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Interview with Susun Weed ~ Plant Telepathy and More

I watched all five parts of this interview yesterday and loved them! “Herb Mentor” interviews Wise Woman Herbalist Susun Weed in a delightful conversation about plant communication, healing relationships with herbs, various traditions of healing, herbal regulation, and more.

People really devoted to colon cleansing may not like part three, but she makes some excellent points about the importance of attitude in healing: do you need “to be fixed” or are you already healthy but looking to get healthier? Are you broken and filthy and can never become clean, or are you looking to add nourishment so that your body can enter into relationship with plants, people, food and the cosmos in order to tap into its own innate healing wisdom?

I very much enjoyed both sides of this conversation, and I trust you will, too!

Herbal Infusion for Increasing Bone Density

I’ve been making lots of mineral infusions with nettles, oatstraw and horsetail, usually individual infusions, but sometimes combining them together.

I’ve shared in the past that one consequence of my 1998 car accident was that my brain injury got the primary healing attention, because it was actively disabling me. My neck and back, on the other hand, were pretty much relegated to yoga after the initial acute treatments. When I injured my sacrum in the Summer of 2011, my chiropractor friend, Ingrid, looked at my x-rays and couldn’t believe I have been functioning as well as I have. She found my spine a huge testimonial for the power of a raw food diet, in that my digestive nerves at that point were so compromised that if I hadn’t been eating enzyme-rich food, I likely would not have been able to digest it at all!

I’ve since concluded that for me personally, the raw vegan diet wasn’t enough, as I had gotten quite demineralized over the years. Adding some raw cheese and the occasional raw egg and sometimes a raw, fermented cod liver oil has really helped my teeth, which are great indicators of bone health. For this year, my primary health focus is on radical remineralization. I used to make an infusion a couple times per month, but now I’ve been drinking a quart or more per day. My body loves these infusions!

People often ask me “What’s an infusion?” “How do I make an infusion?” “How do I not break glass?” This video covers the difference between teas and infusions, and he gives you a step by step demonstration of how to infuse dried herbs. He also talks about the benefits of my very favorite “weed” ever: nettles. My new favorite infusion is oatstraw. Love it! Horsetail tastes pretty disgusting, but my body likes it. I’m going to experiment with adding a bit of fresh mint or lemon balm for flavor.

Anyway, super informative video below … Enjoy!