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Diabetes Health Tips

As a Medical Intuitive, I have spoken and written before on Diabetes and the importance of allowing ourselves to receive the natural sweetness of life. The following article by guest blogger Kristina Ridley offers a more practical, physical level approach. When treating any disease, especially chronic conditions, I find that multi-layered strategies work well. Our energy bodies interconnect on all levels; emotions and thoughts affect the physical, while body chemistry changes our perceptions and the ways we experience life. With Diabetes in epidemic proportions, I welcomed Kristina’s offer to provide this preventative information. Hope you enjoy!

See How Easily You Can Prevent Diabetes Through Blood Glucose Test

By Guest Blogger Kristina Ridley

The pancreas is a body part which Type 2 diabetes affects. When we take in food, the sugar in it turns into glucose then goes into the blood stream. When it gets in blood cells, the pancreas lets loose insulin that allows our body to use up the glucose like fuel. People who have a Type 2 diabetes condition will find it difficult to make as well as use insulin. Your body contains plenty of glucose; however your cells are unable to find it.

The American Diabetes Association has the duty of looking for information regarding this important medical condition. 23.6 million individuals living in America currently have diabetes, and because of this the country is seen as very unhealthy. Ninety percent of this figure has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and the tendency to be overweight usually run in the family. If there is too much glucose in your body, it could result in serious internal organ damage and affect one’s nervous system.

Living with Diabetes

The easiest and the most efficient way to treat your Type 2 diabetes is through healthy living practices on a daily basis. Among these practices include eating healthy and engaging in exercise. The healthy practices that you regularly do will have an enormous lasting and positive effect on you.

To avoid health complications, many doctors have recommended that you ensure that the glucose levels in your body are within the appropriate range. The blood glucose level in your body can easily be monitored simply by using the finger prick test. Such a test is as good as an HbA1c test when it comes to checking and tracking your glucose fluctuations.
This HbA1c test is able to determine the levels of glycated hemoglobin in your body, as well as know if the glucose levels are on the high side. The average level which diabetics maintain, as per the A1c test results, are at seven percent. One can experience a 40% reduction in the possibility of developing risks if people simply ensure that their A1c levels are kept at seven percent.

Over-Controlled Levels

A lot of studies nowadays indicate that keeping one’s A1c levels lower than seven percent could actually be a bad thing. There was one study which was done in Seattle’s Lancet and Swedish Medical Center that found out that there is a higher death risk for people whose levels are median at best and people who take insulin. On the other hand, other tests show that a seven percent A1c level is still quite healthy. While physicians take into account their patient’s medical history before the planned treatment, a 7% level of A1c is still good according to endocrinologist Matt Davies.

About the Author – Kristina V. Ridley writes on glucose meter , her personal hobby blog focused on helping people get free information to prevent diabetes and test blood glucose at home.

For a multi-layered look at Diabetes or other chronic health issues, please feel free to schedule a Medical Intuitive Session with Laura Bruno.

6 Reasons to Go Raw for the New Year

(Cynthia Mosher, Editor of Veg Family Magazine, just posted a review of The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide.  Click here to read it.) 

Laura’s Top 6 Reasons to Go Raw for 2009:

1)  With the right raw diet tailored to your body, mind and spirit, you can eat tons of food and still keep that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

2)  You can amplify that fresh, New Year’s energy by including more fresh, living foods in your body.

3)  Ditch the winter doldrums with vibrant produce and superfoods.  Most people notice their depression and brain fog lifting after only a few days on an all or mostly raw vegan diet.  Even increasing your raw to cooked ratio by 10-20% can create a huge mood lift.

4)  Raw food is the wave of the future.  I always say, “Any diet where you can eat this much, look this radiant, and still lose weight, is not going away!”  As more celebrities and newstations become aware of the effects of organic, raw, vegan, living foods, we can expect to see more and more raw friendly options popping up everywhere.  In fact, it’s already happening.  When I first went raw in 2004, the only raw items I could find even at Whole Foods were in the produce section.  Now we have our choice of several varieties of raw granola, tons of chocolate options, trail mixes, even brownies!

5)  It’s good for the planet.  True, flying exotic berries across the globe can leave a larger ecological footprint than eating locally grown produce, but changing to a largely unprocessed vegan diet will still give you more “carbon credits” than driving a hybrid!  You can improve your health AND feel good about your contribution to the greater world.

6)  It’s all about the vibration, and high vibe foods make high vibe folks.  The more individuals raise their own vibration, the more they follow their intuition and little synchronicities.  The planet as a whole begins to shift.  Despite the wars, despite global warming and the so-called global financial crisis, Earth is still a pretty awesome place to live.  … And it’s getting better!

Happy New Year!!  May you find and create beauty, light and love!

Many Blessings,

Laura Bruno

Menu for Bodega Bay Weekend of Classes

Since the people attending this special weekend of classes  (Animal Communication and Past Lives) are all raw foodies, I’ve decided to cater the class myself!

Here’s the menu (all raw, vegan and living foods):

Friday Dinner

Coconut Curry Soup

Live Moo Shu veggies (a variation of the recipe posted here), with some sub’s to avoid using migraine-causing Nama Shoyu

Cinnamon Raisin “French Toast” for dessert

Saturday A.M.

Fresh green juices, followed by fruit or Cafe Gratitude’s almond “toast” recipe

Saturday Lunch

HuuRaw Chips (carrot curry flavor–with chia seeds–found at our Whole Foods)

Sprouted Red Lentil-Sweet Potato Hummus

Hemp Seed Tabouli

Parsnip “Rice” from Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Grateful

Carrot Cake for dessert

Saturday Dinner

I AM DAZZLING Caesar salad recipe from Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Grateful

Tomato Mushroom Bisque (warmed) from Cherie Soria’s The Raw Revolution Diet

Simple Collard Rolls (avocado, sprouts, micro greens and tomato)

Banana Nectarine Pudding in a Pumpkin Seed-Almond-Date Crust for dessert

Sunday A.M.

Fresh green juice, followed by optional fruit or almond “toast”

Sunday Lunch

Savory Squash “Bake” warmed in the dehydrator

Braised Greens from Cherie Soria’s The Raw Revolution Diet

Mmmmm … as a Lazy Raw Foodist, it’s unlike me to go quite so all out on the complex and extended food prep, but I’m testing new recipes for a future book.  I also love Cafe Gratitude and Cherie Soria’s recipes–so tasty and filled with love.  We’ll be doing so much intuitive work in this class that it just seemed right to offer the cleanest, freshest food that allows us all to “veg out” after class and enjoy the view!

For a sneak peak at me giving the talk “Maximize Your Brain Function,” please click here.

High Vibration Foods, Sounds and Colors

Hi Folks,

Sorry for a week without updates.  I’ve spent this time preparing some fun new things for you but haven’t yet had a chance to post them.  Rumor has it that one of these will appear on sometime this week. I’ve also got a video in the works, plus some new articles.  In the meantime, here are some easy ways to raise your vibration, which makes animal communication, telepathy and angel healing work that much more effective:

High Vibration Foods

1) Anything in its uncooked, minimally processed raw, sprouted and organic state maintains or amplifies its originally high life force.

2) Greens!  (Because they grow UP towards the sun, and also because they alkalize your system, letting you move into a positively flowing space.)

3) Food and water infused with Reiki.  Even if you only know Reiki Level 1, you can hold your hands above your food/water (or imagine doing so) in order to activate its enzymes and life force.  A highly love-infused blessing will increase vibration, too.

4) Raw cacao, provided you treat it with reverence and love, and not just as “candy.”  Consider raw cacao in the same category as tobacco or alcohol, both sacred substances, which can become addictive or vibration lowering if abused.  Raw cacao in small, loving, deliberate doses can have the effect of opening and softening the heart, inviting bliss and increased awareness.  If you don’t feel it, don’t worry.  No one’s making you eat raw cacao!  You will know if it resonates with you.

5) Spirulina and/or E3Live.  These tiny, ancient organisms bring us closer to the original, watery love-vibe of Mother Earth.

6) Goji Berries.  A Tibetan wonder, perhaps the most studied “superfood,” goji berries visibly raise the vibration of people who regularly consume them.  I can usually “pick out” the goji eaters or goji drinkers in a crowd.

High Vibration Sounds

1) “The Sound of Silence.”  Your right brain naturally receives more telepathic and auditory information.  When you want to tune in, allow yourself to tune out the static for a while.  You might be surprised at what comes through!

2) Moving water, especially an ocean, creek, large lake or stream.  Water freshens the air, allowing us to inhale more oxygen.  It also releases negative ions that sharpen mental clarity and enhance relaxation.  Listening to water reminds us that life ebbs and flows, so that we can keep our vibration high even when faced with troubling times.

3) The sounds “ah” and “oh” as in “alleluia,” “holy, holy, holy,” and “ahhh-ohhhh-mmmm.”

4) For aura strengthening when you find yourself surrounded by negativity or fear, try “Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasuudeevaaya.”  There’s a guided meditation on Yogiraj Alan Finger’s CD, or you can listen to a musical version here.

5) “The Gayatri Mantra.”  Sometimes called the original and most sacred mantra, this beautiful chant opens the third eye, heart and crown, invoking blessings through the power of sound, vibration and intention.

6) “Om.” Did you know that you can balance all of your lower chakras just by balancing your crown (at the top of your head)?  Chanting the ancient sound of Om creates resonance within your nasal passages and sinus cavities, which stimulates parts of the brain, which in turn reorganizes the rest of your energy system.  Krishna Das makes the most amazing Om sounds.  You can hear some of them here

High Vibration Colors

Believe it or not, all colors (even red, black, brown and grey) can carry high vibrations.  It just depends on your perspective. 

Although many people think of black as a “negative” color, it actually contains ALL colors.  No doubt, black presents intense energy, but consider embracing the color instead of denigrating it.  Oftentimes when we perceive black as bad, it’s because we are too close or too attached to outcomes.  Step back and ask to recognize the beauty before you.  When approached from an awareness of Oneness, black becomes an opportunity–the darkly cocooned metamorphosis, that sacred void, the profound mystery of All That Is.

Grey reminds us that nothing is merely black or white.  We fear grey, perhaps more than any other color, because it challenges us to move beyond a world of “obvious” duality.  Grey brings us to the twilight hour, where shapes shift and forms reveal their underlying fluidity.  As fog or dark skies roll in, they carry moisture, the watery force that first made life livable on Planet Earth.  Grey brings the promise of those magical moments when we see sunlight streaming through the clouds–a reminder of anticipation followed by fresh downpours of sunlight, rain and blessings.

Brown, often explained as a smudge or cloud on the aura, likewise holds potent light.  Consider that most seeds occur in shades of brown.  These lock in the life force energy that eventually explodes into active, growing life.  Moist, rich soil is brown, as is chocolate, most tree bark, and human skin when exposed to sunlight.  Brown connects us to earth energy and reminds us of the latent power running through all our lives.

Red, the color of the root chakra, is often contrasted to the violet or white of the crown chakra.  Sometimes people will read an aura as “good or bad” based on how much purple or blue they see.  Again, such judgment colors our perspective and weakens its accuracy.  Red anchors us to earth and therefore allows us to expand to higher spiritual heights while still maintaining human form.  Without strong roots, we simply cannot sustain our maximum spiritual growth.  Remember that violet comes from mixing red and blue (the root with the throat and third eye); white comes by blending all the colors.  

One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from the movie, “Silence Becomes You”:

“When the white light meets the black void, it does not make grey.  It makes all the colors of the universe.”

When confronted with “lower vibration colors,” amp up your own white light, and then look again.  I guarantee you’ll catch more rainbows!

Are You an Animal Empath?

You might be an animal empath if:

1) You swear you and your pets know what the other thinks or feels.

2) You WISH you could know what your pets are thinking.

3) You often encounter unusual animals–especially after seeing them in a magazine or on TV.

4) People notice that you and your animal friend have begun to look and/or act alike.

5) Sometimes you feel trapped, even though you have plenty of room to move around.

6) You catch yourself talking to bugs.

7) You look into an animal’s eyes and think you see a soul.

8) You like animals better than people.

9) You strongly relate to certain types of animals, i.e. butterflies, rabbits, dogs, cheetahs, etc.

10) Pets find YOU, even though you never want another one. (This includes having other family members’ furry friends “adopt” you despite your gruff manner and lack of attention.)

11) You suffer from insomnia and happen to eat chicken.

12) You feel sad, angry or anxious after eating animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, bee products).

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch

Although plenty of books and studies explore connections between mood and food, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern in Medical Intuitive clients: wonderful folks on spiritual paths suffering from “inexplicable” anxiety and depression. They’ve gone to therapists, sometimes tried prescription medications, read self-help books, eliminated gluten, and tried to implement The Law of Attraction, but to no avail. Many follow vegetarian diets, or “at worst eat fish,” but the feelings remain. No matter how positive or calm they try to act, underneath they feel a nagging sense of shame, sadness and fear. The more in-tune the person, the worse the feelings. At first, this fact seemed counter-intuitive until I further explored my intuitive “hits.” These highly sensitive, compassionate clients and students had become animal empaths. Switching their diets in specific ways greatly improved their symptoms.

Because I have followed a vegan diet since 2003, I initially resisted my findings. I did not want to force my own beliefs onto anyone else and thus tended to keep ideas of animals and food quite separate in sessions. But the answer began to present itself so loudly and strongly that I decided to share it with a few clients, and their lives dramatically changed. Because so many people develop digestive issues after taking Reiki, yoga or other healing courses, I began to incorporate dietary discussion in my spiritual classes. Joy and lightness replaced underlying stress for many of those students as well. Over the years, I’ve found these patterns so consistent and so intense among spiritual seekers that I decided to share some information here.

Highly sensitive people perceive the energy of foods. The cleaner your diet and lifestyle, the more you’ll perceive that energy. Thus, ethical vegetarians on a spiritual path will often suffer worse than people less conscious of their food. When a vegetarian presents with inexplicable anxiety and/or depression, I usually need to ask if they know about conditions in dairy farms or egg factories–even organic ones. Regardless of convenience, do they realize the fear and anxiety embedded in their cheese omelets and faux pepperoni pizza? Do they realize that even trace amounts of those feelings can build up over time? For those who eat fish I ask, “Have you ever looked into a fish’s eyes or seen a fish wriggling on a hook? Does that sensation seem familiar to you?” Most of these people admit feeling outraged at animal abuse and long to go vegan but don’t feel they have adequate resources. They believe they’ve found a “happy medium” with a vegetarian diet or free-range meat. Unfortunately, “happiness” continues to elude them.

For some people, nothing short of a strict raw vegan diet will do. Others can get by with a few tweaks to their current diet.

How can you tell where you sit on this continuum? Experiment!

1) Eliminate animal products for two days and then reintroduce them. Pay attention to your immediate reaction as well as to how you feel the following two days. If unsure, ask others to observe your mood and behavior without telling them why you want to know. If neither you, nor anyone else notices a difference in your energy, mood, level of gratitude or happiness or how animals respond to you, then you can stop here or keep experimenting–your choice.

2) If differences become obvious (lighter, clearer, happier, less anxious, etc.), then you can start by blessing and thanking your food. When Native Americans or other indigenous tribes kill for food, they honor the animal’s spirit. If you want to continue eating meat, dairy and eggs, then gently acknowledging the sacrifice can help you do so in peace. Tuning in to animals goes both ways. If you can feel the effects of the animal in the product, then you can also tune in to the animal’s spirit to offer a quick thank you.

3) Look at your current symptoms and notice which animal foods might contribute to that energy.

For example, commercial chickens are very high strung animals. I often find that people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety eat fair amounts of chicken. Yes, other factors come into play, but I’ve noticed this pattern often enough to mention here. After reducing chicken consumption, many people find themselves less anxious. If you work in a cubicle and feel crammed into corporate expectations, avoiding chicken becomes even more liberating.

Another example: if you feel keyed up or ashamed sexually without any real satisfaction, consider avoiding turkey. Without going into graphic details, I’ll just share that factory farmed turkey reproduction involves some odd sexual exchange!

If you have difficulty accepting blessings, you might want to stay away from dairy. Some people pick up on mama cow’s sadness that her milk goes somewhere besides her calf. They then punish themselves for “stealing” by denying legitimate blessings and abundance coming their way.

If you privately condemn yourself as though you were a murderer or someone who committed a terrible, unpunished crime, stop eating all pork products (including bacon), and see what happens. Pigs have the intelligence of three year old children. People whose psyches register that awareness can suffer very low self esteem after eating ham, sausage, bacon, ribs or pork chops.

4) Eat more raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. You will automatically consume fewer animal products and all those enzymes will give you the energy and clarity to deal with other emotional influences. You can enjoy fruit and green smoothies, fresh salads and raw cacao, regardless of what else you eat. Simply ADD these items so you feel abundant rather than deprived.

Do all mental or emotional struggles stem from food? Certainly not! I’ve noticed a wide range of unexpected causes, but for animal empaths, even small shifts can make a huge impact.

Laura Bruno is a Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to private coaching and intuitive sessions, she teaches Conscious Eating 101 classes, Intuition workshops and Reiki Certification classes around the US. For more information on classes, raw food coaching, transitional coaching, animal communication, and letting your gifts shine through your career, please see: or call 775-750-9140.

Laura has also written two books, available at and