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Doreen Virtue Weekly Oracle Card Reading ~ December 17-23

“This is the week which contains the iconic December 21. Big prayers are needed, as darkness will try to take advantage of all the fears surrounding this date. In the end, though, everything is filled with light and love. The cards show that we WILL succeed in getting over the hump of darkness, into a beautiful new experience of divine love for all.” ~Doreen Virtue

“Darkness is really afraid right now. … We, as Lightworkers, need to do some MAJOR clean-up work so that this doesn’t happen again.” Doreen talks about Premonitions, Past Lives, manufactured differences/duality (like that detailed in the Bankers Manifesto of 1892), and the “transformation to the Light, the Faery World … beyond illusion. …Together we can do miracles.”

If you’ve been watching the media frenzy of lies surrounding the various events this past week, please do unplug yourself and feel the freedom in the offering. Bless anyone you want to bless, but do so while maintaining your own energetic sovereignty. We live in a vibrational Universe, so your frequency matters, especially now. So many of us have lived through intense times like these before. Let’s get quiet in ourselves, surround each other and this planet with Love, so that we can draw upon all of our wisdom and energy to support those changes we would most love to see, feel, know and be. We’re witnessing the death throes of a dying tyrannical Beast. It’s so important right now to recognize, hold and create the Light, Life and Love through and beyond what the media, police and government present as “facts” right now. We’re bigger than that. We can and will expand beyond these limitations!