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Year of the Pig Predictions and a Breath of Fresh Air

Happy Chinese New Year!

2019 is the Year of the Pig. Despite derogatory or unclean associations, in many ancient traditions, pigs represented abundance, courage, power, security, fertility and good luck. Pigs use their snouts to find tasty and valuable things hidden in dirt. Watch and sniff for opportunities this year.

I suspect many of the best things to unfold in 2019 will at first seem messy (chaotic) or muddy (obscured). Blessings in disguise could become a theme this year. In the Chinese Zodiac, Year of the Pig natives are great and loyal humanitarians. Like wild boars, they can also be fierce. According to, “The Year of the Pig or Boar is a year of completion. It’s the time to bring closure to those relationships, decisions, and circumstances, which need closure.”

With all the endings and disillusionment, new energies keep rising … some brand new … some a refreshing resurgence of the best of the old. Life offers all sorts of things to claim your attention. I hope in this time of shocking revelations, that you each take moments to recharge and rejuvenate yourselves. The following video from 2012 has nothing overt to do with the Chinese Year of the Pig. It crossed my path today, while I was sniffing around for something else. And you know what? I’m still smiling.

Talented, amazing people abound in our world. Many blend into the crowd. When we come together, sharing our gifts — whatever they are — in beautiful ways, we lift up our world. In an atmosphere of constant outrage, every heartfelt smile makes a difference. Don’t forget to smell the truffles, tap your toes, and share your joy.