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Fire Cider Cold and Flu Remedy, by Rosemary Gladstar

Our friend, Martha, posted this video on Facebook and David shared it with me. It combines a lot of things I’ve learned from various people along the way, including what the herbalist I apprenticed with in Seattle called “the triumvirate of herbs: garlic, onion and ginger.”

I also made a truly yummy antibiotic this summer when I had that cracked, infected tooth: apple cider vinegar, raw honey and many, many cloves of garlic. It turned out to be a terrible remedy for an infected tooth, due to the acid-sweet combo, but it certainly clears up any cold or other illness that wants to hitch a ride. (My teeth all healed, btw, through major energetic work that blasted the lurkers in there, but that’s another story.)

In addition, we keep oil of oregano on hand for sniffing, inhaling from a pot of steam, or taking internally in the event of flu or infection. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2000. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and, as my friend Wendy says, “I don’t use my body for sickness.” 🙂

The recipe Rosemary shares takes a month to prepare; however, the garlic-honey-ACV is ready in 3 days if you want something faster. As usual, no medical advice here … just sharing for your own research and inspiration. See also this post for a more unusual way of empowering your immune system.