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Back to the Future, CERN and Focus

Just a quick heads up that CERN (the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland) is supposedly set to power up to its highest level ever sometime this week. Interestingly, the “future” date in the “Back to the Future” movie series just happens to be 10/21/2015. Coincidence? Maybe, but you can find a lot of 9/11 predictive programming in those films, too.

In any case, people who’ve read my article, “Alternative Views and Considerations about CERN,” know that I hold less apocalyptic views about this project than many others do. While I do not in any way endorse the hubris of scientists recklessly messing around with powers they don’t understand, failing to take responsibility for whatever they might unleash in this or other dimensions, ever the practical mystic, I pay attention to such fire ups, as individuals can use focus to direct potential chaos into more preferred realities.

As such, I’d like to issue a supplemental encouragement to the dire video posted below: if you don’t like something in your reality, get clear about what you prefer. Imagine that improved version; take at least one symbolic or tangible step to anchor your intention to move in that direction; and allow a willing suspension of disbelief if that reality suddenly shifts into being later this week. Sure, it’s a long shot, but rather than cowering like victims or attempting to “make something go wrong with CERN” (um, talk about unpredictable!), I’d suggest treating it like a shaken up snow globe. Except you can influence the outcome.

If your little town in Europe’s being overwhelmed by rapists and soldiers posing as refugees, kicking out residents, attacking aid workers and throwing feces at buses, this week offers an extra chance for you to get a clear picture, feeling, scent, taste, sound and vibration of the life you would prefer. Not just the way things were, or “not this,” but the way things could be in the best possible scenarios. If you’re sitting in poverty and poor health, then exercise that great imagination of yours and use the power phrase, “I wonder what would happen if I had enough health and wealth — enough to spare and enough to share.” If you’ve felt disconnected from the Earth, uninspired, or generally out of sorts, then activate your intention to tune in and bring forth beauty, harmony, peace and joy. You can use magazine images, specific tarot cards, crystals and/or other symbols, mantras, Runes or mudras to help amplify your intended vibration and energy.

Maybe nothing will happen on 10/21/2015, but as long as the boys insist on playing with their toys, we might as well make the best of it. Blessed Be!

The Ruiner ~ Singularity or Change: Frequency Correction and Choice

This post by The Ruiner is the closest I’ve seen anyone else articulate what I’ve been sensing and saying for years now. Discernment advised; I make no claims of insider information, but I’ve noticed this trend in sessions, years ago received a direct intuitive knowing of this material, and have also watched the choices play out in my personal life and the lives of those I know and love.

I particularly agree with the comments about “She” self-correcting, the “She” being our planet Herself. This goes back to my earlier article about CERN triggering a Sophianic Correction — that some switch will flip, regardless of the intentions behind CERN, such that it creates an opening in which conscious people can choose to hop over to an alternate side reality, a much preferred and natural existence, even though CERN’s trying to block something incoming from outer space. Anyway, read it and see what you feel and notice as you read and as you observe stronger and stronger choice points in your life and your creations.

As to the rest of The Ruiner blog, I’ve not had time to read through everything on there, but a lot of what I’ve read in both posts and comments checks with info I’ve received in other ways — either through direct experience, intuition, or observation of thousands of clients’ lives in context of world events. Having intimate, deep and very unusual conversations with awakening and awake people from all over the world on a daily basis informs my perspective in ways I would not have access to if I did a different type of work.

That said, my biggest teacher is the Great She — our planet, the way She moves throughout my garden, and the Sidhe (pronounced She) who honor Her. I suspect that one reason so much of The Ruiner material resonates with me is that The Ruiner has also consciously chosen to align with Her in full love and commitment. Use your own discernment. Your mileage may vary depending on your own choices, interests, and intentions:

Singularity or Change: Frequency Correction and Choice

By The Ruiner

Something beautiful is going to happen.  A spark of consciousness causing an evolution of organic life in a massive section of our Galaxy, passing through our Solar System, most greatly impacting this planet. Earth.   This is what this writer has been referring to as “The Wave”.  (Not to be confused with “Wave X” or other “waves”.)

After reading, meditate on this and you will see it is happening and we are right on the edge of an abyss of the unknown. This is going to unfold, but how, and exactly when, is unpredictable.

Here is what I can tell you based on collecting data from various sources internal and external.

There will be two sides to choose from.

On one side, you will see this drama play out.  On the other you will step sideways off of this path, and circle back to a new path.

What both side will share will be an overlapping period of time where we will see the physical world give birth to something of a new vibration. As if the Earth is currently in a cocoon about to go from caterpillar to moth or butterfly.

The cocoon has to crack open for this to happen and this planet will experience a change.

No one can say exactly when. All the signs are indicating this will come soon.

You are making a choice. Your choice is not to be fully decided until it occurs, but, you are making it with all of your thoughts and actions between (a while ago technically but let’s say..) now and then.

We are creating what our world will be with all of our thoughts and actions between now and then.  Yes this was just repeated, again.

Unlike when you vote in an election, your choice matters here.

These two worlds would look decidedly different.

Everything I have said in my blog about the Illuminati and blah, blah, blah, on one side.  Your writer’s references to nature, love,  understanding and respect,  the other.

The Singularity:

They want us to interface with technology. Maintain and enhance our current ways, manners and standards of living.

Machines doing our labor. Biotechnology healing all disease and illness and prolonging lives.

Cybernetic enhancement. Virtual Reality and ownership of Virtual Intelligences.

Nanotechnology rewriting DNA and the environment.

Man becoming machine.

On top (and partially behind) all of this is an Artificial Intelligence.

I think you get the picture.
The Change:

Major frequency changes will give us a sort of window so that the planet can restart with a clean and fully functional biological and energetic system. The same will happen to the humans, physically.  What has to happen during this window is people need to face themselves, all forms and aspects.

This can happen for people in various ways.  What an individual experiences inside themselves can not be generalized as the same for all of us who experience this frequency at the moment it fully connects.  This writer is personally convinced even the timing will vary from person to person.

Telepathic ability will be turned on  so to speak, which means people will start developing these skills.  Other natural abilities which will allow us to relearn how to live in balance with the planets natural systems will start to return.  The feeling will be like discovering new instincts and senses, along with heightened senses we know.

Responsibility for interrelations with nature other humans will all fall on the individuals.

Some of the results will be quick some not so much.  The younger the mind, the less polluted, the quicker the results.

She is working in her direction.  That ominous “they” are working in theirs.  She has help, “they” have help.   She and “they” are willing to help us.  This is why nothing can save us.  The choice is ours.

If this sounds like something called “the wave” that is because it is a wave.  It is traveling through this arm of the Universe and playing with other factors and processes to create a result inspired by the Universe.

It happens that, She, is tuned in such a way that She can use it to spark her own change. We can help her.  If that is our choice.

The darkness has overtaken this part of the universe. This frequency wave is meant to balance this.  A way to correct the many many mistakes made by many groups of beings over a very long period of time.  This is your time to shine.   Take advantage of it.

Link to original article. (The comments there include much more information.)
UPDATE: Posted at exactly 1111 words before this update!

Alternative Views and Considerations about CERN

This post has been rolling around in my head for several weeks now, and I by no means make definitive claims to know exactly what’s going on in the wider world. In my own world and that of friends and clients, I see strong evidence of fresh openings, growth, and a reaching beyond previous limitations. I see more local people planting fruit trees, beginning or expanding their gardens, and starting or renovating art studios, theaters and creative and/or healing communities. I hear from clients — past and present — letting me know of huge shifts and major healing in their lives, and I find that despite the threats of whatever could be coming down the pipeline, somehow people keep winding up on their feet, like cats with their proverbial nine lives. All day, every day, I feel those energetic signatures, with the strongest frequency being Earth Herself — Gaia, Sophia, Terra, Mother, whatever you call Her, She is rising!

Within this context, I have a different, potentially more optimistic interpretation of CERN than many in the spiritual or “truther” communities do. Normally, I would be among the first to freak out about the large hadron collider (LHC), but for some reason, I’m just not. If you want to read freak outs, you can find them all over the place, but I’ll summarize the claims here, along with my own comments on those claims:

1) The scientists at CERN are playing God, and not just any god. CERN has a statue of Shiva in the Nataraja form, enacting “the dance of destruction.” CERN scientists are trying to blow up the Earth by recreating the Big Bang. 


While I do feel concerned about the motivations and responsibility of some of the LHC scientists, the level of fear, hysteria and misinformation about the role of the Hindu diety Shiva is off the charts. Any time a fundamentalist religious sect claims to describe another religion’s faith as “demonic,” we would do well to pause and investigate for ourselves. I happen to know some people who practice Hinduism, tantra, and/or bhakti yoga, and they are lovely, loving, generous people — among the kindest, most conscious, creative and sincere people I know. I forwarded them some of the most hysterical videos and articles about the Shiva-CERN connection and respectfully asked for their take on things.

One guru’s guru used to be a nuclear physicist before leaving the field when India wanted him to focus on building bombs, so I particularly enjoyed email discussions with and references provided by this friend. What I discovered through these discussions confirmed my own experiences with kirtan (i.e. sacred chants sung along with Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Jai Uttal and many others), and that was that Shiva is predominantly associated with healing, not destruction. Even when the destroyer aspect arrives, it comes to dance away the worn out reality in preparation for the birth of a healed, new universe. People deeply involved in this tradition are so accustomed to viewing Shiva as the great healing aspect of Brahma that they often forget that “Westerners only recognize Shiva the Destroyer.”

From one friend: “What I find most interesting here is that the stated purpose of the LHC is to recreate the conditions of 1 second after the Big Bang. Chanting the Rudram, which is the greatest stotram to Siva creates the heat and energy of 1/4 second after the Big Bang. I have also read that if you substitute the deity names in the Rudram for modern scientific names for these energies that the Rudram reads easily like a modern physics text book. There is definitely some correlation between this project, the Rudram and Siva. In it’s highest interpretation the Rudram is saying that we are all god and the god is in everything, in nature, in matter and that god is also in the thief – all sides of the coin.”

If interested, you can watch this video, which sings the mantra (plus an introductory one) at length with English translations of the associations and invocations. You can see the emphasis on healing, prosperity, good condition, and protection:

Another youtube chanted version explains the mantra thus:

“The Life Giving Mantra
“Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhnam Urvvarukamiva Bandhanaan Mrityormuksheeya Maamrataat Om”
II Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra II महा मृत्युंजय मंत्र…

II Introduction to Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra II

The great mantra dedicated to Shiva as Mrityunjaya is found in the Rig Veda, as well as in the Yajur Veda. It is called the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, the Great Death-Conquering mantra. It is a mantra that has many names and forms. It is called the Rudra mantra, referring to the furious aspect of Shiva; the Tryambakam mantra, alluding to Shiva’s three eyes; and its is also known as the Mrita-Sanjivini mantra because it is a component of the “life-restoring” practice given to the primordial sage Shukra after he had completed an exhausting period of austerity. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is hailed by the sages as the heart of the Veda. Along with the Gayatri mantra it holds the highest place among the many mantras used for contemplation and meditation.


One of the most balanced articles I’ve located about the LHC and Shiva (also spelled Siva) expresses concern, but it looks much more at the complexities of the Shiva Nataraj, so it’s not just a knee-jerk “Shiva’s evil” position. It recognizes potential irony, real concerns about the unpredictability of the experiments, but also a hope that the protection inherent in the mantra associated with this statue has mitigating effects on the experiments. You can find that article here. As the author notes at the end of the piece, “What was not said in this article is that there are many of us who firmly believe that this device has other purposes far different than those stated by CERN and the scientific establishment. We will take up some of these notions in future discussions, as revelations are made by those in the know.

PETITION: Shut Down The Large Hadron Collider
You might want to sign one or both of the petitions below:

Personally, I find a reasoned, informed, investigative approach much more valuable than over the top doom, gloom, projection and absolutely “in the know” conjectures floating around the blogosphere. You can find all sorts of reports on CERN, Jade Helm, super volcanoes, Planet X, forest fires near Chernobyl, Fukushima death plumes and more, all of which lead me to ask: “Aren’t we, in fact, experiencing the worn out reality? Aren’t we already living in the Dance of Destruction? Would a healing rebirth necessarily be any worse?”

2) The scientists at CERN are opening wormholes, new realities and portals to bring in demons.

Again, define “demon.” Some people view the Judeo-Christian-Muslim God as a demented demon/alien responsible for all the religious bloodshed of the past 2000+ years. Does their belief make that true anymore than the fundamentalist Christian assertion that anyone “not saved by Jesus Christ” will go to everlasting hell?

Most modern religions of any sect or denomination not only suppress but completely demonize anything at all related to the Goddess or Divine Feminine. One could argue that the (patriarchal) “spiritual” disregard, disrespect and even hatred for the material realm, Nature, natural healing, women and the body has resulted in humanity driving Earth to the very brink of destruction — to a condition that no longer supports life. Depending on its type, a “wormhole” or “new reality” could provide an antidote to the anti-life parasites that have run this planet for millennia.

Would a return to reverence for all of Nature — a return to recognizing our planet as a Divine Goddess with Her own full consciousness — “bring in demons”? John Calvin certainly thought so. That’s why he executed women and anyone associate with Nature, healing herbs, mysticism and the body. That’s how he managed to create the most oppressive police state the Western world has (yet) known. Please see my earlier post “Subtle and Overt Attacks on the Goddess, Nature and the Sacred Feminine” for more details on this dynamic.

A “demon” is anything so firmly rejected that it grows in the Shadows, preparing to (forcibly) reclaim its rightful place. As they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” What happens if that “woman” is Mother Nature or the Divine Feminine? Kali, the Hindu goddess most often associated by Westerners with destruction, is, like Shiva, only one facet of a largely healing, motherly Presence. Might we align with this “destruction” in the same ways that we can embrace inevitable changes in our own and societal lives as a healing cleanse instead of creating excess pain and suffering through clinging to the old and resistance to necessary change?

I paint portals coded with Runes and sacred symbols, using my own intention and creativity to initiate preferred realities and events that would not normally occur through the current trajectory. While I fully recognize the potential for scientists to experiment willy nilly with forces far beyond their control or understanding, I also hold within me the possibility that some of these scientists may have similar desires to shift established negative trajectories. Perhaps they know more about say, a rogue planet in our solar system, astrological and ancient historical records hidden away at the Vatican, and/or NASA’s real space footage, rather than the redacted images the public receives. Maybe, just maybe, there’s far more going on than the public knows or even senses. Yes, this could mean pacts with demented aliens trying to take over the Earth (or have they already?!), but it could also involve attempts to shift Earth’s magnetic field in order to mitigate effects from a massive periodic object responsible for earlier  and coming cataclysms spoken of by indigenous people everywhere, including the Hopi.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a benevolent purpose behind the secrecy and desperate experimentation. I don’t know. I don’t claim to know, but in a world of all possibilities, I recognize more than the knee jerk conclusion of pure evil, arrogance and idiocy at CERN.

3) Scientists at CERN are playing with consciousness in order to create “hive mind” and the New World Order.

Fundamentalist Christians reject what I call “the New Age Borg” just as much as I do. I can’t argue with them that the prospect of erasing all individuality in favor of mass brainwashing seems sinister. We’ve heard for decades about Project Blue Beam and the Fake Alien Invasion, along with plans to beam thoughts and visions to people so that they “experience” a carefully scripted “mystical” encounter shared by everyone around them. Such mass group hypnosis would then be used for spiritual tyranny to complete the New World Order with its transhumanist, totally enslaving agenda.

We’ve already seen the effects of this process in so many co-opted channelers placating otherwise good people into a SOMA like state of passivity and cognitive dissonance in the face of “higher light being Obama” droning children, pushing through the oppressive TPP, and appointing Monsanto lackeys in all places of power whilst touting his wife’s “organic garden.” Oh, but he’s from a higher dimension, right? And ET’s will save us from ourselves as we “ascend” in to Nirvana in spaceships while the dirty physical realm burns and suffocates around us.  Luv’n’lite.

In this case, I agree with the fundies: yuck!

I also sense something else happening, though, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Gaia-Sophia-Terra-Mama Earth is rising. Her own frequency continues to increase, and She knows how to self correct. I wonder what would happen if CERN triggered “hive mind” but Earth co-opted any negative agenda, thereby reconnecting humanity’s telluric chakra — the one that connects humans deeply and intimately to our planetary consciousness? What if “hive mind” meant a primary connection to all of life, including each other, through our shared connection to the Divine Consciousness within our planet? Can you imagine how differently people would behave if every decision ran through an Earth filter? If every decision supported Nature? If all the wifi, EMF pollution and TV brainwashing got preempted by Earth Herself?

I also wonder what would happen if the scientists really did manage to tear a hole in the fabric of the Universe, thereby opening — even for brief milliseconds — portals to other realities. Would such a moment trigger what John Lamb Lash calls “The Sophianic Correction,” in which Earth throws off anything not in alignment with a healed humanity and harmonious co-existence with all of Nature?  She needs some sort of trigger. Could a CERN function (or malfunction) initiate that trigger? Some alternative writers have spoken of “Divine Intervention” as coming from “off world,” but I’ve not heard anyone writing about CERN discuss the possibility of an “in world” “Divine Assertion” — of the Earth auto-correcting Herself.

Predictably, I have read and heard all sorts of shrieks about “dark matter,” but without any of the awareness of how both “dark” and “matter” exist traditionally in the realm of the Goddess. “Matter” comes from the same root as “mater,” meaning “Mother.” I’ve written on these topics many, many times, but I will remind readers here that nearly every modern religion and every modern social institution and “moral” convention subtly or overtly co-opts, rejects and/or demonizes anything to do with the Divine Feminine. When exploring “scary” topics, we would do well to reclaim our own and the collective Shadow.

The psychopaths who would remain in control of this reality have suppressed and/or perverted Ancient Wisdom and Goddess lore in order to ensure that the many never discover their true origins, power and potential. For millennia, wars, propaganda and vast fortunes have destroyed historical monuments, documents and traditions in order to hide and exclude such things from the masses. Why? Do you really believe those in power hid all of these things for your own protection and liberation? If so, then why do psychopaths remain in charge? Why have they raped, beaten and destroyed our planet, women, animals, “primitive” societies and attacked the metaphorical and real “seeds” of Life itself?

When expressing our conCERNs about CERN, let’s remember to explore our own “dark matter.” Let’s retrain ourselves to love the material realm so that it can express the spiritual. As my friend said, “What I find most interesting here is that the stated purpose of the LHC is to recreate the conditions of 1 second after the Big Bang. Chanting the Rudram, which is the greatest stotram to Siva creates the heat and energy of 1/4 second after the Big Bang. I have also read that if you substitute the deity names in the Rudram for modern scientific names for these energies that the Rudram reads easily like a modern physics text book. There is definitely some correlation between this project, the Rudram and Siva. In it’s highest interpretation the Rudram is saying that we are all god and the god is in everything, in nature, in matter and that god is also in the thief – all sides of the coin.” This same friend also shared, “My Guru … says we are a speck of a speck in the milkway just as a sperm is a speck in the flow of semen. That the void of space is Devi’s yoni and that the Big Bang was the release of Siva’s viryam (can be translated as strength) into Devi’s Yoni.”

Those interested in learning more about the Rudyam can listen to a series of lectures here. They begin with chanting, but then explore philosophy, humility, healing and creation. Whether you choose to listen to the talks or not, I will simply underscore the beauty and life force of this tradition and take at least some encouragement from the presence of the Nataraj statue outside of CERN. Someone has studied these sacred texts and mantras, so that imprint at least exists as a potential in the LHC experiments.

Before running in terror from destruction, let’s honestly assess what things in our own lives need to go in order to make room for the new. As Joseph Campbell said, “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Even in the worst case scenario of CERN — for conscious beings and a conscious planet — that moment of chaos could open massive potential for rebirth into a different, preferred reality. Yes, we want to protect our planet, but in order to do so, let’s reclaim our Shadows, reclaim our own Dance of Destruction, and realign with the Divine Consciousness of our planet, so that if and when chaos comes, we remember to dance our own ecstatic, healing steps into the New.