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Jubilee 101

Just wanted to make blog readers aware of a fabulous (and free) online resource for all things DIY and permaculture/organic gardening oriented. The Jubilee 101 site offers thousands of PDF’s, which you can download for free, as well as over 100 videos. You can learn how to quilt, how to passively cool or heat your home, companion planting, how to fix a door, how to harvest rainwater, how to make raised beds … even how to build your own yurt.

This site addresses pretty much anything and everything DIY or permaculture-related, so I’d encourage people to go there and explore. If something nudges your intuition as important for you to know, you’re free (and encouraged) to print out the PDF’s for future reference. On Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, you don’t always know your exact, final destination; nor can you always predict traffic jams, detours or rest stops along the way. You just never know when you’ll appreciate printed road maps to get you back on track instead of whatever bizarre detour life throws your way. Plus, the funny thing about Law of Attraction is that when you feel secure and like you have what you need to handle anything and everything, then the need for such intense lessons has a funny way of bypassing you.

How is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure? When preparation provides obvious, immediate cures the moment the issue/illness/undesired situation arises … and … when preparation creates such a strength of inner knowing and confidence that our inner vibration overrides any external insecurities tossed our way by shaky economies, falling skies or quaking Earth. In any case, Jubilee 101 offers a lot of material for the super low price of no price, making it quite literally a priceless resource. I have no relationship with the site. I just like passing along good information when I find it.

Blessings on the journey!