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Starfish Symbolism – Exploring the Magick of these “Star People”

I felt called to repost this January post of Tania Marie’s in context of some other “magickal” things I’ve noticed lately. First of all, people around the country have discovered the phenomenon of “chemically nucleated snow,” which burns, turns black and smells like plastic or other chemicals. I experimented on our snow, and it melted without chemical odor, but later learned from people in Ohio, Northern Indiana and Michigan that THEIR snow turned black and stunk of chemicals!

One difference? I’ve got orgone pucks around our property, and I work daily with Nature Spirits, elementals, Runes and the Faery Realm to protect and filter our property. Then, yesterday, I felt led to repost my own earlier dream about an infinity sign of bees. A magickal, Faery Realm working beekeeper shared that HER and a neighbors’ bees are gathering nectar from some mysterious winter source. Despite the extreme cold, the queens are laying — in preparation for something. This comment preceded my stumbling upon an article about colony collapse disorder and EMF’s and pesticides killing the bees. Both of these unusual experiences reminded me of my dear friend, Tania, another one who loves the Earth and works daily with crystals, Nature Spirits and the Faery Realm. Tania lives in Southern California, where we hear so many reports of “melting starfish” from Fukushima radiation or some other unknown cause. Yet, Tania walks along the beaches and finds gorgeous, living starfish. Today, Drunvalo Melchizedek released a video about removing radiation by intention. My point in sharing these details is that negative, toxic, poisonous things can and do shift when we get in touch with larger allies, energy and power. As the Hopi say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for!” Please, find ways to empower and heal your little corner of heaven on Earth. Blessed Be!

Tania Marie

Every day of the weekend I get out in nature hiking in the mountains or hills and walking on the beach to be in the elements I love so much and to recharge. Each time is always a beautiful and invigorating experience, but yesterday had to be one of, if not the most magickal beach days yet.

The tide was out unusually farther than it has been in ages (according to the wildlife naturalist that strolls the beaches to educate, as this beach is protected as an underwater haven), which revealed a rare sighting of so many Starfish in one place in the wild that I have ever seen – had to be like a 100 or more! These particular ones we saw are “Ochre Stars” and range from orange to purple and every variation in between.

These stunning beings brought out the little girl in me that was in…

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Powerful Integration and Healing

Thanks, Lin!

I speak and write a lot about what I call “Integration Lifetimes,” and this is the most powerful meditation I have ever encountered for radical reintegration. I’ve personally got some major astrological aspects happening right now, in addition to the New Moon in Aries, the M-6 class Solar Flare and my grandmother’s transition yesterday … but wow … this was potent. I burst into tears with the first sentence and can still feel my heart cracking open even more than it already was.

If you’re the type of person who gets goosebumps as confirmation of something’s truth, you might get full body sobs on this one. Fair warning not to try this one at the office — but, please, do try it if you feel so led.

All My Relations and All My Incarnations