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Raven Moss ~ Chosen By Fate — Loved By The Fae

This post will appeal to skeptics, as well as Friends of the Fae. I’m so pleased to see that Raven Moss has, as she calls it, “come out of the Faery cupboard” with another fabulous article about faeries, shamanism and planetary healing.

Her discussion of the Tooth Fairy also reminds me that a couple weeks ago multiple people emailed or texted me about the existence of the Tooth Fairy, so I asked my Otherworld friends to comment. They shared that the tradition of leaving a tooth in exchange for money stemmed from long ago when poor farmers and serfs who kept the Faery Faith could not afford any sort of dental care.

I have no way of verifying this, but they assure me they wouldn’t lie: adults would leave rotten, broken or removed teeth as an offering to the Fae, and in return, the faeries would leave them gold. Since untreated dental issues sometimes caused death, this practice allowed adults either to fill their own teeth or to afford assistance from whatever contemporary dental practitioners existed at that time or place. Our modern day children’s “silliness” stems from very real and loving interactions among “The Good People” and those who honored them.

They tell me that sometimes the gold appeared in the tooth’s vacant spot in the mouth, and other times, the gold appeared wherever people left the tooth. The under the pillow habit only came about after people started thinking of faeries as little, harmless, pretty things. Prior to that, people felt (appropriate) awe and even fear mixed with their love for the Fae, so teeth were usually left in a secret place outside the house. No one wanted Otherworldly visitors reaching under their pillows while they slept at night. Anyway, that’s what they say … Now back to Raven and her stories and wisdom:

Raven Moss ~ Chosen By Fate — Loved By The Fae

Guest writer ShiftFrequency February 23 2014

What Do You Mean You Don’t Believe In Faeries?

Faeries aren’t real, you say. They’re just characters in nursery tales we put aside when we graduated to second grade and had everything all figured out. That’s what I thought too, grounded grownup that I am… until I met one. Up to that day my only prior experience had been financial transactions with The Tooth Fairy: leave a discarded baby tooth under your pillow, receive money. That worked great until I ran out of baby teeth. After my dental cash cow died, faeries were no longer on my radar at all, ever.

Despite my insouciance, a faery had been watching me for many years in human time. She followed me as I fed the wild birds every day, no matter how cold it was or how deep the snow. She watched as I conversed with bees and dutifully carried spiders out of the house instead of smacking them with a newspaper. She lives in my riotous lavender bed and watched me plant fields of wildflowers, play nice with mice and snakes, and I guess at some point she decided I was worthy enough. I felt her presence in a vague way but had no idea I was being tested, and I passed anyway.

To take visible form was very difficult for her, the Fae are uncomfortable in our dimension, and for good reason; to them we are haughty, lumbering creatures who bustle about, bristling with self-importance, believing we are far too sophisticated to engage with magical beings. We wrap our lives around so many misconceptions that we really cannot see the forest for the tree spirits.

So before your judging mind interrupts, “This woman is swimming laps in La La Lake,” let me call my first witness for the defense. Had I not had a reliable eyewitness to my first faery encounter, I may have chalked it up as just another freaky flashback from my experimental youth. One day, two summers ago, my manly, down-to-earth husband spotted a shimmering lavender faery sitting on the branch of a pine tree. Hunter is not so deeply infatuated with his ego that he doesn’t understand or appreciate that there is a whole universe of beings he cannot see and therefore has no right to claim do not exist. Though he is more open-minded than most, faeries were definitely not part of his worldview… until the moment he called me over to the window and pointed. “Do you see what I’m seeing?” I sure did, and it rocked my world.

Let me ask you a shamanic question… Do you know how your body knows it has a virus invader? How does your brain communicate with your immune system to hustle over to the invasion site and commence a battle for your life? You’re probably mumbling something about T-cells and antibodies, and that’s as far as most of us care to go so long as everything is humming along properly and we get to work on time. You know your body labors 24/7 to keep all systems GO no matter how much beer you drank last night, but you cannot see or know exactly how it does this. Even as you read this, enzymes turn the pizza you ate into something resembling nourishment, without your help, attention or understanding. Why are we so oblivious about how we are kept alive from minute to minute? Well, for one thing our biology, our meat suit, is a holographic projection, and we’ll get to that more in a minute. But what we have to understand is that what we cannot see is sometimes more important than what we can. Your very existence is a miracle of unseen, unfathomable forces, the same world the faeries live and make their magic.

So open that closed mind for a moment and take a trip with me to a world that exists all around you right now, a world that, if you are worthy enough, will open magical doors to places within you and without you that make fairy tales seem tame.

This Ain’t No Disney Ride

Disclaimer: I have never read a book on faeries and I likely won’t; I am only writing here about what I have experienced and I have a reason for doing this. But this is so Not Me. Normally I approach every new idea logically left-brained, inhaling a book or two to start with to get up to speed. But this Mists of Avalon world feels so different than what we are used to navigating; it must be experienced through a connection between the heart and third eye without the yammering rational brain’s involvement. You have to give up your notions of superiority and infallibility and allow your heart to lead you to uncharted oceans and barbarous coasts. That’s the real lesson in all this, for all of us.

As much as we all loved Peter Pan, and no matter how tempting it would be to fly to Neverland as the going gets tougher on Planet Weird, the Disney image of faeries has been hard wired into us wrongly. Laura Bruno is my main go-to source on the Fae. She wrote recently in her article Quick Tips for Interacting with Faeries, “Disney and the Victorians did a great disservice to humanity in promoting the idea that all faeries are flower fairies or Tinkerbells. Some faeries are 30 or more feet tall!”

We’ve all heard about the machinations of leprechauns, trolls and elves. Their magic is integral to the faery realm and they play tricks on us all the time, we just don’t realize we are being snarked by actual beings. There is definitely a dark side to faeries, just like there is a dark side in all of us, and facing that dark side in ourselves is part of the admission price to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

What does the “dark side” mean exactly? What do you feel when you whack the living daylights out of a spider? Do you feel anything at all? And how might this rectify with your abject horror and disgust when you see an animal abused or neglected? Do you recognize that all living things have a spirit and a reason for being here just like we do, not just to annoy us or bite us or feast on our begonias, and that they are starkly aware when we are not walking the walk? These are uncomfortably dark inconsistencies we are very good at ignoring. Sounds like the image of a little devil who sits on shoulders and roundly scolds us to be good. Just replace that image with a faery reminding us to tread softly on the earth. They aren’t here to anoint us with Pixie Dust, their role is to protect this planet from Round-Up spraying, fracking creatures like us. They need all the help they can get, and so do we.

Coming Out of the Faery Cupboard

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

So your day comes and you are chosen, a faery floats into your life and you are forever changed. How do you tell your friends and family you have joined the Fae social network? The easy answer is that you don’t, and this works pretty well while you are still working this all out for yourself. But sooner or later you recognize this as just another dark thing you are hiding from you and the rest of the world so you can hold on to the rigid realist you once were but can no longer be.

At some point you can do like me and Laura and many others who have walked this path, you just blare it out there for the whole freaking world to see and let the friend chips fall where they may. It’s both liberating and scary at the same time, but you will be in very good company. If you search the word “faeries” on Amazon just in books alone you get close to 5,000 hits. What is up with this? How can so much be written about something so few understand or believe? Because some people recognize that the Fae love us deeply despite our lumbering ways, they want to join forces with us, to help us help them protect Gaia Sophia, a cause far greater than all of us. They are begging us for our help in saving the bees and the rivers and all the rest. I know this because I can hear them crying when the snow is falling and the world is very quiet.

Again from Laura, “I know that writing about such matters makes many dismiss me as off my rocker; however, I also know that humans need the Faery Realm right now, more than ever before. Helping to dispel some of the disinformation, disempowered “traditions” and disrespectful approaches is one way that I give back to beings who continue to be extremely generous and loving towards me.”

Shamanism, Fae and the Hologram- When Science Meets the Indigenous in the Metaphysical

“Shamanism is a way of living on the altar of Mother Earth. It’s a way to live in balance on the earth, a way of finding not only peace with yourself personally, but peace with nature and your environment. Shamanism is bringing the two worlds together: your inner world—“your heart”—with your outer world. It’s important to be balanced, to be grounded in both worlds.” ~ Keith Varnum, Waking Times

There is a connection between the world of the Fae and the shaman. I came to shamanism in my usual left-brain way, albeit late in life. As part of my anthropological college training I studied shamans and comparative religion, which taught me that every religion and tribal teaching had its merits and its pitfalls. But if you studied them with an open mind you could mine the many gems to be found there. Even back then I held shamans in the highest regard and understood their powers and abilities as integral to survival of their tribes. They talked to the spirits in every living thing, the eagle to the eider, respecting them for their individual attributes and contributions and working with them, receiving both advice and protection in a mutually rewarding relationship. All this is done on another dimension the shaman learns to navigate and it is not much different from working with the Fae. It wasn’t until after I met my lavender faery and read an article about the traits of a modern shaman that I discovered I had actually become one by default. Perhaps you are one too. You can find out here:

Since that fateful day, the ego-based cloak of intellectualism that once defined me has fallen away- it’s a cold way anyway, the world of mind- along with the hubris that interferes so badly with being one with all there is. The soul longs to breathe free, to soar with the ravens and commune with the wolves. This is what shamans do, what we were all meant to do.

I still have much to learn about shamanism but because the Fae, my animal totems and nature spirits have agreed to work with me, it’s quite apparent they are all in cahoots and this is where the power really lies. Bringing this information to you is my way of paying back all the love, protection and spirit of place my faeries and totems have given me, and in fact, most of what you are reading here came from a Faery Muse whispering thoughts in my head that I have merely transcribed for you. In that regard it’s a bit like channeling, something I have never done or aspired to do. They implant a thought, I type it , so this is really a faery with a message speaking to you through me, and this is also the way of the shaman.

“Shamanic wisdom allows you to experience the merging of your individual consciousness with all consciousness and all creation. Here, you are shown the invisible world of Spirit. The natural outcome of this experience is bliss, and stewardship of the Earth.” ~ The Four Winds Society

So how does the hologram relate to faeries and other spirits we cannot see? We hear a lot about The Matrix, referring to the fabricated world we live in as portrayed by the movie of the same name. It is a virtual world created by our thoughts. Quantum physicists and mathematicians confirm that the reality we believe exists is a holographic projection of the collective. Because solid matter is, well, solid, how can it not be real? This is a hard concept for people to wrap their minds around and I’m going to defer to two experts to explain it:

“What we have always thought of as our life, our reality, is not real – according to quantum physics – but actually a holographic 3D movie we have been immersed in, whose wave frequencies have been downloaded from The Field to our brain, where they are translated into particles located in space and time and projected “out there” for us to perceive through our senses.

What this means is that there is no independent, objective reality “out there,” but a wholly subjective reality created totally dependent on what’s “in here.” In short, there is no “out there” out there.” Stephen David, Butterflies Are Free to Fly

“There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it – from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons – are only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own that it is literally beyond both space and time.” Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe

What this boils down to is this:

1) What you think is real, isn’t really

2) Everything, the seen and unseen, is part of the holographic universe

3) The entire universe is encoded in every part of the whole, each atom contains the information to construct an entire universe.

The human brain decodes only a limited number of frequencies and then projects them as images we see. An object like an apple appears solid but like your body and everything else, it is composed of atoms that are 99% space vibrating at a frequency we are able to discern as matter. There are billions of “things” out there in “empty space” we cannot experience because our brains cannot decipher their particular frequency. Multiple dimensions exist in this exomatrix, the one we call reality is just a small speck of it.

One example of this is a rainbow. Humans can see its prism effect because it falls in the limited color range of our perception, but a dog cannot see it because their range of vision tends more toward the ultraviolet. Is a rainbow real then, or just a figment of our perception? While we may not see things like ethereal beings and spirits, we can sometimes sense them because we are also part of the hologram, which explains why people occasionally see ghosts, orbs, angels and leprechauns, or sense when someone is watching them… and someone often is.

“… we can only see about 2% of the light spectrum, and about the same for the acoustic spectrum. In other words we are nearly blind and deaf, yet we trust these perceptions, and base entire belief systems around them as if all the facts were in.” ~ Chautauqua @ Augureye Express

Let’s Make a Deal

We have a vegetable and herb garden surrounded by a small, waist-high fence, and many flower beds with no fences. Deer, rabbits, moles, gophers, slugs and all manner of bugs love gardens as much as people do, and since we have a wildlife habitat as well as a B&B, I often give my guests garden tours. They ask things like: Why don’t the deer eat your flowers, or jump the fence and get into your garden? Why aren’t you afraid of rogue bears? Why do the birds only eat bugs and slugs and not your strawberries? Why do you let squirrels raid your feeders? How come you have so many bees buzzing around you and they don’t sting you? These are just a smidgeon of the questions people ask. I puzzle over how to tell them that I have made deals with the Fae over all these things and more because I don’t want to freak them out and make them uncomfortable. Since we have been completely chemical-free inside and outside for many years and cared for our little piece of mountain heaven with love and gratitude, the Fae love us and help us because we are all working together toward the same goal, protecting Gaia. I normally just punt with, “I have good karma,” which most people understand, kinda, sorta but not really. I can tell by their puzzled faces.

When joining forces with the Fae, there are some basic rules both parties must honor or the relationship will not last. From Laura these are:

1) Your Word Is Your Bond

2) Respect, Not Control

3) No Rudeness

What kind of deals can be made with these powerful beings? You might agree to stop killing spiders in return for faery keeping spiders out of your house. They also offer protection, companionship, guidance, and a secure knowing that a loving being with great power has your back from whatever dark forces might be in the neighborhood. I have all types of powerful animal spirits around me: grizzly bears and wolves primarily, and I know they will never harm me. When you make deals with the Fae, if you keep your end of the bargain, they will keep theirs. Sweet.

What Does It Feel Like to Talk to a Spirit?

Quite frankly, it’s a monumental mind blower and a profound honor. The heart opens up like a dewy rose and sends unconditional love out in pulsing waves of gratitude. My heart actually flutters when this happens. It feels like cardiac fibrillation, but it’s really the heart chakra opening a portal to a world of magic and possibility. Anyone can make this connection, you just have to believe in your own magic.

Raven Moss is the owner of Moss Mountain Inn Eco-Bed and Breakfast on the edge of Glacier National Park, Montana. She hosts guests from all over the world who come to make a personal connection to one of Gaia’s most sacred places. Visit her website at or her Facebook page:

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Frost Faeries in Goshen

Inspired by Raven’s winter journey to heal and protect the waters, I took my own little jaunt to the woods yesterday afternoon. Armed with a Tibetan quartz crystal from Karen Lang of Lemurian Stargate, I set out to gift the waters with some extra gratitude and blessings. Karen has visited the waters in Goshen and regularly does healing and portal work at Lake Tahoe, so her crystal seemed appropriate for this gift. I also had some help from this Fae (don’t let her apparent small size fool you … she’s a powerhouse!):


Goshen Woods

Goshen woods February 17


Raven Moss ~ Along a Crystal River

Today we have a wonderful guest blog post by Raven Moss, who has graciously shared some of her experiences protecting the waters near Glacier National Park. I trust you will enjoy her photos and synchronous story as she inspires each of us to listen and make a difference wherever we are.

Along a Crystal River

By Raven Moss

“Choosing to save a river is more often an act of passion than of careful calculation. You make the choice because the river has touched your life in an intimate and irreversible way, because you are unwilling to accept its loss.”

~David Bolling, How to Save a River: Handbook for Citizen Action

Another North Fork view

It is such a magical time to be alive, to discover we are the change we were waiting for, and that all our past lives, skills, passions and desires are lined up and waiting for us to engage them in service. Many lightworkers believe the phrase “service to others” implies service to people, but “others” can also be animals, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans and Gaia herself. We are all healers in some fashion, even if we only came here to heal our own soul; that alone lifts us all. I am a gridworker by trade, serving Gaia in many capacities for many years in different ways and places, and for my dedication she showers my life with such unparalleled beauty that words fall away when I try to describe her. So when she called me once again to her service, I was honored and humbled. I knew there would be new lessons and skills to learn, there always are.

My latest mission came through Laura on a life path reading she did for me last month. I am a shaman and have plenty of contact with the spirit world, but in this instance I felt the need for some clarification and confirmation from Laura’s intuition and her deep relationship with the Fae. During my reading she asked me if I had water nearby. Ha! I’m only surrounded by hundreds of lakes and rivers, ponds, streams, waterfalls, glaciers, bogs, springs and marshes fed by snow, rain, sleet, hail, graupel, cloudveil, fog, mist, sleet and ice. It all comes from Gaia, it falls on these mountain ranges and valleys in raucous profusion, and flows to the sea right under my nose. Water is my life, it is the giver of all life… it’s what life is all about, Alfie said so.

Laura told me the water spirits were worried, that they needed my help, and that I was to make a crystal grid of protection for all the water draining from the western slope of the Continental Divide. Ha! No problem! No job is too big for Super Shaman!

Raven Moss: "It's all about the water."

Raven Moss: “It’s all about the water.”

Water begins its journey in a pristine state, distilled into clouds by Gaia. I don’t want to get into the downer topic of chemtrails and pollution here; if we are to effectively aid and protect Gaia during this time of ascension, then concepts like “impossible,” “hopeless” or “a waste of time” would render the whole thing moot. The power of intention is all that matters in these matters, the Fae say it is so.

I live on the edge of Glacier National Park, Montana, a short eagle hop from the North Fork River, which is the pathway all water takes from the Northern Rocky Range, all the way into Canada. The North Fork forms the western border of Glacier and meets up with the Middle Fork, which forms the park’s eastern border, at a confluence a short distance from my house, before it continues its winding way to the Flathead Lake, the largest natural body of fresh water west of the Divide. Into those two great rivers flow snowmelt, glacial melt and rain from the Pacific Northwest via streams, springs, waterfalls and dancing cascades. It’s true the glaciers are melting; they’ve been melting for thousands of years, and it’s topographically obvious this is not a new phenomenon because the inn I own and run is surrounded by millions of acres of woodlands and sits on one of the many stair-step terraces carved by this great river as it receded from glacial contraction. This is a special corner of Gaia, where vast water makes its journey from the sea to the sky, and back to the sea again in the dance of life. I was brought here to watch over it, so the Fae have made quite clear.

McDonald Lake in Glacier Park

McDonald Lake in Glacier Park

Water cascades off Glacier's Garden Wall

Water cascades off Glacier’s Garden Wall

It’s all about water in all its forms, all of it, all of us, all of the universe. We are really just waking up to this cosmic knowledge and it’s quite the mind-blower when you finally wrap your head around it.

Otter spirit

Otter spirit

A wood duck on McDonald Creek

A wood duck on McDonald Creek

I am not a crystal worker but in the past few years I have been receiving crystals out of the clear blue. I admired them all and recognize their grand purpose, but had to play catch up on what to do with them and how to care for them. Fortunately (nay, synchronistically!) I grew some sage in my garden last year, made some smudge sticks last fall, and put them away in case I should ever need them. Bingo bango, I discover smudge sticks are perfect for clearing crystals! You can almost see them sigh with relief when the sage smoke clears away all past energies and readies them for new information and purpose.

But Laura said that certain types of crystals are required, specifically rose quartz, aquamarine, clear crystal and topaz. I didn’t have all of those in my cache, so a trip to the local crystal dealer in Whitefish was the next step.

For this expedition I co-opted my friend Judi, who had generously gifted me with her cache of crystals a few months prior, for no particular reason either of us could fathom at the time. We found the door of the crystal dealer shop locked, with a sign that read, “Gone Crystal Hunting.” Hmmm… I know how the open door/closed door sync thing works to lead you on your journey, so we wandered down the street of this cute little western ski town to a place called Crystal Winters, only to discover they don’t carry crystals there, but the woman running the store told us, “Down two streets, left one block.” With snow falling on us in audacious flakes of crystal geometry, we came to a place called Rocks and Things Metaphysical.

The teeny store housed a riot of stones (and all manner of cool metaphysical things) all lovingly chosen by the owner, Velvet, an Akashic Records reader among other soul missions. I told her what crystals I needed and why, and she said, “You’ve come to the right place. There are many people putting crystals in the rivers and I have just the right ones for the job.” Stunned, I was. Judi was even stunnededer. With Velvet’s generous Lightworker Discount and blessings, we left the shop with a faery fist of crystals worthy of cleansing Gaia’s raging rivers.

My reflection on the Middle Fork

My reflection on the Middle Fork

Laura suggested I place the crystals at sites of potential assault or damage. There are no specific places along these rivers and lakes I am overly concerned about; it’s all preciously protected, so far. So instead I reckoned to place them where the crystals would catch the most energy and flow to have the most powerful influence. Despite a diligent on-line search, I could find no instructions regarding a proper water protection ceremony, but from my shaman training I understand ceremony and that it’s fine to create your own as needed. Using your intuition to form intention is a beautiful and powerful thing.

I did follow instructions for handling them: I cleared them with sage, charged them in sunlight, and set them out under a full moon. Along their journey to the Pacific, the waters pass through many challenges and places where it might be taken for ranching, mining or agriculture, where it could be polluted or diverted or dammed, so I programmed the crystals to preserve and protect. During the recent ley lines meditation I read that a gridworker has about an 18-mile radius of influence. That sounded about right to the borders I had intuitively placed already, so that was the radius I chose to do the crystal work.

My dog Bodhi (you can read all about Bodhi’s peace mission on her Facebook page Pups for Peace) and I set out on a cold January day, driving north toward Canada along the North Fork, to a place where a major stream flows into the river and forms a raging rapid. This always felt like an energy vortex when I had kayaked through there in the past and it called me. I held the crystals in my hand, set the intention once again, and walked toward the river. But on this glacial day, a frozen ice ridge had formed along the shore. I had intended to place the crystals in the stream but that required stepping onto the ice shelf, and believe me, once you’ve been there, done that, you don’t want to do that again. So my well laid plans of a gentle, sacred ceremony turned into throwing the crystals into the water and hope that they actually reached the water. Sometimes the best you can do is all you can do.

Bodhi on the North Fork

Bodhi on the North Fork

There were other points of placement made this day of frigid cold and ice, but the bridge leading to Glacier and my route to the Middle Fork was closed for snow, so the second half of my crystal work would have to wait until another day.

Some time goes by, the weather warms, and I grab Judi to join me in my second round of crystal work. The sun was shining, a rare event in this part of the world in the winter, and we placed crystals in several places along the Middle Fork. But I reserved the best crystals for a particular spot I have always loved, one of my favorite places in a wilderness full of incredible places. Glacier’s deep blue Lake McDonald holds crystal clear glacial and snow melt for the entire western half of its million acres of wild and wondrous, and it empties softly into a wide creek that winds through duck and otter habitats to the Middle Fork. Every drop of water flowing from this pristine lake must pass a narrow spot in the creek, and we hiked through deep snow to reach it. It was a wonderful moment in a life filled with wonder when I placed these last crystals in Gaia’s watery arms for safekeeping. Two weeks later, Lake McDonald froze over, the first time it has done so in nearly a century. Coincidence? The Fae know better.

Mountain view of the frozen North Fork River

Mountain view of the frozen North Fork River

Frozen stream on the Continental Divide

Frozen stream on the Continental Divide


Raven Moss is the owner of Moss Mountain Inn Eco-Bed and Breakfast on the edge of Glacier National Park, Montana. She hosts guests from all over the world who come to make a personal connection to one of Gaia’s most sacred places. Visit her website at or her Facebook page: