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Shoulder and Back Pain Relief

I have mentioned “The Founder” or “Foundation Exercises” before, but I’m posting this TEDx again with Dr. Eric Goodman.

So many people keep contacting me about shoulder and/or back pain. Every injury or illness has a metaphysical component to it, so if symptoms or pain continue, then your soul wants your attention. Your body volunteered to get it. That said, chronic pain is no fun! In today’s sedentary culture, so many people spend hours hunched over a computer or desk, sitting in a car or train, and doing ergonomically questionable moves on a daily basis. If this sounds like you, check out this talk.

I personally have found the Founder so transformative in my own life. No more pinched nerves. No more popped out hip, neck or and knee. In the very rare event something like that happens, I just do the Founder and immediately realign. For me, it works much better and much faster than yoga, although I do love yoga for other reasons. We own the Foundation book and 2 DVD’s. It all seems simple, but whenever I break out the DVD’s I remember just what a good workout it is! Other than loving the exercises, I have no relationship with Dr. Eric Goodman or his company. Just sharing, since shoulder and back pain seems to be up right now!