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Stirring the Hornets’ Nest

Well, good thing I have a good relationship with all things bee, wasp and hornet, because I’ve gone and done it. The hornet’s nest has officially been stirred. Our local co-op’s under new management and undergoing some, shall we say, “growing pains.” More like a complete identity crisis! After being texted by someone who shall remain anonymous, I had to see this to believe it: shelf stable, non-organic meat sausage filled with GMO corn syrup and MSG, proudly on display right next to organic raw vegan treats, almost looking like they are the same genre and standard.

Oh, that Fire Faery. She does have a wee bit of a fiery temper, now, doesn’t she? Well, apparently, I’m not the only one with jaw dropping recognition that one of these things is not like the others, but I am so far the only person willing to go on record about it. I left the following note, sent out a text and email blitz to people I know who might care to –ahem — speak the heck up, and then I sent a note to the President of the Board.

There’s a lot of opportunity these days to force people and institutions off the fence. You vote with your words, with your money, and with how you respond to non-organic, GMO and MSG filled BS. A bunch of us have been keeping our eye on this place, murmuring behind the scenes and attempting to extend the benefit of the doubt. Gosh, MCM, if you wanted to be added to my growing list of places needing Reiki Healing Attunements in Goshen, you could have just asked! Oh, I guess you just did….

MCM outrageAnd to our Board President:

Dear ___

Are you aware that the co-op now has processed, non-organic meat sausage with GMO corn syrup and MSG on display right next to raw organic vegan treats like they are somehow equivalently healthy? I never thought I would need to leave a note like this at the co-op.

What is going on?! If this is the new MCM vision, this town will end up making its own health food co-op, and MCM can feel free to turn itself into a gas station vendor. I don’t care if the “meat” was made in Nappanee. It doesn’t belong in the co-op, let alone prominently displayed as though it’s a featured new health food?! Has Monsanto gotten onto the advisory panel for co-ops, or does someone in ordering just not understand the word, “No”? Who’s making these decisions? I shudder to think if this is just the beginning of MCM’s new vision of itself as a leader in the community!

Sorry for the outrage. I am actually toning it down.
Shaking my head and not the only one doing it …

Laura Bruno

UPDATE: I was told to direct my concerns to the manager, and so I did:

Dear ___
____ suggested I bring this up with you, even though I’ve already left a comment card on the wall at the co-op, also attached here. Please see our exchange below. Also, please know that while I may currently be the only person willing to go on record speaking up about it, some of your staff, many owners and even at least one Board Member (not ___) are so shocked they’re speechless, stunned into only commenting to each other, “WTF,” “disgusting” or “that’s so wrong.” The co-op can’t be all things to all people. If you or the Board want to turn it into a Circle K, then you are going to lose core shoppers who will just band together and re-create a buying club with real commitment to the original co-op ideals. Perhaps a commitment to health doesn’t matter in this new MCM vision, but at the very least, the display is deeply misleading for new shoppers who may not know much about reading labels. It’s so absurd that you may not hear much from people because they just can’t believe their eyes.
If this is how the co-op wishes to transform itself for the 21st century, then I hope the junk food eaters want to spend a lot of money there to replace the core members you’ll lose.
Laura Bruno
UPDATE 2: Successful resolution to this issue! Personal phone call from the manager. The product was pulled, because it was only accidentally ordered in the first place by a relatively new buyer. Training will occur, and if the product cannot be returned, it will be labeled as containing corn syrup, GMO’s and nitrites so that people who don’t read labels are not confused into purchasing it as a health food. The manager also invited me to become a participant in meetings between the Board, management and co-op Members, and he’s posting a response and action steps on the bulletin board at the store. He did explain they need to broaden their customer base by including a wider range of foods that people are requesting; however, he reiterated his commitment to clearly labeling foods that are local, but conventional and if they contain particularly unhealthy ingredients.