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Happy Gratitude Day!

I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am for all my blog readers and clients. I am fortunate to interact with so many compassionate, creative, tapped in, spiritually aligned, and powerfully manifesting hearts and minds each and every day. You give me hope for humanity and for our planet.

From my heart to yours: thank you.

Love and blessings,


January Flowers

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This might seem like a silly post in light of serious issues, but sometimes silly gets the point across much better than doom and gloom.

It’s January here in the Northern hemisphere. There’s snow on the ground and a sharp chill to the wind. No flowers in sight outside. What’s a crazy plant lady who loves flowers to do?! Be the flowers you wish to see in the world:

Sometimes you just need to make it happen.

And sometimes the Universe shows up with an $11 like new cashmere sweater at a secondhand shop you just happened to wander into in the middle of a snowstorm:

Blessed be, and be the blessing!

If you’re having trouble finding the blessings, you might want to try Adriene’s “Yoga for Gratitude” practice. I love every workout I’ve done of hers and felt led to the gratitude one a few days ago (4:44 right now as I type this). I can’t embed it, but you can find the video here. Highly recommended!

Thank You!

Just a quick post to express heartfelt thanks to all my blog readers. I feel so blessed for the conversations that occur here, for all the support and friendships I’ve made in 11 years of blogging. Thank you for your presence in this world. I’ve not met most of you in person, but I feel you on the journey, lighting up our world one step at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving with Much Love and Many Blessings,


Opportunity to Reboot

Astrology mentor, permaculturist and friend Ann Kreilkamp just reminded me via email about the unusual lineup this coming Solstice (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer in the Southern Hemisphere), 12/21/18. “Sol-” “Sun” “-stice” “still” effects last three days, so the Full Moon on 12/22/18 still activates those Solstice energies. I love the numbers, too! “The 1221 meaning is to begin again and to strive forward. It represents your inspirations and initiatives” (more here) . The Full Moon date has a 222 embedded in it, reminding us to keep the faith. Don’t dig up the seeds too soon; just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean they aren’t sprouting in the soil. Soil/Soul … Sol/Soul. This is a deeply soulful and potent time. As Ann put it in this morning’s email:

Solstice with Full Moon 0° Cap/Cancer, can you believe?

Ah yes, and this year’s Winter Solstice with the Full Moon, which happens only every 19 years, on the average. Any zero degrees New or Full Moons on the Solstices or Equinoxes contacts the Aries point (0* Aries), node of brand new beginnings for the entire zodiacal cycle to come, at every level. Re-booting the human hard drive to choose peace, prosperity, and abundance, in cooperation with each other and Nature. Let’s shoot for that. Shoot for the stars.

David and I have already been sensing the reboot energy. This Friday marks two years of marriage for us. Last year at this time, David had recently quit his job in Goshen in order to seek employment in Kalamazoo. Although David’s joking texts with our friend Tim Martin revealed eerie precognition of David’s new career, on Winter Solstice 2017, we had no idea what he’d be doing. We just knew he needed to take that leap of faith.

December 16, 2017 brought the shocking, traumatic, and in retrospect, perfectly timed passing of the same friend Tim. We learned about it on 12/17/17 when Tim’s ex-wife and daughter managed to get his cell phone to call me. I posted a tribute to Tim and have referenced him on occasion. He remains “active,” still a dear and helpful friend across the veil.

Yesterday brought some synchronous repetition of memorable things I did on 12/17/17. I always find it fascinating when life cycles in obvious ways. By comparison/contrast, it provides undeniable evidence of growth and change. Instead of shock and grief, yesterday, David and I experienced multiple periods of extreme gratitude and satisfaction. This included David’s career for which he began interviews last Winter Solstice. The past twelve months brought so much healing and internal change to me. When I compare who I am now with who I was a year ago, I feel grounded, secure, clear and grateful in exponentially deeper ways.

This year, we have some quiet celebrations planned, as the cosmic alignments mirror our own feeling of reset. David tells me his word for 2019 is “Cruise,” as in “we’ve hit cruising altitude after a long ascent.” Mine is “Thrive.” In these last days of 2018, and during this powerful 0° Full Moon Solstice, I wish you clarity, peace and joy. The Wheel of the Year reminds us that all things change. Just like the Seasons of the Earth, there is life in death, and death in life. At this still point of the Sun … Peace.

Thanksgiving Blessings!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to express gratitude for all my blog readers, clients, friends and family. Thank you for all the wonder and beauty you bring to this world. Thank you for your comments, support and friendship over the months and years. I wish you each a year filled with gratitude, authenticity, playfulness and joy. Big blessings to you and yours!

High Vibe Samples and Gifts: EMF Protection, Spice Mixers, Lotus, Owl and Spring Garden Goodies

I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of samples and gifts, especially this past April. I wanted to share some of these here, because they’re great. I have no financial connection to any of these companies or items … just passing along some high vibe goodness!

EMF Protection

David from Aires Tech synchronously reached out to me just as I began writing about EMF sensitivity in my Metaphysics of Lyme Book. In 2013,
Continue reading

Celebrating 19 Years Post-TBI

Today, May 19, 2017, marks the 19th anniversary of my life altering brain injury, and I am filled with gratitude.

Without that car “accident,” I would not be where I am today, would not be offering intuitive readings, Life Coaching, or teaching Reiki. I would not have explored Tarot or past lives, painted portal doors, learned Runes, explored telepathy, or embraced the enormous volume of energy flowing over, through and around my life. I would not have encountered so many amazing beings as I dead reckoned my way home.

Contrary to what my doctors pronounced, Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!



Wishing everyone a Happy Gratitude Day! Blessings and abundance to you and yours…

Gratitude, Flow and a Water Prayer

In these days leading up to Thanksgiving, I just want to take a few moments to express gratitude for my amazing readers, clients, friends and family who engage with me in life, sessions and through this blog. I lead a truly blessed life that at the end of a back-to-back session day, I feel so privileged to know so many incredibly sensitive, powerful, magical, loving and astute people out there.

Thank you from the depths of my overflowing heart for being here now.

Thank you for showing up, and thank you for putting your own love and energy back into the world, even when — especially when — that world seems topsy turvy, scary, wild and unpredictable. And thank you for having the courage to withdraw back into your Self, to fill your own well, allowing your own healing through the waters to and from their Source.

And now, a prayer:


May we each flow with the Mighty Element of Water.

May the Undines, Mer People, Dolphins and the Swimming Ones

Join with us as we join and flow with them.


May the Mighty Element of Water protect and honor

The Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

May the Mighty Element of Water reclaim Her Sovereignty:

Never again allowing Herself to be forced into abuse.


May water cannons reverse upon those intending harm,

Blast away the corporate fascism

And generational brainwashing.


May the Mighty Element of Water cleanse all hatred, fear and greed.

May this cleansing purify and irrigate the hearts

Of any souls so parched that they only know The Wasteland.


May the Grail pour Awen upon the crowns of all involved.

May inspiration and understanding fill their eyes

Like Salmon of Wisdom leaping against the current

Into Destiny.


May the Tides of Change relieve any droughts

And nourish hill and dale, and field and tree.

May the Crystalline Grid support the rivers and streams

That lead to Great Lakes and the Pulsing Ocean.


May the Mighty Element of Water

Re-member Her Way as we ride Her Waves.

Quick Update and Reiki 2 Class Date Change

I just want to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the comments, emails, love, prayers, healing and Reiki people have sent to my dad, me, and my whole family after this morning’s announcement. Thank you, we are feeling it!

I spoke with my parents this afternoon, and they both sounded good. I told my mom I had put my dad on my own “prayer list” of all the healers and amazing souls who read this blog, and my mom said, “Well, there’s a lot of that going around right now! I’ve re-upped him on the church prayer list, and we’ve been hearing from people all day.” They’re in good hands — many hands and good hands — so thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

When my dad got on the phone, he sounded more energized than I expected, and when I told him I had added him to my Reiki-prayer list via my blog, he said, “Well! That certainly helped a lot before, so thank you and thank them.” Just knowing how many people are praying for him and sending healing also helps him have courage and peace as he faces his medical news.

Synchronicity chimed in to open up this Sunday, February 21 as a possibility for the Reiki 2 Certification Class I had originally scheduled for Saturday, February 27 in Goshen, Indiana. Since my registered students’ lives spontaneously rearranged at a time when I might need to make an earlier trip to Pennsylvania, we all felt it wise to switch the date. We do still have room in this recently announced class, which will run from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. If you’d like your Reiki 2 certification this weekend, please contact me for details.

At this point, my parents don’t think I need to make a flight before David’s and my intended road trip to PA in early March; however, I let them know that I can work from wherever, so say the word, and I’ll catch a plane. The Reiki class was the only must-do-in-person commitment I had scheduled in Goshen prior to our trip. We don’t know the timing on all of this, but both parents feel the same sense of rightness about David’s and my trip as we do. That said, I will no longer be offering an option for Reiki training during my trip to PA. We want to dedicate this trip to spending as much time with my family as possible.

Thank you again to all of you. I’m always so grateful for just how many amazing people I know around the world. I’m blessed in my daily interactions with such awake, caring, inspiring, and magical beings, but days like today remind me of just how much love I give and receive. Thanks and heartfelt blessings.