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A Spiritual Perspective on the NSA Surveillance

As people freak out (or bizarrely enough, don’t!) regarding the ongoing leaks about the NSA monitoring all online and phone conversations, emails, website visits, etc., I feel called to point out yet another instance in which we get to choose the way so-called transparency manifests. We live in an information age — one that most people interpret to mean internet, phones, cell phones, text, Facebook and Twitter — but, as usual, that’s only the shiny surface of a deeper evolutionary process.

We can choose to remain on the surface and move increasingly quickly into a Police State that exceeds 1984 and Brave New World combined. We can continue to lull ourselves into the arms of an eerie Artificial Intelligence (AI) existence in which corporations, Google and the government profile us and predetermine what we think, feel or do via targeted ads and filtered information. Humanity can sing the strange praises of “certain positive benefits” of RFID tracking and computerized “medical devices,” mandatory black boxes in cars, and a cashless economy controlled by a central government or “entity,” and continue to give lip service against GMOs while simultaneously buying and relying on the very processed foods that contain them. (If it doesn’t say 100% certified organic, you can safely assume it contains GMOs.) Americans can express outrage at the invasion of their “privacy” while eagerly (and voluntarily) tuning in for even more insidious invasions of their subconscious mind via programming, advertising, political speeches, co-opted spiritual movements, mainstream “music” and television.

Or …

We can recognize this information age for the evolutionary opportunity and call it is. There is more than one way to multi-task, and contrary to what your iPhone might tell you, the world is far bigger and more diverse than Google Maps or your GPS would indicate.

For those humans who choose to embrace the energies coming our way, the information age looks quite different. It involves being able to read people’s energy, accessing subtle clues to emotional state and history via electromagnetic pulses transmitted non-stop but on finer levels than most people tend to access. These levels are becoming more accessible by more people every day. And guess what? So are other dimensions. More and more people have begun to notice orbs and other visual anomalies in photographs — images that lend support to those same people’s inner sense of something sacred or otherworldly about the place or moment of the photograph. As people wander in Nature and wonder about Nature spirits, angels and visitors from other worlds, our technology sometimes reveals clearer layers than our imaginations manage to delineate.

Yes, technology can support and underscore spiritual awakening. It need not preclude our inner awareness. The trouble arrives when people export their inner experience to the digital interface as THE determiner and interpreter of experience. If we remember to recognize technology as a tool, a reflection, of internal processes, then life retains its Mystery. We also discover clues as to where we’re headed as a species.

Consider that in an evolved human consciousness, old ideas of privacy grow obsolete. Lying will remain a “luxury” of the past, easily recognized by shifts in vibration, discordant energies, and the dimming of the Deceiver’s glow. Many of us already see, hear and feel through the constant lies of media, Hollywood and politicians. Once you learn to recognize the vibrations of un-Truth, half-Truths and, in particular, the vibration of deliberate deception, you stop falling for all the surface glitz. The deceivers and their pawns lose privacy. They become the emperors with no clothes, naked and obvious with all their ugly “privates” hanging out for those with eyes to see.

Granted, many of us prefer not to see so much ugliness, and that very aversion has partially kept humanity in a voluntary stupor for millennia. Unfortunately, without a willingness to recognize and process all the information available, humanity serves as prey to the sociopaths and energy vampires currently running this world. Those same sociopaths … in some cases, outright psychopaths … attempt to clamp down the controls in a technological inversion of the information age. They try to monitor everything from the moment we get out of bed (note, I did not say “wake up,”), including the food we eat, the poisoned air we breathe, what chemicals (drugs, pesticides and additives) we consume, what thoughts we think, and what feelings we feel.

As usual, the NWO and its sicko cronies offer us a perversion of Nature. Humanity, left to its own un-manipulated, un-hypnotized, non-poisoned state, would already be awake. With the Reality Creation tools at our disposal, we would already be living in a radically different, positive, shared Reality.

We can always count on those in power to point to the very things that undermine their control. Just look at what they persecute for clues to what will free you. Also look for the spiritual inversion of the AI technology they use, i.e. awakening the pineal gland and its access to Akashic Records, rather than recording every email ever sent. And perhaps most importantly, recognize their “this will save the world” solutions as perversions of truly sacred things. Find the sacred, find the esoteric equivalents, and you will rapidly transcend anything the NSA, DHS, or any other alphabet agency can attempt to implement. Think Runes (quantum packets of energy) compared to alphabet agencies, and you’ll begin to grasp what I’m sharing here. The perverted, slap dash, synthetic world being molded and offered to us can be completely transcended and replaced by one of magical resonance, harmony and beauty.

Did I just say “magic(k)”? Indeed, I did. We live in a world that predominantly considers magic(k) “fantasy,” “supernatural,” or “spooky vying for unnatural control.” In fact, magic(k) is the most natural force in the Universe. By reclaiming magic (with a “c” or a “ck”), humanity can return to center and then expand outward and inward in new and glorious ways.

“Magic is folk parapsychology, an art and science designed to enable people to make effective use of their psychic talents.” ~ Isaac Bonewits

“Another fundamental point: magic isn’t a means of forcing nature to do your will. This is a completely erroneous idea, fostered by the belief that magic is somehow supernatural, as if anything that exists can be outside nature. Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.” ~ Scott Cunningham

Magic isn’t a means of forcing nature to do your will. No, that would be genetic modification, weather modification, mandatory vaccination, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, water fluoridation (public Prozac!) and the mass hypnosis of our AI-infused default 3Dality. Magic is natural. We are natural, and in our natural state, we have far more access to information — past, present, future, all at once — than any machine or alphabet agencies can hope to imitate. We get to decide which way we take this evolutionary nudge. Do we merge with the machines and become government drones legally killed by government drones? Or do we transcend what they’re offering us in order to reclaim and expand our own humanity?

I don’t like being tracked anymore than anyone else does. That’s why I don’t do Facebook and why I use alternate search engines on my computer. Am I still being tracked? Sure. Laura Bruno’s Blog has its own YouTube channel that I never created, even though YouTube shut down my own channel that I did create due to “repeat copyright violations” while telling my own story and observations as a Medical Intuitive. Gmail spams my blog posts to subscribers whenever I post anything too controversial. People tell me they’ve been unsubscribed without their permission. Yeah, I’m being tracked. But so are all of us. I was certain of that before any Guardian article confirmed it.

I know how it feels to have some creepy private detective or tracking device on me, just like I know to tell David to slow down if there’s a hidden police car using radar on the road. How do I know? First I feel it, and then I usually receive “actual” confirmation in the form of a cop car pulling over someone else or a phone call from a private detective wanting me to testify on behalf of someone for something: “You’re a difficult lady to track!” “Why, thank you, now up yours for tracking me.” 😉

On the flip side, I also have access to far more information than most people would feel comfortable with me having, just via my own level of awareness. That’s how I can offer intuitive sessions to people in Australia, India and New Jersey without leaving my living room, but it also freaks some locals out when they learn a bit of what I do for work. Do I walk around town looking at everyone’s “privates”? No! Absolutely not. I really don’t want to know all that stuff, and ethically, I refuse to do readings without someone’s permission except to the degree that it directly affects my own, immediate relationship with that person. (Or, in the case of someone being in a coma and their family wanting to communicate with them, but even then I get energetic permission before proceeding.)

My point is that all of humanity has these (usually dormant) capabilities. In a truly awakened world, we won’t have privacy as we tend to think of it now. Why not use these NSA revelations as a nudge to open our own awareness while also bringing our own healing Light and attention to any Shadow sides and skeletons we’d prefer no one else see or know about? Why not use this evolutionary nudge as a push to heal, to embrace, to transmute and yes, to transcend? We decide. Each and every one of us.

What kind of world are we creating?

Common But Lesser Known Health Tips and Medical Intuitive Observations

Two categories of people tend to call me for Medical Intuitive Sessions: those who’ve been injured and/or ill for many years (sometimes decades) with no effective diagnosis and/or treatment … and those people who keep top notch tabs on their health and already know that every physical ailment has a mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic trigger. The second group tends to call very early in their health journey, usually right after their own arsenal of natural remedies and meditations fails to bring relief.

Lately, I’ve received many calls from a third category of clients, and I attribute this to the increased Awakening on our planet. These clients also exhibit “medical mystery” symptoms, but, unlike the first group, they’ve only been ill or injured for weeks rather than years. Unlike the second group, they’ve never consulted a Medical Intuitive or “psychic” before, but “something just tells” them that they need to expand their thinking about these health issues. I love these sessions, because I can feel the gears start turning as people discover how their body partners with their soul in order to bring about the deepest levels of healing. I love watching their upper chakras suddenly light up with understanding and expansion.

Today’s post is a hodgepodge of things I’ve noticed in nearly 12 years of professional Medical Intuitive work. I thought I’d share some common observations and tips that don’t seem to have reached the mainstream. As always, I am not legally allowed to diagnose or prescribe, and nothing in this blog or in my sessions constitutes medical advice. I’m simply sharing what buzzes across my intuition or patterns I’ve recognized in the past decade plus of intriguing work.

1) Lyme Disease has some truly unexpected manifestations. People call it “the great imitator” for a reason! Since the Lyme spirochetes attack the weakest points in the body, symptoms vary widely. Some common (in my line of work) complaints from people who turn out to have confirmed Lyme Disease that eventually responds to treatment and lifestyle changes include: extreme TMJ; persistent jaw, gum or tooth infections; major food sensitivities and severely compromised intestinal health; heart palpitations; inexplicable sensitivity to salt; Bell’s Palsy; extreme EMF sensitivity; uncharacteristic bursts of difficult to control rage; and a creeping malaise even though “life is going well.”

This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor does it mean that these symptoms necessarily indicate LD. In the absence of other explanations or treatment, though, it’s a reasonable question for people to ask themselves and their treatment providers. Awareness has grown so that more well-known Lyme symptoms like achy joints, chronic fatigue, the bulls-eye rash, and irregular immune response will sometimes flag LD. I’ve found the above symptoms just as strong, if not more so, indicators of LD.

2) Lyme Disease, like every illness, has a specific energetic signature and personality/spiritual profile. I’ve previously written about spiritual and natural healing of Chronic Lyme Disease. You can read that article (and dozens of comments) by clicking here. Please know that for every person who comments on the blog, I tend to receive three or four private emails expressing how that article exactly sums up their life just prior to getting Lyme, as well as their current journey. I’ve also had countless clients find me through that article, and they’ve all shared corroborating details as well. Not everyone exposed to Lyme or the co-infections develops Chronic Lyme Disease. If you recognize yourself in that profile and have some of the symptoms in #1, then that increases the value of exploring LD as a possible physical cause.

3) Swaddling: not just for infants! Variants of the old practice of calming babies down by wrapping them tightly in a blanket work for adults as well. The psoas muscle holds much of our traumatic experiences — in this life, and other lifetimes, too. You can read about that here, and see a photo of “Constructive Rest Position,” which helps to release the psoas. Less known is the fact that you can take a yoga strap or belt, wrap it around the thighs and gently support them in their release. This allows deeper relaxation, since you expend no energy in keeping your legs from flopping open.

I call the next swaddling option the “Al Bundy,” since it involves resting your hands on your hipbones while lying down, sliding those hands slightly under the waist of your pants. The slight constriction of fabric acts like the yoga belt, gently supporting your arms so that they can completely release the neck and trapezius muscles. You might initially feel weird doing this pose so reminiscent of Married with Children, but if you suffer chronic neck pain, you’ll find yourself greatly rejuvenated after sleeping that way.

People suffering from anxiety or insomnia may also find comfort in tightly wrapping themselves in a blanket, if possible having someone else “tuck in” the sides underneath the arms and legs. Other techniques that can help with overwhelm include lying on the stomach (to cover the heart and solar plexus chakras) while placing a pillow over the crown of the head. The covering of these areas shuts down the zapping and buzzing so many people complain about with solar flares, empathic assaults, or racing mind at night.

4) Autistic children are more advanced than what society calls “normal.” We can learn from them. I’ve written on this before here. RMN also posted a series of videos featuring Jacob Barnett, an autistic teenager genius who promises to “prove Einstein wrong.” You can find a bunch of Jacob Barnett videos by clicking here. Note how his mother searched for and fostered his gifts. I’ve had clients with autistic and Asperger’s children who turned out to be able to see and communicate with faeries and the dead. I’ve also encountered many highly advanced souls masquerading as autistic children just so that they could have the chance to devote themselves to the one or two items of most interest in this lifetime.

In sharing the gifted nature of autistic children, I in no way mean to minimize the horrors of vaccine damage, the frustration of parents, or the isolation that comes from autism and Asperger’s. I’m simply indicating that gifts exist. They can be found and nurtured. Souls seek healing and expression. Given the chance, they will amaze parents, expose the failures and limitations of our education system, and return us to more natural (now called supernatural) ways of experiencing our Universe.

5) When one chakra is imbalanced, it pays to look at the opposite chakra on the color wheel. I find that imbalances tend to occur in pairs. Second chakra (orange) issues tend to occur in connection with throat and/or third eye (blue) issues. Root chakra problems (red) almost always connect with a need for heart chakra (green) healing, and I have yet to find anyone with solar plexus problems (yellow) who doesn’t have a corresponding imbalance in the crown chakra (purple). Most people who dabble in mind-body-spirit healing research all the issues and affirmations connected to whatever chakra corresponds with their biggest complaint. Faster relief may come from treating the opposite color chakra issues first, or at least in conjunction with the primary spot in need of healing.

That’s it for today’s installment of things that make you go hmmm… . Please feel free to share via comments any “counter-intuitive” or unusual correspondences you’ve discovered or observed. Many blessings and much healing!

DNA Healing and Chakra Balancing

Hand-in-hand with awareness and awakening come greater tools for balancing our body, DNA and energy field. My housemate showed me these Sacred Geometry and Schumann Resonances videos from youtube. You might also want to check out Gaia Resonances, helping us to get back in touch with Earth’s natural vibration. You know I love tree-hugging, but if you’re stuck inside, you can hear/watch some of these to recalibrate yourself at your desk. I hope you find them helpful and empowering.

“These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I give honor to both of these gentleman for the part theyve played in helping return these lost frequencies back to humanity.”

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:
UT 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI 528 Hz Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
SOL 741 Hz Awakening Intuition
LA 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order

“For example, the third note, frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA the genetic blueprint upon which life is based!”

(from the video descriptions of the below videos)

Note from Laura: I included a lot of videos. Feel free to bookmark this page and just intuit which ones would feel most balancing for any given situation or intention. Much Love!

Music composed by Jandy AKA JezebelDecibel:

396 Hz Frequency Liberating Guilt and Fear

417 Hz Frequency Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528 Hz Frequency Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

639 Hz Frequency Connecting/Relationships

741 Hz Frequency Awakening Intuition

852 Hz Frequency Returning to Spiritual Order