ukraine, and categorically reject the Association Agreement with the EU, while seeing Ukraine’s integration into the Customs Union as a way out of the crisis, are being trampled on! Representative polling shows that over half the population advocates the integration of Ukraine with Russia and 97 percent are against Nazism. Do the EU and the UN think that the rights of tens of millions of these Ukrainians should not be defended? Do the EU and the UN consider it a standard of democracy, when the so-called self-defense units of the Euromaidan, unconstitutionally and in violation of the norms of international law, kidnap citizens, search them, interrogate them, torture them, and take them off for “sentences” to be carried out?

We insist on the inclusion of our representatives in the negotiation process with the President of Ukraine and the Parliamentary opposition, and we ask you to support this demand. We also urgently request that you receive an authorized delegation of the signatories hereof, in order to obtain objective information about what is happening in Ukraine.

We, as leaders of Ukrainian political parties and public organizations, express our concern that politicians and officials from the UN, the EU, the USA, and the international community have a distorted perception of the events being organized to bring about a coup d’etat in Ukraine, and are not taking effective measures to stop this fascist coup.

We call on the leadership of the UN, the EU, and the USA to immediately condemn the actions of Ukrainian Nazi organizations and, on their own part, to take the necessary measures to prevent a fratricidal civil war in our country.

We are sending a copy of this Appeal to the leaders of the member countries of the United Nations Security Council.

Signed by:

Alexander Vasilyevich Bondarchuk
Ukrainian Labor Party (Marxist-Leninist), People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 2nd, 3rd, 4th sessions of the Supreme Rada

Natalia Mikhailovna Vitrenko
Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Doctor of Economic Sciences, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 2nd and 3rd sessions of the Supreme Rada

Leonid Ivanovich Grach
Communist Marxist-Leninist Party of Ukraine, Doctor of Historical Sciences, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 4th, 5th, 6th sessions of the Supreme Rada

Sergei Vasilyevich Dovgan
Honorary Chairman of the Peasant Party of Ukraine, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 2nd and 3rd sessions of the Supreme Rada

Yevgeni Georgiyevich Dubovnik
Sevastopol Anti-NATO Front (public organization), Deputy of the Sevastopol City Council, 5th and 6th sessions

Lyudmila Pavlovna Kayotkina
All-Ukraine Women’s Public Organization “Gift of Life,” Deputy of the Donetsk Regional Parliament, 5th session

Sergei Nikolayevich Kiyashko
Assembly of Slavic Peoples of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Vasili Fyodorovich Kuvshinov
Union of Soviet Officers, city of Chigirin

Nikolai Fyodorovich Larinenko
People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 2nd and 3rd sessions of the Supreme Rada

Yelena Anatolyevna Mazur
All-Ukraine Public Organization “For the Union of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia” (ZUBR)

Tatyana Alexandrovna Makarenko
Public Organization “Russkaya Obshchina” (Russian Community), city of Dnepropetrovsk

Gennadi Makarov
Coordinating Council of Russian Organizations in Eastern Ukraine

Vladimir Romanovich Marchenko
Ukrainian Federation of Labor, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 1st, 2nd, 3rd sessions of the Supreme Rada

Alexander Viktorovich Svistunov
Russian Movement of Ukraine, Deputy of the Supreme Sovet of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, 5th session

Valentina Petrovna Semenyuk-Samsonenko
Union of Women for the Future of the Children of Ukraine, Kandidat of Economic Sciences, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th sessions of the Supreme Rada

Valeri Alexandrovich Sergachov

Kiev Rus Party, Deputy of the Odessa Regional Parliament, 5th session

Olga Nikoloyevna Solovenko
Eurasian People’s Union, Deputy of the Odessa Regional Parliament, 5th session

Pavel Vasilyevich Tishchenko
Kharkov Regional Public Organization “Trudovaya Kharkovshchina”, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 3rd session

Konstantin Viktorovich Shurov
Russian Community of Ukraine

Vladimir Vladimirovich Bogatyrev
All-Ukraine Public Association “Russky Soyuz” (Russian Union)

Lyudmila Anatolyevna Gorbachova
Vinnitsa Regional Organization “Union of Orthodox Women of Ukraine”

Nikolai Vladimirovich Kovalyov
Association of Citizens in Support of Canonical Orthodoxy “The Path of the Orthodox in the Name of the Blessed and Equal of the Apostles Prince Vladimir” (Autonomous Republic of Crimea)

Vladimir Ilyich Matrokhin
Russian Community of Lviv, Deputy of the Lviv Regional Parliament, 2nd session

Alexei Borisovich
Merkulov March 17 Union Movement

Alexander Ivanovich Ogorodnikov
Union of Soviet Officers, city of Uman

Alexander Sergeyevich Pokrovsky
Lviv Regional Organization “Intelligentsia for Socialism,” Kandidat of Economic Sciences, Deputy of the Zaliznychny District Council of the city of Lviv, 1st session

Nadezhda Gennadiyevna Polyakova
Public Organization “Russkaya Obshchina” (Russian Community) of Yevpatoriya

Viktor Viktorovich Silenko
All-Ukrainian Association of Russian Compatriots (VORS)

Anna Fyodorovna Tsysar
Children of the War of Sevastopol

Alexander Varushko
Social Safety Forum
“United Slavic Front”

More from Alexander Barry aka Patrick Dixon

Today I’m posting two videos featuring actor, scholar, poet and speaker, Alexander Barry, aka Patrick Dixon.

Video 1 gives an overview and context of various beings associated with Human Evolution at this time. It contains fascinating information about Archetypes and their interplay with the evolutionary drama on this planet. “The final frontier is really the awakening and the perception across the threshold of the so-called dead who are not dead. And that’s coming. More and more children are being born who can remember past lives, and that’s what’s coming for humanity. … People who can see across the thresholds.”

Taken together, these videos almost feel like the time-lapse unfolding of a plant, from seed to sprout to leaf to flower to seed to winter to seed to spring — a continuous growth cycle of ideas. I’ve had the privilege of reading some of Alexander’s writings and found them simultaneously mind opening, heart centered and deeply grounding. I was pleased to learn today that he’s now put up a website, which will gradually release some of his talks and writings.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with two videos and some notes (in no particular order) that I took while listening. In prose, poetry or lecture, Patrick Dixon’s words work and play on what I would call the mythic level. He refers to the “irrational (or pre-rational), rational and suprarational” — noting, “there is something beyond rationality.” As someone who loves integration and experiences daily the consciousness of other beings, I very much enjoy his explanations. They do take some digestion, even for me, who lives in a pretty similar “reality.” Don’t worry if you don’t “get” everything he says! I just wanted to share another person speaking about so many different levels of awareness and experience.

Notes/topics covered, followed by the videos:

The Cosmic Seed of Truth
The Solar Logos/Christ Consciousness
“Archangel Michael — a being whose task is to activate the heartfelt thinking, the imaginative consciousness.”

Patrick also provides some really interesting discussion about the Archetypal being of Lucifer as the impetus for ideas of and experiences of separation, as well as “beauty without goodness,” “the mask,” “the glamour.” He discusses the Archetype of Lucifer as “the being who gave us the ability to look at the surfaces, the beautiful surfaces, the entrancing surfaces.” A byproduct of only looking at the surfaces, though, is this false sense of separation from All That Is. The difference between the New Age religion and the deepest Wisdom from ancient traditions is this dressing up of the surface of such traditions.

[I’ve commented on this before myself: “The whole New Age movement is just fluff, but it’s based on some actual Truth if you dig around long enough, just like any of the world religions. The problem with the New Age material, for the most part, is that it’s been co-opted and just slightly misses the mark or keeps the deepest secrets hidden but then presents itself as giving all the secret answers beyond the ‘traditional’ religions. It’s very deceptive. That said … the reason it’s able to be so deceptive is because it does keep a fair amount of Truth hidden in plain view. That attracts seekers. Very few continue to observe themselves and observe Nature to be able to sort out which things are fluff and which things are valuable.”]

More from Patrick:

Humans as “soul beings,” “some darkness, some light.”
The war between Christianity and the New Age.
Different ways of experiencing “God.”
The “super-paradigm” that combines the best of the East and West.

“Science needs to be transformed. What they’re talking about and what they think they’re talking about is something else.”

Looking at the fruits of various movements encourages discernment:

Waldorf Schools, yoga, Emanuel Swedenborg, Rudolf Steiner, Madame Blavatsky, Theosophy, Krishnamurti…

About halfway through the second video, you’ll find some lively group discussion about religion — the blessings and the dangers of it, as well as the transcendence of religion through personal experience of the awakening Self.

“To be an agnostic is a healthier thing than to be an atheist. … I’ve spent my life studying science because I know I’ve got to deal with it. The paradigm that includes the superphysical dimensions is infinitely more interesting. You enter realms, whereas if you really study modern science, … they’ve already fixed certain thoughts. They’re already graven images. They’re there, and that’s what people retreat from, and rightly so.” Patrick then extols the benefits of having an open mind. “There’s more than we know, but the scientific method is built on denial.”

I hope you find these videos as undeniably integrative as I do.


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