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Parallel Universes

Thanks to Tim Glenn for making me aware of The Horizon Project, a gathering of highly specialized scientists who have collaborated with each other in order to explore a much bigger picture. While researching their research, I stumbled upon this BBC video series about scientific evidence for parallel universes.

At this time of “possible dimensional rift” as we cross the Galactic Dark Rift on December 21, 2012, these videos are well worth the watch. Sit back and let your mind wander. What kind of Universe would you love to create? “Anything that can happen, does happen.” I suggest watching these videos with an open mind and an eye towards possibilities.

Before I share the BBC video series, I wanted to post this very short video from the Horizon Project, talking about the Mayan Prophecies and the potential dimensional rift:

Strange times, full of potential! In a world where everything’s possible, what would you love to create?