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TNA @ Rio+20: Lord Monckton Breaks Down the Rio Conference

I’m sharing below a fascinating interview with an insider admitting what’s really going on with Agenda 21 and the Rio +20. Good news: the globalists aren’t winning. There’s a strong movement in the opposite direction. We don’t need no stinkin’ Agenda 21 to save our Earth. We just need to love her, nourish her, garden and wild forage, and release all the technologies that remove human parasitic action. Lord Monckton explains a lot of other details about there being enough of everything to go around. Here’s an insider revealing that poverty is now the number one global issue, but his message comes through with great optimism. He explains how prosperity will help humans to live in co-existence with our fellow creatures and our planet. We can address real environmental issues instead of pseudo ones designed for a global government. Instead of lip service, we can offer real change. I love this message!