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E3Live for Animals: Sophie’s Story

Even though I’m a raw foodist, I first learned about E3Live in an Animal Communication Session.  Within the span of a week, three animals asked their human friends to buy them some and use it liberally.  

What is it?”  asked the humans. 

“Beats me,” I thought.  I looked it up online and sent them a link to research on their own.  You see, I’m not a veterinarian, and I don’t specialize in animal superfoods.  I’m just a translater, someone who understands the picture talk and non-verbal messages of animals.  I can also scan their energy and dig deep for subconscious memories they’ve blocked or forgotten.  But animal superfoods?  Not normally my thing!

Consistently, these animals broke through traditional non-verbal communication.  They not only showed me a picture of the bottle; they asked for it by name.  The request seemed odd in its intensity (and English), but at the time, I had attracted some pretty ill animal clients.  After passing along the information, I thought of other things until even more animals requested the exact same thing.  It was like the whole animal kingdom had suddenly heard good things about E3Live.  I passed along the information without too much further thought. 

And then the stories trickled in … .  After hearing them, I too became a believer.  A bird named Chuck (you’ll hear about him in another post) grew back his long missing tail feathers.  Some kitties stopped attacking plants in between cat naps.  Several dogs astounded their vets by saying “no” to terminal illness–at least for a lot longer than anyone expected.  Horses grew livelier, and some human friends felt so impressed with their animals’ results that they started taking it, too. 

Most people buy E3Live (a blue green algae also known as AFA) in flake form for their animals.  (Humans can take it as frozen shots or pills, but these folks just sprinkled the flakes on their own cereals and sandwiches.)  They told me stories about blue-green milk for breakfast, peanut butter and algae for lunch …  Sure, it tasted funny, but these clients who lived under massive stress suddenly felt like they could better handle things.  Their brains just stopped going into panic mode, no matter what life threw at them.  After a while, some animals started to pick my brain during sessions, asking why I hadn’t already suggested E3Live for them. 

Of all the E3Live stories I’ve heard or witnessed, Sophie’s touches my heart in an extra special way. 



I “met” Sophie after she had been given only weeks to live.  A standard poodle, Sophie had led a good life, rescued into the Shangri La of Doggieville.  She didn’t just “go outside.”  She and the other three dogs, along with a hopeful neighbor pooch, had their own dog amusement park–complete with Christmas lights, personalized toys, and decorations.  They lived on the edge of a national monument.  With wide acreage and no competing children, Sophie and her canine friends have led many a human to request, “Hey, if I die and have to come back, I wanna be one of your dogs.  Seriously, they have the life!”  

Sophie’s human friend rescues dogs, and inserts them into their own heaven on earth.  She even won monthly dog support in a divorce settlement at a time when no one had yet considered such things! Sophie was one well-loved and well-cared for poodle. 

But weak genetics and stress had begun to take their toll.  In September 2007, a veterinarian diagnosed Sophie with the most “fast-acting” type of lymphoma cancer, and she was given weeks, maybe a few months at most to live.  Her human friend took Sophie to four of the top vets in Colorado, and everyone agreed she would die by Christmas.  About two weeks after Sophie’s diagnosis, her human friend’s husband suffered a severe brain injury while racing cars.  Like Sophie, Stephen received a dismal prognosis. 

Because of my brain injury book  and articles, Sophie’s human found my site online, and I started helping her help Stephen.  When she mentioned in passing her dog’s terminal illness and impending death, I offered to tune in for Sophie’s last requests.  We arranged a time, and Sophie shared that she would like some E3Live.  She also indicated that one of her holistic supplements was causing her respiratory distress (which her human friend later confirmed).  With the vet’s cooperation, Sophie’s protocol now included only E3Live and prednisone, with none of the extremely expensive cancer treatments.  Since no one believed those would work, the aim switched to supporting Sophie’s highest quality of life for as long as possible.

Miraculously, Sophie’s lymphoma all but disappeared, and she continued to live a fabulous life in doggie nirvana.  Despite regular check-ups, this “fast-acting cancer” became imperceptible until the final two weeks of her life.  With her protocol of E3Live and prednisone, Sophie lived until August 1, 2008, almost an entire year after her initial diagnosis.  In dog time, she gained almost seven years of high-quality, chemotherapy-free life!

During this extra time, Sophie decided to expand her natural healing gifts.  She expressed a desire to send energy to support Stephen in his own recovery.  Like her, he had been left for dead, declared permanently disabled with no justification for treatment.  Fortunately for Stephen, his wife had become as tenacious an advocate for him as she was for Sophie. 

As with Sophie, Stephen benefited from energy work and intuitive sessions, but Sophie also wanted to do her own part.  While researching my novel (currently in progress), I discovered that reflexology has helped some people recover from severe brain injury and comas … which gave me an idea for Sophie.  She began to imagine licking Stephen’s feet to stimulate reflexology points, and she did so every day for two weeks.  According to objective standards set by the rehabilitation facility, he improved!

Some of you may have noticed a recent acceleration of time and intensity.  Projects suddenly seem to have tighter deadlines; dates have become very precise; relationships or projects that hovered in the mediocre range may now demand immediate, assertive action.  On July 26, 2008, we entered a new Mayan Calendar year, and this event was followed by 10 “portal days.”  

8/1/08 marked an especially significant time, with a simple message: “I am a galactic portal.  Enter me!”  Sophie chose this day to depart, and at least one poweful little soul chose it as her date of conception.  Events also chose this time period to uproot Stephen into a better treatment facility.  Sophie’s human recognized the connection between Stephen’s improved care and Sophie’s departure, as though Sophie had held on just long enough to support his transition.   

Although we will miss Sophie in the physical realm, she certainly lives on in spirit!  In fact, Sophie has been one of the prime motivators behind this Animal Communication Blog.  She also asked (or demanded!) I write this post in time for my September newsletter, in order to get the word out about E3Live and also to help send more love, prayer, Reiki and blessings Stephen’s way.  Although he has astonished multiple medical teams and rehabilitation experts, he still has a long haul ahead of him.  In her gentle way, Sophie wants to remind us all of the fragility and beauty of life.  We are each connected in delicate yet powerful ways.