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The Hugging Tree

David took me to one of our very favorite raw food restaurants on my birthday — Borrowed Earth Cafe, in Downers Grove, Illinois. Our friends Danny and Kathy Living own and manage this wonderful home of raw, vegan, wholesome decadence, and it made a perfect stopover on our way to visit David’s parents in Indiana. I love their food, so I was super excited to eat there, but then I saw this tree:

Borrowed Earth Hugging Tree

Something about that tree made me so happy that I just had to hug it, even before I read the sign. David was photographing the tree’s lovely “outfit,” while I was like, “Hurry! I need to hug the tree!” When I saw the photo he took of me, I actually felt a little embarrassed by my exuberance. What the heck?! I guess I really do love trees. Like, a whole, whole lot.

Laura Bruno really loves trees!

We hadn’t told Danny and Kathy we planned to road trip there from Madison, but as we entered, Kathy said, “I was just thinking about you this morning! Too weird. Or not. I guess that’s just how things work, huh?” Sure enough, that’s how they work in my life, anyway. 😉 We enjoyed our meals and dessert as much as we always do and decided to buy Danny’s new book, Borrowed Earth Café: Climbing the Ladder of a Dream. It’s quite a non-linear endeavor, full of humor, skits, recipes, personal stories, and little nuggets of inspiration and wisdom. I’ve enjoyed my time with the book, which puts together some puzzle pieces I had intuitively surmised but of which I’d never had any overt confirmation. Of course, I particularly enjoyed this passage — written by Danny writing as Kathy — about my new tree friend:

“On International Yarn Bombing Day, which is a day when people knit things and put them in unusual public places, like fun, non-property damaging graffiti, I posted this:

“‘Nothing adds to the fun like a tree wearing a sweater, worn here by our tree, The Hugging Tree. Stop by and pet the tree for good luck and happiness … Happy International Yarn Bombing Day from Borrowed Earth Café, in Downers Grove, IL, USA.’

“So, me and two friends, Kathleen and Mary Beth (our friend with the beautiful therapy dogs, Maggie and Timmy), knitted little rectangles and fastened them to the trunk of the tree in front of the restaurant.

“I love it!

“I put a sign on the tree proclaiming it, ‘The Hugging Tree’ and all day long, I watch young and old (mostly young) hug the tree.

“That tree’s gotta feel mighty good.”

In addition to well-loved trees, they’ve got some Fancy Pants in front of the patio. Lots of fun all around. Here’s to trees, stories, whimsy and love! Little things can make a huge difference. Next time you feel a little blue, think “green.” Whip up a salad, down a green juice and/or go hug a tree. Nature loves you back!

For more about my friends at Borrowed Earth Café, here’s their site. A feast for body, mind and soul. Namaste!