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Timothy Glenn: Pisces Gets Loaded

Yay! Another update from my Astrologer friend, Tim Glenn. Get ready for off the charts Piscean energy. This article’s a bit more technical than usual, but he gives us both specifics and a panoramic view of how this upcoming New Moon prepares us for “the Grandest of Trines” in July 2013. Many thanks, as always, to Tim. Enjoy!

Pisces Gets Loaded
New Moon Plus: March 11, 2013

By Timothy Glenn

Venus entered Pisces on February 26, joining the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and the Piscean ruler Neptune. The stage is now set for a powerful New Moon in the watery Dreamland of Pisces. If we can navigate our way past the illusion, delusion and confusion often associated with this sign, we can set sail on the Cosmic Sea; dreams, mysticism, spirituality, creativity, empathy, and all those other Piscean qualities we long to develop more fully.

The Moon will dive into Pisces on March 9 at 10:18pm Pacific Time. From that moment until the wee hours of the morning on March 12, Pisces will be playing host to the following list of illustrious guests: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune. The Moon will cross over each of the other celestial bodies in this order:

1. Neptune. Sure, register your intentions with the sign’s ruler first. Secure assistance and sail forth.

2. Mercury. This guy will still be retrograde until March 17, so don’t bother trying to intellectualize the process.

3. Chiron. Receive some emotional and spiritual healing, and let go of any blockage that wasn’t released at the Full Moon.

4. Venus. Invoke her love and creativity. Dress up the ship, and arrange some flowers around it. Venus excels at interior design, and this gracefully extends into spiritual matters. She can help set the inner environment for setting our intents.

5. Sun. This combination gives us the New Moon, the heart of the transit, so make a wish and throw your heart into it.

6. Mars. Fire up and launch your new dream. With Mars involved, you can do it with gusto.

Intense Intents

Lunar Cycle fans love to tap into the energy of a New Moon to reboot their life support systems, start afresh, and set intentions. Sporting a lineup like this, March 11 offers a massive boost to any such effort. With all this power packed into the last of the water signs, the overall potential looms larger than life as we have known it. Wimpy dreams and half-assed intentions feel out of place and utterly inappropriate in this context. Here we have an opportunity to cast a Dreamspell onto the waters of the Universal Ocean of Divine Love, and watch our Dreamspell in turn cast a long shadow: all the way to the Major Grand Trine in the water signs in July of 2013.

Viewing this New Moon as a foreshadowing event for the Grandest of All Trines, we can observe ourselves and our experiences in mid-March, to discern what adjustments we might choose to make as we wend our way toward July. In the interim, we will traverse the stormy fates of late spring, featuring a series of three eclipses along with Uranus exactly squaring Pluto. Whew! That merits a separate article, because it heralds a momentous shift and carries the potential for upheaval. The voltage of our emotions in setting our intents at this New Moon would do well to propel us beyond the New Age Fluff Bunny level. Dream it, think it, feel it, say it, and profoundly mean it.

Weighing In

In the wonderful world of Astrology, we use a few systems of what we call weighted scores; numerical quantifiers for the amount of influence exerted by the various celestial bodies. Here is a basic example:

1. Sun and Moon, 3 points each.

2. The inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) 2 points each.

3. Everybody else (Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) 1 point each.

For the more observant among you, yes, those three sets comprise six points each; 666, but don’t let that throw you off. Keeping it simple, we have a total of 18 points. (And may the Vedic Astrologers forgive the omission of the Lunar Nodes, known as Rahu and Ketu, or also known collectively as R2D2.) To illustrate the potency of the Piscean Overload in mid March, here’s the math:

1. Sun and Moon = 3 points each = 6 points.

2. All three inner planets = 2 points each = 6 points.

3. Chiron and Neptune = 1 point each = 2 points.

Using this system for these few magical days in March, Pisces will score a whopping 14 of a possible 18 points. The remaining 4 points will be scattered across the rest of the Zodiac. The Grand Trine in July will score 14 points for the three water signs combined. Forgive this if it seems like superfluous Astrobabble, but it was presented to emphasize the potency of this New Moon. Our emotive abilities will be enhanced, not merely foreshadowing the Grand Trine, but helping create what will be manifested. Our thinking shapes the template of our lives, but our feelings form the engine that drives us forward.

Loaded Questions

The current Pisces adventure offers a bounty of opportunities for everyone to access and utilize its universal energy. But where this occurs in your personal chart creates another adventure altogether. The same will apply with the foreshadowed event. Some our natal charts are impacted by these influences to the point of going “off the chart”. When discussing the Major Grand Trine of July 2013 with various clients, I have asked: “Just how big a blessing are you willing to receive from the universe?” A pertinent question indeed, and we can all ask ourselves: how massive a gift are we capable of assimilating into our lives?

We can start answering these questions right now. At the Pisces New Moon, a related question arises: “How big do you dare to dream?” Especially if we invoke our Soul’s Dream as we set our intentions for this transmutative year, are we finished playing small? Are we ready to stand tall as the Divine Beings we really are? We can dream, but can we dream with genuine Faith?

Inside your Heart of Hearts lies an Inner Sanctum, from which you can help co-create a world of sanctuary. Infinite Love is the only Reality, and 2013 gives us a golden opportunity to Get Real.

Your Right to Preferences

This theme keeps coming up in coaching and intuitive sessions, so I thought I’d mention it here. If I hear it so often in private sessions, then lots of others are likely experiencing it, too!

In a nutshell, you don’t need to feel guilty for having preferences. We live in a vibrational and co-creative Universe, which continues to birth and rebirth itself according to desires. Yes, desires, preferences, hopes, dreams … without them, the Universe would stagnate. Preferences are not only a Divine Right, but also kind of a Source Mandate. Source, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, expands in response to your desires. Each time you hone a desire or discover a new preference, you tweak the manifestation instructions you present to All That Is.

Sure, people, governments, religious authorities, and schools sometimes tell you your preferences are bad, evil, unwarranted, or crazy, but that doesn’t change the fact you have them. I don’t mean to give license to harm other people — oftentimes the repressive preference squashers are the ones secretly harming others! Those who manipulate via guilt, shame, ridicule and diminishing do not have your best interest at heart, so why allow them to make decisions for you? Why allow them to create your life instead of you?

If someone laughs at your preferences or tells you that you’re wrong or selfish for having them, take a moment to explore why that person even cares. What investment does that person have in whether or not something brings you joy, frustration, or sorrow? Does that person really know you better than you know yourself? And if so, why would you allow that to continue happening?! You’re a fabulous, intriguing, amazing, deep, diverse, and interesting person; I guarantee it. If you don’t see that, then it might be time for some proactive cord cutting, followed by a quiet, healing meditation and/or journaling. Get to know yourself! Get to know what makes you tick. In order to Follow Your Bliss, it helps to make note of what feels like Bliss to you.

As we shift from 3D to whatever and wherever we’re shifting, vibration becomes even more important. If you allow yourself to whither in someone else’s limitations, then you rob not only yourself, but the collective reality as well. Why not co-create something you truly love? Why not expand yourself in joy and jubilation? Your growth grows the Universe. Your ability to maintain a positive, exciting and Spirit filled life frees others to do so, too.

Preferences can range anywhere from types of food you like, to qualities of relationship, degree of sexual compatibility, financial ease, the kinds of clients you wish to attract, boundaries in business, weather … no limitations here! You can’t talk yourself out of preferences. Repressed preferences will rear their heads at the most inopportune times, so you might as well acknowledge and honor them upfront. Knowing what you want will also help you avoid the following common and unfortunate relationship dynamic:

Someone really, really wants something from you. In this example, let’s say they want you. They want you to commit to them, and in exchange they offer you something that’s important to them but not necessarily important to you. From their perspective, they’re giving you the world, and you darned well better appreciate it. You, on the other hand, just don’t really feel that attracted to them, or, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel the same way about the proposed exchange. Because they have given you their “stuff” and lord that fact over you, you begin to feel like you should feel different about them than you do. You might try to convince yourself that your preferences are superficial, stupid, or unenlightened. You might try to convince yourself that attraction and compatibility don’t really matter as much as unconditional love.

Just to clarify: you can unconditionally love someone and not desire to marry them. You can unconditionally love someone and choose not to spend much time with them. You can unconditionally love someone, wish them well, and yet still honor yourself by listening to your own sense of what feels balanced. Just because someone gives you something they value, doesn’t require you to place the same value upon that something. You have a right to your own, unique preferences, and if a relationship fails to match up, you can choose to walk away, or redefine the nature of that relationship. If the other person starts calling you names, guilt tripping you, or otherwise stomping on your sincere efforts to attract win win situations for all involved, then you’ve just received a clear indication that you are not receiving unconditional love, no matter if you’re giving that or not. Guilt works as a primary manipulative tool.

This dynamic can occur in romantic relationships, business trades, expectations between clients/customers and providers, higher education, and any other encounters you have with someone who may not share all your preferences. Clear communication helps, but in fairness, that needs to go both ways. If someone expresses what they want, and you know that you are either unwilling or unable to meet those preferences, then sharing that information allows you to maintain integrity in the relationship with the other person and within yourself. As we shift further away from duality, split intentions will become increasingly difficult to bear. Recognizing early signs of incompatibility and taking proactive steps to redefine relationships or to extricate yourself from imbalanced situations will speed your ability to shift into a newer, cleaner, easier reality. The more people who take responsibility for the world they wish to co-create, the freer world we’ll find.

If you choose to Follow Your Bliss, then Bliss will choose to follow you. From that higher vibration, you will create and attract an extraordinarily inspiring life. You will become the change you wish to see in the world. And I promise you, you will find kindred spirits who celebrate with you and for you. Lonely is feeling obligated to love someone or serve someone in ways your heart and Spirit won’t allow. Nothing feels lonelier than telling your authentic Self to settle now and wait for next lifetime. You’re not here to reiterate the status quo. In case you haven’t noticed, default reality on Earth hasn’t been a resounding success. That’s why all the structures and illusions have begun to fall away. The New Earth won’t build itself without your input. You vote with your vibration, and the higher your vibe, the better your world. Want freedom? Free yourself, and watch what happens.

I love you.