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Some Timeline Stories

In light of this month’s special, “Timeline Tune-in and Tune-Up,” I found the following two posts rather interesting on RMN. These are readers’ stories of apparent timeline shifts, and I will say that I’ve had very similar things happen to me.

One of the most maddening examples occurred in Madison, during a period of a lot of chaos with the Collective Timeline. David and I returned from Willy St. Co-Op with a bag of carrots, which I put into the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Later that night, I felt the Collective Timeline shift and mentioned this fact to David. The next morning, I could not for the life of me find those carrots!

Then, about a week later, I felt the Collective Timeline shift back to the one we had been on before. I don’t know why I notice such things, but I do. They’re quite palpable to me. Anyway, I had been looking for those carrots all week, because I distinctly remembered buying them and putting them in the crisper drawer. I refused to buy new ones, because I felt we’d shift back to the other timeline. Lo and behold, after I felt us shift back to the other (preferred) timeline, the carrots reappeared in the crisper drawer.

I can’t share client details due to confidentiality, but these RMN reader posts reveal some of the odd disjoints people can feel when they hop to the reality next door. With consciousness and intention, watching for opportunities, we can summon significant shifts into preferred realities instead of slogging through linear time to make desired changes. The examples below illustrate why people often hop back to the original or similar timeline instead of embracing the opportunity for unconventional change. That feeling of eeriness sometimes makes people so uncomfortable that they undo their leap. All the more reason to become conscious of potential for timeline upgrades. A button on a shirt or some carrots don’t matter much, but some of the other details can make a big difference to quality of life! 🙂

RMN post title: I wonder how many times we slip between alternate realities and convince ourselves we are mistaken about the differences

“I think we usually don’t slip very far between parallel worlds, and that is why it is so difficult to be sure it even happened.

“I have this linen Hawaiian shirt I like. A couple years ago I was wearing it and leaned over a fence to pull a weed, and poked a three quarter inch hole in it, a sail-shaped right angle flap. I threw the shirt in the corner of my closet where there are some other damaged clothes. I considered trying to repair it by putting some iron-on tape of similar color on the inside, but then I forgot about it. Yesterday I pulled it out to show the hole to my wife, and the hole was nowhere to be found. I have inspected the entire shirt multiple times now, and there is no hole. I just ran it through the wash just now, thinking if there was a hole that would open it up more. Still nothing. Now, of course, I am thinking maybe I confused it with some other damaged shirt, but I looked through the pile, and nothing.

“I like to think this is the Universe sending me a tiny, seemingly insignificant message to gently remind me that miracles really are possible.”

Another reader shares this in response:

“another shirt-related anomaly, in fact…

From reader lar:
“i have a shirt that this morning had no button (& i didnt have one for it
i get home tonight to sow another button on & now its there

“it was really strange, i know i looked at that shirt 3-4 times without the button

“i left myself a note before going to work to sew the button when i got home, & when i got home it was done
& i live alone”

For more information on timelines, you might enjoy these other posts about shifting timelines. I’ve written about it a lot over the years, and it remains one of the speedier, non-linear routes to lasting change. Happy hopping!