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Dolores Cannon ~ Changes Needed for the New Frequencies

The only thing I would add to Dolores Cannon’s account is that some people, myself included, are actually finding a need to eat a little bit denser foods in order to remain grounded right now. I had been 100% raw vegan and then high raw for many years and vegan for 8.5 years. In early 2011, my body –and I heard this from a lot of longtime raw vegans right around the same time –suddenly started demanding some cooked vegan foods and even the addition of some organic raw dairy. I struggled with the ethics of that and tried every imaginable way around it, but adding that in brought instant relief on a variety of levels. We are all at individual frequencies, which change and make micro-adjustments as our outer world continues to shift. The important thing is to pay attention to how you feel and to notice any patterns.

For example, I consume probably 60% or more of my calories in liquid form, but some days I really feel the need to chew. Chewing releases serotonin, so that could be a factor. The density could also be a factor: more complicated or cooked food combinations can have a grounding effect because they take more physical energy to process. Most people on this planet are trending lighter and lighter; however, the energies are shifting so fast that people who have already been on extremely high vibe, living and raw food diets, people who do a lot of healing work, energy work and/or intuitive/psychic work may temporarily find they need to “dirty up” their diets a bit, just to continue vibrating within the parameters of this illusion for a little while longer until the shared reality shifts. Again, pay attention to how you feel, not just to what people tell you that you should be feeling.

That said, here’s Dolores with some excellent general tips:

Raw Vegan Indian Food Feast!

Last Sunday, David and I had two raw friendly friends over for a homemade feast. Although David usually helps me prepare these sorts of things, this time I decided to make the whole shebang myself. I have to admit, the feast wasn’t quite a Lazy Raw Foodist endeavor, in that I began soaking seeds on Thursday and pretty much prepped food for a couple hours every single day through Sunday. But that was mostly due to the sheer volume and variety of dishes, not because any one recipe took much time. We all enjoyed the flavors, textures, colors and uniqueness of the meal. I think it was my favorite raw food feast ever. Here are some photos and quasi-recipes:

Raw Vegan Chutneys and Crackers

I wanted to create a restaurant-style experience, so I made not one, not two, but three chutneys of very different flavors to go with a simple raw cracker recipe from Raw Fusion Recipes. The chutneys were, from left to right: a less garlicky version of Cilantro Mint Chutney from Ani’s Raw Food Asia using homegrown apple mint from our backyard; a Tomatillo-Fenugreek-Cardamon-Prune chutney I invented myself, and a Cherry-Prune-Garam Masala chutney I hodge-podged together after reading a bunch of chutney recipes online.

The prunes worked so well in these! I soaked them first for easier food processing, and they provided the right sweetness with more savory flavor depth than dates or raisins. I used 2 cloves of garlic instead of the suggested 8 (!) in Ani’s chutney, and that one became a favorite for its close mimicking of the standard cilantro mint chutney in Indian restaurants. My invented chutneys struck the right balance between spicy, savory and sweet. Sorry, I don’t have recipes. I just throw things together by instinct. Even the fenugreek seeds came as an afterthought because the tomatillo chutney seemed too watery. I put the dried seeds in there to soak up some juice, and they provided subtle flavor as well.

Here are some close-ups of the chutneys and crackers:

Cilantro Mint, Tomatillo-Fenugreek, and Cherry Chutneys

Savory Flax & Pumpkinseeds Crackers from Raw Fusion Recipes

In selecting a cracker recipe, I wanted something savory yet plain enough to let the chutneys shine. The subtle green onion and lemon of these were just right for that. I followed the recipes exactly, except for substituting wheat free tamari for Braggs liquid aminos, since those give me headaches. I like that you keep the golden flax seeds whole in these, making for a stronger cracker to stand up to sauces and dips. Again, the original recipe can be found in the Raw Fusion recipe book.

The next course came as a last minute add-on the morning of our afternoon meal. I just couldn’t get “dahl” out of my head, so I soaked some sunflower seeds and sundried tomatoes and then very loosely followed Ani Phyo’s dahl recipe from Ani’s Raw Food Asia, minus the almonds. I added some super fermented coconut water kefir mixed with dried coconut to give it a sweet, tangy taste and crumbly texture. I kept adding spices and a bit of olive oil, finally settling on some melted coconut oil to take it over the top. We sprinkled the dishes with Hungarian paprika to make them pretty. The dahl had the texture of a lentil dahl, and it went well with chutney drizzled on top. Fortunately, we hadn’t quite scarfed down all of our first course!

Sunflower Seed Dahl

The main course actually began the entire idea for an Indian extravaganza! I had told my friends about the Easter Feast salad. It features kale, arugula, tahini, cranberries, apples, curry powder, celery and apple cider vinegar, not necessarily in that order. The link to the Easter Feast gives more info about potential measurements. I got the original idea for the salad from this post by Dr. LindaJoy Rose. Here’s how my version of the salad looked:

Curry Kale Arugula Cranberry Salad

By this time, I felt almost too full to eat desert. If you know me and my prodigious raw appetite, you’d realize just how incredible that is. However, David had an idea for dessert, and we went with it. He got out his Green Power juicer with the homogenizing plate on it, and we shot frozen mango through the shoot to make mango sorbet. I then harvested more apple mint from the back yard and topped the sorbet with fresh blueberries made to look like bunches of grapes. I know, I know: very tricky! I like tricky things, though. 😉 Here they are:

Mango Sorbet with Blueberries and Apple Mint

I sprinkled the desserts with just a touch of Berkano (birch sweetener) to give a little festive sparkle and extra sweetness. All we could say was, “Yum!”

I love raw foods. Maybe I am not a Lazy Raw Foodist all the time, but I sure love being able to provide my friends and my guy with such delicious, nutritious, life-giving, high vibe food. Since I spread the recipes over several days, the prep never felt overwhelming, and the results and happy gratitude made it all worthwhile. Yay!