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Seen Today in the Garden

The fairy tale pumpkins are just starting to grow, so imagine my surprise when my eyes fell upon this huge green striped cushaw squash!

green striped cushaw

I thought I’d show some different perspectives today, since I usually shoot from the front of the yard, facing back. Here’s the view through the back gate, in an archway of poke:

through the back gate

The back alley is also starting to fill in, although next year, the forsythias will be more than little twigs. Wildflowers, day lilies, and Maximiliam sunflowers bring welcome touches of color to an otherwise weedy spot. I’ve got cold hardy gladiolus and hollyhocks on the perpendicular side of the garage, facing the apartment’s parking lot.

back alley

I almost never take photos of the ugly view across the street, but these sunflowers have so kindly faced their most beautiful blooms at the best angle to distract from the ugliest view, while I await the growth of my serviceberry and rose hedges up front to shield this yuck. Vertical gardening projects abound in this yard, buffering views on three of four sides, but the front has resulted in a riot of color. The yarden has grown so lush that it actually feels like a complete non-sequitur to look from one side of the street to the other:


Along with sunnies, we have plenty of bunnies, pictured here with black raspberries, patty pan squash, tomatoes, calendula and borage:


The area behind our garage (the back garage by the alley actually belongs to our landlord) has turned into quite the companion planting party, with even an animal transplanted watermelon groundcover twining around a currant bush:


The backyard beds still look lush from behind. Sometime, we’ll have a gazillion parsnips since I let this one go to seed. I can’t bring myself to cut it down, since it looks like a tree and has cucumbers and pumpkin twined all around it.

back beds

The cardoon looks just as impressive as my friend Patricia promised me it would — very popular with the bees, too!


These beds have overflowed, and you can’t even see the sweet potato vines starting to climb the trellis behind the deadheaded elecampane:

side backyard

Our Guarden Bed’s cold frame support needs repair before the other two hinge points break. I’ve got the parts, just haven’t had the time yet with David to implement the switch. Meanwhile, garlic chives have flowered, and a slow start “zinnia” turned into a sunflower, joining masses of cucumbers and fairy tale pumpkins.

Guarden bed and garlic chives

That’s all the photos for now. I was outside observing the yard next door while Gardener’s Supply has their Summer Clearance sale happening, just in case I need, you know, more garden stuff. 😉 Yesterday, I picked up an inspiring copy of “Foodscaping,” by Charlie Nardozzi, and I can’t wait to get that yard going!