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Magical Gardening

Today was a day of call and response with the Universe. A day full of answers to requests just made. A day of abundance, sharing, and lots and lots of freebies! You know I love that. 😉

It actually started yesterday when David’s sister emailed me about how excited she is to can some of our tomatoes at the end of August. David and I don’t do much in the way of canned foods (other than Eden brand beans with kombu), so at first I thought this was just a “for Linda thing.” I figured that canning would be a good skill to learn, but I planned to dehydrate most of our excess tomatoes, as I’ve done the two previous years. The more I thought about it, though, the more excited I got, too. David’s mom is a veteran canner who lived through the Great Depression. Having a chance to learn this old art from someone who really used it to feed her family feels like an honor. Plus, I now have eight tomato plants, several of which are already producing more tomatoes than I can handle. Having a canning option to give away large quantities feels like a relief!

In the meantime, I decided that I’ll need to dehydrate a batch of tomatoes ASAP, because we just have way more than we, David’s parents, our friends and neighbors need right now. There’s nothing quite like a homegrown dehydrated tomato in the middle of winter, though — or even as a thickener for a raw food marinara sauce over kelp noodles. As I pondered the August canning, I sent out a very quick request to the Universe that we get more canning jars before then. Since canning’s not really a lifestyle for us largely raw folks, I really didn’t want to spend any money on these jars.

Well! Not even 14 hours after I made the request, along comes a Facebook post for David asking if anyone in Goshen could use dozens and dozens of extra canning jars of various sizes. Score! We drove about eight blocks and picked up a huge trash bag full of jars and lids. We are ready for August. About two hours later, another older friend of ours came by to look at the gardens. We told her about canning the tomatoes and getting the free jars, and she offered us even more jars that she has “just lying around collecting dust.” We accepted and will add her to the canned tomato gravy train.

Yesterday afternoon, I made the sad call to cut down my Boston Marrow Squash in crates, because the squash beetles had decimated them right after I took their picture for the last garden update. This was a serious bummer, but I have now concluded that squash in crates is not an ideal option, at least not with the potting mix I used. It was too difficult to regulate the moisture properly, which stressed out the plants and made them more vulnerable to attack. I was still feeling a bit sad about my poor squash, when I noticed a missed phone call from our friend who wanted to see the gardens. She had been gifted way too many squash leftover from yesterday’s Farmer’s Market and didn’t know what to do with it all!

free squash

In total, she gave us eight squash, some of which I will dehydrate into zucchini chips and share with her … and some of which will make a lovely steamed summer entree. Nature truly wants to show me her abundance! I’ve lost five squash plants, but apparently, that doesn’t matter, because the free harvest continues anyway. In the above photo, you can also see just some of our many tomatoes awaiting tomorrow’s dehydrator adventure with the zucchini. Our Early Girl plant has another 12 tomatoes that should be perfectly red tomorrow morning.

In addition to the free squash, our friend brought us two bags of basil, right after I got the hit to make and freeze loads of pesto. For some reason, I’m not real jazzed about pesto in the summer, but come winter, I crave it. We have plenty of basil for daily harvesting and the occasional pesto meal, but I was wondering how this extra basil would manifest so I could use up the lemons that need using and make enough pesto for many meals. Enter … free purple basil to add to my own harvest:

free basil

Thinking about all this food prep got me thinking about what else I might want to can, and how the heck to use up all the dandelion blossoms currently crowding our freezer. David suggested I throw them out, since we will have plenty more next year, but let me tell you: that was some neck straining work this Spring! I’m not tossing those babies out. Uh-uh. I’ve got one container of blossoms defrosting so I can make dandelion vinegar, which works as a tonic to help release the calcium in greens. Supposedly, greens eaten with a bit of herb or dandelion vinegar increase calcium absorption by at least 1/3. Nice!

free dandelions for jam

Sooo, with my free dandelions and some apple cider vinegar, after about six weeks in a dark corner, I’ll have a super potent, mineralizing health tonic that will last indefinitely. Click here to learn how to make your own herbal vinegars.

Of course, this barely makes a dent in my dandelion blossoms, so I started looking for dandelion jam or jelly recipes that use birch sweetener (also known as xylitol, or as we call it, “Berkano.”) Sure enough, I found a lavender infused dandelion xylitol jam recipe that will make fine faery use of the smaller canning jars we just inherited. The lavender has convinced me to make a go of this one, and it will make the whole canning process that much more exciting. I guarantee David’s mom has never canned dandelion jam!

The big impetus for relieving the freezer of dandelion flowers really comes from my recent daydreams about our Fall and Winter gardens. Oh, yes, Spring and Summer are just a phase here. I’ve spent all week figuring out whether to make or buy a cold frame and if we need a dedicated winter garden bed. Indeed, we do. The black sides of all our current garden beds should keep the soil warmer for a month on each side of the traditional gardening season, but the InstaBeds and repurposed Sleep Number Bed frame pose some interesting challenges in terms of cold frames. We considered creating a huge hoop house to cover all the beds, but that feels like a bigger project than we want to take on this year.

After much research and weighing cost versus time, I think I’ve decided on a combo raised bed/cold frame unit. Easy assembly. Twelve year warranty on the bed. Two year warranty on the cold frame. This 4′ x 8′ x 10.5″ structure will allow me to plant a wide variety of crops that need to get started before some of my bigger plants have completed their life cycle. Our raised beds have offered so much produce already compared to anything we’ve put in the ground that it seems like a no brainer to start another raised bed with winter crops, rather than try to force our soil into something it’s not (yet).

I’ve been reading Eliot Coleman’s “Four Season Harvest,” and he makes all those Fall and Winter veggies sound so delectable that I’m turning into even more of a foodie than I already am. I started looking at current plants that could make room for new crops in the next couple weeks, and I decided that my cilantro that’s gone to seed will come out (duh), but also that I can pull the lemongrass that has taken over the west side of an InstaBed.

this is from a few weeks ago, but already you can see the lemongrass looking like a huge ornamental in the round bed.

this is from a few weeks ago, but already you can see the lemongrass looking like a huge ornamental in the round bed.

I started thinking about all the carrots I could plant in the lemongrass spot and began researching how to preserve lemongrass for tea and all that yummy Thai soup I’ll crave come winter but not right now. It’s totally doable, but man, those plants are telepathic! I went outside to harvest a little bit for tonight’s stirfry, and I swear that plant drew blood. It has never done that before, but I think it was mad that I’d discard it so easily when it’s so beautiful. The grass part is very sharp, and you do need to be careful with lemongrass. Still, it reminded me exactly of the times I’ve harvested stinging nettles with nary a prick until I’ve heard them say inside my head, “That’s enough now!” Whenever I’ve ignored that message and taken “just a little bit more,” then whammmmm! Those nettles have stung me something fierce. I’m currently negotiating with the lemongrass about the possibility of becoming an overwintered indoor plant — just one stalk to start, and only if she promises to behave inside. No cuts on chapped winter skin!

Anyway, I apparently need to watch my thoughts not only around my plants, but also inside the house. Just like in The Secret Life of Plants, they really are listening and aware. I’m relieved to know that other gardeners and herbalists have had similar experiences with plants and that science appears to support claims of plant telepathy. I know my garden also grows even better after someone comes by and praises it. The next day, the plants and flowers puff up and glow with pride.

Tonight, they got quite the compliment from our friend, whose husband was a passionate gardener until he passed away four years ago. She has been telling me all about his love of plants, wild food foraging and gardening, about how he planted the fruit bushes and trees in Goshen College Woods, and how a chance meeting in a wild strawberry patch led to them finding their delightful lakeside home. She has shared stories to the point where “Lores’s green thumb” has taken on mythic proportions. Tonight she said, “Well, I can’t believe it, but your garden is even more lush than his, and he was gardener his entire life.” My mouth about hit the wood mulch, but I’m sure the plants are happy. Between that vote of confidence and the synchronously arriving eight squash, I feel OK about losing the squash beetle battle. It’s the cycle of life, right? And that loss has underscored something even more amazing, which I already knew but can always realize anew:

We live in an exuberantly abundant, joyful and generous Universe. Remember that. Breathe that in and live it. Then pass it along.

What a magical 24 hours! Blessed Be.

Working with the Elementals

People call our house “The Faery Cottage,” and it’s true, I always have quite a community of faeries around me wherever I go. I’ve worked with them for years in my personal life, painting doors with faery symbols, studying Runes, trees and Ogham, painting their symbols and generally trying to transform the rough or ugly into something more beautiful. That’s what I do. In 2010, I had a magical experience around my birthday. Tania Marie gifted me a faery portal door that instructed me, “Place these doors against a wall or skirting board and let the fairies into your home.” I did so, and the very next day, a blue faery arrived in the mail! I’ve kept them together ever since:

Faery Portal and Faery

In 2011, my work with the faeries increased in two ways: 1) I started asking the Elementals to help buffer some of the negative Earth changes plotted and planned by the psychopaths running HAARP, Monsanto, Agenda 21 and other nasties; and 2) I started gardening. I can’t know exactly how much to attribute to them, but last year, nothing happened with the New Madrid Fault or the Hoover Dam, despite numerous veiled threats and a few troubling nightmares. I know the Elementals did something, because they are even more sensitive than we are to perversions of Nature and the natural order. At some point, those concerns simply left my field.

The gardening process arose from similar intuitive concerns when Earth was on a pretty negative trajectory in early 2011. I love gardening now, but truth be told, I began it due to paranoia about access to fresh, organic foods, should the SHTF. What sprang from fear quickly turned into love, though. I turned into a gardening nerd, reading 30+ books in Winter and Spring 2011. Even with all that reading and being now in my second year of gardening, I found that certain common garden problems plagued me. Bunnies kept eating my choice greens; aphids sucked the chlorophyll out of some plants, and some plants just confused me on whether they needed more or much less water. I asked the faeries for help with these issues because I wanted to harmonize with Nature, not dominate it. This post describes them requesting “bling” in exchange for their assistance. David happened to read that post while traveling and surprised me (and our gnome and faery helpers) with some gifts on his return:

Begonia Tea Party

Miniature Adirondack chairs, table, mini tea set? Check. I situated these by an ailing begonia, which had gotten scorched outside in the same spot it had thrived last year. The sun is more intense this year! Despite my best efforts, this formerly gorgeous plant was down to minimal leaves and barely hanging onto its life. Definitely a job for the faeries! I figured if I enticed them to spend time with the plant, they’d start healing it. So far, so good.

For the downstairs, we now have spiral chairs, a table and other tea accessories. It’s been so hot outside, I offered the faeries a cool place to sit, next to the always on display “The Secret Garden” book. I thought they’d enjoy the feeling of outdoors while inside without any obligations whatsoever:

Secret Garden “Patio” Tea Party

I felt an uptick in faery energy after these additions. For the outside, David also procured us some faery and gnome statues to encourage additional garden visitors:

The Dandelion and Tat Soi Faery

A Moon and Star Faery has joined our Gnome (hiding under the tomatillo “bush”)

A Gnome and Faery welcome animals to the water we leave out for them.

All these photos look wet, because it rained for the first time in what feels like forever! That in itself is quite a magical little story of working with the Elementals. One disadvantage of being an empath is that I feel … pretty much everything. Acutely. Although our yard has held up remarkably well in the exceptionally dry weather, even my efforts at moisture assistance had begun to wither. The garden looks great, but my back and neck just got tired of hauling gray water to the back yard and front perennials. I did what I could, focused on Leguu/LAF, the Rune of flow; however, by yesterday morning, my nerves had begun to feel like roots with no water in reach. My nerves felt raw, parched and brittle. I know the astrological line up and solar flares influenced that, too, but I really think it was the plants.

I didn’t sleep well several nights in a row, just feeling neurologically thirsty and like something needed to shift very, very soon. One night, when I did fall asleep, every so often (and it felt very often!), something would fall, make a loud noise, or otherwise interrupt my much needed rest. It was weird, and not just in my head. We have a huge painting by Tania Marie in our bedroom, and it literally crashed to floor two nights ago, waking me out of my just achieved REM state.

Anyway, by yesterday afternoon, I was struggling. I ground myself a lot. I practice positive visualizations, sacred chants, get regular chiropractic, nourish my adrenals, imagine the world I wish to live in … but none of this tuned out the dryness of the non-garden plants. While I attempted unsuccessfully to nap, I finally cried out to the Elementals for help. I asked them for a protective bubble like the elves and faeries have at Skellig Michael in Ireland. I reminded them that as difficult as it sometimes feels, I stay in this world to help shift things in a more positive direction. Whereas the Elementals can hide when the energy gets tough, I’m still here: “Throw me a filter, please! I’m willing to act as your liason, but I need some help once in awhile, too. I feel things as acutely as you do, but I don’t run. I’m still here, working with the humans.”

I felt huge compassion after my telepathic outburst, and the Elementals gathered together to ask me what I most needed. “Rain,” I said. “Please, would you bring us some rain?” They assured me they would do everything in their power to bring some rain, and I felt a noticeable shift. Last evening, our next door neighbor and I stood outside, chatting over the fence. “It smells like rain, doesn’t it?” she asked. “Sure does,” I said, “30-40% chance over the next three days.” We joked about adding up the two 40%’s with the one 30% for over a 100%, crossed our fingers and reminded the Sky that it “could do it.” I went to bed feeling more relaxed than I have all week.

I slept next to a carnelian wand (crystals are part of the Elemental kingdom, too, along with gnomes, elves, faeires, leprechauns, animals and others). Early this morning, I heard singing. Not human singing, I decided … these sounds felt like windchimes just beyond ordinary human capacity to hear. In my drowsy early morning state, I tuned into where the sounds seemed to be coming from. They were in our backyard. Suddenly, in my mind’s eye and in my body, I saw, felt and heard hundreds of faeries dancing in a circle, while gnomes formed an outer circle and dragonflies fluttered around the group. They were singing and laughing and dancing up a storm. Literally! Thunder began to rumble, and pretty soon the raindrops began to fall. It poured and poured, and I felt my brittle nerves begin to rehydrate and join the party. Mr. Gnome tells us we got nearly 3/4″ of rain this morning:

Mr. Gnome keeps track of rainfall.

Our rain barrel is full, our ground wet, and my cup runneth over in gratitude. As my friend, Shelley, posted yesterday on her blog, “If we believe in the elemental kingdoms, the elementals become stronger, more real. If they are more real, they can sustain a vibration in our 3D world that will heal the destruction of our natural world. This in itself can be one of the launching pads to that ascension we drool and dream about.” I couldn’t have said it or experienced it better myself. Much love!

Ocean’s 11:11 Beltaine (May 1)

Greetings, Earth Doulas, Shamans, Witches, Healers, Lovers and Human Evolutionary Midwives! Thanks so much for your joyful participation in this event. I’ve heard privately from so many people who would love to participate but want additional guidance and suggestions. Hence this blog post. Shazzie, the co-facilitator of Ocean’s 11:11, just posted here, as well. Today’s post will include some specific chants, meditations, spells and ideas. Please feel free to follow them exactly if they resonate, or else use these as springboards for your own unique offering(s). If you feel ready already, then please just take note of the initial reminders below. If you would like additional tips, then you’ll want to continue reading all the way to the end. 🙂


A Brazilian shaman friend of mine sent me the following observation and reminders that I’ll share here, as I wholeheartedly agree with him:

“A new story needs to be created, all of the intended work that you are seeking to do must come from a place of newness. No part of the old story can be brought into the new as it would merely pollute and toxify the story and simply feed the darkness. There can be no anger or revenge brought into the work or it too will simply feed the darkness.”

I have mentioned this consistently from the very first Ocean’s 11:11 idea: the entire process is intended as a strengthening and celebrating of those things we DO want. Yes, much darkness exists at this time; we certainly get to enjoy contrast en route to 2012! Focusing anger or revenge on those who’ve tried to oppress humanity only fuels their energy. When you catch yourself feeling angry, allow that emotion to lead you to a greater awareness of that which you DO seek, and ask how this new awareness might intensify the ways you can manifest those desires into your reality.

When dealing with magick or ritual, intention and vibration become increasingly important. If you do not feel you can engage in a spell or ritual without dragging anger or negativity into it, then please refrain from the spells or rituals. This requires some self-assessment, and there’s no shame in your honest evaluation. You can still participate with a meditation or mantra offered to “The Highest Good of All.”

In fact, let’s offer everything for “The Highest Good of All.” This simple tag line allows us easily to shift from attachment to intention. There IS a difference! Attachment to results tries to micromanage those results, and the issues, organizations and bigger picture are so large and complex that it would be much more powerful for the unified intentions of Freedom, Love, Health, Joy, Abundance, Healing, etc. to join together and leave the how’s up to the Universe. If too many people try to micromanage the exact parameters of these collective intentions, we run the risk of cancelling each other out. It’s also much safer and easier on a grand scale to make a clear offering of Love in service of “The Highest Good of All,” rather than trying to remember every single detail, law, or desire. Intention speaks the desire and then lets all the power of the Universe get to work in making that desire manifest.


Beltaine is a traditional purification ceremony and celebration of newness and fertility. For this first Ocean’s 11:11 event, it feels important to offer collective healing for humanity, specifically healing related to shame, victim mentality and co-dependence, all of which interfere with the willingness to ask for and receive something better. Without healing a core resistance to accepting a wonderful, beautiful, abundant life, we can do all the rituals and spells in the world, and things will just return to some version of the imbalanced status quo.

On an individual level, we have each been victims and abusers at some point in our many lifetimes. This dynamic of victim and abuser plays itself out in our own lives and on the bigger canvas of this world, with entire governments and institutions victimizing the masses right now. In order for the victim/abuser dance to continue, co-dependency must flourish, as each receives some “benefit” from the other. In the sense that our outer world reflects our inner world, every situation in our lives and on this planet shows the areas that still cry out for healing inside ourselves.

Whatever your offering for Beltaine, please take a moment to offer yourself forgiveness for any perceived wrongs you have done to yourself or others, and please do your very best to extend forgiveness to those around you, including our governments, BigBanks, and anyone else you view as an aggressor or oppressor. They are teaching us something, and once we absorb the lesson with gratitude they will have no more reason to appear in our lives as tormentors or aggravators. Accept the lesson and we will not need the instructors. Any offerings can also amplify this intent for both individual and collective healing of shame, guilt, feelings of victimization or abuse. When we take responsibility for everything in our lives, we free ourselves from unwanted influence. We free ourselves to return to the natural state of abundance and flow.

Also in light of Beltaine’s fertility energy, many people have decided to include some sort of “love in” or sex magick in their offerings. What a wonderful way to gift some potent love energy to this planet. If you’ve got a willing partner who wants to join in this collective intent, or even if you just want to send that intent out on your own orgasmic wave, please do whatever you feel called to do in the name of love and healing. 😉


For those who would like to recite a simple mantra, please feel free to chant whatever most resonates with you. I would particularly suggest the following:

OM (pronounced Ahhh-oooo-mmm)

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (click here for an explanation)

or the Hrim mantra, which is one traditionally used for Purification and Transformation. It is known as a Bija (or seed) mantra, again tying in with both the purification and fertility/newness themes.

“HRIM (pronounced Hreem) is the prime mantra of the Great Goddess and ruler of the worlds and holds all her creative and healing powers. HRIM governs over the cosmic magnetic energy and the power of the soul and causal body. It awakens us at a soul or heart level, connecting us to Divine forces of love and attraction. HRIM is the mantra of the Divine Maya that destroys the worldly maya. It has a solar quality to it but more of a dawn-like effect. It is charming and alluring, yet purifying . Through it we can control the illusion power of our own minds.

“In Vedic terms HRIM is a mantra of the Sun, particularly in terms of illumination. It increases our aspiration and receptivity to Divine light, wisdom and truth. It opens the lotus of the heart to the inner Sun of consciousness. It is a mantra of the region of heaven or the consciousness space in which all the worlds exist.” (For more information about Seed Mantras, please click here.)

Reciting a mantra 108 times gives it extra potency. You can chant along with this video or with mala beads, if you have them:

Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung is another beautiful chant from the kundalini yoga tradition. This healing prayer can be whispered, silently chanted or sung aloud to the tune of Pachelbel’s Canon. Completely lovely and gentle!


If you would like to meditate, please remember the themes and tailor your visualization, music, and/or quiet focus to these. You might want to follow a guided meditation from Abraham-Hicks’ “Getting into the Vortex,” if you own that resource. Otherwise, some Mozart, Chopin, or deeply relaxing alpha, theta or holosync meditation CD’s can get you into a receptive and highly creative state.

Even though a very small population on this planet has actively abused the Earth, to the degree we have allowed this to happen, we are all culpable. For this reason, I would like to include Dr. Emoto’s healing prayer for the waters at the reactors of Fukushima, but branch this out to ALL water on planet Earth: “Oceans of the Earth, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”


Drumming by yourself or in a drum circle with clear intent can be a powerful way to connect with the inner rhythm of the Earth. Shamans often use one or more drummers while performing healing ceremonies. As with any of these suggestions, your intention, sincerity and enthusiasm are the most potent ingredients. If you feel called to drum, please don’t worry about you’ll sound. The Earth will hear your healing prayers.


Novice magick practitioners can go to a metaphysical shop and purchase candles infused with essential oils, charms, colors and intents. If you’d like May 1 to include a bit of magick but don’t know where to begin, this could be a great start. The candles often come with a small set of instructions, and the spell lasts until the candle(s) burn out.

One very powerful spell called “The Comb and Mirror Spell,” I learned from the Druid, Shawn Blackwolf. In order to do this spell, you must have long enough hair to make three braids and braid them together. He cautions to be VERY clear of intent with this spell, as it’s extremely powerful. Here it is as taught by Shawn:

“Comb And Mirror Ritual Chant

by Blackwolf

Age Group: Adult

“With Comb Of Shaping , And Mirror Of Reflection ,
I Call The Powers From Every Direction ,
Water And Fire , Air And Earth , And
Spiritual Power To Give All Birth ,
I Call Ye Forth , I Summon Thee , By The Power
Of Three Times Three , All That Is As I Decree ,
I Call Ye Powers , To Me , To Me !

“I Bind The Power In Me Hair ,
To Be Used As Only I Know , And Dare ,
When I Unleash This Triple Braid ,
The Spell’s Intent , Will Be Made”

“Author’s Notes: While Combing , And Braiding , Your Hair , Chant
Over And Over , With Mgieckal Intent , And Building
In Charge And Force , Until You Are Finished ;
See The Streams Of Elemental Energy Flowing
Toward You , Filling Your Hair ;

“When You Unbraid Your Hair , ( Within Three Days ,
Or Less ) , Hold A Creative Visualization , With Full
Focus And Intent ……Be Careful , This Works !

“For Any Interested , Research The Ancient Comb
And Mirror Traditions Via Anthropological Sites ;
This Was Always Part Of Our Crreayafth Tradition

“By The Way , I Recommend To My Students When
Visualizing Elemental Mgieck From The Perspective
Of The Paleolithic Faery Tradition , To Visualize It ,
That Way …… Raw Energy , Wildstorms , Savage
Seas , Volcanoes , Earthquakes , Tornadoes ,
Lightning And Thunder , And Walls Of Fire Racing
The Land , To Purify , And Begin Anew , And See
Themselves In The Middle Of It ……

“Faery Mgieck Is Not For Wimps Or Fluffbunnies

P.S. A Little Brouge Inflection, Is Helpful With The

Sympathetic Magic

Some people consider this the most “primitive” form of magick, with an object representing a larger object, person or concept. Voodoo dolls are an example of sympathetic magick, but so is using a pillow to send distance Reiki to someone else, or a globe to send energy to the entire world. Crystals, feathers, candles, charms, boxes of intentions, photographs or vision boards can all function as sympathetic magic when charged with the intention of manifesting whatever they represent.

For Christians, you could consider taking the Eucharist (Communion) with the intention of an Earth healing.

So get creative! If you feel artistic, consider creating a portal painting, diorama, vision board or even a meal, eaten in observation of the Highest Good of All. The sky is not the limit here, but feel free to aim at least that high. 🙂


Reiki is universal life force enegy, or divinely directed healing energy. It is always helpful, so if you have any training in Reiki, please feel free to tap into the healing power of the universe as part of your Beltaine offering. Reiki Master Teachers can go one extra step and offer a healing attunement for Mother Earth, all of Nature, and humanity. Know that your blessing will be received as such by those who wish to receive the healing.


If anyone lives near or can easily get to vortexes, sacred sites, sacred wells, portals, or ley line intersections, these spots will dramatically amplify the power of your intentions. Please remember to hold the highest vibration of love that you can in these spots!

Earth Medicine

Any kind of sweat lodge, Native ceremony, shamanic ceremony, or even just walking barefoot on the Earth and honoring her current, will help you to tap into Earth Medicine. If you do not follow a specific tradition, feel free to hug a tree, sunbathe, garden (and scatter seeds with intention), or invite the faeries, devas and Earth spirits to join and amplify your intention. At night, you can stare up at the stars and invite help and healing from beyond as well.

Oh, and one last thing… may I suggest Motherwort as a part of this? Here are the magickal attributes, and it’s a common weed in Europe and the US, likely the UK, too:

“Magical Attributes
Motherwort energies promote inner trust and confidence that the ultimate outcome will be best for all involved in the fullness of time. It is also used for counter-magic and associated with immortality and spiritual healing. It is a protective herb, especially in spells designed to protect pregnant women and their unborn children.

Motherwort can be smoked to promote astral projection, but smoking too much can cause respiratory arrest. It is therefore perhaps best used as a smudge or burned as incense rather than smoked directly. It is especially effective in combination with mugwort.

Motherwort is associated with Frigga (Freya, Frige, Fricka, Frija) and Ogun
It corresponds to the energy of Leo, Venus, and the element of Water.”

(from: I’m thinking counter magick will be helpful, and also the connection w/ Mother Earth and the qualities of strength, protection and highest good of all. It’s also commonly used by midwives, and thus seems appropriate to a birthing ceremony for a new Earth.

If you have access to or interest in Ayauasca or Iboga and you know of or are, a qualified shaman, these sorts of sacred ceremony and Earth medicine would also be powerful contributions.

Much Gratitude

I just want to say thank you again to everyone who cares enough about our planet and our times to join this collective intention and love fest. Deepest, heartfelt blessings to you and yours! Much Love and Namaste.