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Julian Rose ~ Save Polish Farmland from Corporate “Buy-Outs”

I received this in an email from Julian Rose, but I’m sharing it here for anyone who wants to add prayers, intentions, or direct action towards their cause. For those who don’t know, Zany Mystic describes some of Julian’s groundbreaking work in Poland:

“Julian is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, successfully banning GMOs in ‘GMO Free Zones.’

“In 2000 Julian was invited to become a co-director of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, co-launching a highly successful ‘Campaign for a GMO Free Poland’ as well as leading a high profile defense of peasant farmers whom he holds-up as the true guardians of biodiversity throughout the world. Regular listeners to BBC radio 4?s Framing To-Day will have heard Julian’s 2007 series of once monthly ‘Letters from Poland’ passionately highlighting the crisis provoked by forcing ‘corporate globalization’ onto traditional family farming communities.”

Keep in mind that GMO’s and BigAg corruption have become worldwide issues; even if you don’t live in Poland, what happens there can set precedents for elsewhere. Best to nip these poisonous blooms in the bud.

Here’s Julian Rose’s update and call for support:


Here in Poland the battle to save Polish farmland from corporate buy-outs’ continues. But that’s not all the Polish farmers are up against…See link to film below. Tractors have been blockading government institutions from 14 January…

Regulations that the Warsaw government has imposed over the years have made it virtually impossible to sell farm processed foods to local shops, schools or private individuals. The only way farmers can conform with the hygiene and sanitary regulations imposed from above, is by carrying out their simple processing tasks in specially designed and equipped buildings that none can afford to build or to adapt.. except the very large producers supplying the food industry and supermarkets. Yes, that’s right – it’s all about destroying the competition – which in this case is the small and medium sized independent family farms that produce the best foods!

There are still one and a half million such farms in Poland!

ICPPC is supporting the protesting farmers to highlight this grossly unfair treatment of all who wish to provide fine quality, flavourful and ‘real’ farmhouse-foods in their own localities.

You too can be part of this vital protest…

Join in – by sending a brief letter in support of the farmers to Prime Minister Tusk urging him to change the regulations so that family farmers can sell their products locally! And send a copy of your letter to us here at ICPPC – . Thanks!

Contact to Prime Minister:
Premier Rządu RP Donald Tusk,
Secretariat of the Prime Minister
Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, Poland
fax: +48 (22) 694 70 53

You can donate to our activities here

With greetings,
Jadwiga and Julian

Teen GMO Activist Destroys Elite Shill Who Tries to Bully Her

Thanks, Lucas!

What a beautiful, articulate, free thinking young woman. Rachel Parent rocks! It’s so refreshing to see young people who haven’t been GMO’d and brainwashed into acquiescence. The interviewer is so clearly spouting the (Monsanto) company lines, but she just demolishes his arguments, point by point, rationally, and maturely. What an advertisement for clean eating, strong research and clear thinking! I would still love to see all GMOs banned rather than simply labeled, due to the uncontrollable drift of perverted seeds, but as more and more people protest GMOs, evil corporations like Monsanto lose power.

What cracks me up is that this Kevin O’Leary identifies that “Rachel we are in a long term study. You are eating Genetically Modified Foods whether you like it or not… and we have been for decades.” He is totally fine that “we are the lab rats.” And I quote. No blinking, no inner assessment of whether or not he or others gave permission to be experimented on … For Kevin O’Leary, we all just need to accept that we’re lab rats, and we’re freaky or murderously inclined if we do otherwise. Thank God/dess we’ve got young people refusing the genetically engineered, and FD&C dyed Kool-Aid!

Natural News ~ GMO A Go Go – Truth About GMOs Explained In New Animated Cartoon [Video]

Thanks, Gillian! (Also see Gillian’s comments: “If you want to feel sick to your stomach read this article from Natural News titled GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush! Shocking photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn.”)

Unapproved Monsanto crop found growing in Oregon

I have privately been warning clients that although I had no proof of it, I felt certain some kind of genetically engineered wheat was already growing in the US. Let’s hope it’s not the one they’re trying to get into Australia — the one that just turns random genes off or on at unpredictable, unnatural times. The one that could potentially kill you at some random moment by shutting down important DNA functions or ramping up growth hormones for things like cancer. You know … that one. Perfectly safe to grow until proven otherwise according to the Monsanto Protection Act, right?

Anyway, this little tidbit on Lucas’ blog came as a strong affirmation of that icky feeling I’ve had.

Ohhh, Monsanto! You are so busted. Here’s the deal … as someone who’s actively trying to work with an incredibly wild yard to turn it into some combination of a French Garden, permaculture heaven on Earth … in the middle of a run down neighborhood, with thousands of weeds, pretty much everywhere, I’ve learned a few things:

Once I’ve identified a weed that I don’t want to eat, a weed that really doesn’t serve any cooperative purpose in this quite daunting creation process, I can spot that weed from very far away. This past winter, some weird things happened with my vision to the point that I had almost zero long distance sight for awhile. That’s no longer a problem. I can spot those unwanted, destructive weeds from a half acre away, no matter how tiny. It’s like I hone in on their energy and silhouette and boom! They are coming out by the root.

Guess what, Monsanto? You’re the invasive, unwanted (according to six continents and over two million marchers just this past weekend) weed. There are good weeds, like nettles, dandelions, burdock –weeds that boast superior nutrition and soil benefits. You’re not one of them. You’re just a mutant freakshow trying to take over our planet. Well, we’re onto you now. We can spot you from a mile away. We know your tricks, and we don’t need your crappy toxic Roundup to get rid of you. We will pull you out by the roots and destroy your sicko, life-corrupting seeds.

There are millions of us watching, pulling, yanking you out of our lives, and so help us, Gaia, we will free ourselves from you and your toxic sludge, and we will “get ourselves back to the Garden,” even if it takes every last farmer and consumer to have the vigilance to eradicate you and then plant and nurture those things that we prefer. Expect more of these revelations as more and more people develop “the eye” to weed out Monsanto and all the other GMO companies from this planet.

Here’s the article:

Don't Eat Wheat

Unapproved Monsanto crop found growing in Oregon

A genetically-modified strain of wheat that was never approved by the United States Department of Agriculture as been discovered growing in Oregon, triggering a federal probe that is now spanning several states.

Investigators with the USDA want to know why the GMO crop, made by biotech company Monsanto but never approved for use, sprouted up in a field in the Pacific Northwest.

America’s wheat trade could be jeopardized if concerns grow among foreign consumers already weary of genetically engineered and modified organisms. Several countries across the European Union have banned the cultivation of GMO crops, and last weekend anti-Monsanto demonstrations were attended by millions of protesters on six continents.

The USDA has yet to approve any GMO strain of wheat to be grown in the US, but Monsanto field tested a genetically engineered variety from 1998 through 2005 before withdrawing their application from the agency’s regulatory approval process.

The wheat, resistant to Monsanto’s patented pesticide Roundup, is one of many GMO crops in the company’s line of “Roundup Ready” products. After a farmer in Oregon noticed that wheat plants on his property were still growing despite dousing his field with the pesticide, he alerted Michael Firko, the deputy administrator of the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday.

“We are taking this very seriously,” Firko said. “We have a very active investigation going on in several states in the western US.”

According to a 2003 article in the Billings, Montana Gazette, Monsanto pledged that its GMO wheat crop resistant to strong pesticides would not be introduced commercially until proven complete safe and approved in the US, Canada and Japan.

“We have to prove the safety of the gene, the food, the animal feed and the environment. That it is as safe as unmodified varieties and (nutritionally) is substantially equivalent to commercial varieties,” Monsanto’s then director of industry affairs, Michael Doane, told the Gazette at the time.

So far, the USDA has determined that the wheat crop in question was the same variety tested by Monsanto up until eight years ago. The US Food and Drug Administration found no safety concerns with the crop after completing a test in 2004, but Monsanto suspended plans to follow through with the product the following year without receiving the USDA’s stamp of approval.

Despite growing criticism from agriculturalists, environmentalists and consumers over potential health risks, Monsanto continues to attest that GMOs could change the world’s food landscape for the better.

“There is space in the supermarket shelf for all of us,” Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant told a reporter for Bloomberg earlier this month.

USDA Acting Deputy Secretary Michael Scuse confirmed to Agri-Pulse that state agriculture directors in Oregon, Washington and Idaho are now coordinating a multi-state investigation, and foreign trade representatives in Canada, Mexico and Asia have been contacted.

“Hopefully our trading partners will be very understanding,” Scuse said, emphasizing “this is not a food or feed issue.”

Original article :

UPDATE: Check out this video from the UK showing that Kraft Mac n Cheese is labeled as containing geneticaly modified wheat, keeping in mind that GMO wheat is illegal in the US and that Kraft is a US company:

Are We Living in A Cartoon World?

UPDATE: I have been informed that the original article that spawned this one was meant as satire. Here’s my point, though: in this world you really cannot tell! Between the Monsanto Protection Act that IS real and the 82,000 trees in California to be doused with Roundup and worse that, unfortunately is also real, as well as the GMO wheat in Australia that randomly turns genes on and off without any way of predicting when or how … I still stand by this post:

Is it me, or are the insane people running insane corporations getting exponentially more insane by the moment? I know this is all part of the great unveiling — that more and more people can finally see the Shadows — but does anyone else feel like we’ve entered one of those old cartoons with the over-the-top villains? Or an Austin Powers movie with Dr. Evil? Things have become so absurd that laughter may in fact prove to be the best medicine. One recent exposure to ponder:

Monsanto’s GMO Cucumbers cause mice baldness, mice-eating feral cat baldness, and “natural” Brazilian waxes for unsuspecting men and women taste-testers.

Oh, yes, you too can experience the unpredictable wonders of non-organic cucumbers that steal your pubic hair. In all seriousness, this story reveals several important things, including that GMO effects do rise up the food chain. Farmers testing the new genetically engineered cucumbers in Canada first noticed bald mice in the fields, followed by hairless feral cats, which strongly suggests that eating an animal who consumed GMO’s will, indeed, pass effects upstream to you.

Consider that the US recently approved GM alfalfa and how that will affect non-organic cattle and cow products. Are you willing to take that risk? What happens when the GM alfalfa cross-breeds with organic alfalfa? Can you say franken-cows and franken-humans? Lovely. This is seriously why I believe we should be banning GMO’s not just fighting to label them. In Hungary, they burn GMO corn to the ground, as well they should, in order to destroy genetic perversions that could ruin our entire food chain. Soon.

Will the potential for bald private parts raise the alarm for other unexpected side effects of GMO’s? Who knows? Nova Scotia has banned the mutant cukes, and McDonald’s announced they replaced their cucumber orders with non-GMO pickled zucchini, but will the rest of the world take notice? In a country obsessed with sex, maybe the potential for obviously out of control sex organs will make people wake-up. Or, perhaps Dr. Evil and his bald cat will have the last laugh.

Jon Rappoport ~ Why didn’t the US just attack Afghanistan with Monsanto GMO’s?

One of Jon’s best, imho. He’s a modern day Jonathan Swift with his own “Modest Proposal.”

Why didn’t the US just attack Afghanistan with Monsanto GMOs?

By Jon Rappoport

May 1, 2013

It would have been so simple. Flood Afghanistan with Monsanto GMOs. Truckloads of seeds. Tanks full of Roundup herbicide. Result? Nutritionally deficient food crops, chronic disease, poisoning with Roundup. Perfect.

And we know how to do it, because we’ve been doing it to ourselves for almost 20 years. We’ve got it down.

GMO ballot labeling initiatives in Afghanistan? Are you kidding?

Plus…and this is a big winner, Monsanto scientists could have developed a GMO poppy seed. Throw those babies in the growing fields and you’d have gotten some Franken-opium variety. Wildly unpredictable effects. And sprayed with Roundup? Junkies all over the world would rather go cold turkey than shoot that stuff.

Actually, I had a comprehensive plan for closing out the war. It would have worked like a charm. Somehow, the Pentagon wasn’t interested. Now it’s just an historical oddity, a could-have-been. Some day, scholars might cite it in their assessments of US efforts in that far-flung region.

For posterity’s sake, read it. And weep, you Pentagon fools.

Pull all the troops out. Everybody knows we’d have to stay there forever. Kill Taliban, they hide, we leave, they come back. Why go up against that? Just vacate the country.

Then…put a winner of a plan into effect. Something that actually makes sense.

Start easy. From hundreds of planes, drop fast food all over Afghanistan. Burgers. Fishsticks. McMuffins. Legs, breasts, wings. It’s a good intro. Lightens everybody up a little. Two weeks of chicken done right.

Then, from those same planes—candy. Fifty thousand tons of gum drops, jelly beans, Almond Joy, Reese. Hell, Reese all by itself is unstoppable.

Sugar! You’re telling me people can resist sugar? They’ll be scooping that stuff up off the frozen ground. In high mountain areas, tribes live on lichen cooked over yak turds. All of a sudden, here come 20 colors of jelly beans out of the sky!

Give them enough sugar, and they’ll be running in circles one minute and lying back and napping the next. It’s a law of biology.

A month of heavenly candy.

Then next, a million cases of various diet sodas dumped out of our planes. Aspartame! Weird those dudes out. Three months of diet-everything. They won’t be able to find their way back to their yurts. They’ll be bumping into rocks and trees, howling at the moon.

Now comes the heavy action. Carpet bomb the whole country with little TV sets. And beam in soaps, Judge Judy, Rachel Ray, Dave and Jay, Oprah, Little House on the Prairie reruns, Law and Order, CSI, and wait for it—sports! Soccer, and, you guessed it, women’s beach volleyball! Amazons wearing almost nothing running on sand, hour after hour!

“Hey, Ahmed, it’s time for the Friday night tribe meeting.”

“Shh! Beach volleyball! Then Victoria and Billy just adopted a baby. She can’t have kids. Billy paid two million for a little girl. But it’s actually Daisy’s baby. Nobody knows it!”

The fabric of Afghan society comes apart at the seams.

US planes fly over with a few million cases of Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and Ritalin. Open the bomb-bay doors. Drop those suckers right down the slot. And tranqs! Valium! Old stocks of Librium.

On the ground, pills and capsules everywhere. You can’t walk by without picking a few up and swallowing them. It’s another law of nature.

So after a few more months, you’ve got the whole country hooked on meds. They’re weaving and wobbling and gnashing their teeth, when they aren’t completely zoned. A suicide problem begins to develop.

And finally, out of those blessed US planes comes the coup de grace. A few million computers. Wireless. Afghanistan is online, which means—that’s right—porn! Porn and gambling!

This, in a matter of, oh, six months, will totally destroy the Afghan culture, such as it is. You see, my friends, we’ve got weapons we didn’t know we had. Real weapons!

So we let all this simmer for a while. We let things take their natural course. We’re out of there. Not a single US casualty is being sustained.

And then, just to make sure we have the entire country enveloped and warped beyond repair, the CIA begins to broadcast, through all those TV sets and computers—take a deep breath—ready?—the AFGHAN HOME SHOPPING NETWORK!


Oh yes, my friends, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t bother bringing up the fact that the Afghan people don’t have money. They’ll find money! They’ll sell each other if they have to! They’ll pawn their yaks and rifles and take out second mortgages on their shacks and huts and yurts.

The Afghan Home Shopping Network won’t be denied. Shampoos, soap on a string, Kleenex, shower caps, earrings, toe rings, rugs, couches, square-dance instruction CDs, kitchen knives, scarves, fans, belts, undies, shoes, pet food, bird houses, pot holders, battery operated hair dryers, perfume, books on tape, storage containers, stockings, lipstick, eye shadow, bathrobes, self-improvement tapes, bracelets…


Absolute conquest.

And not a shot fired.

And when the population begins to develop all sorts of serious symptoms from this campaign, as they surely will, we send in the doctors and the shrinks, and they diagnose! They diagnose diseases and illnesses and disorders from here to Sunday, and they prescribe more (toxic) drugs.

It’s a party.

We do to the Afghans what has been done to us.

Because you see, that’s the pattern. We know it intimately, because we’ve bought into it ourselves.

We’re already that kind of society. Who better to impose it on another population?

And when the people of Afghanistan are softened up, poisoned, and wrecked, we bring in the US public education system and install it. That way we pick up the few remaining holdouts, the kids who have this crazy idea that they want to think for themselves, and we bury them under social programming.

We get those kids collecting aluminum cans and cheering for the 50 or 60 vaccines they’re getting pumped into their already-weakened immune systems. At age six, we teach them the 206 sexual positions described in various ancient texts. We teach them everything equals everything and they must tolerate and respect and celebrate every conceivable point of view.

It’s a blast.

We fly planes over the country dumping chemtrails, and we put fluorides into every water system, to reduce IQ, increase compliance, and promote bone loss.

Now we’re ready for major media outlets. You know, newspapers and TV news networks that do 24/7 he-said he-said and quotes from experts. Beautiful.

And then we can have free elections with candidates from the two major parties. They grin and lie and run for office and people argue and vote and it doesn’t make any difference.

The war is over, no US troops died, no bullets were fired, no bombs were dropped, and everybody’s happy—depending on your definition of happy.

Every once in a while, when the Afghan people start to come out of their trance, the CIA stages a local massacre and the media go crazy. A demand for greater surveillance is invented.

From the high mountain ranges to the lowlands, we’ve got 100 or 200 million video cameras recording everybody, all phone conversations and emails are monitored, and thousands of drones overhead blanket the country with electronic eyeballs.

The government takes away guns. US guns, black-market guns, old Soviet guns, muskets, and stingers, scooped up and shipped to drug cartels for a handsome profit.

All food crops, all trees, all bushes, all weeds, all grass in the country are GMO. The city of Kabul is renamed Monsanto.

It works, it really does.

Pacification, modern style.

Then, back here at home, the Pentagon can take those assets they no longer need for foreign wars…add them to the present considerable DHS arsenal, and deploy them on the domestic front against the restive population, when necessary.

I hereby give the Smithsonian Institute the right to publish, store, and display my Afghanistan war plan along side other military memorabilia.

Sanity deserves a place in history.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives

From now until September 22, you can watch the full length movie, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives, for free on their website. Click here to find out what the top research and FDA scientists are saying about genetically modified foods and why Prop 37 to label GMO’s is so important to human evolution. Most people have no idea what they’re eating these days, but, according to scientists and doctors, what you don’t know about your food may, in fact, be causing everything from inflammation to gut disorders, diabetes, endocrine dysfunction and a host of other newish ills.

Despite the shocking info, this movie offers tremendous hope. According to John Robbins, Best-selling author of Diet for a New America and Food Revolution, it “shines a bright light of hope that we can reclaim our health and our food systems.” When people realize what’s happening to our food supply, more and more people will demand food sovereignty. Backyard organic gardens, local and state bans against GMO’s, supporting local organic farmers, wild food foraging: all of these things help. Please share Genetic Roulette with people who “don’t buy into that whole organic scam.” With scientists instead of tree huggers giving the info, perhaps we’ll reach critical mass for securing the real food, right now.