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Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for April 2015

We’ve got quite a lineup this month, and Flash also gives some perspective on the fiery month we just passed. I can echo her comments about things polarizing. I’ve been hearing from clients and noticing in my own and David’s life this curious split between sometimes incredibly difficult challenges in the physical realm co-existing with synchronous breakthroughs and unexpected opportunities bursting through the chaos. For many people, March was a rough ride. The energy shifts triggered on the New Moon-Solar Eclipse-Equinox powerhouse date can be refined and focused upon during tomorrow’s (April 4) Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse. Choose wisely, choose well, and may you find and cultivate the beauty and liberation available in each moment. Thanks, Flash!

Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for April 2015


April moves into our focus on the first and most of us are not feeling too foolish. The harsh and hot Aries energy of March may have singed and over- amped our nervous systems as Mars and Uranus conjoined each other through the last half of the month.Following up with a Solar Eclipse in the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac has given us all inner and outer shocks which have also been mirrored by the weather,seismic and political events. The electro- magnetic field of the Earth is also being very shaken and stirred which can also carry the same results as these transits.

With all that chaos seemingly behind us,April begins with a Grand Trine in Earth signs consisting of the Moon in Virgo,Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. One might think that we could be in for a more peaceful and grounded time however with a Total Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon in Libra on the 4th we are likely to feel more intensity as these eclipses tend to turn up the emotional volume. We are going through a profound time of clearing and it is wise to take the opportunity to cleanse the shadowy parts of ourselves that lie hidden. It is simply not to our advantage to drag our baggage along with us repeating destructive patterns that may have not even been useful in our childhood! The Aries/Libra polarity requires that a balance between self and other be manifest with the Arian tendency towards self absorption toned down with Libra’s need for equality and cooperation. On the other side of that coin, Libra’s tendency to subordinate in favor of peace at any price or to people please requires blending as well. This is also a time when we feel fueled by our personal creativity and it is also a fine thing to find ways to share that light with others to create an even finer song or artistic expression.


With so many planets in Aries last month aggressive energy was really peaking on all levels and when such energies manifest globally it takes a while for countries and attitudes to reach a more peaceful place so we will still be working through some of that til the middle of the month as we will be experiencing one more explosive transit on the 5th as the Sun squares Pluto and then conjoins Uranus on the 6th and finally Mercury squares Pluto on the 8th.


It is little wonder that we have had such crazy manifestations socially and politically for the last month or so but the good news is that the energies are seeming to really polarize. On the one hand there appears to be much more violence and confrontation yet some of the these confrontations are leading to much better rulings against discrimination. Its like much of the shadowy nastiness that had been driven underground has flared up and has forced some issues such as the religious laws in Indiana and what almost happened in Arkansas.


The really good news is that we are shifting much more into a 5th Dimensional Reality, meaning that many more of us are anchoring our thought processes and energies in the world of the miraculous. I can’t say often enough to be mindful of your thought processes as our ability to manifest our thoughts has reached an all time high. When you consider the empowerment that it places in our hands it is awe inspiring but with that power comes deep responsibility. I really love the true meaning of that word too as it means the ability to respond!


If you have chosen to be on a pathway towards liberation which hopefully most of you are, we are being held to a higher standard of behavior as we hit these pockets of time and opening energetic portals. Externally we are seeing all kinds of drama and truly life on this planet looks bleaker and bleaker if we view circumstances from a purely 3 Dimensional reality. On the positive side of things all is really not as it seems and the strong Neptunian energy brought forth by both Neptune and Chiron in the sign of Pisces can drape reality in fog, mystery and deep spirituality. The dark side of Neptune is also present now as we can feel as if we are drowning in deception,chemicals and all kinds of toxicity. Being a double Pisces myself, I have been experiencing all of the Neptunian energies.

To the uninitiated, transits from Neptune can feel like you are being dissolved wherever those wondrous waves break in your chart and can indicate a time of great confusion if you try to solve problems with totally material plane solutions however if you dive deep into the cosmic waters and get to the heart of the matter you may be capable of transmuting long stuck behaviors that have eluded you for many years.



Since 2012 we have been pummelled by the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto,all with their pathways for liberation and transformation. Uranuis can be the quick change trickster of the bunch picking you up suddenly and plunking you down in a whole other reality,Neptune’s shift is in some ways more gentle and rolling but can still have the power of a Tidal Wave to shift your consciousness in a deluge. Pluto likes to cut to the chase and dive down deep to the root of the matter, no band aid cures for little Pluto and does this planet have the potency and shelf life to make sure that the changes made are complete and total! What a sacred trio of changers fo bring about Revolution/Evolution. I bet most of you can look at your lives over the last 2 years and already see the profound changes that have radically altered life as you know it. This is exactly what is supposed to be happening for us.Very important to remember that no matter how difficult the mainstream world appears to be there is a vast amount of misinformation being given and a culture of fear and scarcity that is being manufactured for mass consumption to keep us in line.Yes we have real physical problems and severe challenges from climate change but solutions are within reach if the powers that shouldn’t be would cash in their greed and dominance in exchange for a healing planet with good food, fresh air and water. How simple!

Many interesting transits are coming up as we move further into the month of April. Mars left warlike Aries on April 1 shifting into Taurus. This will be forcing that fiery planet to embody its energy in a more earthly manner. Also interesting that a whole series of earthquakes rocked the world on that very day as the fire of Mars met the earth of Taurus. Over all though I feel like Mars in Taurus will start to reduce some of the global violence and constant aggression that Mars in its own sign favored. Essentially we will all need to move more slowly and carefully as the pace of Taurus is built for comfort not for speed and favors quality over quantity. Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus and we could sure use a whole lot more of Her Love energy flowing everywhere.


On April 9 Jupiter the planet of expansion will go direct so economics should improve quite a bit and projects that have been simmering on the back burner will be ready to come to a brisk boil if you give them some good energy.With the overall energetic theme showing us that we can more easily manifest that which we think about this forward moving Jupiter should enhance this process in a big way.

April 11 sensuous Venus in Taurus slides into mental chatty Venus in Gemini which should create more opportunities for easy communication in our relationships. Of course with airy Gemini you can experience many thoughts and differing points of view all in the same day so don’t get too attached to any one answer.Venus will oppose Saturn on the 15th bringing with it issues of commitment and focus.

April 16 Pluto stations retrograde which should create a focus on the deep cleansing that we have undertaken for the last year or so which will remove all that has been lurking in the shadows needing healing.This should really clarify places where we can make more profound life changes.Your own integrity is extremely important and you will surely need to be good to your word so that you can honor your own power. Also key to become aware of how and when you give away your power. The key is not power over but shared power. Winning does not make you a winner but rather puts you on that hamster wheel of no win power over and under. Sadly too many relationships break under the strain of power struggles but if better understood and willingness on both sides deep healing and sharing is quite possible.

On April 17 Mars will square Jupiter making us feel like we have energy to burn. This can be fine if you remember not to do anything to excess because you will surely feel drawn towards over doing. If you need a lot of energy for some project that can be good as long as you remember that you are a human being with limited physical resources.
April 18 ushers in an Aries New Moon encouraging more new beginnings. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The concept of One, the beginning and the connection of being at One by replacing the solitary”me against the world paradigm” which is such a cornerstone and support for the Patriarchal mindset with a We Are All One
way of viewing the world.This is not antithetical to being independent or seeking diversity but rather a feeling of connection with all life which engenders a commitment to the planet and all of its beings. The last New Moon was in the last degree of Pisces and this one is on the last degree of Aries.
Very important to become your first authority, to listen to that inner voice that never misleads you.Hopefully this is a well established habit but if it is not this is a good time to start. If you need to test yourself start keeping note of your successes as you follow your own lead. This does not mean never get good advice from someone who has proven to be honorable but personal integrity and trust is very important now and primarily trusting you. If you trust you then you will know who else to trust.
Mars and Mercury in Taurus will conjoin on April 22 and 23 bringing out the passion and stubborn nature of both. This would be a really good time to avoid trying to have a successful communication and problem solving session as no one is likely to give an inch.
Not too much happening til April 30th which is May Eve and an important pagan holiday also referred to as Beltane.This is a Fire Festival and a time of Passion and Renewal.
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Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for October 2014

By Flash Silvermoon  

Fasten your seat belts folks because this month of October has all the bells and whistles that can really make life interesting if not challenging! I know that the last 3 months have not exactly been a piece of cake for anybody so cut a piece of whatever cake makes you feel good, be it gluten or sugar free or a thick piece of rich dark chocolate. Now take some good bites and read on. Chocolate always makes the news feel better. Last month I spoke of massive saber rattling and the rising of the women and I do believe that we saw both manifest in a big way. This month both of those energies will be even stronger.

Have you noticed that THE CONVERSATION has been about Domestic Violence and violence against women? From the NFL to Washington to Hollyweird and a new group made up of many powerful women called “Why I stayed!” So often women get blamed and persecuted by others for not jumping right out of an abusive relationship when most often they do not have the where with all to support themselves and kids immediately. The Why I stayed women are suggesting that one should get a plan together and put some $$ aside so that they can make a well thought out escape unless of course there is extreme and immediate danger.

Astrologically things will really be heating up even more for women’s rights and rebellion. More about that as we approach the Full Moon in Aries on the 8th. Before we go there, Oct 4 Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra til Oct 25. I have spoken on many occasions about the challenges present during Merc retro cycles. Clearly no one can afford to stop everything for 3 weeks nor should we. However, we should be extra mindful during this time about our communications and try not to begin or sign anything binding or permanent til after the retrograde. This is a great time for good prep so that when Mercury goes direct your projects and ideas are ready to fly. Sometimes this retrograde can bring old loves or other relationships back from the past. Just be sure that old problems are corrected before diving back in all the way. I encourage everyone to NOT make a defining decision about a relationship of any kind during the retrograde as you may have to  re decide a couple of times before you are done. Mercury retrograding through the Venus-ruled sign of Libra will put even more emphasis on relationship during this month.
Some of the good news,things that you may have lost can sometimes return from the black hole where they have been hiding. Important projects that have been left unfinished can be completed now and that can be very empowering and satisfying.  Because retrograde means that the energy must move backwards before it can go forward, everything slows down a bit and I for one do not mind slowing down the War Machine for a bit more diplomacy or other less violent solutions.
With both Chiron, the planet of the Wounded Healer and Neptune all in the Neptune- ruled sign of Pisces, we are dealing with many challenges with water from flooding again, torrential rain and residual oil and toxic chemical leaks. Besides the water, Neptune energy rules toxins and disease as well as deception. Clearly we are dealing with some possible diseases spreading and the possibility of a disease spreading. Do we know for sure? Who do we trust when the story keeps changing as to just how dangerous or real the Ebola threat is. Once again we are dealing with a time when we must trust our own inner compass our own third eyes to know what the truth is. Are we still dealing with Weather Wars even though HAARP has been dismantled? Who is Isol? More questions than real answers I am afraid so just don’t drink the fear laced Kool-Aid to keep your stress level manageable and occasionally a NEWS FAST to just keep it real and peaceful. We are living in times when our own psychic abilities are getting stronger and are much needed. Use these eclipses to help turn on that Light to see the truth in all its brilliance.

October 8 will be Full Moon in Aries with a total Lunar Eclipse! Yes this will be a very powerful time and all Full Moons tend to bring the energies to a head. This lunation will certainly do this as not only will it be a Full Moon in Aries which was referred by the Ancients as the Blood Moon, but the Moon will be conjoined with the planet Uranus.Uranus always brings a lot of surprises to the party too so in some ways the energy will feel very unpredictable. The intensity of this time may show itself by more volcanic and tectonic eruptions. Where there is imbalance we will see the most difficulty.
I learned a lot about the energies at play for this particular moon listening to the late great Marion Weinstein who used to have a wonderful show on WBAI FM in NYC called Marion’s Cauldron. She explained how this moon can arouse some of the most violent energy for the entire year. This makes sense as Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, considered the planet of war. Marion also shared that this was an ancient time of animal sacrifices in some cultures.  It is best be very careful of our animals during this moon, keeping them indoors at night and making sure that their potential aggression is well managed. [See my posts below Astroflash re.Gem Elixirs, Flower Essences and Healing Stones to help you and your animals get through challenging times more easily.]

I have also lived through a few harrowing events during this particular Full Moon that keep me very mindful about where I go and how I care for my animals. The police even concur that this and the Scorpio Full Moons are marked by more crimes of violence so………. not to try to frighten but rather to arm you with information so that you may be more aware and cautious.
Seeing how full moons bring  things to a boiling point, perhaps some of the violent criminals that have been at large will be caught. There is much more to say about this most prominent full moon. There are many planetary players interacting during this time, The Aries Full Moon is conjoined by Uranus and the South Node and they are all opposing the Sun,Venus and North Node in Libra with a wide square to Pluto! In plain English the world will be in a  pressure cooker. This can surely be a time of life altering changes for the good because Venus really has her loving arms wrapped around this potentially volatile energy. Because of the Mercury retrograde the warlike tendencies of Aries could be softened or at least postponed. The South Node in Aries will provide us with the courage and drive to release old patterns and the North Node in Libra will help us more creatively meet our aspirations with love and kindness. This needn’t be an either or proposition but rather a both and solution. We are to be integrating the energies of Aries and Libra internally and externally to achieve a greater balance particularly in relationship.
Women everywhere have been rising up in large numbers in all walks of life like never before and this is showing up boldly on much of mainstream culture from Talk Show hosts, famous actresses, singers such as Carole King and so many more coming out as survivors of domestic violence. Even stick waving sisterhoods in India are taking their lives and safety from rape into their own hands! For those of us like myself who are long time feminists, lesbians and woman identified this rising of the women brings pride and joy to my heart. Yes, finally and we are not going to take it anymore as a class. Violence against women effects every socioeconomic group,every race color and every religion and we are experiencing a huge Wake Up Call. The energy of this full moon connecting with Uranus and Pluto can actually inspire and conspire all of us to break free from the Patriarchal paradigm which is not great for anyone or anything and is bringing the whole planet to the brink of catastrophe. Patriarchy does not serve good men, the animals or the planet so this is not just some feminist rhetoric and the astrological aspects are giving us all the energy and impetus to elevate the Sacred Feminine and make this change! I do not see violence against men as a solution either long term as we all need a break from the violence laden Patriarchal model. That being said, when women as a class rise up against oppression, it is a great thing and a path of liberation.
Venus at the same time is in a tight square with Pluto and squares indicate conflict and a potential turning point so we are right on time to manifest Woman Power, not power over but shared power. We must endeavor to manifest this paradigm shift in all of our relationships too.
Eclipses offer us exceedingly potent energies. They can tend to erase and or highlight any point in the horoscope that they conjoin so if you have personal planets in any of the Cardinal signs, Aries,Cancer, Libra and Capricorn at around 14 degrees, this transit will effect you most profoundly. I have also noticed that both Gulf Wars began and ended on eclipses. All this being said, be mindful and let us all keep positive vision about our future and especially for this Full Moon in Aries, Practice nonviolence in your thinking and communication as we can determine a better outcome when we let our positive energies collect and connect for the highest good of all.

One of the great things about being an astrologer is that you can see the trends and the energetic flow so that you can ride the good waves that will take you where you want to go and ideally take a pass on activities that will not likely bear fruit. The cosmic road map stretches out in front of us and a good astrologer can help you navigate while using your personal free will to manifest your best choices.
I know that I am spending a lot of time talking about this full moon and there is yet another huge planetary aspect that will be affecting all of us. A Grand Trine in Fire signs will be warming things up considerably. Big Fire can manifest on many levels including inspiration, creativity, courage and passion. We are gifted with more heart centered energy so it behooves us to find a loving way to problem solve as well as basking in the sweetness of such fine energy. Fire literally can be a problem when it manifests in excess and has already burnt thousands of acres in California with no end in sight. Temperatures are blazing and the ground water is disappearing. Arsonists are partly responsible here as well as setting to flame the airport in Chicago. Both fire and water in excess can clearly have a more destructive side. While the grand Trine is seen as a most beneficial aspect it does signify the ability of whatever element represented, in this case fire, to get out of control. So yes fire in the belly, raging creative and loving fire and passion but let’s have a more peaceful relationship with fire when it comes to a more earthly manifestation.
On October 23 we have the New Moon in Scorpio with a Solar Eclipse. Venus is also conjoining the Sun and Moon here which sweetens the wonderful light that will be emanating as the result of this New Moon. There will be a major consciousness download as we shift into new and deeper understanding. A time of awakening to the wisdom of the heart and climbing out of the shadowy places that may have seemed to imprison us with past realities.

We can live in love or fear and it is time to give fear the boot. There is a major choice at this time between Light and Dark and I do not mean that in a racist way. I am speaking of the difference between destructive and constructive energies. Scorpio ‘s energy tends to put us in the deep emotional water and once we dive into the deep end of the pool we can run into old buried fears. This eclipse turns the light on and from there we can heal and emerge refreshed and renewed. Awareness is good and enables us to make wise choices. Fear can sometimes keep us from engaging in risky behavior however nothing hurts the heart and keeps it from staying appropriately open like fear. Trust is the key to forming loving balanced relationships and will provide healing. Part of the shift in consciousness that is occurring, should we choose, is a shift from the Reptilian brain “fight or flight” reaction to life.There is a much better way as many of you are beginning to appreciate as we connect more to a 5th Dimensional reality. 
Venus in Scorpio is very different from Venus in Libra.Venus rules the sign of Libra so She is very comfortable in Her own sign. While the Libran Venus sought balance and beauty, Venus in Scorpio adds Pluto to the mix and the proper sharing of power becomes crucial. Once trust is established and you know your partner is deserving of your trust, the most important thing is to release the need to control and replace it with acts of sharing and empowerment. One does not heal by becoming the one who has the upper hand in the situation. Upper and lower are just as diminishing positions for each party and will essentially lock you in to the Patriarchal power /over paradigm which is a system of domination liberating no one. Seems like Venus and Pluto are very key planetary energies this month as are the Solar and Lunar

Oct 31 is Samhain or Halloween, the New Year, celebrated by  many Witches, Goddess Worhsipers and various Earfth- based Religious practitioners. The Goddess as Crone presides over this Holy Day. It is a time to remember our Ancestors and the Burning Times so that this level of persecution is never repeated. The Veil is thin and it is much easier to commune with those who have passed as well as our Ancestors a this time. Our intuition has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last several months and this will be a peak time.
Saturn in Scorpio will be the focal point of a T Square to the Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo which is likely to bring some very heavy energies into play which is very much in tune with a holy day for the Crone, the Ancient ones. This is not a light- hearted holiday anyway so we will want to use these planetary vibrations to right the wrongs and elevate the place of women and particularly the aging women that they may be honored having renewed inspiration and a better way of life.
The Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Magic for Women will celebrate here at Moonhaven Friday Oct 31 more info below.  Happy New Year to all who welcome this new beginning.” When we know better we do better!
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Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for August 2013

In honor of the upcoming New Moon, I thought I’d share some of Flash Silvermoon’s August Astroflash. I’m publishing only the universal parts of the Astroflash, because it’s a long report. If you’d like to read personal horoscopes and/or view all the embedded images, you can pop over to her site by clicking here. I enjoy Flash’s mythological and astrological reflections on the current political, social and ecological scenes. Those people who’ve felt themselves in the pressure cooker may appreciate the broader cosmic context for some recent events on both personal and world stage. I also love that she brought in Dr. Emoto’s powerful work with water, which has recently been supported by independent research showing that “water has memory.” Enjoy the flow!

(Though traditionally celebrated on August 1 or 2, Lammas falls on August 7 this year, so we’re kind of having a whole week of Lammas. 🙂 Flash gives some additional context for this somewhat lesser known holiday related to the first harvest.)

Flash Silvermoon ~ Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for August 2013

Merry Lammas everyone. This is an important Holy day for many of the Earth Religions in the world and is a time of harvest. What have you accomplished? What have your efforts yielded on all levels of your life? How do you feel inside your skin? Many questions and your answers are all around and inside of you if you pause and reflect. Astrology can also offer a good review as you check out your transits.

A few of us celebrated here at Moonhaven and we did just that. Each of us shared what we had harvested this year while the others in the circle reflected it back to us and then each of us affirmed what we would like to harvest for the next few months til Fall Equinox. By the time we were done we were high and elated. We must keep this process in the mix.

We begin August in the sunny sign of Leo. Traditional Astrologers will tell you that the Sun is exalted in the sign of Leo which means that when the Sun is in this sign its energy is at its strongest. The Sun is basically able to be its sunniest because it doesn’t have to shine through any other influences. For instance if the Sun is in Cancer, it must filter its energy through the Lunar watery sign of Cancer which is a pretty major blending operation, nothing short of blending the Sun and the Moon.

Always pretty easy to see a Leo enter the room and at this time, it’s like they might seem like super lions! This will be even more present when we experience the New Moon in Leo on the 6th. If you want to go out and see and be seen this New Moon could be just the ticket just make sure to be on time for your date and don’t spare the romantic flare. Being on time lets the other person know that they matter and is the very best start for the night. If you are planning an event, the New or Full Moon in Leo is a fabulous time for music, dance, art or anything that opens that creative outlet and….. people love to go out with a Leo Moon.

The Moon in any sign shows us what we need to feel nurtured and with the Moon in Leo it’s all in and from the heart. We want heart full communication, love and romance and a little of that can go along way at this time. Helping a person or animal that you love to feel special is always so rewarding for both beings. You get the joy of seeing them light up and they are lit. What can be better and it is so simple. Very important though, you need to tune in to what makes the other feel special rather than giving them what works for you, which will of course defeat the effort.

By studying each other’s Moon signs you will get clear insight into what helps each person feel nurtured and comfortable on the day to day and is also a good point of reference for a couple seeking to live together. Consult your Astrologer to discover that aspect of compatibility as it is key especially for women and even more for lesbian couples. Compatibility Charts are one of my favorite charts to do as you can see the individuals and couples come alive right on the page before you. You can use this type of chart to understand your relationship with anyone, needn’t be a love interest and believe it or not, you could actually compare your chart with your pet’s chart if you have one.

More about this New Moon in Leo. She is surrounded by a couple of the Asteroid Goddesses, Vesta and Ceres and opposed by Juno. Vesta’s energy works to create sacred space while keeping the sacred flame of Spirit and learning bright while Ceres sifts through that which nourishes to provide all the material things that we need for our well being. I am sure that the energies from Ceres are lining up the culprits like Monsanto and taking names. The only thing that keeps these monsters like Monsanto alive, and by the way it’s mostly selling here in America as most countries don’t even want their products, it is the Big Money and their lobbyists and the power brokers who incarcerate the poor for comparatively nothing while allowing the 1% ers to fill the grocery shelves with their poison.

Juno sits opposite the Moon making sure that women are treated equally on all levels including under the law. We are sure to see the Women come out extremely strong this month and you can see how this has been evolving since February. Many of the rebellions are being led by women and in the U.S. it’s the women on many occasions that have stood up against the idiocy that’s passing for government here including crossing the aisle. Interestingly, the harder we get pushed, and they are pushing us hard, the harder and stronger we come back and that’s a fact. Leading the way is Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena, the Warrior.

As often happens as I write Astroflash, my tone and words mirror the energies that I write about and it would seem that these powerful archetypes really push the Amazon in me which needless to say doesn’t need much of a push. More slam downs on sex slave traffickers and places where they do female circumcision.

Thank Goddess Mercury is no longer retrograde and it seemed to me that I only stopped feeling that backward pull today, sort of. I am still finding it extraordinarily difficult to keep a schedule that stays together how about you? I think we can credit or blame that with the outer planet rumba rockin’ the heavenly rhythm. So many people I know call me and ask with head in hand, “Flash, what is going on with the energy?” If the overall Vibe has made your head spin, you are not alone. Sometimes knowing that a problem is not personal and might even be universal offers us an odd kind of comfort.

Much of the energies that we are experiencing are the usual suspects like the Grand Water Trine and the Uranus Pluto Square that have been appearing over the last couple of months with their orbs [contacts] getting closer and further away. For sure we will continue to experience all manner of water issues from storms and floods to new toxic leaks from Fracking and old leaks and gushers from the BP legacy.

With all the energy from the Grand Water Trine we will surely get to the bottom of these crimes against the planet involving our oceans, rivers, streams and lakes. When the need is great, the people respond and there will be infinitely more attention on better use, protection and healing of all the waters and that which dwells in them and around them as well. As I have said many times, that which may first look like a disaster can sometimes have some positive blow back. Most of the positive effects will not happen on their own however and we will have to push back against the system that is careless with our planet at best.

I am sure by this time many of you are aware of the ground breaking work that Dr. Emoto did with water. Essentially he took very polluted water and took pictures of it under a microscope and you can see the most awful broken up grey and black crystalline structures. Then he asked some people to pray over the water and wrapped the glass with the phrase I love you around it and low and behold the pictures that were shot showed a beautiful bright snowflake like crystalline structures. The water had been healed. Perhaps many more will use this simple but powerful technology for healing many more things. After all we are made of 90% water. So much good can come from the water from creating water powered turbines to healing and as the years go by so much more.

Jupiter in Cancer will be quite busy this month. On Aug.7 it will oppose Pluto and then on August 21 it will make its first square to Uranus. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and signifies expansion. Sometimes in our culture, the scientists and corporate world will do things just because they can and call it progress. Sometimes it is a wonderful improvement but more often it is a disastrous plague on the planet offering us a substance that is neither edible or destroyable.

Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto and later creating a T Square when it squares Uranus may represent the tipping point in the struggle against naming GMO’s and ridding the world of Monsanto poison that has found it’s way into so many places on the food chain it is frightening. The energy of Cancer has so much to do with how we feed ourselves and food in general and right now just knowing what we can safely eat has become a huge problem if you are trying to eat well and even if you are not! If I was a fatalist, and I am not, this point alone could drive you to drink except who knows what’s in your water or your energy drink OMG.

Stay away from fish because it has mercury and better not eat anything from the Gulf unless you want to gas up your colon with correxit. Oh and better not eat any of the sea life from the West Coast unless you want to glow and even if its organic, what about using this toxic fish emulsion to grow organic produce. Chicken, unless you know where it comes from, could be full of arsenic and mercury and don’t forget all the antibiotics and drugs to fatten them up and don’t get me started on the way farm animals are prepared for consumption. We are just seeing the beginning of this problem and given the challenges provided by revolutionary outer planets Uranus and Pluto this is likely to be very big. Hell everybody has got to eat and my words are barely even the tip of the ice berg. Right now this Cancerian Ice berg is made up of Pallas, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury all in the sign of Cancer and one way or another before this year ends there will have been many shifts and changes about what we eat. If corporate food poisoners can find a way to kill everything then wise and sophisticated Green scientists can find a way to create clean natural food once again.

Oh let’s talk about Venus and get out of the water for awhile shall we? Venus will enter Libra on Aug 17 which might just offer a little peace for us. Venus rules Libra and Taurus so we are likely to feel more romance and less criticism. Venus was in Virgo for the first part of the month and Venus in that sign can be ultra critical if one is not mindful. There is an old saying which goes, when criticism comes in the door, love flies out the window! So yes, we welcome Venus in her own sign to give us all a sweeter time of it and let’s face it, even if times are hard, a little sweetness can go a long way towards making life feel better. For awhile she can flash the peace sign but by August 24 , Lady Venus will join in creating a Grand Cardinal Cross consisting of Venus squaring Pluto opposing Jupiter squaring Uranus which will also conjoin the Moon on the 24th. The whole square will not be exact but energetically quite potent for sure.

When that many planets are locked into an aspect it can feel like we are all in a big pressure cooker and of course something will have to give! To be sure change on many levels is being catalyzed at this time and as I have observed, everything that has been pushed onto the back burner is here to be placed on the front burner. We will probably have to kill some dragons and chase out a shadow or two with a bucket of sage or some of my Golden Armor Gem Elixir but we are being given the opportunity to truly transform into a new being. Happy Birthday to all you spiritual warriors on the brink of a more fulfilling life.

On the East Coast we will have the second Full Moon in Aquarius this year. This is surely a time of Revolution and Revelation and this energy can provide a litmus test for all of us as to how well we have mastered self-love [Leo Sun] and Universal Love [Aquarius]. The Sun will also be conjoined by Ceres, Mercury and Vesta which should empower those with abundant energy who take the opportunity to do ceremony to invoke planetary healing.

Jupiter is also making the first of 3 exact squares to wild card-Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius. This could be a most interesting full moon indeed and to be sure expect the unexpected. Hm, I will be doing an on air ritual for Global Healing that evening.The Womanspirit Rising Show, [see newsletter info below] I deliberately chose that night for the Uranian and Lunar energy so this should be a great night to push the envelope psychically to help manifest the revolutionary/evolutionary changes that we want to see in the world. I encourage as many of you as are drawn to listen that night and join in the fun and magic. If you want to do your own ceremony great because this is a perfect time for group ceremony to feel the wave of our deep inter connectedness, to reweave the Sacred Web of Life and protect it from those who would deliberately or carelessly tear it apart. [this is on Blogtalk Radio Tues. Aug 20 7-8pm EST URL coming]

This is a great opportunity for visioning with the bubbling waters of our intuition stirred nicely by the Grand Water Trine still in affect coupled with the sheer power of this Full Moon. We will see the THE GODDESS IS ALIVE AND MAGIC IS AFOOT! Very exciting times. Enjoy the quantum shift whether you are a Solitary or work in groups.

Out in the world, we might experience this time as too exciting with treaties and rebellions flaring everywhere. Laws and rulings that were thought to be set in stone may come unglued. We will hopefully learn to embrace the idea that the only thing certain is change and to also feel the comfort in that.
Feisty Mars moves out of watery Cancer to fiery Leo where it will be more comfortable but can we handle more heat? Lately it seems like we can either have floods or fires and I am up for less Earth Changes but unfortunately it’s not up to me and so we will likely continue with crazy weather, some manipulated and some not.

We can always remember to chose the high road for the highest good of all and to RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE!!

For your personal sign’s horoscope, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the report.

Flash Silvermoon: Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for March 2013

Today’s monthly forecast comes from Astrologer, Animal Communicator, Artist and Healer, Flash Silvermoon. She’s given me permission to share here insights here, but if you’d like to see fancier formatting and lots of photos, please click here to go directly to her site.

Flash Silvermoon: Astroflash Monthly HOroscope for March 2013

March floats in on a wave of Neptunian splendor and doubt turning our astrological world inside out. It looks good, feels good but what is really going on? To start with, since February 23 we have had our reality swishing around in the retrograde Mercury in Pisces soup. If you have been reading Astroflash, my monthly horoscope, you have heard me speaking about negotiating the “perils” of the dreaded Mercury Retrograde and of course it really is not what you could call perilous. More about that later.

In addition to a murky retro Mercury in Pisces, the month begins with Neptune,Venus, Chiron, Sun, Mars and the Asteroid Hygeia all in Pisces! I mean I am a double Pisces at least and I am used to this kind of mystical soggy stuff but even for me this could be a bit much. Of course as we move through the month some of this will change but this Piscean prelude suggests many issues with water and flow.

If any of you have been experiencing unusual body symptoms you are not alone. One of the fun ones that I have had on and off for some 2 years is what I call “menthol head.” It is not at all painful but my head feels like it is mentholated inside and sometimes that cool extends down my shoulders. I mostly feel this when doing spiritual writing like this and I believe it has to do with intense amounts of energies that are being downloaded into my psyche, changes in the DNA, frequencies that are simply too strong for us to handle etc. I also know that many of us are having these feelings as well. Restlessness, broken sleep patterns, panic attacks, visions, odd temperature changes, old injuries re-surfacing, and some of this doesn’t sound too weird but this is just the tip of the ice berg. These symptoms are not unlike those caused by the rising of the Kundalini and are generically referred to as Ascension symptoms. If you are worried then do see a doctor ideally a holistic one and if the problem is part of this picture they will find nothing wrong with you. Those of us who have been practicing Light Workers for a long time have been having a hell of a time with this stuff as we straddle the 3rd and 5th dimensional worlds.

Part of the reason that some people have trouble with the Piscean/ Neptunian energy especially so full on, is that you can feel less in control or totally out of control. You could feel like you are spinning inside of a whirlpool which might feel warm and pleasant yet without any kind of sense of how to get out and emerge back into what you once thought was your life. You may not feel like you have any hand in how your life is to unfold. This is when the Neptunian wild card of FAITH is key. This may be a really hard one but for the most part these energies require a kind of surrender, not to some god that hurls lightning bolts at the non repentant, no but to the Cosmic Wheel of Life to the Source, to the Goddess of a Thousand Names who beckons us forward on our journey with nary a road map. Then this becomes our Vision quest!

With so many water sign planets floating around in the heavens, it is Important to remember that anything that we view through water gets distorted. Water rules the emotions which can be lovely depending on which emotions. When we add emotions to the mix things can easily feel out of proportion, unclear and overwhelming. On the bright side this preponderance of Piscean planets can cast a lovely lavender glow around everything allowing us to feel carried away on wings of euphoria. Have we reached Nirvana, ascension to some higher plane or have we forgotten the first deception is always self deception? All paths lead to Neptune the great dis-solver and a place that makes the ego and ego driven most uncomfortable and the more spiritual and mystical blissful.

Astrology turns on the light and suggests the energies that are at play and the intuitive astrologer looks at the chart and the transiting planets and feels how the energies are likely to manifest. By viewing the house placements of the different planets the astrologer, or you if you choose, can see where in your life these events are likely to occur. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the flood of new emotions or the disillusions or outright deceptions of the times, it is a great time to seek the detached clearer view of a good astrologer or psychic. Even if you are a psychic by profession the waves of mystery that are cloaking most things at this time make it a good idea to see another that you trust and trade readings. I emphasize this at this time because Neptune is the very kind of energy that helps the psychic, medium, animal communicator or healer do their work and it is the very energy clients are seeking.

Another thing that these Piscean planets can develop in you is your intuition which should really be kicking it up after all the Uranian transits of last year. That being said, at certain times It is always a good idea to employ a good professional psychic, medium or astrologer when you need clarity and that impartial view for major decisions. Likewise, it is also very important for each of us to learn to go on the first hit, that gut reaction on the day to day to be our own director from minute to minute.. This is not an either/or prescription but a both/and OK. Being true to your own inner voice is a great path to personal liberation and one well worth taking.

Neptune which is the ruling planet of Pisces really sensitizes us on many levels, some wonderful and others not so much. As I walk amongst my flowers or the animals that I work with I feel so much of how they feel now as this transit is being downloaded into my consciousness. I find that the words for the feelings are so much more available and many of you may be discovering that your own sensitivities are opening you up to deeper realms and understanding. Do not fear these gifts, they are not of the devil or some other crap that the no-fundies like to tell us but truly a more beautiful and connected way to commune with Spirit. More and more people are experiencing this as we all become more attuned to the 5th Dimension. The not so pleasant sensitivities are not so much fun as we simmer in this soup of chemicals, chem trails, GMO’s, mercury and Goddess only knows what else as all of us get more sensitized and slowly poisoned. Folks like me who simply cannot be around any of this stuff any more are the canaries in the coal mines, but none of you should be using traditional cleaning products and particularly air fresheners and the like.

Neptunian energy can also bring all kinds of pollutants and drugs into plain sight and the global reaction to them may well be coming home to roost in our air and water and food chain. Speaking of pollutants, the oil spills all over the world that remain under or unreported are legion.The issue of the purity of our water and who owns it will likely become a huge deal as we move further into the time of Neptune in Pisces.

It is very exciting to see the Idle No More Groups rising up all over the place. The Indigenous people know what’s at stake as we should as well. We need to follow their brave lead and not settle for allowing the Earth to be lost to the greedy and the heartless. Once again this country is willing to bleed for oil, yet another fluid in the picture.

All over the world people are rising up against oppression!

The entertainment industry is ruled by Neptune. The potential and actualized offerings of musicians and entertainers can often turn the tide of public opinion in important ways using art and culture to elevate our spirits, teach and heal. However because of the corporatization of the music Business the illusory baubles of fame become more obvious as one by one great artists fall by the wayside eaten alive by the very world that canonized them. The music is so sweet yet like a Siren the industry drags one after another onto the rocks of drugs, overwork, intense isolation and loneliness. Being a Star means that you shine brightly in the dark so does that mean that they are destined for that place should they even grasp that brass ring? On the other side of the quest, music can take us to the inner and outer realms of the sublime where we can touch souls and even can heal the world. Wouldn’t it be great if the musicians and other entertainers would start saying no to the machine en mass? Some already are like India Arie, Ani Di Franco and even the great Aretha Franklin. Indie music is growing like other alternative offerings.

I do not share the problems that come with these times to depress because I feel that on the other side of Neptune lies the solution which is the focus of the many to elevate our vibration and heal the planet. We can and must recognize our interconnectedness, that we are all one. When we hold that focus and it becomes magnified by the millions understanding that simple reality, we can and will bring about a different way of living and viewing life. We elevate and change the vision for ourselves and the paradigm shifts. In fact it is already changing. As you align with this energy you will feel the changes.

Back to Mercury Retrograde which began on Feb 23 and ends on March 17, having this backwards version in Pisces is likely to create more of the obvious challenges. The likelihood of extreme confusion, missed appointments and opportunities, miscommunication and misunderstandings could make even the most patient want to tear their hair out. I am grateful that by my birthday Mercury will be moving forward again as the planets that surround your chart on your birthday have a great influence on your year ahead. See my website for info on the Solar Return Chart; this is your chart for the year starting with your current birthday and it is most useful. As I have said many times before there are a multitude of wonderful uses of the retrograde time so don’t worry or whine. Make this your time to get the proverbial ducks in a row, clear away all that could inhibit your forward motion and wait to kick butt out in the world by March 17 or a little bit later when you really can make a difference.

Jupiter typically a beneficial energy can really bring some challenging situations to the fore because all month it will be making a square [hard aspect] to one or more of the Piscean planets. This could create some powerful winter storms and we have already seen that this past month. As the energies become much more turbulent towards Equinox we are more likely to see more Earth Changes, storms, quakes etc. Remember the axiom, “As above so below.” Some of our dynamic weather patterns are about Mama doing some planetary cleanup but when you hear about huge storms going in strange directions and a series of tornadoes with intensity and duration like never before look to H.A.A.R.P. I have talked about this in other posts so refer back or please look it up as you need to understand what and who is directing such things.

At this time the animals of the world are particularly vulnerable so however you can reach out to these precious ones please do it really makes a big difference and they so deserve to be treasured and understood they totally give of themselves for their people and that unconditional love is a rare and wondrous thing so please make the time.

Slow moving Saturn and Pluto will be in harmony with each other all month which will give us more of a solid base under our feet while the Neptunian planets tend to make us feel like the sands are shifting beneath us. In terms of economics, I think this energy will keep the economy more stable. Truth is, we are not likely to be told what is real with the economy anyway. In these days where illusion is king, trying to find any truth about politrix is like trying to find teeth in the mouth of a hen. So I guess what I can say about the economic picture is that we will appear to be stable. Kind of like Saturn, which stubbornly holds the rules and ethics of the game, has made a deal with Pluto the game changer to let it ride for the time being giving the whistle blowers a vacation.There is an outside possibility that this calm may result in more cooperation on solving problems that are not really about partisan issues, now that would be a good surprise.

March 11 features a New Moon in Pisces along with 6 other planets in this sign so maybe on the up side we could see innovations for the use, preservation and cleansing of our beloved waters. This could also be a supremely spiritual time for all and I do encourage you to seek spaces and people on this day and night who will create sacred space with you – be it meditation, music, time out in nature or all three. This is a time of deep solace which we will need before the excitement of spring comes barreling in demanding its due. The other side of so much water of course could mean flooding be it emotional and/or literal. Create your own Temple, carry Kleenex and seek the sand bags if necessary.

Could be a relatively mellow month until March 20, Spring Equinox, unless we have some kind of watery disaster with floods or oil spills. However I hope you are all rested by the time Equinox starts to wake the world up with its fiery passion. Granted we learned to take it easier and go with the flow during the first part of the month but with the Sun, Mars and Uranus all in fire sign Aries for the rest of the month the time of confrontation is NOW. As I sit here writing these very words I can hear the bombers flying low over Lake Santa Fe in Melrose which is on their way home to NAS Jax from man-euvers by the Ocala National Forest about 1/2 hr away. This generally means that the brass have plans that we do not know about so always a good idea to get those Peace Pipes cranked and keep your ears to the ground for news.

Whatever has been percolating through the winter be it political, personal or natural [sort of] could completely explode when transiting Mars hits Uranus on March 22, even sweet Venus is dressed for war in the sign of Aries. We may have a lot of upheaval in the Middle East. Asteroid Pallas/Athena has been in Aries for some time and hence we see the rise of the women from the unlikely streets of Delhi, to the first Gay Pride ever in Uganda, to the Global 1 Billion Rising movement last month that had women rising up in dance and song in over 250 countries. In ancient myth, Spring Equinox celebrates the Return of the Mother. She has been underground during the harshness of Winter and now She is released to bring all the good things to the Earth that has suffered during her yearly sojourn in the Underworld. Any issues that are afoot to discriminate against women will not stand a chance in this climate and a huge demonstration by and for women could very well explode on the world stage. The most oppressed sisters on the planet are showing the way and I would encourage those of us who can to support their actions and let some of their fire sizzle in your own psyche to stand up when and where you feel the heel of oppression bearing down on your neck! Yes there I go, already feeling the Uranian fire singeing my fingers as I type.

By the time we reach the Full Moon on March 27, the Moon will be in conciliatory Libra which desires fairness, peace and beauty while Venus which rules Libra is in martial Aries. All that drama as the Sun, Uranus, Mars and Goddess Asteroids Ceres and Pallas – Athena are also in the Martian sign. The Aries energy opposes the Libra Full Moon so this can be a very intense time of choices. With all of this very inflammatory energy manifesting at this time which tends to inflate everything, I would do all that you can to promote peace and make the choice to stay in Love instead of Fear. You have the choice to be that shining example as you use the transforming fire in your belly to stand for what is right and release the war that lives inside of you.

Interestingly more wars have been started under the sign of the “Peacemaker” Libra’s energies because of that desire to make things equal and fair. The fire may be lit around the Equinox but I would say that the issues that are being dealt with are more apt to become fully recognized with the Full Moon. I know that it may sound really passe’ but Make Love Not War, really go retro, as a matter of fact this would be a great day for a Love In talk about retro because we really do have the choice of how to use this energy and how each of us chooses to spend this time does matter. If we create and co create a planet that is vibrationally inhospitable to War, war will cease!

Before the Full Moon peaks Jupiter and Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, will be exactly square giving us that wider view, access to really seeing and understanding the BIG PICTURE. With Saturn trining Chiron we will be gifted with ancient deep wisdom which is just what we need. The Ancestors are talking clear and drawing us near. Ideally this will offer some wisdom and vision to the inferno brewing so that we may use the action oriented Arian fire in a truly progressive way that turns us from being bored sheeple to being loving and inspired spiritual warriors, all in it together to save the planet. Talkin bout a Revolution…

In addition to all these aspects we see the Finger of God/Goddess, the Yod, with Jupiter as the focal planet working its energy through the sextile of Saturn and Pluto reminding us again to handle this extreme energy wisely to create change that will last and that will not merely be a band aid cure.This is an extremely transformative time calling for right action, using both sides of the brain. We can use our growing intuition to see what needs to be done while asking our intellect to secure the means and momentum to do it and our journey unfolds.

March 29 will be a great day for love of all kinds as the Sun is flanked on either side by Venus and Uranus all in Aries of course. If your love life needs a little heat this could be your day whether you are in a couple or looking to be in one even just for the night. Sensual energies will be most magnetic and electric. If you meet a new lover on this day you could have the time of your life, but if other aspects in your chart do not suggest longevity it could just be a very good time. If you are single and that appeals let yourself totally enjoy. Uh oh just noticed a potential wet blanket here as Saturn will be waltzing with the Moon in Scorpio which usually doesn’t bring in the zest and free flow of energies but perhaps will only temper the bacchanal. These energies will be around for a few days so immerse yourselves in sensual delights, creativity and magic.

Glad that we could leave this month on such a high note. As they say, In Like a Lamb Out Like a Lion. I wouldn’t call March a roller coaster but a smooth ride it is not. If you tune in and use the time well though, you could have just the right balance to handle the twists and turns effectively with grace and courage. I am hoping that we do not see too many natural disasters and if we do please be sure to reach out where and when needed. Water and Fire, so much of both all in one month. Choose to live authentically and with an open heart; with that in place this will be a most memorable month for all. Love Peace and Justice Blessings Flash Silvermoon

Link to original article here. (Scroll down toward the bottom for individual sign forecasts for March 2013)

Flash Silvermoon Astroflash for the Uranus/Pluto Square

Yes, I’ve been posting a lot regarding the Uranus-Pluto Square! That’s because it’s an unusual event, with obvious repercussions in personal, global and international outlets. My sessions this week have all revealed an almost overwhelming level of intensity — so has the news (or things carefully censored out of the news). I find that people can handle just about anything once they learn enough about it to feel less overwhelmed. You don’t need to be an astrologer. I’m certainly not! But understanding the current and coming energy influences can help you gain clarity about what’s “yours” and what you’re just picking up on. It can also help you to focus on the most effective next steps. Reader Flash Silvermoon just submitted the following insights as a comment to yesterday’s post about the Cardinal T-Square, but I found her comment separate-post-worthy. Many thanks, and here’s Flash:

Feel free to share or comment Blessings Flash Silvermoon Astroflash THE UPCOMING URANUS /PLUTO SQUARE JUNE 24 ASTROFLICKER PART OF ASTROFLASH JUNE for the rest see

We have been getting wake up calls by the thousands since Jan. 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn and the walls of the Matrix started to rumble. Pluto has a way of exposing the Emperor in his “New Clothes” especially in the sign of Capricorn and it has been extraordinary how many Patriarchs and bastions of the Mainstream Culture have been found with their proverbial and literal pants down as well as their hands in the cookie jar. Does my rebellious heart good I must say.

Being a good Uranian, I hate hypocrisy and we are seeing the hypocrites fall day by day. Like Bob Marley said,”You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all of the time, now you see the light – Stand up for your rights!”

This is a really important time to have a good talk with yourself and work on defining yourself and your purpose. If not now, then when? We will all have more opportunities for these “defining moments” as this time period shakes us up. If you are looking for the good old days, you had best forget that delusion. Yeah the good old days before women had more rights and black folks were still on the back of the bus and gays and lesbians were willing to live in closets as tight as a straight jacket! A new day looks pretty good to me and we can have this.

I am not just pumping a good progressive line either because whether we want change or not, it is coming and it is in our best interest to help shape it in the most humane way possible.

“It’s not that our national and global problems don’t have solutions. It’s not that there are insufficient resources. The crisis involves lack of leadership and ethics. Anyone trying for a solution must outsmart what amounts to a cabal of heavily armed thieves who are holding the planet hostage.” by Eric Francis, Astrologer
Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus is just the combination of energies that can unseat this deadly alliance.

One of the positive offerings of the Uranus/Pluto Square that is coming closer as we speak is that new ideas, new technologies can suddenly manifest as if out of the blue to tend to these Plutonic potentially tragic situations here on Earth.Uranus is great with surprises and presenting the unexpected and this challenging square that I have been talking about for a year or so will make its first exact square to Pluto on Sun. June 24 so keep this date in mind as we are certainly going to see some big changes on all levels then.

I know that some of this sounds so huge and you want to know “How will this effect me?” So glad you asked. We all have places in our lives that are not growing, are too toxic, or simply not life enhancing; be they lifestyles, health, jobs, relationships or whatever. These are the places to look for change and to make the room for it that is needed. We can go kicking and screaming or dancing, that is the choice and you will not lose anything that you really need.

With all these planetary and electromagnetic shifts, many of us are discovering that life as we have known it is changing and at a most rapid pace. If you are daily fielding all manner of physical malaise don’t worry, much of this is our system’s reaction to these changes in vibration and our DNA constantly adapting and transmuting the energies from the Third Dimension, which most still live in, to the 5th Dimension where many of us aspire. As I have said in the last 2 posts of ASTROFLASH these are Ascension symptoms which are also known as Kundalini Rising symptoms. This doesn’t mean forget the acupuncture and vitamins etc.just use good holistic tools to help you move more gently through these symptoms. Know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you need a Doctor see one but don’t freak when they can’t exactly find anything wrong with you.

* The Wise Woman’s Tarot – *
* What The Animals Tell Me Radio Show

Flash Silvermoon: Venus Transit of the Sun

Astrologer Flash Silvermoon left the following as a comment on my earlier post about the Venus transit of the Sun. I loved her comment and said I’d give it a separate post:

Flash Silvermoon astrologer here. This is part of my Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for June as pertaining to the VENUS TRANSIT OF THE SUN

The Good News, is that Venus, the feminine planet of love and relationship will be conjoining the Sun and making a rare transit across the face of the Sun on June 5th. This won’t happen again until 2117. In a year with tons of really important transits, this one alone is the most significant because of its rarity. We might even see this transit of Venus across the Sun as the most defining event of the whole year and that is saying something!

Even though this event will be squared by transiting Mars in Virgo, this time could usher in a magnificent space where the Divine Feminine in all will rise up and create a more healing and loving paradigm.. The Sacred Feminine connecting with the Sun will enliven all the wonderful female qualities such as intuition, sensitivity, reflection, nurturing, patience etc and hold them up to the light endowing these qualities with more visibility and creativity for everyone. Hence this could very well be a turning point of Tone.In other words some of the Shift we are seeing and will see more profoundly is a welcoming and inhabiting of a more holistic and gentle way of occupying this planet by a larger majority. When there is a balance with male and female energies on Earth, then the atrocities leveled at our Mother will not be permitted. Balanced men do not rape anyone including the planet!

No doubt there will be a solid resistance to positive growth by some. There has surely been very reactionary back peddling regarding women’s rights lately and this influx of Venusian/Solar energy should promote more female leadership and a backlash against this perverse need of the Repugs to bring women back to 1950′s Stepford Wives lives. Venus/Sun energy will mean a more Active resistance against our cultural lack of equality as well as creating a kinder world.

The Patriarchs of old knew that to control women was to control the world so as this newer version thrashes around in its death throes, it scrambles to get a stranglehold on anything it can to sustain its primacy, but the genie is out of the bottle and the women of the world will not settle for slavery or become unwilling breeders. The more the hammer of oppression clamps down, the more the spirit of rebellion will flare. This is the nature of the times that we are living. This transit of Venus over the Sun heralds a new flame for the liberation of women as well as a potentially gentler way to solve the problems of the world.

To read the entire post see I am also on Word Press feel free to share Blessings Flash PS I love your BLOG

[Thanks again, Flash! I am sure others will love discovering your blog as well. Many Blessings, Laura]