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The Healing Power of Chopin

This is a beautiful story, as well as a synchronous one for me today, since I spent this morning listening to Chopin’s Nocturne’s while writing a blog post on Synchronicity. I posted about Chopin on Facebook (“Put all your soul into it, play the way you feel!” ~Chopin), and someone later dedicated a Chopin piece to me on Facebook. As I went to close down my computer tonight, I found that my dear friend Shazzie had posted this inspirational video, which features the 106-year-old Oldest Holocaust Survivor in the World, for whom Chopin and classical music have made all the difference. “Every day life is beautiful. Every day!” This is twelve minutes worth of viewing and listening:

[I’m changing out the video just to one of her playing, since the original video no longer exists. Long story short, Alice spent her time in the concentration camps making beautiful music with other musicians and artists. She is a beacon of joy … only just passing at 110 years old in February 2014]:

Those of you who’ve read If I Only Had a Brain Injury, know how listening to Chopin eased my migraines and transported me to another world. I love his music and Alice’s story. Blessings and Peace!