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Stones and Cairns

I’ve had some interesting and gorgeous synchronicities around cairns — stones balanced upon each other and left in Nature. My friend Mitch recently sent these two photos from his new passion of stacking stones:


Mitch's cairns

Mitch’s cairns

Mitch's first tall cairn

Mitch’s first tall cairn

These images have been haunting me, so still, so silent and beautiful. Then yesterday, another friend emailed me the following “out of the blue”:

Thought you would enjoy this site. The artist, Michael Grab, uses gravity as literally the only glue needed to balance rocks on one another, in impossible-seeming ways. Here’s his philosophy:

“Gravity Glue exists to share my experience in the art of stone balance… All Gravity Glue images and videos exhibit real rocks that I’ve balanced and photographed myself… The process boils down to contemplative stone arrangement; involving patience, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands, and a plethora of other practiced skills…

“I began balancing rocks through somewhat of a whim in the Summer of 2008 while exploring Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, USA. Since then, simple curiosity has evolved into a prolific creative passion, and daily meditative practice. I quickly noticed the unique effect that my creations had on myself and others, often inspiring a sense of magic and peace; a sense that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

“I am constantly in awe at the stillness, let alone possibility, of such precarious formations, amidst sometimes very turbulent conditions. For me this reflects our own potential to maintain a still-point amidst the variety of challenges we each face throughout our lives. Further, I wish to highlight the idea that WE ARE creators of our own reality, rather than mere recipients. Consciousness affects reality. This practice allows one to freely create, manifesting their own particular vibration into a 3D world.”

When I shared the site with Mitch, he replied:

It is so healing to do, the rocks speak to you to be chosen. I’m sure there’s a huge community here in the Puget Sound. This is rock/river/sound country! Although it’s interesting, I haven’t stumbled on a lot of elaborate cairn’s in my river/Sound hikes so I feel this is a new fast growing movement, with GravityGlue’s Michael Grab being the break out global cairn artist in just the last couple years. There’s also a small, growing movement of people creating ‘found’ art in forests. I feel this is all confirmation, symptoms of humans waking up along with Goddess Gaia. Why else this sudden collective urge to create ‘nature’ based, temporary art? And right on cue, read this last night, [in Sjoo and Mor’s The Great] Cosmic Mother p98:

“Stone, in neolithic times as in Paleolithic, remains the powerful abode of the Great Goddess” and then all of p99 gives the history and use of stones as sacred energy. Fascinating and so comforting! I also find it interesting I moved unto a property with hundreds of tons of giant rocks, artfully placed about by Seattle best rock setter, hmmm, lot’s of synch’s indeed, thank you Goddess!

great video of Michael Grab at ‘work’ notice the absolute focus, this would be such a great tool for your clients having problems ‘finding’ their focus or frequently sabotaged by powerful mind, anxiety.

🙂 M

Thank you, Mitch and Joe! I’ve long had a fascination with stones — from ancient monoliths to the carefully balanced “found” stones that bring the extra sense of magic and connection to our experience of Nature. These photos, video and website do remind me of Tania Marie’s earlier post “A Mysterious & Enchanted Wonderland of Organic Sculptures in the Deep Woods.” So often we think of this kind of deep connection as somewhere in the distant past, but we, too, can live, move and create with Nature. Many thanks to all of you, known and unknown!

Medical Intuition: Quick Insights into Common Symptoms

I’ve had so many blog posts swimming around inside my head lately, but every time I start to write one down, I get another idea. Add to that my fascinating research for Schizandra and the Peruvian Jaguar and, well, I haven’t actually posted in awhile. It just occurred to me that I receive so many of the same questions from people that I might share a few general tidbits here. These aren’t meant to replace medical advice, of course; they’re meant to give you pause and reflection on what your body might want to tell you through your symptoms. If these don’t resonate with you, there may be a deeper soul issue wanting to come through. Please feel free to contact me for a personalized reading. ‘Til then, enjoy!

Hip Pain/Hip Issues: People rarely call me for this issue on its own, but I notice it a lot when I do general energy reads in coaching sessions. People are always amazed when I ask out of the blue how their hips feel!

Hips represent where our steps begin and where our legs connect to the rest of our body. As such, they often blow out, get stiff, dislocate, ache, or even break when people begin to contemplate a major life change. I find it interesting to note if it’s the hip of the dominant leg (the one you first step with) or the non-dominant one, as this can tell you where you are in the process of your decision to change.

Skin Flare-Ups These often have to do with visibility issues and the “face” you show the world. I’ve written more extensively on skin issues here.

Lack of Motivation: i.e. wanting to change, but not feeling focused enough or engaged enough to follow through with a course of action. This often occurs in conjunction with Candida Overgrowth. Candida vibrates to the type of victim that feels oppressed or overburdened by all the worlds concerns, be they family, job, or other “one-way” relationship.

I also find that motivation struggles arise when the supposed goal really does not reflect the deepest longings of the soul. In this case, the “prize” is simply not enticing enough to move through the required work. In some cases, the so-called prize might even represent a kind of prison. I recommend writing an uncensored list of 101 Wishes to see what comes up. Any patterns? Any surprises? Life coaching and/or Intuitive Life Path Assessments can also help to clarify goals and deeper longings.

A fair number of people have a mortal fear of achieving their soul’s dream. Yes, I said “mortal fear” as in fear of death. On some level, they associate this dream with the stoppage of time into permanent bliss. Doesn’t that sound a bit like, um, heaven? Death?

Souls are like little children who believe everything we say and take it literally. Sometimes we need to unpack the symbols, words and metaphors we use to describe or envision our “goals.” Sometimes we need to shake them out and iron them flat, remove any wrinkles lest our souls see boogie men or monsters in ordinary wishes.

Time does not freeze-frame when the soul steps into its life purpose. Yes, sometimes souls choose to leave the body when they’ve finished their goals or when it’s clear they will never finish them in this incarnation; however, that does not mean that yours will. Finding your life path is a road to liberation IN the body. It’s a means of experiencing “the kingdom of heaven within you.” By allowing your soul to receive what it came here to receive, you help to reconnect the spirit and earthly realms. You can give yourself permission to do this in body. If you had wanted to bliss out in the heavenly realms without experiencing any of the 3D effects, then you wouldn’t have bothered to take on a body. You have one now; have fun in it!

Thyroid/Neck/Throat Problems: Most people recognize that the throat chakra represents how they share their voice in the world. Many people do not know that the ears and the throat are part of the same chakra: how you hear and how you’re heard. If you have examined and re-examined the ways you speak your truth yet still have imbalances in the throat/neck/thyroid region, you might want to look at how you hear. Do you talk over others? Interrupt them? Do you shut out clairaudient awareness, explaining it away as “just a silly thought”? Since nature craves balance, a lack of listening will sometimes present itself in the same way as too much silence. In macrobiotics they say that everything eventually becomes its opposite: something overly yin eventually becomes yang; something overly yang eventually becomes yin. If you can’t figure out what’s happening with your throat, check your ears.