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Garden Update: Receiving, Stretching Out and Mum’s the Word

We’re in a dry spell right now that even unpacking this gnome has not been able to reverse:


Despite our dry summer and stressed out nearby trees, we have personally benefited from the lack of rain in having almost no yard maintenance after our first pruning and mowing. David has only needed to mow the grass twice since we bought our house on May 26th, and yet, somehow things continue to flourish. I do dearly hope and intend we get some of the rain forecast for this week, but I’ve enjoyed receiving beauty someone else planted. The first of five hibiscus plants began to bloom this weekend:


From the looks of leaves and buds, we’ll Continue reading

Frost Faeries in Goshen

Inspired by Raven’s winter journey to heal and protect the waters, I took my own little jaunt to the woods yesterday afternoon. Armed with a Tibetan quartz crystal from Karen Lang of Lemurian Stargate, I set out to gift the waters with some extra gratitude and blessings. Karen has visited the waters in Goshen and regularly does healing and portal work at Lake Tahoe, so her crystal seemed appropriate for this gift. I also had some help from this Fae (don’t let her apparent small size fool you … she’s a powerhouse!):


Goshen Woods

Goshen woods February 17


Raven Moss ~ Along a Crystal River

Today we have a wonderful guest blog post by Raven Moss, who has graciously shared some of her experiences protecting the waters near Glacier National Park. I trust you will enjoy her photos and synchronous story as she inspires each of us to listen and make a difference wherever we are.

Along a Crystal River

By Raven Moss

“Choosing to save a river is more often an act of passion than of careful calculation. You make the choice because the river has touched your life in an intimate and irreversible way, because you are unwilling to accept its loss.”

~David Bolling, How to Save a River: Handbook for Citizen Action

Another North Fork view

It is such a magical time to be alive, to discover we are the change we were waiting for, and that all our past lives, skills, passions and desires are lined up and waiting for us to engage them in service. Many lightworkers believe the phrase “service to others” implies service to people, but “others” can also be animals, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans and Gaia herself. We are all healers in some fashion, even if we only came here to heal our own soul; that alone lifts us all. I am a gridworker by trade, serving Gaia in many capacities for many years in different ways and places, and for my dedication she showers my life with such unparalleled beauty that words fall away when I try to describe her. So when she called me once again to her service, I was honored and humbled. I knew there would be new lessons and skills to learn, there always are.

My latest mission came through Laura on a life path reading she did for me last month. I am a shaman and have plenty of contact with the spirit world, but in this instance I felt the need for some clarification and confirmation from Laura’s intuition and her deep relationship with the Fae. During my reading she asked me if I had water nearby. Ha! I’m only surrounded by hundreds of lakes and rivers, ponds, streams, waterfalls, glaciers, bogs, springs and marshes fed by snow, rain, sleet, hail, graupel, cloudveil, fog, mist, sleet and ice. It all comes from Gaia, it falls on these mountain ranges and valleys in raucous profusion, and flows to the sea right under my nose. Water is my life, it is the giver of all life… it’s what life is all about, Alfie said so.

Laura told me the water spirits were worried, that they needed my help, and that I was to make a crystal grid of protection for all the water draining from the western slope of the Continental Divide. Ha! No problem! No job is too big for Super Shaman!

Raven Moss: "It's all about the water."

Raven Moss: “It’s all about the water.”

Water begins its journey in a pristine state, distilled into clouds by Gaia. I don’t want to get into the downer topic of chemtrails and pollution here; if we are to effectively aid and protect Gaia during this time of ascension, then concepts like “impossible,” “hopeless” or “a waste of time” would render the whole thing moot. The power of intention is all that matters in these matters, the Fae say it is so.

I live on the edge of Glacier National Park, Montana, a short eagle hop from the North Fork River, which is the pathway all water takes from the Northern Rocky Range, all the way into Canada. The North Fork forms the western border of Glacier and meets up with the Middle Fork, which forms the park’s eastern border, at a confluence a short distance from my house, before it continues its winding way to the Flathead Lake, the largest natural body of fresh water west of the Divide. Into those two great rivers flow snowmelt, glacial melt and rain from the Pacific Northwest via streams, springs, waterfalls and dancing cascades. It’s true the glaciers are melting; they’ve been melting for thousands of years, and it’s topographically obvious this is not a new phenomenon because the inn I own and run is surrounded by millions of acres of woodlands and sits on one of the many stair-step terraces carved by this great river as it receded from glacial contraction. This is a special corner of Gaia, where vast water makes its journey from the sea to the sky, and back to the sea again in the dance of life. I was brought here to watch over it, so the Fae have made quite clear.

McDonald Lake in Glacier Park

McDonald Lake in Glacier Park

Water cascades off Glacier's Garden Wall

Water cascades off Glacier’s Garden Wall

It’s all about water in all its forms, all of it, all of us, all of the universe. We are really just waking up to this cosmic knowledge and it’s quite the mind-blower when you finally wrap your head around it.

Otter spirit

Otter spirit

A wood duck on McDonald Creek

A wood duck on McDonald Creek

I am not a crystal worker but in the past few years I have been receiving crystals out of the clear blue. I admired them all and recognize their grand purpose, but had to play catch up on what to do with them and how to care for them. Fortunately (nay, synchronistically!) I grew some sage in my garden last year, made some smudge sticks last fall, and put them away in case I should ever need them. Bingo bango, I discover smudge sticks are perfect for clearing crystals! You can almost see them sigh with relief when the sage smoke clears away all past energies and readies them for new information and purpose.

But Laura said that certain types of crystals are required, specifically rose quartz, aquamarine, clear crystal and topaz. I didn’t have all of those in my cache, so a trip to the local crystal dealer in Whitefish was the next step.

For this expedition I co-opted my friend Judi, who had generously gifted me with her cache of crystals a few months prior, for no particular reason either of us could fathom at the time. We found the door of the crystal dealer shop locked, with a sign that read, “Gone Crystal Hunting.” Hmmm… I know how the open door/closed door sync thing works to lead you on your journey, so we wandered down the street of this cute little western ski town to a place called Crystal Winters, only to discover they don’t carry crystals there, but the woman running the store told us, “Down two streets, left one block.” With snow falling on us in audacious flakes of crystal geometry, we came to a place called Rocks and Things Metaphysical.

The teeny store housed a riot of stones (and all manner of cool metaphysical things) all lovingly chosen by the owner, Velvet, an Akashic Records reader among other soul missions. I told her what crystals I needed and why, and she said, “You’ve come to the right place. There are many people putting crystals in the rivers and I have just the right ones for the job.” Stunned, I was. Judi was even stunnededer. With Velvet’s generous Lightworker Discount and blessings, we left the shop with a faery fist of crystals worthy of cleansing Gaia’s raging rivers.

My reflection on the Middle Fork

My reflection on the Middle Fork

Laura suggested I place the crystals at sites of potential assault or damage. There are no specific places along these rivers and lakes I am overly concerned about; it’s all preciously protected, so far. So instead I reckoned to place them where the crystals would catch the most energy and flow to have the most powerful influence. Despite a diligent on-line search, I could find no instructions regarding a proper water protection ceremony, but from my shaman training I understand ceremony and that it’s fine to create your own as needed. Using your intuition to form intention is a beautiful and powerful thing.

I did follow instructions for handling them: I cleared them with sage, charged them in sunlight, and set them out under a full moon. Along their journey to the Pacific, the waters pass through many challenges and places where it might be taken for ranching, mining or agriculture, where it could be polluted or diverted or dammed, so I programmed the crystals to preserve and protect. During the recent ley lines meditation I read that a gridworker has about an 18-mile radius of influence. That sounded about right to the borders I had intuitively placed already, so that was the radius I chose to do the crystal work.

My dog Bodhi (you can read all about Bodhi’s peace mission on her Facebook page Pups for Peace) and I set out on a cold January day, driving north toward Canada along the North Fork, to a place where a major stream flows into the river and forms a raging rapid. This always felt like an energy vortex when I had kayaked through there in the past and it called me. I held the crystals in my hand, set the intention once again, and walked toward the river. But on this glacial day, a frozen ice ridge had formed along the shore. I had intended to place the crystals in the stream but that required stepping onto the ice shelf, and believe me, once you’ve been there, done that, you don’t want to do that again. So my well laid plans of a gentle, sacred ceremony turned into throwing the crystals into the water and hope that they actually reached the water. Sometimes the best you can do is all you can do.

Bodhi on the North Fork

Bodhi on the North Fork

There were other points of placement made this day of frigid cold and ice, but the bridge leading to Glacier and my route to the Middle Fork was closed for snow, so the second half of my crystal work would have to wait until another day.

Some time goes by, the weather warms, and I grab Judi to join me in my second round of crystal work. The sun was shining, a rare event in this part of the world in the winter, and we placed crystals in several places along the Middle Fork. But I reserved the best crystals for a particular spot I have always loved, one of my favorite places in a wilderness full of incredible places. Glacier’s deep blue Lake McDonald holds crystal clear glacial and snow melt for the entire western half of its million acres of wild and wondrous, and it empties softly into a wide creek that winds through duck and otter habitats to the Middle Fork. Every drop of water flowing from this pristine lake must pass a narrow spot in the creek, and we hiked through deep snow to reach it. It was a wonderful moment in a life filled with wonder when I placed these last crystals in Gaia’s watery arms for safekeeping. Two weeks later, Lake McDonald froze over, the first time it has done so in nearly a century. Coincidence? The Fae know better.

Mountain view of the frozen North Fork River

Mountain view of the frozen North Fork River

Frozen stream on the Continental Divide

Frozen stream on the Continental Divide


Raven Moss is the owner of Moss Mountain Inn Eco-Bed and Breakfast on the edge of Glacier National Park, Montana. She hosts guests from all over the world who come to make a personal connection to one of Gaia’s most sacred places. Visit her website at or her Facebook page:

Ascension Symptoms: Pets, Crystals and Nerve Support

The following occurred as a comment exchange, but I’m bumping it up to post status, because it shares a few important topics blinking across my recent radar.


Interesting as you are one of the first people I have read that explains the grounding part of our evolution. I make wonderful Gem Elixirs and I am always asking Spirit before I make a new one for what is needed and then I speak with the stones themselves to see who is supposed to be a part of the mix. Then with much focus I put them together. On Dec 18 I followed my instructions and intuition and made one called The Shift 2012. Not knowing or wanting to know intellectually just what was to be created, I waited to see which stones would avail themselves.

To break it down, what I understood to be what Spirit needs us to utilize to help us have a smoother path for these Changes is GROUNDING, FLEXIBILITY AND ELEVATION. This is what the stones showed me and what this Elixir offers.

People have been loving it and I had an interesting result treating the primates that I visit at Junglefriends Primate Sanctuary. Typically I use the Lithium Quartz Elixir and they love it and get nice and peaceful. It occurred to me that they might like the Shift to help them ground for the changes and the whole group I was treating lined up in a very happy row to be spritzed when I changed to The Shift which they clearly needed.We must remember that our animal friends need support as well to deal with the Shift going on.

Blessings, Flash Silvermoon

My response

So true about the animals! It came up in a Raph Channeling event that animal companions, especially dogs (think: loyalty and devotion) are taking extra hits right now in order to buffer some of the energies coming in for their humans. This is noble of them, but many are showing up with cancerous tumors from buffering all the radiation — not necessary! We are all in this together. We can help them just as much as they help us. Part of this shift is meant to help humans realize that it’s not all about them. We are all part of a highly interconnected web of life.

Thanks for letting me know about the gem elixers. I’ve been using my crystal friends a LOT. In particular, the past two days I’ve felt very drawn to a raw ruby and faery quartz pendant by my friend Tania Marie. It’s wrapped in copper, and I think the copper as much as anything does the trick.

I’ve also found that St. John’s Wort oil rubbed into the sacrum helps with the solar flares (for me). I learned from Kathleen Wildwood that SJW has a very special relationship with the Sun. It grows in the sunniest part of the garden, and its leaves are perforated, so they “let the light in.” (These perforated leaves provide the name, Hypericum perforatum.) Normally used for “dark” depression, SJW seems to moderate light, and the oil can also be used as a sunscreen or to heal sunburn. Since many people are having back pains and other symptoms related to this increased solar energy running through our spinal column/chakras, SJW may play a stronger role — not for its typical use for depression, but to help with nerve pain related to solar activation.

Blessings to you,