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October 2017 Specials

Ah, the month of pumpkins, mums and All Hallow’s Eve! October is my favorite month of the entire year, with so many hinge points and the Celtic New Year on Samhain. This month’s specials reflect current energies and recent requests for support.


The Faeries’ Dream

The Fae seem to go through phases of having strong messages and support for humanity, and I (and others) sense a recent increase in activity. This 20-minute reading can focus on Faery advice, requests, and/or messages for you, and/or instructions on how you can connect more easily and effectively with this Realm.

The Faery Realm holds the original imprint of our completely pure, loving and healed planet, so working with the Fae always puts us in close proximity of that possibility as material fact — what has always remained and thus already is pure, healed and beautiful. This reading springs from such knowing and offers a chance to learn what your faerie companions would most love for you to focus upon instead of all those things that crop up as worries or concerns. Invoking delight brings us that much closer to experiencing it. $77 if prepaid on or by October 31, 2017. Please contact me to sign up.

The Ancestors Approach

This is a brand new offering in honor of the upcoming All Souls’ and All Saints’ Days. It can cover generational healing, soul readings about your relationship with/to those who have passed, support for recognizing signs, or in appropriate cases, cutting cords that reach across the veil. $133 for 40 minutes if prepaid on or before October 31, 2017. Please contact me to sign up.

Jennifer Hoffman — I Have Cut Cords & Everyone Is Upset

Below you’ll find a great explanation for a very frequently asked question in my work as well. Thanks, Lucas!

Jennifer Hoffman — I Have Cut Cords and Everyone Is Upset

Dear Jennifer: I used the Cord Disconnect & Healing meditation to cut cords with people in my life and while you said that it doesn’t hurt anyone to do this, why are all of the people in my life upset? I can feel their pain and their sense of abandonment and I feel bad because I think I created that. Did I do this the wrong way and did I hurt them?

Jennifer’s Answer: You did not hurt anyone but you did shift a lot of energy and energetic connections. The process of disconnecting just releases how you connect to others and how they connect to you. This will create some upset in the people who are used to having your energy available to them in a certain way and acting accordingly. Now they have to rely on their own power and they can be feeling a little lost. They do have choices, to adapt to the new connections with you or to find someone else to connect with them in the old way.

If this has been going on for a long time they will be upset and feel abandoned but that is partly because you have been supporting them energetically and they feel the vacuum. Their feelings of abandonment are also a way for them to pull you back into supporting them energetically. Do you want to do that? Because there is another way to help them overcome this temporary feeling of loss and abandonment and connect to their own power, instead of using yours. And you can do so with compassion and not pity.

The power and energy vacuum that now exists in their life (because you have disconnected them from your power supply) can be filled by you and your energy, if you choose to reconnect the cords. Or you can teach them to acknowledge their own power and create the connections from within so they don’t need to use others’ power and energy. You do this by seeing them as powerful and not feeling guilty for what you think is being the source of their discontent

Consider that you have been supporting them energetically for a long time. How much longer do you want to do that and what other options are available to you and to them? The power you give to them or allow them to have or take is power that you cannot use in your own life, for the fulfillment of your intention, dreams and purpose. And the energetic space they are holding for you, to be dependent on you, creates a purpose in your life that doesn’t support any of you.

Acknowledge their abandonment by helping them find new source of power and new ways of being powerful from within, without re-establishing the cords that allow them to drain power from you. If you ‘feel sorry’ for them you are expressing pity and that is a disempowering energy. When you acknowledge their power you are expressing compassion and that empowers them and you. And then you can also find ways of being powerful that do not involve being others’ source of energy because you have felt powerful in that role and it is time to re-purpose that power in your life. So you are also going to have to find new ways to use your energy and to connect with others as well.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote or translate this article, in its entirety, on a free website or blog, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. link to original article

FAQ: Cord Cutting and Energy Fields

I did two group channeling events yesterday and attended a drumming circle and Lightworker discussion group the night before. Variations of the following questions have repeated themselves several times. The idea of “cord cutting” or “need for protection” seems to trigger many Lightworkers as being “fear based” or “uncompassionate.” “Don’t these people need me?” “Who am I to say no to someone in need?” “Aren’t we all One, and if so, why would we need to protect ourselves from anyone or anything?”

I will share some answers to those questions below, but I do want to underscore that the post about Protecting Your Energy Field is specifically about energetic vampirism. This phenomenon extends beyond simple, balanced, loving energy exchange. Rather than emotional cords, you could think of these as feeding tubes that attach to you at emotional weak spots with the sole purpose of draining your energy so that the person doesn’t need to bother connecting with Source on his or her own.

This is codependency in the extreme, in that the process ultimately discourages people from finding their own inner Light, Divinity and wholeness. By continuing to deny situations of energy drain, Lightworkers miss an opportunity to shine brighter, to grow stronger and to bring their message and gifts to more people who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and the world we’re all co-creating. By ignoring the fact that some people really do project all their inner aspects, including both Shadow and Light, onto others, Lightworkers actually validate dysfunctional, “dark” behavior. Tough Love is still Love. In fact, speaking the Truth is Love is one of the highest expressions of Love, because it requires a release of any attachment to how others receive your words. People say “actions speak louder than words,” and you could consider protecting your energy field as a very loud speaking of Tough Love words — action on the inner plane, which radically ripples out and echoes into the collective world.

2012 offers chances for a complete, global system upgrade. Instead of troubleshooting all the broken, dysfunctional systems, humanity can co-create an entirely new grid — with new rules and new, healthier, holistic ways of being. An alcoholic cannot fully recover from alcohol abuse without addressing the gaping holes in the psyche, emotions, auric field, etc., which result in the dependency; the codependent spouse who constantly picks up the alcoholic’s mess makes life just functional enough to discourage any real, core change. Similarly, our world will not shift on a grand scale if Lightworkers continue to support behaviors, attitudes and perspectives that limit and weaken ourselves and others.

2012 encourages us all to empower ourselves with “power to, not power over.” No more manipulation through conditional Love! No more turning a blind eye to patterns that systematically harm, weaken, shame or destroy others’ connection to Source. 2012 is a time of quantum leaps, and quantum leaping takes energy. Most of the masses on this planet remain drugged and hypnotized, so those people who have awakened enough to connect with Source, to experiment with Law of Attraction, and to imagine the possibilities of a world far beyond that which we have known before … those people have a job to do! That job is simply to help raise the vibrational level of this planet, and you can do that much easier when your own energy remains intact enough to amplify instead of flatline.

We’re talking about a complex and important topic — a topic that highlights much of this year’s potential for radical change. I provided some additional discussion in the comments section of the original post, and these two comments seemed helpful to bump up to main post status here:

Hi Laura,
Found this very interesting. I have dealt with these same things for the past few months and I found the best way was to work on my own shadow areas and see myself in other people. Although I agree with the cutting cords, I ask for them all to be cut accept ones that maybe attached to my heart. The idea of this comes from we are all one and this is where my compassion and understanding of these people (we) come from. My vibration stays higher when I think this way. I see people as wounded souls sometimes, ones that need that bit more help and although its hard, its not as hard as the guilt I feel if I cut them off. It doesn’t feel right. Any words of advice on this is greatly appreciated. Please tell me if you agree with the heart cords. Many thanks for all your words of guidance and wisdom. :0) Much love

I agree in the sense that if you feel guilty for cutting the heart cords then that will have the opposite of the desired effect. Guilt encourages major energy drain! The Shadow Work is definitely important, and I’ve written on that many times before.

Ultimately, yes, we are all one, but while we are in physical form and dealing with people who aim to control rather than respect, we can still be drained. As a species we are moving into a higher vibration where this behavior simply won’t be able to continue. Shifting things on our inner level — those things we do or do not consider acceptable –will help the entire planetary shift. If you have not read David Wilcock’s work about Financial Tyranny, please do so. It’s long and intense, but it demonstrates better than most things how these inner patterns of victimhood and letting ourselves be sucked dry by parasites are actually creating a reality of exploitation, war, slavery, etc. As within, so without. Here’s the link to that book-length series of posts.

Also, consider that viewing others as somehow in need of your energy, as in they can’t shine their own light, actually limits them. Feeling Unconditional Love for oneself and others does not mean becoming food for an energy vampire. Unconditional Love honors people where they are but also recognizes that it’s OK to set your own healthy boundaries. If a child repeatedly hit another child would you just send love to both children and not intervene in any way? Or would you set firm rules about what could or could not occur on your watch? “An ye harm none, do what thou wilt” is a pagan proverb, similar to St. Augustine of Hippo’s: “Love, and do what thou wilt.” Love is hugely important, but true love does not seek to control others against their will. Cutting inappropriate cords allows people to love more freely, completely and unconditionally because it frees us from manipulations via conditional love. … imho, anyway …

If you’ve not listened to this Michael Tsarion interview yet, I also recommend it.

LOL, lots of homework! You can also just do whatever keeps your vibration high, since this is really only talking about inappropriate, dysfunctional cords, not all love relationships. 🙂

Please go at your own pace, and realize you can ask for help, both on and off world. We’re all growing, expanding, and dealing with previously unimaginable options and possibilities. Life in the fast lane can feel fun and invigorating! When it doesn’t, I suggest you slow down. Pull over at a rest stop. Take a deep breath, walk around a bit, hug a tree, eliminate some waste, and then get back on the road. You’ll enjoy the journey much more if you can laugh while remembering that this thing called Life is quite a trip! Yes, indeed, what a long, strange trip it’s been, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Protecting Your Energy Field

I’ve been getting so many questions about this topic, especially since my recent radio show where we talked about Energy Vampires. During that show I mentioned some tools to help people disconnect from unwanted interactions with people or entities draining their energy through emotional cords. I’m including a few of the tools here, so I have somewhere to refer all the people asking me about this topic.

1. Ask for cord-cutting help from Archangel Michael. He’s got a fiery sword and he’s one heckuva warrior. AA Michael can cut cords like nobody’s business, and he knows how to find those hidden ones that you might have overlooked when trying to attempt cord cutting on your own.

One caveat with AA Michael and all the angels: they absolutely will not interfere without permission. If parts of you still want those connections, then AA Michael will not sever them prematurely. In the event you feel he’s “not helping you,” it doesn’t mean he won’t or can’t; it means you’ve got some parts of you still reaching out for the connection. You won’t feel much different if AA Michael severs the cords and then you immediately send out a needy, clingy, apologetic, or addictive message to the castaway vamp: “Please come back! I didn’t mean it! Please, please come back.” Permission comes in a variety of forms. When we’re talking about energy vampirism, doesn’t it make sense that the permission could be sent energetically?

Oftentimes people do feel conflicted about energy vampires, because those folks or entities are extremely good at finding your emotional hot spots, especially areas of shame, guilt or inadequacy. These insecurities become just that: unsecured entrances into your being. The more time you spend cleared of these beings, the more you can heal. That’s why it helps to ask AA Michael for regular cord cuttings. If you feel extremely conflicted about someone, then a single cord cutting probably won’t do the job. You might feel good for awhile and then thoughts of the other person begin to invite them back into your energy field. Time for another cord cutting. Eventually, you start to feel more normal without the connection than with it, but the adjustment can take a little time.

Angels always honor your own inner process, so please don’t blame AA Michael for you still having cords! The blame game locks you back into the whole victim-abuser-savior cycle, which makes you a tasty treat for energy vampires. Taking responsibility for your own addictive reconnection requests, as well as taking a stand in favor of boundaries by asking for repeated clearings, will gradually rebuild a functional and healthy sense of personal power.

2. As an immediate follow-up to AA Michael cord cutting, you might want to ask AA Raphael (literally “God heals”) to help seal up your aura. Think of cutting the umbilical cord after a birth. It also gets tied up and monitored for healing. With your permission, AA Raphael can smooth over any auric rough patches and fill in any holes left by those emotional bonds. Yes, they really are bonds, but you can break free.

3. You can also call upon Runic energy to protect your auric field. The Thorn Rune, also called Thurisaz or Dhoarnn, brings with it the energy of a thorny hedge. Remember in Sleeping Beauty how the castle gets surrounded by thorns so thick that only the right prince can pass? No one and nothing else gets through. You can use Thurisaz as an energy filter, imagining multiples of this Rune surrounding you on all sides and dimensions, above and below.

Thurisaz, Thorn or Dhoarrn Rune

This Rune acts like Thor’s hammer, repelling and binding enemies to keep them from attacking you. Runes are tools, and please remember that a hammer can build a house or smash someone’s head in. I only recently began teaching about Runes on this blog because I sense a need for such tools as people move through the intensifying energies of 2012. I operate from more of an Aikido perspective in that I prefer not to attack anyone at all, even when attacked. Rather, I like to disengage and transmute the energy into something more preferable. That’s how I use this Rune — not as a hammer flying out to crush anyone “bad.” Instead I employ Thurisaz like the Aikido technique of “blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. This requires very little physical strength, as the aikidōka (aikido practitioner) ‘leads’ the attacker’s momentum using entering and turning movements.”

Please use Runes responsibly! They might look like a bunch of straight and angular lines, but they speak directly to the subconscious mind. In that sense, they create reality. Potent tools of co-creation, Runes can help you define clearer boundaries and filters, protect your energy, charge intentions and pretty much anything else you desire. The tools themselves are neutral, though. Positive, high vibe intent remains key, especially when dealing with energy vampires. If you start abusing others’ boundaries or using Runes to control people through subconscious programming, then you continue to vibrate with that victim-abuser-savior cycle. You’ll find it very difficult to escape energetic vampirism if you yourself surf off others’ energy. Like attracts like.

4. But Light also attracts dark. That old, opposites attract saying does have some truth to it. People filled with tremendous Light and Love do tend to find a lot of people and beings sucking them dry. The greater their connection to Source the less they might even notice the drain, because they constantly become so replenished.

For many millenia, the Lightworkers’ main job was to bring Light into the dark spots; however, we are entering a new time. In 2012 and beyond, Lightworkers need to model the new possibilities available to all humanity. This means acting more like a mirror than someone’s next “fix.” This means increasing one’s Light and sealing off all the drains, so that their Light continues to expand and shine brighter and brighter. Having a bunch of depleted or less than optimally radiant Lightworkers doesn’t do the job anymore, because the job has changed. Humans as a species need to step into their own inner connection to Source. By cutting off the easy secondhand supply, Lightworkers actually encourage people to tap directly into Source.

Lightworkers can still carry Light and Love into this world. In fact, they can do so much better when they continue to grow stronger and more confident in their abilities and Divine connection. I’ll leave you with the following quote for inspiration and explanation of why protecting your energy field has become one of the most important tasks for anyone wanting to make a positive difference in the world:

“You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive.
You cannot get sick enough to help sick people get better.
It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.
If you’re wanting to be of an advantage to others,
be as tapped in, tuned in, turned on as you can possibly be.”
— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, February 15th, 2003 #662

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther