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Leaving Facebook

I just posted this today:

I joined FB in April 2010, while literally in the middle of painting the golden raindrops on this door. I got an intuitive message to “go join Facebook right now,” a message that contrasted sharply with all the earlier messages I’d received not to join FB. I protested, but the nudge was so strong and insistent that I did immediately join.

FB has been wonderful. I have met so many friends, managed to stay in contact with international and faraway friends, found gardening tips, met new clients–and FB, in a roundabout way, led me to my dearest love. I feel so grateful for all of this and more.

But I have always remained conscious that FB would only be a temporary gig for me. Even though it may have looked like I played and socialized, I have known from the start that there was a particular purpose and time frame for my interactions here. That time frame appears to be ending.

I’m not leaving due to censorship or the state of the world. On the contrary, I actually believe at least a portion of this world will be enjoying greater freedom, love and bliss than we have in many, many years. I’m leaving because my work here is done. Until I get nudged otherwise, I will continue to post on my blog, although my emphasis will be even more centered on the world I wish to create. I have already deleted most tie-in’s to “what is” in favor of all the other posts focused on what can be. My path is not everyone’s path, and I’m OK with that. I wish all you wonderful souls a wonderful life. I will keep this post up for a little while as a notification before closing out my account. My blog remains: If you need to contact me, please do so via email or my blog. I will not be checking FB messages after today.

Namaste, much love and many blessings! ~Laura