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Indigenous People’s Day Announcement

Email subscribers received what turned out to be a premature announcement yesterday. My apologies! I misunderstood Mia Feroleto’s suggestion that I might want to blog about the Barre Museum agreeing to repatriate remains and artifacts from the Wounded Knee massacre.

On Indigenous People’s Day, I just virtually attended the press conference and will provide a detailed account — but not today. As hinted at yesterday, this morning at 10:10 on 10/10 I had my own private “ceremony,” which dreams, synchronicities and then the actual event itself revealed as directly connected to all of this. Such details will remain private, but they’re the reason I’m not posting an immediate and thorough recap. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has prayed, sent Reiki, ceremony and intentions to begin righting a terrible wrong in US history. Thanks again to Mia Feroleto for acting as a go between for the tribes and the Board of the Barre Museum. This repatriation process remains in process, so please continue the prayers and energetic support. Key dates include November 5, 2022 and December 22-29, 2022. I will share more details at a later time.

It was an honor to attend this announcement, and I was happy to see the apparent good will among all parties. As I said in yesterday’s now deleted post, “It’s difficult to overstate the importance of this repatriation. That it comes right after a Full Moon that sits between transiting Chiron and the US natal Chiron seems significant, too.” I’m sure everyone could sense powerful healing on multiple levels.

Full Moon in Aries ~ October 9, 2022

My October 2022 Forecast shares:

October 9 Full Moon in Aries, 4:55 p.m. Eastern US time. The Full Moon conjuncts Chiron, alerting us to a need for healing. The Sabian Symbol for this “Blood Moon” is: (ARIES 17°): TWO DIGNIFIED SPINSTERS SITTING IN SILENCE. The symbol encourages us to pull inside ourselves, yet paradoxically to do so together. We must tend to our own inner landscape, but group meditations and prayer bring powerful results. Consider sitting in silence with one or more people, and holding an intention for love and healing. Nature and animal friends count, too! If you don’t have a person to meditate with, expand your idea of solidarity. Heads up: this Full Moon conjuncts the start-of-Watergate Chiron and sits between the US natal Chiron and transiting Chiron. An extremely challenging and painful time for the United States.

The Full Moon also occurs in context of Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn, as noted in that same October 2022 Forecast:

October 8 Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. After a deep dive since April 29, Lord of the Underworld prepares to resurface. All those hidden things you thought would never see the light of day? Pluto drags ’em up when he’s good and ready. Nobody pushes Pluto around. Resistance is futile. Try to suppress that force, and you’ll find death, destruction and devastation like you never imagined. Work with Pluto, and he brings healing, rebirth and regeneration beyond your wildest dreams. Ignore him at your peril. If you’ve ever wanted to clean house, do so now. You have support.

Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto and supports revelations from the deep. With asteroid Psyche conjunct the Libra Sun point, we can expect light to shine on our own subconscious and soul longings. We may feel a profound connection to others at this time, or we might find relationships support us in dealing with a Shadow brought to light.

In addition to Psyche, the Sun point also conjuncts asteroid Burney, which emphasizes “analogy between a very personal approach and its link at the collective level.” As Within, So Without. Even more so than usual, our own personal process influences the collective. Venus is just a little behind Burney, bringing love, grace, beauty and self-esteem into the mix. How do our personal values influence cultural values?

Any Full or New Moon on the Aries/Libra axis forces us to negotiate between individual will and a need for harmony with others. The Sabian Symbol of TWO DIGNIFIED SPINSTERS SITTING IN SILENCE evokes a partnership of crones. The old, wise women who’ve never married join together with an unspoken goal. Perhaps the Full Moon will reveal and clarify deep, subconscious, psychic forces influencing goals beyond our mental comprehension. Aries is the sign of war. Let’s remember to deal with our own Shadow, so that we can bring more love into the equation.

Behind all these aspects, the Saturn-Square-Uranus energy continues to run. 2021 featured three exact squares, and early October gives a final square by degree. Although the exactitude wanes, this friction colors all of October, including the Full Moon in Aries. My October 2022 Forecast shared:

October 3-6 Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Although this square goes exact by degree and not to the minute, we will feel it! Saturn-Square-Uranus energy colored all of 2021 with its controversial mandates and protests. Questions of top down authority vs. individual rights re-surge. Food scarcity vs. food sovereignty, electricity, Big Tech, financial systems, transhumanism, and censorship also rise as key topics. Frustration peaks. So do demands for creative solutions. In order to benefit from this friction, look for nuances, irony and opportunity. You cannot comply yourself out of tyranny, but revolution with no plan breeds anarchy, which then breeds another form of tyranny. Aim for evolution, beyond mere revolution.

Pay attention to insights that arise around October 9, 2022. The idea of “As Within, So Without” reminds us that finding a new balance between our personal needs and our relationships can and does affect the collective experience. No, we can’t directly control the macro, but yes, we are each a microcosm of the whole. This is one of the most powerful Full Moons for shared prayer and group meditations. Beyond the chaos exists a beautiful, healed, and peaceful New Earth. We can find this frequency deep within ourselves and in solidarity with others who tap into that energy.

Viva la love-o-lution!