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DL Zeta ~ A Unified Mind And Spirit Radiates An Amazing Lightness Of Being – 8 June 2013

Once again, DL Zeta’s post mirrors so much of what I’ve found myself sharing lately in sessions. Very timely. Thanks, Lucas!

DL Zeta ~ A Unified Mind And Spirit Radiates An Amazing Lightness Of Being – 8 June 2013

It’s helpful during this time of shifting energies to include the wishes of your soul in all your decisions. Your conscious mind often relies on past experience in its decision-making, but increasingly, the practice of looking to the past to help chart the future does not work. By setting the intention to align with the wishes of our soul, we become more attuned to its responses. Learning to recognize our soul’s response to the potentials that appear before us provides us with a valuable tool for navigating and shaping the future.

Recognizing your Soul’s Subtle Feeling States

The key to aligning more closely with your soul’s desires is to learn to recognize its subtle feeling states. This is easier now than in the past. The shifts of recent years were designed to clear emotional static that made it difficult to recognize the soul’s feeling states. It’s through these feeling states that our soul communicates its wishes and desires.

Your soul does not always have an opinion about your choices. More often, it responds in moments when you make a decision that will ultimately transport you to a new timeline that exists at a higher or lower frequency than the present moment. These decision points may seem large or small to the conscious mind, which can’t always see the way ahead. Our soul by comparison perceives the flow of energy throughout what we think of as time and knows each crossroads along the path of our spiritual evolution.

Embracing Potentials that Excite your Soul

It sometimes happens that your mind is excited by ideas and potentials but your soul has “no comment” or it says “no.” This is what is going on when your reasoning mind arrives at a decision but you have a lingering feeling that leaves you wondering if you made the right choice.

A decision can make perfect sense from a rational, conscious perspective without exciting your soul. Likewise, a potential may appear to you that doesn’t seem do-able to your conscious mind but your soul vibrates with a resounding yes. When your soul, through its feeling states says yes, do not be concerned with how this new potential will manifest in your life. Just accept that it will and remain alert to directions and guidance from your soul.

Healing Thoughts and Emotions brings Clarity to Soul Desires

The fact that your soul speaks to you in feeling states makes it important to clear away any unresolved emotional energy from the past. Unresolved emotions can interfere with your ability to interpret the feeling states of your soul. When you successfully heal past emotional traumas, you have the clarity to receive the messages of your soul’s feeling states.

The energy of your thoughts carries you into timelines or life tracks that are aligned with their frequency. When you move in the direction of a timeline aligned with the desires of your soul, you feel a deep sense of joy and anticipation. Sometimes there is a lightness of being that brings a quiet certainty to everything you do. By contrast, when your thoughts carry you toward a timeline that is not aligned with the desires of your soul, you may experience uneasiness even though everything may look good through the lens of conscious reasoning.

Following Soul Desires Attracts Life Force Energy

The further you move along a timeline that your soul does not desire, the heavier and more weighed down you feel. This is because you are unable to pull in the life force energy to help you move along this life track. When you move along timelines aligned with your highest potentials, your soul downloads life force energy to help you. When you radiate this enhanced life force flow, you draw what you need to manifest your spiritual purpose. People show up to assist you, resources manifest as they’re needed, and you feel empowered and energized to do whatever is needed to bring your visions into physical reality.

When you choose to move along life tracks that are not aligned with the wishes of your soul, you will not find this level of assistance available. In fact, energy-wise, you may feel tired and fatigued and your efforts seem to encounter resistance at every turn. This heaviness is an indicator that you are draining the resources of your body’s battery reserves to power the unsupported timeline.

A Unified Mind and Spirit Radiates an Amazing Lightness of Being

When a decision appears before you, chart the course with your mind’s expert reasoning ability but also allow your soul to weigh in through its subtle feeling states. You can practice making daily choices in this way, asking your soul to speak so you can learn to recognize its feeling states. Once you learn to recognize and align with the wishes of your soul, every moment becomes a journey of discovery that radiates a lightness of being on the path of joy and spiritual awakening. link to original article

Past Lives and Law of Attraction

When I first began working professionally as a Medical Intuitive ten years ago, I sometimes received past life “hits” while scanning someone’s energy. Every once in awhile past lives surfaced as a factor in symptoms, but I preferred not to access that sort of information. It seemed “weird,” “unprovable,” “way too out there” and downright “New Age-y.” I felt odd enough reading energy and sensing mind-body connections in strangers. All this seeing the unseen stuff seemed like it could take over my life, so I drew an arbitrary, but firm, line around past life issues. The only way I mentioned them was if I could absolutely find no other reason for a particular condition. Even then, I shared the information apologetically, as though turning to other lifetimes for an explanation somehow entailed my own failure to provide a good reading.

Some of you have already heard the story of how and why I began to offer (and respect) past life readings. If that’s the case, please feel free to skip over the next italicized part, so you can continue with the rest of this article.

For those who haven’t heard the story, here’s a recap:

I never in a million years expected to offer past life readings or workshops, but the concept had nagged me since 1998. Even as a practicing medical intuitive, I avoided the topic unless absolutely necessary in a session. I just felt like we could never prove the existence of past lives, and even if we could, who cared? Didn’t this life matter much more than what happened long ago?

Fast forward to November 2006: I needed to wear glasses and desperately wanted to get rid of them by year’s end. If I failed to wear them, I suffered severe migraine headaches and sometimes vertigo; contacts were not an option for this particular vision problem. I meditated on how to get rid of the glasses by January 1, 2007, and the following message came: “Embrace All Past Lives.”

“Fine,” I thought, “I have past lives. Great, I embrace them. Let’s move on.” But no, the message continued that I needed to bring this awareness into my medical intuitive and coaching sessions. “Oh, man!” I thought. “Come on! These people will think I’ve lost it.” But the message remained firm, and I REALLY wanted to get rid of those glasses!

As an experiment, that afternoon, I let myself tune into my clients’ past life issues, shared the information, put multiple lifetimes into context, and thought little more of it. Later that day, I got a terrible headache. It throbbed like migraines from the old days of my head injury. I took off my glasses, and the pain immediately subsided. I noticed that I could read without strain without my glasses, and I have never worn them since!

The next week, I asked those clients if they wanted to discuss the usual issues we’d been working on. They all said, “Oh, I’m done with that. After you put things into context, I realized I could move on.” These were people who had done counseling on such issues for 10 years or more, plus coaching with me for several months. Poof! No more issue.

While not everyone drops patterns quite so quickly, over the years, I have seen enough dramatic and fast shifts through past life work to recognize the value of exploring these alternate realities.

OK, back to 2011 and the wild times on this planet we call Earth! I keep seeing an increasing number of clients dealing with core past life issues — those situations that have followed them throughout many incarnations. Just as in this life, many people overcompensate for perceived weaknesses or faults, on the soul journey, we tend to do the same. We try to mix things up in order to see which factors really cause a particular problem. We might try switching roles with the involved souls: victim for abuser; mother for son; wife for daughter; boss for serf. We might try switching our upbringing: wealth instead of poverty; poverty instead of royalty; whore instead of nun … By the time someone comes to me for advice, they have usually run through several versions of a potential story line with whatever issue they’re calling about. Because of the tendency to overcompensate, these relationships to people or situations get more and more exaggerated, until they seem “larger than life.”

In a sense, they are larger than life — or at least larger than the context of this particular lifetime. I have written about past lives and relationships before in an article called “Soul Mates, Past Lives and Health,” but today I’d like to focus upon past lives and the Law of Attraction. Of course, Law of Attraction also describes a relationship: the relationship you have with the Universe. As such, it’s a rather important one!

How do past lives influence our ability to attract the things we most want in life? And conversely, how can past lives set us up for failure and trauma?

Ideally, we do not drag past life memories with us. When born, a veil separates our current experiences from the ones that came before. Usually, such “forgetting” serves us well. Can you imagine keeping track of every being you’ve ever been? For some people it’s enough to remember to put the trash out on Monday night! By erasing awareness of that which came before, we save ourselves from endless irrelevant details that would otherwise drown our potential for living full lives now.

The tricky part happens when an experience caused tremendous emotion in a past life. Emotions are very powerful! The Abraham-Hicks teachings talk about “your emotional guidance system” as an accurate means of revealing the path from “where you are now” to “where you want to be.” Abraham recommends always “reaching for the next best feeling or thought” and “climbing up the emotional ladder.” They even give an Emotional Guidance Scale to show you which emotions to reach for from which state, since making a giant emotional leap from say, despair to bliss, is a vibrational impossibility. Instead, they recommend shifting emotions via incremental steps until you consistently spend most of your time in the top five states.

Excellent advice! I love Abraham. Their CD’s, books and videos are like having my own personal life coach whispering (or shouting) in my ear. I know that Abraham has said past lives really don’t matter because we’re all Source energy and we’re here to experience and co-create this lifetime. I agree; however –and it’s a big however — sometimes the wires get crossed. Just as in this lifetime you can get something “stuck in your craw,” you can also get something stuck in your soul’s craw. If it comes from this lifetime, you will likely remember it and fixate on it, thereby dragging your vibration down the emotional ladder. When past lives enter the picture, the same dynamic happens, except you likely have no idea what happens to be stuck in your craw. Instead, the situation plays out sideways, as you attract relationship after relationship and situation after situation that you absolutely know you do not want. And yet….there they are. Again. And again.

If it’s not a past life issue, then positive affirmations and the emotional guidance system work great. If it is past life related, then you will find yourself short-circuiting as you attempt to move up and out of the negative space. Meditations like Sat Yam can help by dragging in the raw emotions and releasing them in love, but sometimes the mind just wants to know why. Does it matter? No, not in the bigger scheme of things, but it matters if it matters to you. When the mind can’t figure something out yet senses this “something” relates directly to your ability to attract what you want, then the mind starts fixating on that “something.” In the case of subconscious memories of past lives, the fixation locks the vibration to those old events without giving the release afforded by an a-ha moment.

It is exactly in this scenario that I find past life work so empowering. That extra glimpse into the past, that insight into the story line and dysfunctional dynamics, provides the mind with something it can now understand. The mind might not like the story, but past life revelations (either through regression therapy or past life readings) can put the issues into a context that finally makes sense. Once the mind satisfies itself with an explanation that integrates all the seemingly irreconcilable complexities, it can then move onto other things — like asking for and allowing those things most wanted.

Thoughts attract other thoughts, and our emotions follow quickly behind. If we can just stop fixating on hidden core issues, then we are again free to follow our bliss and manifest the heck out of life. You live more than once, but why not make the most of it? 😉