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Ask and You Shall Receive: A December Special for YOU

Since posting the December Gift Certificate Specials, I’ve heard requests from many people to see if I might (please, please) consider creating a December goodie for them, as well. It seems my monthly specials have become quite popular, and giving them away to others just isn’t the same. Tisk, tisk! Where’s that holiday spirit?! 😉 Just kidding. I’m glad you like challenging my creativity and enjoying the benefits. I’m also thrilled that folks are learning to co-create the things they wish to see in the world, even if those things happen to be December Specials from Laura Bruno.

So! Here it is:

The Holiday Centerpiece

This $111 one hour reading is specially tailored to help you find and maintain your center throughout this darkest time of year, which happens to coincide with family and societal obligations that can pull you off balance. When we can’t follow our usual routines, changes in diet, meditation, exercise and location can sometimes grow into bigger snowballs than we see outside. This reading will help you unwrap your own special coping mechanisms to keep you in good cheer even without a lot of time, sunshine, or support. Over the years, I’ve helped many people strategize for family gatherings, holiday work events or hosting parties. It’s amazing what the right mantra, vision, story, past life perspective, or symbol can do to calm your nerves and lift your spirits. I use my intuition to help you find those little, unobtrusive things you can do to create the peace, joy and ease you’d like to experience.