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Explosive Virgo Full Moon (Video)

This my YouTube channel video version of my Full Moon in Virgo post. As always, I aim to keep my videos more accessible to people who don’t understand all the astrology, while my written posts are more detailed. Happy Full Moon. This is a big one!

Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 7, 2023

My March 2023 Forecast shared:

March 7 Full Moon in Virgo at 7:40 a.m. Eastern. Less than an hour later, Saturn enters Pisces. Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon point is: “(VIRGO 17°): A VOLCANIC ERUPTION. KEYNOTE: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious. … The Keyword is EXPLOSION.” With Saturn–Lord of Karma–making a big move into the last and most spiritual sign, we might expect some kind of poetic justice. Situations left unsatisfied by legal courts may experience divine intervention. This is particularly true for anything involving fraud, deception and illusions. Details and thorough research (Virgo) also support breaking through (Moon trine Uranus) carefully crafted “spells”and cognitive dissonance (Pisces). Something major could play out between now and the April 6 Full Moon in Aries, but Saturn will demand responsibility in all Pisces areas over the next three years. (You can find more on Saturn in Pisces here.)

Of course, the elephant in the room with this Sabian Symbol is all the toxic explosions occurring around the US. Hopefully, the Full Moon in Virgo will trigger more of a metaphorical explosion, rather than a 3D one, but keep extra situational awareness between now and the April 6 Full Moon in Libra.

modified from original chart

In the chart set for Washington, D.C., expansive Jupiter tightly conjuncts the Ascendant. Whatever VOLCANIC ERUPTION occurs in the US, it will be big. With transiting Chiron less than one degree away, we’ll find healing, but probably through a healing crisis. Also in the Full Moon chart set for Washington, D.C., centaur Pholus conjuncts the Midheaven (the top and most public part of the chart). Pholus is the small thing, BIG EFFECT trigger, alerting us that even a tiny shift can cause unexpectedly massive results. The Full Moon energies continue through the next month, so it might not all occur on March 7. Pay attention to tiny details that grab your attention around this time. They could become important later.

Asteroid Lilith closely conjuncts the Full Moon in Virgo at 17°. Not to be confused with Black Moon Lilith (aka lunar apogee), asteroid Lilith symbolizes the teenage rebel. She’s a feminist and activist, protesting in the streets. Her sexuality remains untamed. If she learns to harness and transmute her rage, she’ll go far. If not, she might just “burn it all down.” The Moon’s trine to Uranus amplifies this potential for messy breakthrough. Subconscious energies erupt and demand whatever they’ve been denied ’til now. At the time of the Full Moon, transiting Mars–god of action and war–exactly conjuncts the US natal Mars for the third time since Mars entered Gemini in August 2022.

All of this occurs just two weeks before Pluto bursts into Aquarius–the sign of revolution–for the first time since 1798. Fortunately, Venus brings love to the mix as she approaches the US natal Chiron wound. Some kind of massive purge feels inevitable. If it doesn’t happen all at once, count your blessings. I know people “want it now!” but multiple eruptions are easier to integrate than a collective supervolcano blasting all to smithereens. Hopefully, Saturn in Pisces will bring at least some compassion and restraint.

The idea of divine intervention or poetic justice shows up again with the centaur Aphidas conjunct the Full Moon in Virgo. My December 7-8, 2022 Full Moon in Gemini post shared about Aphidas:

According to Zane Stein:

Ovid, writing in Metamorphosis about the chaos that occurred during the wedding of Pirithous, had this to say: “Aphidas was one of the Centaurs who attended the wedding of Pirithous, became drunk on wine and, following the lead of Eurytus, who assaulted Hippodame, began to assault and rape any women they could grab. He passed out drunk before the Centuromachy started but was seen by Pirthous who took advantage of the situation and threw a spear at him, piercing him through the neck and killing the Centaur in his sleep.”

Basically, Aphidas, exhausted from attacking and raping several women, and drunk from too much wine, passed out, and was killed in his sleep. His executioner, Pirithous, saw this as fit punishment for his crimes.

The meaning of the name Aphidas is not certain, but most likely meant, “Not sparing”, as even this centaur, fallen asleep, was not spared from death.

We’re looking at a kind of poetic, vigilante justice that transpires through chaos. Two other figures from the December 7-8 Full Moon in Gemini return–also with a conjunction this time instead of a square from Virgo. Whatever friction these characters triggered in December 2022 will now come home to roost. My Gemini Full Moon post shared about Orcus:

The Plutino … Orcus energy is somewhat similar to Pluto, another God of the Underworld. Orcus wants to go deep and challenges our integrity, especially if we have taken oaths. This could apply to the Hippocratic Oath, military and police oaths, or the political Oath of Office. Anyone involved in these areas would be wise to reread any oaths you’ve taken and honestly assess if you’re doing what you swore to do. It could also include journalistic codes of ethics. Make course corrections before Orcus forces your hand, because “just following orders” won’t cut it. As information continues to spread worldwide, things could get interesting!

The third return character is Thereus.

According to

In mythology Thereus was the bear-hunting centaur that dragged the poor creatures out of their dens, rudely carried them home very much alive and certainly with sore heads. Thereus experienced a big shift in orbit in 1924 due to [its] proximity to Saturn, Zane Stein observed at that time Lenin died, while Stalin had been waiting patiently in the wings. He called it “Lurking, then pouncing”[1].

[This lurking is] a little more subtle than utter stalking. With Thereus he is quietly observing his prey, trying to influence their thoughts, a voyeur, not physically doing anything to depose them. Thereus types wait patiently for years until they finally get their prize.

Thereus is patient, but a bit sinister, like a vulture wishing [its] dinner would just hurry up and die.

I think that means being in the right place at the right time, maybe this is someone who inadvertently benefits from the misfortunes of others. It’s not deliberate!, they just happened to be there when the lead singer fell of the stage and broke his leg, or when those plasma screens fell off the lorry… Still if you are always there.

Panning back on the world stage, we may wonder, “What’s really going on here? Are we being prepped for a big switcheroo?” We’ve certainly seen a lot of recent changes in leadership. One world leader retires and a non-elected someone immediately pops onto the stage. Think of the UK’s string of leadership changes, or Jacinda Ardern retiring in New Zealand. I expect to see more of these sudden exits with understudies waiting in the wings.

On a personal level, this “waiting in the wings” energy presents as upgrading the people in our lives. Background connections could reveal themselves in more obvious ways. The Cosmic Dealer shuffles the deck. Affirming “if not this, then something better” will help us align with and benefit from new people in our immediate surroundings. If you have a message or role in the New energies, now’s your time to step forward, as there will be a power vacuum.

Remember, Full Moon energy unfolds over the next four weeks. While we can’t predict exactly how all of these aspects will play out, we feel the rumbling. They say, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” or in this case a bunch of hot lava pulsing to explode. Liberation energies abound, but things could get messier before any real cleanup occurs. Don’t live in fear, but do practice situational awareness. Pay attention to your intuition and affirm, “I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”

May it be so!

March 2023 Forecast and First Quarter North Node Horoscopes


HUGE shifts this month! Mars leaves Gemini after seven months, and Saturn leaves Aquarius for the first time since December 2020. But the truly seismic collective shift occurs when Pluto leaves Capricorn for the first time since 2008. This move could feel chaotic at first, but it provides a hint of revolutionary things to come. Pluto only remains in Aquarius until June 11, 2023, when he’ll retrograde back to Capricorn until January 2024.

Shorter cycled planets also change signs, and the New Moon in Aries occurs in the first degree of the first sign. Talk about fresh energy! Amidst all the newness, Jupiter–the great benefic–conjuncts Venus on March 2, Chiron on the 12th, and Mercury on the 28th, all in Aries, the sign of personal autonomy and the self. Jupiter brings optimism, generosity and a huge capacity for faith. Three Jupiter conjunctions in a month of big shifts bode well for our ability to embrace big change.

I have a new YouTube channel with videos explaining some of these transits in greater depth. You can find that channel here, and I linked to relevant videos in the descriptions below.

March 1-2 Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries. March begins with Big Love! An optimistic time for romance, finances and self-confidence.

March 2 Mercury enters Pisces. Communication turns nebulous. Mercury is considered “debilitated” in Pisces, meaning this sign can garble the sharpness and clarity that Mercury prefers. You can use this time between now and March 19th to enhance a meditation practice and find extra inspiration for art, song and poetry. Visions come through, but they might not be literal. This is an excellent time to write fantasy or to use your imagination to create a more beautiful world.

March 7 Full Moon in Virgo at 7:40 a.m. Eastern. Less than an hour later, Saturn enters Pisces. Dane Rudhyar’s Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon point is:”(VIRGO 17°): A VOLCANIC ERUPTION. KEYNOTE: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious. … The Keyword is EXPLOSION.” With Saturn–Lord of Karma–making a big move into the last and most spiritual sign, we might expect some kind of poetic justice. Situations left unsatisfied by legal courts may experience divine intervention. This is particularly true for anything involving fraud, deception and illusions. Details and thorough research (Virgo) also support breaking through (Moon trine Uranus) carefully crafted “spells”and cognitive dissonance (Pisces). Something major could play out between now and the April 6 Full Moon in Aries, but Saturn will demand responsibility in all Pisces areas for the next three years. (You can find more on Saturn in Pisces here.)

March 11-12 Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries. Healing is on the itinerary today–big healing. It’s easier to feel hope with Jupiter involved. If you’ve felt discouraged on the healing journey, this transit reminds you to look at a bigger picture. Situate your individual challenges into a larger framework. Who or what inspires you to keep forging ahead? Jupiter only conjuncts Chiron in Aries once every 50 years, so this is a big opportunity, especially if you have natal Chiron in Aries.

March 16 Venus enters Taurus. The Love Goddess returns to her home sign, bringing extra sensuality, beauty and a clear sense of traditional values. Good food, good friends, and good scenery take center stage. If you’ve struggles with finances, this next three weeks could bring relationships that assist your bottom line. Watch for opportunities, and be sure to express your gratitude.

March 19 Mercury enters Aries. Life speeds up with the Messenger in the first sign of the zodiac. This is an extra mental place for Mercury. Affirmations for courage work well at this time. Leaders with great oratory skills come to the forefront. The ever shortening collective attention span gets even shorter for the next few weeks. If you feel scattered, keep a notepad of ideas. Mercury in Taurus will help ground those thoughts into reality. For now, enjoy the brainstorming and mental clarity after Mercury’s time in dreamy Pisces.

March 20 Sun enters Aries. Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Venus conjuncts the True North Node today. This meeting occurs in her home sign of Taurus, giving Venus even more strength and grace than usual. Fresh, new energy infuses the world, especially in areas of love, money, self-esteem, physicality and the arts. In addition to Venus, Juno (the wife of the zodiac) also conjuncts the North Node, bringing extra emphasis to destiny level romantic relationships and marriage.

March 21 New Moon in Aries at 1:23 p.m. Eastern US time. This New Moon occurs in the very first degree of the first sign of the zodiac. It marks a true reset for the entire world. The 1:23 timestamp gives those in the Eastern US timezone an extra blast of “Go Time!”

March 23 Pluto enters Aquarius. “Power to The People.” This is the biggest shift this month, and the biggest shift this year. Pluto will only remain in Aquarius until June 11, 2023 before retrograding back to Capricorn until January 2024, but this gives us an important preview of those energies. If you feel empowered, regenerated and excited by this transit, embrace those changes. Lean into them. If you feel the Pluto tsunami of destruction looming or actively crashing, use this time to address areas that you already know need to change. Pluto will empower such changes if you go with the flow. If you try to resist necessary changes, Pluto will eventually win. You can save a lot of time, energy and trauma by upgrading instead of clinging to that which no longer serves. Beware of attempts to control the masses through technology. The dark side of Pluto in Aquarius involves things like digital IDs, CBDC, nanobots, and neuro implants. The positive side of Pluto in Aquarius brings innovations that truly serve and empower all of humanity, not just self appointed “elites” and “experts.” (I created a video about Pluto in Aquarius. You can find that here.)

March 25 Mars enters Cancer. Emotions drive action. After seven months in mental Gemini, the God of Action, War and Passion enters this watery sign ruled by the Moon. We discover how we feel about all the changes initiated earlier this month. We also bring the information revealed with Mars in Gemini into our emotional space. The pace slows as we integrate things in our own lives, homes and families. (I created a video about Mars in Cancer. You can find that here.)

March 28 Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Aries. Big words, big ideas and expansive understanding mark this date with new energy. A powerful day for positive affirmations. Beware of boasting and gloating. Big truths could also come to light, but take it easy on the “I told you so’s.” It’s enough to have people finally “get” it. A new philosophy of life starts to emerge.

How March’s sky weather affects you will vary, depending on your entire natal chart, but your North Node Horoscope transcends monthly sky events. That’s because your North Node reveals what your soul came here to do. By midlife, the soul starts longing and pressing us to live our true purpose. At first, it whispers through intuition. Then it knocks a little louder through “coincidences” and external events. When not heard and honored, the soul’s longing can show up as health crises, marriage or work issues, or wondering “is this all there is?” If you feel a need to reinvent yourself, following North Node guidance helps you do that authentically — for you.

Unlike generic Sun Sign horoscopes, which ignore so many other aspects, following North Node guidance will always lead you in the right direction. Doors open, healing happens, relationships improve, and life gets more magical. This quarterly column will help you tap into your personal North Node Mojo. When you start living your North Node purpose, we all win, because you not only begin to light up your own life. You light up the world.     

You can find your North Node sign here which is often different than your Sun sign. If you’re right on the cusp, consider both possibilities or book a reading for more clarity.


ARIES NORTH NODE: First Quarter 2023 is good to Aries North Node natives! In January both Venus and Mars make supportive sextiles to Aries. Explore your passions and take action, especially from January 12 onward. Expansive, optimistic Jupiter–the Great Benefic–moves through Aries for this entire quarter. In March, Jupiter conjuncts Venus, Chiron and Mercury in Aries, adding blessings in relationships, healing, communication and big picture goals. Some of this quarter involves careful planning for your next twelve-year cycle. Dream big and have courage to make bold moves when opportunities arise. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open for miracles. Forge ahead. This is not an ordinary quarter.

TAURUS NORTH NODE: Continue to focus on liberation, as Uranus and the North Node make their way through Taurus. On March 16, Venus enters her home sign, bringing extra blessings, beauty and self esteem. You’ll experience productive friction from planets squaring your nodal axis from Aquarius. Challenges do not mean you’re off path. They nudge you to course correct in order to experience new levels of abundance and security. Taurus prefers not to change, but your sign continues to receive activations that demand adjustment. PTSD from Scorpio South Node memories could trigger fight or flight. If so, pause. Breathe deeply, step back from the situation and ask, “How am I already on higher ground?” Instead of telling everyone your answers, let these marinate and percolate behind the scenes. Once affirmations become habits, you can safely reveal your shifts even if others disapprove.

GEMINI NORTH NODE: As we move through Aquarius Season, any planet from Aquarius offers a supportive trine to Gemini. Anything from Aries offers a supportive (but more subtle) sextile to Gemini. This means Gemini North Node natives will also benefit from Jupiter moving through Aries until May 17. You’ll receive empowering, expansive energy for relationships, healing, and communication. If you’ve felt stuck, things should shift once Mars stations Direct in Gemini on January 12. From then through March 23, the God of Action and Willpower supercharges your sign. On March 25, Pluto begins to trine Gemini from Aquarius. Open your mind to possibilities of sudden action after a long pause. This quarter has an “awakening from the nightmare” feel to it, as well as rewards for patience and hard work. Saturn’s move into Pisces urges you to find a new spiritual foundation and structure for your life.

CANCER NORTH NODE: The January 6th Full Moon highlights your North Node sign, bringing a powerful reset to 2023. Whether through ritual or a quiet moonlit walk, really use this date to tune into your highest potential. The Moon rules Cancer, and this is one of the most powerful Full Moon’s all year. This quarter brings lovely energy from fellow Water sign Pisces, starting with Venus on January 26. The Sun follows in mid-February, with Mercury and Saturn joining in March. These soft trines to your North Node offer a chance to upgrade relationships, commitments and your all important home base. Mars enters your sign on March 25, activating destiny level change. With the God of Action moving through your sign, you’ll feel more energized and able to utilize emotions as fuel. After the slog of the last few years, First Quarter 2023 offers a chance to ground and revitalize yourself in something new.

LEO NORTH NODE: Aquarius Season urges retrospection and release for Leo North Node natives. Your Aquarius South Node gets a workout, especially in January. If old relationships, patterns or issues arise, recognize these as the completion of a cycle. You’re not backsliding. The Universe just wants to know, “Are you sure you want to leave all this behind?!” If “this” involves codependency, peer pressure and being a wallflower, then your soul says, “Yes! I’m ready to move beyond the old restrictions.” Cosmic Taskmaster Saturn has made his way through Aquarius since December 2020. That changes on March 7 when Saturn enters Pisces. You can sigh with relief having made it through another 28-year long sorting process. When deciding what stays or goes, pay attention to whatever makes your heart sing. Fame and fortune want to find you. The secret is dropping into your heart instead of your head. You matter.

VIRGO NORTH NODE: Pisces Season triggers your South Node, bringing old addictions, illusions and delusions home to roost. You might want to zone out, but discipline will serve you well. The March 7 Full Moon in Virgo offers a chance to get back on track if your New Year’s Resolutions petered out. That same day, Saturn enters your South Node sign. If you haven’t released that which no longer serves, Saturn will make his list, check it ten times and make sure you have a copy. Resisting this process slows your momentum. Embracing the need to create new habits brings balance and meaning to your life. Things that seem far away just need you to show up. Take a single step, and then another. Calendars, lists, and habits take you further than you can imagine. Yes, you’re a powerful daydreamer, but your soul wants you to be here now. Take those visions and give them tangible form. You have so much to offer this world!

LIBRA NORTH NODE: A feeling of destiny pervades this quarter. Anything in Aquarius or Gemini supports your nodal axis–helping you to release old patterns and step into why you came here. When Mars stations Direct in Gemini on January 12 and Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, fellow Air Sign Libra gets a cosmic “go ahead.” These changing times offer great opportunities, but Libra North Node natives need to consider others, as well as their own needs. Take time to assess situations before charging full speed ahead. Jupiter moves through your South Node sign for this entire quarter. He’s big and bold, but his presence could also attract old things you’re meant to move beyond. If something seems too tempting or too good to be true, ask yourself, “Is this a test?” Pay attention to your first thought, and also discuss options with loved ones before making irrevocable decisions. It’s not all about you!

SCORPIO NORTH NODE: Anything in Aquarius squares/challenges your nodal axis, while anything moving through Pisces offers support. In other words, First Quarter 2023 is a mixed bag for Scorpio North Node natives. Overall, the energy says, “Go with the flow.” Dreams, love, mystical moments and a return to innocence. Your Taurus South Node wants to prepare for all “real world” contingencies, but your true preparedness occurs on the emotional level. Cultivate kindness to yourself, especially when dealing with feelings of shame, vulnerability and inadequacy. You don’t need to hold it all together. Change benefits your sign in major ways. You might go kicking and screaming to that change, but you don’t need to resist. If you wait for it in a calm, loving way, you’re more likely to “pull a phoenix” and rise from your own perceived ashes. Pay attention to your intuition, which guides you well. This could be a good time–as long as you make peace with change.

SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Mars travels through almost all of Gemini during First Quarter 2023. Your South Node sign gets activated, and this could bring old relationships, opportunities and patterns back into your life. Some of these events could bring blessings, so don’t dismiss them outright. Do tap into your intuition and trust your gut. You have a strong sense of what does and doesn’t work for you. Pay attention and act accordingly. Aquarius Season treats you well with supportive sextiles as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn move through that sign. You can dramatically improve your relationships during this time. Anything in Pisces squares your nodal axis, so pay attention to friction that arises from late January through Equinox. Challenges and irritation can lead to good things. If you run into closed doors, take a step back and search for other, more appropriate doors. Your Guardian Angels want to assist. “If not this, then something better” is extra true for you this quarter.

CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: This is an active and surprisingly intense quarter for Capricorn North Node natives. The January 6 Full Moon in Cancer encourages you to take the best of the old and refashion it into something more on path for you. Commit to living your full potential. Mars in Gemini quincunxes Capricorn throughout this quarter, and this aspect brings a nagging, creative, highly charged feeling. The quincunx aspect is fleeting, but if you feel it, pay attention! You’ll find opportunities to renegotiate tricky issues. This redo/review energy gets amplified by Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn until January 18. The Messenger remains in Capricorn until February 11, bringing extra insights about your life path. The big news for you is that on March 23, Pluto leaves your North Node sign for the first time since 2008. Pluto’s a heavyweight, and Cappy’s have felt his death and rebirth energy more than most. He’ll return to Capricorn in June, but this shift in March feels celebratory.

AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: It’s your quarter! The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn move through Aquarius this quarter, activating your North Node in a variety of ways. Pay attention to events that feel uncanny and orchestrated. They probably are. Destiny level shifts are on offer, and you’d be wise to take them. On March 23, 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time since 1797. He’ll return to Capricorn in June and won’t re-enter Aquarius until January 2024. Except for retrogrades and previews, Pluto will remain in Aquarius until 2044. This initial breakthrough on March 23 could rock your world. Or not. It depends on the exact degree of your North Node, but the sudden shift of this heavyweight into Aquarius affects your sign more than most. Identify areas of life that feel expansive, liberating and revolutionary, and release whatever stands in the way of that. Pluto promises rebirth and renewal, too. Anything not on path for you goes bye-bye. Let it go. Alchemy awaits.

PISCES NORTH NODE: Hello, Dreamer, it’s your Season! From late January through Equinox, your North Node receives mystical inspiration, creativity and romance. Mars moving through Gemini squares your nodal axis, and this friction can slow things down. Don’t despair, action will happen. Think of two sticks rubbing together to create a fire. It’s slower than a lighter, but, yes, fire appears. Allow yourself to daydream and know that “delay leads to delight.” Practical solutions to problems arrive by dreams, synchronicity, and intuition. These will work better for you than logic. When faced with an either/or decision, go with the pie in the sky. You’ll still need to show up. Sometimes you need to fill out forms, take supplements, exercise and meditate, but do these in service of something larger and more mysterious. The Great Mystery surrounds and moves through you. That will lead you where you need to go. Saturn travels Pisces from March 7, 2023-February 2026. He’ll make sure you do your inner work and commit to growth.