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World Water Day ~ Sacred Ceremony Today and Beyond

Thanks to Ella, who sent me the following announcement about today’s kickoff to a worldwide movement to remember the sacredness of water. At 3 p.m. local time on 3/22/14, wherever you are, please take a moment to honor, heal, love, and respect our water. There is one world ocean.

I would have posted the information anyway, but Ella’s email arrived at the exact moment I was listening to a Hopi Elder (video further down below) explain that if the Europeans who arrived after Christopher Columbus had continued to approach water the way the Hopi did, then we would still be able to drink from every stream or lake. “Water is sacred,” he said. Because this event springs from a Native tribe in New Zealand, I sent the link to my Kiwi friend, Wendy, who immediately responded that “Grandfather Macki,” whom she studied with, was of the Waitaha tribe. I then received another notification of this water healing event through Cheryl, who had been commenting on Raven’s post about healing and protecting the waters near Glacier National Park.

Triple whammy synchronicities!

On the 22nd of March, on World Water Day, we will officially open the calling and start a journey leading upto this Global Water Gathering in New Zealand. We hope you will support our efforts and be with us in prayer as this unique event has neverbefore occurred on Earth.

“We are in all this together and may you find your connection and deepening to Water this year also.

“We thank you, all our Ambassadors and all our Partners for their support in helping us make this happen.”

“Water Unifies us All. On March 22nd, Join the world in the Synchronized Global Water Ceremony. At 3:00pm in your local time and 3:00pm pacific. UNIFYing with the world to restore our relationship with this sacred medium of life.

“No Water, No Life. Know Water, Know Life.

“ is a platform create to support the emergence of the Spiritual Renaissance happening on the planet.

“LoveWater is a year long campaign that will transform our specie’s relationship to water in every way possible.

“Join us as we catalyze a global movement of beauty, love and truth.”

I especially love this video narrated by a girl whose name means “Special Waters”:

Here is the Hopi Elder video I was watching when the email announcement of today’s event came through:

Please remember our sacred water at 3 p.m. your local time. As “Special Waters” recommends in her video: pray for solutions, for clean water, new ideas, joy, hope, healing of pollution and radiation, pray for those who can help, and pray with gratitude for all that water gives us.

Rain Dance, the Hopi and a Water Rune

Part of today’s post comes from a lovely woman, named Andrea Louis, who has attended some of my local classes and Raph Channeling Events. We’re both a little bummed that her original, exuberant email disappeared from both of our email servers, but at my request, she has graciously recapped what she shared in that first email. We’re hearing a lot about a Midwest drought and the Colorado wildfires; however, given my national and international friends and clients, I’m actually hearing an equal number of people complaining about having so much rain they can’t grow anything in their gardens. I trust Mother Earth to balance herself, but I also know that we have influence. Our words, our love … our attention and intention … all of these can put us more in tune with our surroundings. We can wake up to the interconnectedness of all beings — not human-centric — and all live in harmony. It is not only possible, but our most natural state.

Here’s Andrea’s description of her rain dance (which totally worked, btw!):

“When I expressed my concern about our diminishing rainfall, “Raph” said to do a rain dance–they work! He said to do it before sunrise or early morning and after sunset or at night when you can feel the most moisture in the air. Express gratitude for all water and be respectful by being conservative with water usage. Because our bodies are elementals, use them for this purpose.

“So a couple days later, we got up early and created our ritual. We smudged ourselves and the crystal bowl while we called in the directions, nature elementals, our guides and angels. Then we filled the bowl with artesian water from a nearby well. I walked around the yard with the bowl, sprinkling water on everything and blessing the plants, trees, and earth. We acknowledged the water in everything, including our bodies, giving thanks for all the ways we are in relationship with water. As I was doing this, I began to notice that every plant that had been established at least a year before was green and flowering in a most abundant fashion. I was reminded of the intelligence of plant life. Somehow they seemed to know when winter was dry and spring came too early, they needed to send their roots deep. A good lesson for us; observe and prepare. When the bowl was empty, I placed it on a small table out in the open. At day’s end, to our amazement, there was more water in it. We got a shower!

“A couple days later, a friend asked if we did the rain dance. I said ‘yes’. She said “next time qualify the amount and duration.” She lived in Milwaukee and got quite a downpour that flooded her basement. Oops…

“Today I heard we should “befriend” difficult and unpleasant things. Perhaps we could befriend the drought. What would that look like? Maybe it means being open to some necessary cycle, like a cleansing. Just thinking out loud.

“Please join me in your dance, whatever you do. Even pausing to stamp your feet on the earth a few times while expressing gratitude and affirming the water in your body and in the atmosphere.”

**Thank you to Andrea for sharing her insights and experiences. We live in a deeply interconnected world. What affects one of us, affects all of us through the web of life. Please commune with the land in whatever ways you feel led, and if you need rain, never be afraid to dance for it! Click here for additional rainmaking tips.

In related news, yesterday, I saw an urgent message from the Hopi, asking people to stop Senate Bill 2109, which attempts to take away their water and redirect it to private corporations with permission to pollute at will. This is a harbinger of water wars to come in other areas. In 1970, Henry Kissinger said, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” How much more of an impact if you control the water! Also, for those who don’t know, the Hopi (as well as the closely connected Tibetans on the other side of the world), are especially tied into this 2012 shift. Attacking them is like a direct and efficient hit, taking out a (usually) silent opposition to the NWO. Hopi prophecies are very old, and I have several friends who regularly visit the Hopi (by invitation) to participate in ceremonies for world healing. Here’s the Hopi message to our world:

“The Hopi call on all people from around the world to protect the element of water, life itself, for all people, for all life on this planet.

“We, the Traditional Hopi people as Caretakers of the land are asking you to now come forward in your communities to protect the waters in your area as well as help us stop the United States Senate from passing Senate Bill 2109.

“For the first time in history the True Hopi Leaders of the Mother Village of Shungopavi are speaking to the public. They share a warning for the world that the Prophecies of the their Ancestors is now taking place.

“Each year we plant our Sacred Corn in the dry sand fields of the Arizona desert. Calling for the rain clouds to come and bless our people, our crops and all the world in our Ceremonies. We follow in the footsteps of our Ancestors we have followed for thousands of years.

“We the True Traditional Hopi Indians of Arizona request respectfully an immediate and complete stop to Senate Bill 2109 from being passed. This Bill and its companion Bill will give private corporations the rights to our water with immunity to pollute, waste and sell the element of life itself, water.

“Your support is needed to stop the prophecies of our Ancestors from unfolding and protect all life on the planet. This is a warning to the world, if the waters are taken from our people, the world will dry up.


“Join us in Protecting Life, Protecting the Future and Protecting the Life of Water.”

For more information:



Here’s a link to the petition itself.

**Potent, cleansing times, folks! I know many people this week have felt the intensity of 9 M-class solar flares within 24 hours burning through old belief structures, karmic ties and emotional wounds. Water and flow become even more important as we feel ourselves and our land parched, in need of relief. I will end here by reminding everyone that there is enough to go around. Focus on balance; focus on flow.

Leguu, also called LAF, Lagu, or Laguz, is the oldest Rune, symbolizing water, flow and laughter. When you feel dry inside or outside, brittle, unable to laugh or connect with the Source of all abundance, you can draw upon this Rune to shift your energy. Motion it over a drink or scratch it onto the land; form sticks into this shape. Runes are not just for divination! They are building blocks of the Universe. LAF will calm your emotions, allowing more positive manifestations in your life. Create and flow: