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Bernie Suarez ~ 10 Signs That ISIS is a Scripted Psyop


Has the ISIS psyop calmed down a bit? Before it dies out let’s examine some incredible ironies and oddities surrounding CIA’s ISIS. After all, the ISIS psyop deserves a thorough analysis from every angle, so I thought it appropriate to outline for the sake of humanity. Hopefully, humanity can use the ISIS psyop as a tool for the final or further awakening. It may be wishful thinking, but it is worth exposing every crack and corner of this psyop and let government know that we are not going for it this time.

I declare humanity too intuitive to buy into this psychological operation and hopefully I’m right. So while the core TV-watching, mainstream media-believing community drinks the government Kool Aid, let us get started by pointing out several glaring observations regarding the ISIS psyop.

Glancing ahead, the ISIS kids have knowledge of things that require you to have education, modern technical skills, a little bit of decency, structure, conformity to societal norms and somewhat transparent connection to the outside world. What are these things and what are some of the surreal oddities surrounding ISIS? Let’s examine:

1. Professional Camera, Editing Software and Skills

Incredibly, despite being savages that only want to kill for apparently no specific burning reason other than that fact that you are not ISIS, ISIS has at least some kind of production department that can skillfully provide what could be considered Hollywood-style editing (of supposed beheading videos) with multiple camera angles, consistent daylight on their subjects and proper daylight mode video exposure. They clearly have the skills for setting up multiple cameras and using those precise angles for their production department. In order to put out these supposed beheading videos, they also had to make sure that the sounds were just right and that there was no shaking of the camera.

Someone then had to take the various video angles and properly edit the footage so as to make it look professional. The editor, apparently a man of class and decency, then is careful not to show any actual action and blood. Savage killers who are ALSO respectful and classy about being too disturbing with their videos. Instead they courteously (but sloppily) cut from the early hand action of their British-sounding supposed lead man, to the post beheading amazingly clean shot of a head sitting on a corpse with the classic Photoshop drop shadows. In Hollywood style, reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock films, the editor essentially leaves the action to the viewer’s imagination. Even though this beheading movie created by ISIS is not being submitted for any film festivals, they carefully comply with techniques that would make this film fully acceptable into almost any gore film festival.

To those who want to point out to viewers the amazing lack of blood during those first critical throat slices of James Foley’s neck, sorry, exposing this lack of blood is in itself apparently too grotesque by YouTube standards and should you post such a video it will be conveniently removed.

2. Professional Image Editing Software and Skills.

Like the editing software, the ISIS production team shows off their skills in Photoshop image editing software, which often requires an extended learning period, resources, and practice. Despite a few imperfections, the ISIS production department seems to know how to cut and splice out sections of images to produce the desired effect of disconnecting a head from the body. Even if obtaining and using the software is believable, let’s remember we’re talking about savage “terrorists” that are supposedly inhumane. In other words, these are clinically, factually documented psychopaths and not your average person according to government legend. Let’s keep this in mind (psychopaths) when speaking about ISIS.

3. Internet Connection, Video Uploading Capabilities, and Social Media Accounts.

According to U.S. “intelligence sources” mouthpieces, ISIS has all the above including social media capabilities. Amazingly, these covered-face killers have unraveled the secret of how to outsmart every world power including the U.S. Empire with regard to every form of communication. They have stomped out the U.S. military, NSA, CIA, NATO, U.N. and the intelligence of Israel, U.K. and every other nation that surrounds them. You may think it’s not every day that a small group of young face-covered kids can outsmart the world, but this could be attributed to pure luck if you believe in the ISIS psyop. Just to be able to say that you’ve outsmarted the U.S. Empire 13 years after they accelerated their plans to rule the world outlined in The Project for the New American Century document titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” According to the ISIS psyop, that accomplishment alone is worthy of historic recognition.

Here’s a group of young kids with covered faces who maintain Internet accounts without any past due balances, they have wide open social media accounts (Facebook? YouTube? Twitter?) that are also apparently well maintained. They must understand and be properly following the rules of these social media accounts. But wait, if they have social media accounts doesn’t that mean that the social media providers are terrorists too? Unless these geniuses called ISIS are also fooling them as well. I suppose this would be realistic according to the  government narrative since ISIS has apparently outsmarted everyone else.

Okay, forget social media, how is ISIS able to log on to the Internet? Do they have their own ISIS hackers?? Who do they pay their Internet bill with? Without Internet aren’t they lost? No social media and no way of knowing what is going on right? I doubt they have analog TV in their convoys? Doesn’t this present a communication problem? ISIS again quietly has overcome this problem in a flawless and mysterious manner.

4. ISIS Intelligence Operation Apparently Far Superior to CIA/Mossad

Amazingly this group of geniuses who have outsmarted the entire global intelligence community seem to have all the capabilities to put the U.S. Empire’s CIA and their globalist partner Israel’s Mossad to shame. ISIS has put on a clinic and has officially handed the U.S. and Israel their butts in the intelligence department. They not only formed right below their noses, they did it quickly, they figured out unanimously what their mission would be and all agreed on it. Football teams and all sports team for that matter throughout the world could learn from ISIS. ISIS apparently is teaching the world how a team works together. Imagine, the CIA’s mainstream media would have us believe that ISIS is powerful and high in numbers. Really? How would you get that many people to agree on anything? Every NCAA coach would learn a lot from ISIS. Here’s a group of young face-covered men who actually agree on everything. They even all agree not to attack Israel for no reason at all.

How quickly ISIS rose to power and fame and how they operate in such unity should strike everyone as very odd, yet the ISIS psyop narrative continues without missing a beat in regards to these technicalities and finer points. Any way we slice it, the ISIS psyop narratives has a group of kids with hidden faces who have revolutionized the concept of the “intelligence” operation. They solved the CIA Mossad and NSA problems and now are laughing at the global intelligence community. They did this at a time, by the way, even as uncharged innocent prisoners sit in George W Bush’s Guantanamo illegal prison for life. Can you imagine what is going on in the minds of the men in Guantanamo hearing about ISIS?

5. Super Secret Database Holding the Secret Names and Identities of Their Members

Have you noticed that no one knows who ISIS is? What are their names? Why not snag up one or two of them and let the identities come out? No, not ONE member of ISIS is capturable or identified to the world. It’s like they never existed. Not one wife, sister, brother, father, cousin, nephew, aunt, or uncle is speaking out. Apparently they never lived anywhere and never told their friends that they were going to join ISIS. Not one of the has a girlfriend or a spouse that would have spoken by now. No one has come out testifying that ISIS tried recruiting them. Oddly, we haven’t even heard of an angry former girlfriend speaking out about the initial call, the recruiting effort or anything whatsoever. But without a powerful recruiting effort how did they recruit? Somehow they got around this one too. No one knows how. They simply came into being. Let that sink in. 

6. Anti Surveillance Technology- Able to Avoid All Existing Surveillance

In the age of super advanced government biometric surveillance, tracking and spying, ISIS has one less problem than anyone in America. Unlike Americans who are constantly under the threat of being surveilled and spied on by the U.S. empire, ISIS lives free of the threat of technological surveillance of any kind. For some reason, their images, faces, voices and actions are not surveilled, tracked or recorded by those who can do it.

“Intelligence sources” are powerless in the face of ISIS. All of the U.S.’s NASA, NSA and USAF technology and equipment makes no difference when it’s ISIS. Despite all this, amazingly we hear nothing about the U.S. military or NSA trying to steal or decode the ISIS counter surveillance technology. Oddly, the topic of ISIS’s amazing counter-surveillance technological abilities is not talked about by anyone in the media or in Washington. 

7. Endless Secret Water, Food, Farming and Meals Supply

Anyone who has served in the military knows that being a soldier makes you hungry. ISIS fighters definitely require lots of food and drinks that keep their energy up. You can’t go around killing people just for not being part of ISIS without having plenty of energy and lots of water and drinks. Even in the military, working in the mess hall for some was a career. Why? Because someone has to do it.

When I was in the military I remember the supply specialists; their full time job was tagging along on our field trips, making sure the unit had enough food and water. When necessary, the supply guys had to go to work to make sure everything went smooth. So where is ISIS getting their supplies? Who’s feeding them with food and water? Do they also own the farms? Do they grow their own food? Amazingly, according to the ISIS psyop they do. Or perhaps their food and water suppliers are all part of a secret operation being hidden by the world’s new leader of counter intelligence, ISIS. And speaking of supplies, who’s supplying their actual bullets? Ammunition? Guns without ammo are useless, so the question is where are they getting their bullets from?

8. All American Timing! – Common Enemies, Lucky Gift

ISIS is a unique group from which almost all their goals fit in perfectly with the Bush Neocon plans to militarily control the world. I covered this topic in a recent article. Amazingly, ISIS now happens to hate Russia, too, just like the United States. What are the odds? Bush Neocons controlling Obama and the globalists benefit greatly from more, not less, terrorism. An end to the War on Terror would leave the U.S. without the planned conquering of Syria and Iran and re-conquering Iraq. Without a bogeymonster like ISIS to provide the pretext for invading these countries (in some cases, again) the plan has no legs. That ISIS fits in perfectly with the Bush Neocon plans is merely a coincidence according to the ISIS psyop narrative. Like Lucky Larry Silverstein taking the day off only on 9/11/01 to go to an appointment after never missing work for years if ever at all. Luck, the narrators of the ISIS psyop would have you believe, is something that just happens and should be accepted without question.

But wait, ISIS is so close to Israel, they may attack Israel any given day. Given how fast they move, how well they operate together, their skillful blend of technology and brute force surely they could cause a historic massacre in Israel overnight and leave their trail of blood through large sections of Israel. Isn’t that the stated goal of ISIS? IDF and Mossad have already failed to detect or stop ISIS in any way shape or form so I wouldn’t expect them to provide much of a challenge for the ISIS powerhouse terror group. Given how brave they are, I would imagine they wouldn’t have any problems getting the young men to volunteer for the big Israel attack.

The big Israel attack would gain them all the PR and Marketing they need. Isn’t that the goal when someone opens up a social media account? Hasn’t ISIS demonstrated in the supposed beheading videos that they are serious, they want everyone to know who they are and they want certain things? An attack on Israel would get them everything they want; yet, for another lucky reason (luck of the U.S. and Israel) ISIS doesn’t seem motivated about pulling off the big damage/low-cost attack on Israel.

The irony gets even crazier here. According to U.S. politicians pushing the ISIS psyop narrative, ISIS is not only unwilling to attack Israel, which they could do in a day or two, they instead prefer to make plans to travel all the way to the other side of the world to attack the world’s most powerful Empire of all time. Yes, they would rather risk getting caught, imprisoned or killed traveling halfway around the world than to go for an easy quick strike at Israel. And, for good measure, as if to flaunt their super counter-intelligence capabilities, they are willing to announce ahead of time their travel plans to fly halfway across the world to attack American cities.

So this previously incredible intelligence organization that outsmarted all of the world’s intelligence agencies at once, is now giving away their plans before they even happen. Doesn’t that sound like a monumental change in intelligence strategy from such a stellar counter-intelligence skilled violent organization? Apparently in the “new” ISIS philosophy they now give away their plans ahead of time knowing that NOT giving away their plans worked pretty well during their secret and rapid rise to power under everyone’s noses. Keep in mind ISIS uses U.S. military gear which they accidentally “found” in Iraq. The military gear – including tanks, artillery weapons and high-powered guns – all just happened to work perfectly, and for good measure they apparently have all the ammunition to go with these weapons.

But wait, you might say, how can ISIS transport huge military equipment to the U.S. for an attack? Not one U.S. “intelligence source” seems to know the answer to this. Apparently ISIS is not just lucky like lucky Larry, they also have a lot of money (that no one seems to know the origin of) and they are very versatile. The ISIS engineers are apparently working on brand new smaller, easier to hide weapons that are not detectable by airport scanners or surveillance cameras. Is ISIS starting to sound like James Bond yet?

9. Complete Ongoing Immunity and Hidden Identities

Amazingly, ISIS is unknown to anyone (as mentioned in number 6). Even if their database is never discovered, ISIS is skilled at knowing when to wear their masks. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be caught without your mask right? And if you are caught without your mask and someone videotapes you, does that mean they kill you? No big deal? How does that work? One thing we know is that ISIS thus far (and they have been around allegedly a few years) has been perfect at hiding their faces. Not ONE video or photo exists where one member of ISIS showed his face. Amazing? Yes, for a group that has regular social media and Internet access. Where are the images of these men that belong to ISIS and why hide your face anyway? This amazing stroke of luck of not having even one member show his face or having his identity known to the world is an amazing accomplishment given all the technology and media available as mentioned before.

With this ongoing face-hiding playing out to perfection, once again ISIS is schooling the world on how to be a criminal in the face of the global police state and get away with it. Do you realize someone you know or someone they know could be part of ISIS without anyone knowing? Is ISIS really Blackwater? Academi? You know, the U.S.’s private mercenary organization that likes to change its name all the time. Is this the reason why “ISIS” covers their face? Even James Bond could not successfully hide his identity for very long and he’s just one person. Remember, we’re talking about supposedly thousands if not tens of thousands of young men working as one without one of these men making a mistake. Try to imagine how ridiculous this really sounds. Ultimately, as long as secrecy of the faces of ISIS is maintained, we really don’t know for sure just who ISIS really is. We know what the federal government would have us think, but humanity as a whole is now moving past this type of solution for procurement of legitimate information.

10. Untraceable Money and Endless Spending

Yes, according to government mouthpiece “experts” like Colonel Anthony Shaffer and others, we (the U.S. “intelligence sources”) know a lot about ISIS. They have money, they are organized, etc. But think about it, how come they “know” so much about ISIS’s financial abilities but don’t “know” who funded them or what bank accounts they currently have?? U.S. and its allies’ intelligence only “know” enough to scare you with ISIS but not enough to act to actually stop their banking activity. That would actually stop ISIS dead in its tracks wouldn’t it? But nope, we don’t want ISIS to go away too quickly. The script needs to play out doesn’t it?

This script is indeed playing out, and America and the world is the audience watching the show. Those that are awakened stand in dismay at the level of propaganda we are seeing and are wondering what ridiculous narrative will the globalists spin next to get into Syria and continue into Iran? Others who wanted to believe mainstream media news but perhaps are intuitive enough to not be fooled yet again are scratching their head. We call that The WTF Moment.

While sadly others have seen this script before and for some reason they kind of liked it before. Perhaps they love the post-9/11 feeling of believing government and looking to it for protection from terrorism. Perhaps they love the police state and maybe they are comfortable being surveilled 24/7. Perhaps they know that the only way to maintain their sanity and their lifelong and hard-fought-for paradigm is to simply believe whatever mainstream media news says. This third group will welcome the CIA script.

It is this group (those that welcome the mainstream media script) that makes this next (information war) chess game between humanity’s awakened segment and humanity’s governing segment very interesting. This third (asleep) segment of humanity is playing out the last bit of fantasy left in their personal paradigms. Some of them would probably rather die than face reality. Some of them think they are “saving” themselves from reality. Reality, with some of these people, thus takes on the role of sin in that they want to save themselves from this consciousness. For others the same reality takes on a role of “insanity”. The goal thus becomes to “preserve” their consciousness from this “insanity” or tin foil, crazy, lunatic, “conspiracy theories”- you get the picture.

That is how the ISIS psyop divides itself upon humanity. Recognizing the three primary forms of consciousness will help us arrive at a consensus on how to move forward to fix this problem. Let’s hope that we (humanity) can figure it out quickly this time and with the fewest amount of lost lives. Let us pray for humanity and for the survival of the human race. Let’s remember that all those logos, flags, ideologies, and concepts of governments are all just artificial agreements. Let’s all try to see the biggest picture, which is that we are all part of a species (humanity) which is actually trying to kill itself off. Let’s not let tiny individual samples of our own species ruin it for all of us. They’ve tried everything they have, so they have to start repeating their tactics. They are making the script easier for us all. Let’s take advantage of this weakness they are showing. The weakness of lack of creativity. This lack of creativity is glaringly obvious to all of us now. The globalists are not very creative and they like to repeat their tactics. This is why history is a great tool to expose the globalists and their new world order.

Its been said and I declare again that those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat it; never has this been more true than today. Here’s a word of caution to those who still believe government’s ongoing War on Terror. Look at the past, look at attacks of 9/11/01, don’t you agree it didn’t work out very well for us? And on top of that they took all our liberties away. This is a failed government. Are you going to trust them at a game where you are always the loser? Ask yourself, how did their phony war on terror improve your life last time? Why would this next round of ISIS be expected to be any different? Don’t you want to thrive while you are alive? Then let go of government-engineered lies and narratives and see the greater agenda now for yourself. Then share this message with someone.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

(Thanks, G!) SF Source  Activist Post  Sept 9 2014

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Natural News ~ 37 Lies Americans Tell Themselves to Avoid Confronting Reality

If you’re not American, consider that many of these lies cross over into other languages and Western cultures.

37 Lies Americans Tell Themselves to Avoid Confronting Reality
By Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Have you noticed the incredible detachment from reality exhibited by the masses these days? The continued operation of modern society, it seems, depends on people making sure they don’t acknowledge reality (or try to deal with it). “Denial” is what keeps every sector of civilization humming along: medicine, finance, government, agriculture and more.

The trouble with the denial approach is that eventually the lies collide with reality. Until that day comes, however, happy-go-lucky Americans are merrily enjoying their courtship with self delusion, repeating the following 37 lies to themselves as if they were true:

Lie #1) All FDA-approved medications are safe to consume in any combination, because the FDA protects the public.

Lie #2) Food prices keep going up because inflation is a natural force that can’t be halted.

Lie #3) The mainstream media is telling me the truth when it reports on world events.

Lie #4) Chemical food additives are tested for their safety before being widely used across the food supply.

Lie #5) We can all pump groundwater out of the ground forever, and it will never run out.

Lie #6) We can also pump fossil fuels out of the ground forever, and they will never run out, either. Why worry?

Lie #7) If anything bad happens in terms of a national emergency or natural disaster, the government will take care of me.

Lie #8) It doesn’t matter where my food comes from as long as it’s cheap and delicious.

Lie #9) GMOs must be safe to eat because a bunch of scientists paid by the biotech industry all tell each other that GMOs are safe and therefore have reached “scientific consensus.”

Lie #10) Government debt doesn’t matter because the government can simply create more money any time they want.

Lie #11) Mercury in vaccines must be safe to inject into children, otherwise the CDC and FDA wouldn’t allow it to be used in vaccines.

Lie #12) Organic produce is a waste of money. I’ll buy conventional produce treated with pesticides and herbicides because the cost of all the cancer treatments I’ll need 20 years later will be covered by Obamacare anyway.

Lie #13) The history taught to children in public schools is a true and accurate history. Columbus was best friends with the Indians, too!

Lie #14) Swallowing fluoride chemicals is good for babies and children, and that’s why cities put fluoride into public water supplies.

Lie #15) Flu shots prevent the flu. That’s why the package inserts for flu vaccines openly state there is no scientific evidence to support any conclusion that influenza vaccines prevent influenza.

Lie #16) Whatever is backed by “science” must be true. Science is never falsified by corrupt scientists or corporate agendas, and scientific conclusions are never wrong.

Lie #17) The global ecosystem can handle unlimited human pollution without any negative consequences. We can all continue to dump unlimited toxins into the environment.

Lie #18) Cell phone radiation is harmless. The reason we know that is because the cell phone companies hired scientists to say so.

Lie #19) If everybody else is doing something, it must be the right thing to do. After all, how could so many people be wrong?

Lie #20) We don’t need to store food for emergencies because there will always be more food available at the grocery store.

Lie #21) There’s no need to be concerned about Ebola or other infectious diseases in America because the vaccine companies can always and instantly create a new vaccine that works 100% of the time, with zero side effects.

Lie #22) Local police departments need battlefield military weapons, armored cars and body armor because the drug war demands it.

Lie #23) If I buy something at Whole Foods, it must be healthy and free from contaminants like toxic heavy metals. (Or is it really?)
Lie #24) My vote really counts in national elections. We live in a democracy where the People have power over the government.

Lie #25) My checking and savings accounts are perfectly safe no matter what happens because my bank is FDIC insured.

Lie #26) Raw dairy products are dangerous and deadly because the FDA told me so. Those horrible farmers selling raw dairy products should be locked away in prison.

Lie #27) My oncologist recommends chemotherapy treatment for me only because he cares about my wellbeing, not because his clinic sells the chemotherapy drugs at a huge profit.

Lie #28) The government isn’t secretly recording my phone calls or reading my emails. Why would they? I’ve done nothing wrong!

Lie #29) Commercial dog food is healthy and nutritious for dogs. Dog treats made in China are also trustworthy and free from contaminants like lead.

Lie #30) The only way to prevent infectious disease is with a vaccine. Vitamin D and healthy immune support have nothing to do with it.

Lie #31) After I pay off my house, I own it free and clear. (Think again: Property taxes mean you’re only “leasing” it from the county. Stop paying those taxes and you’ll find out very quickly who really owns your home.)

Lie #32) Google will do no evil, and the fact that the company is developing humanoid battlefield robots, autonomous drones and super-human quantum computing brain chips is nothing to worry about.

Lie #33) Cancer is caused entirely by bad luck (or smoking) and has nothing to do with the food I eat or chemicals in my personal environment.

Lie #34) The radiation release from Fukushima wasn’t that bad. Sure, it was many times larger than the Chernobyl disaster, but authorities say we have nothing to worry about.

Lie #35) Autism isn’t caused by vaccines, and the way we know is because the CDC scientist who admitted to a massive conspiracy of scientific fraud to bury the evidence linking vaccines to autism should not be believed.

Lie #36) All foods certified as “organic” are automatically free of toxic heavy metals and contaminants.

Lie #37) Human civilization is the only intelligent civilization in the entire galaxy. Anything else would simply be too scary to contemplate.

Learn more:

Does Planet Earth Need Humans?

Julian Rose sent me an article today, called, “Why Humanity Must Come Through,” which you can read below. The article touched a cord with me, as he expected it might — although perhaps not quite in the way he imagined it would. I’ve included my own response to him, followed by his article, both for your own consideration. I don’t claim to have all the answers here, but I do know what I’ve observed, including Julian’s enormous heart. I suppose I just live in a bit more multi-dimensional world on a daily basis than most people. 😉

My response:

Hi Julian,
Lovely to hear from you. Things are well here, thanks — it’s harvest season and soon Monarch butterfly migration season, for which I’ve planted a butterfly garden to help them along. I don’t know if you follow such things, but the Midwest USA is a difficult passage for them, as so many previous milkweed havens are now filled with GMO corn and soy. Ours is an “Official Monarch Way Station” where they can lay eggs, eat milkweed, sip zinnias and other flowers and then head on their way. It feels like a nice way to give back, and, of course, the flowers are a gorgeous bonus. 🙂
Wishing you a wonderful autumn, and thank you for the article. While I do see your point, with my experiences in communicating with animals, plants and the faery and elemental realms, I just don’t view the reincarnation cycle as anywhere near so linear (i.e. humans at the top of the chain). I’ve encountered animals and trees who are FAR more conscious than most humans and who would scorn to incarnate as a human, because that would mean such a stepping back of their awareness. Even science attests to some of this — have you seen or read “The Secret Life of Plants” or studied fungi? It’s pretty incredible, and it’s not just instinct. Plants sing, fungi facilitate telepathy and are highly connected with ancient fairy tales.
This doesn’t mean I think humanity should just give up and die. A harmonized, loving relationship between humanity and Gaia (or Terra, as I call her) and all her creatures (seen and unseen), seems very important in this little corner of the Universe. I just liken it to the Lord of the Rings trilogy in which the Hobbits were given the task of disposing of the Ring (“One ring to rule them all — i.e. New World Order). The Hobbits (humans) had a certain inner nobility and courage; however, they were certainly not Gandalf’s (wizards of higher consciousness beings)! They weren’t anywhere near as advanced as Elves or many of the other creatures encountered. The more intuitive sessions I do, and the more time I spend in Nature, the more I’ve come to recognize Tolkien’s work as very close to “real.” For whatever reason, humans seem to have a particularly redemptive potential for ridding the evil that has pervaded this planet, but I wouldn’t attribute that to humanity’s status as the highest level of consciousness on (or in) Terra. Far from it!
Can Terra shift without homo sapiens? I don’t know. Given the more recent attempts from the Faery Realm to communicate with humans and guide them in preserving the Earth, I rather think Terra does need humans to make her shift. At least SOME humans. I’m not at all convinced we won’t see a mass extinction — I think the part up for grabs is what kind of people will remain? Will it be the mindless-transhumanist slaves the NWO desires? Or will it be those rare humans who awaken and see with heart the need and the joy of harmonizing with Nature and each other? Or both but on different timelines? I don’t claim to know, although the stark contrast continues to grow between those camps.
Anyway, I appreciate you thinking of me with this article and am happy to continue the discussion if you desire. If not, that’s OK, too. I am just of the opinion that humanity (in general) needs to back away from Cartesian, patriarchal and “dominion” based thinking in order to embrace the humility necessary for making this transition. It’s too bad the Illuminati have given the Goddess such a bad name, because we desperately need to cultivate openings for the Divine Feminine if we wish to heal the destruction and devastation on this planet. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I am certain that humans are by far not the pinnacle of consciousness on planet Earth. And thank heavens for that!
Homo sapiens does have a tremendous opportunity, which I feel would be richly rewarded if engaged … but empowerment also means looking honestly at one’s ignorance and humbly recognizing how homo sapiens sapiens — like Americans — are neither as great nor as ridiculously wretched as we’ve been led to believe. The awakening, imho, will involve finding a new balance, which is much more about communion than dominion or hierarchy. Living on Terra is a privilege and an honor. Until humanity recognizes that at a core level and feels the tremendous love and respect of the living being of this planet, I don’t see much progress happening. Ironically, though, once humanity aligns with the living being of Terra, her own consciousness will assist in humanity awakening to the Supreme Consciousness of which you speak in your article. Clearly, this has already begun to occur in individuals. Are there enough of them, though? We shall see …
Blessings, respect and warm wishes to you,
Julian’s article:
Why Humanity Must Come Through
by Julian Rose

Need I say it, we are living in – and through – an apocalyptic time. Disintegration and destruction manifest at an accelerating pace as our World is buffeted by a jumbled combination of opposing energies: the distorted man made toxic ones as well as the universal vibratory waves that are an integral part of great cosmic changes.

Nothing we have experienced up until now quite compares with this. There is little that could prepare us for our journey through this collision of forces, aside from an emerging awareness that they are both external and internal manifestations. Manifestations of human and universal energies seeking to redefine and rebalance their shared essence.

Consider for a moment the contribution that our own specifically ‘man made’ toxic cocktail makes to this confusion: electromagnetic smog; atmospheric aerosol pollutants;  HAARP inspired weather engineering; leaking radioactivity from  nuclear power plants; a highly destructive and continually active war machine; blanket agrichemical pesticide contamination of both air and soil; transgenic crops and animals; unprecedented number of highly contaminating oil spills/leaks; chemical assisted fracking for gas; pharmaceutical and industrial pollution of air water and food; and – not least – the dark side’s deliberate distortion of human energies and the mindless splashing around of these energies by its unaware recipients.

The extremity of this multi-pronged violence enacted upon our living planet, its peoples, plants and animals, has led to the suggestion that humanity will pay the ultimate price and be wiped out. Destroyed by its own hand; its own uncontrolled hubris. Its failure to overcome its own blinkered shortcomings.

Some say the World, battered and bruised as it is, will be better-off without man. That freed from its chief oppressor, Gaia will more assuredly survive and heal; will find her equilibrium anew and come through – restored.

It is quite easy to sympathise with this view, not least because it seems to provide an answer to those who feel closer to nature than to their fellow humans – and can see no redemption for a mankind so determinedly set on the path of self destruction.

Yet, even when taking into account the tragic mismanagement of humanity’s journey thus far, I do not consider this to be any kind of answer. For, it is my contention, that with man out of the picture, the advancement of universal equilibrium – however erratic – will be completely arrested. On the macro-cosmic level, I believe a world without human beings would constitute a major set-back for the entire universe. And at the micro-cosmic level, a major set back for the plant, animal and insect kingdom as well.

Why do I say this?

Imagine for a moment the vast arena we call the cosmos. It is a vibrant intelligent life force. Intelligent, because it is at once self governing and on the move. It is in a state of permanent transition – never static. As it expands (and it still is expanding) it discovers itself … just as we discover ‘ourselves’ as we gain awareness and experience. We share with the cosmos a common intelligence which is without limitation, except in as much as it is held in check by counter productive forces of entropy.

So humanity draws down unto itself the intelligence which is manifest in all elements of the cosmos. While standing behind that cosmic intelligence – and informing it – is the omnipotent, omnipresent source of Supreme Consciousness; a characteristic of which is an infinite creativity and unquenchable curiosity..

The intelligent cosmos is an expression of Supreme Consciousness’s passionate exigence. But the Supreme Consciousness cannot experience who or what He/She/It is until those exigencies solidify and take on form; offering a reflection of that which
goes into them.

How do we know this?

Because it is in us that these Source based exigencies take on earthly expression. We are the earthly torch bearers of the Divine spark. It is in us that those Divine exigencies take form. And to the degree to which we earth bound beings in turn start sending back to the intelligent cosmos our own exigencies  – expressed as love, joy, pleasure, pain –  so Source gains greater or lesser degrees of awareness concerning (His) creation.  In us, Source sees a third density reflection of (His) divine exigencies!  But not in us alone of course. In every living being, rock, tree and sea – as they are all expressions of that same Supreme Consciousness.

However, out of the great diversity of beings and matter that compose our planet, man has emerged as the best equipped to consciously recognise in himself – that infinite exigence which has its source in the Supreme Consciousness. Not only to recognise it, but to respond intentionally to its call: that pull we call ‘aspiration’. That wonderful upwardly reaching joyous impulse which is the inherent (unblocked) birthright of all humanity.

Were this force to be wiped off the face of the planet – a great vacuum would be left in its place. For the plant and animal kingdoms cannot ‘consciously’ respond to the call of the intelligent cosmos, they can only act as reflexive recipients of its energies and act as mirror-like re-transmitters. Yet we see and experience in plants and animals a special kind of purity – because they are uncorrupted reflections of divine intelligence – and in this way – a permanent source of inspiration to homo sapiens.

The plant and animal kingdoms do not have the free will and the evolved powers of self determination that humanity possesses. So should humanity be destroyed – or destroy itself – the plant and animal kingdoms would lose their stepping stones towards acquiring states of self determination and consciousness. Homo sapiens represents this stepping stone – the next rung up the ladder of cosmic consciousness for the animal and plant kingdoms.

The fact that the great majority of mankind has so far failed to exercise its potential of cosmic consciousness is not a valid reason to conclude that it should be nullified.

We humans provide a link between the Supreme Consciousness and all other living and animated features of Gaia.  It is just a small minority who set out to deliberately distort that link – and set themselves up in its place as the false gods of engineered hubris.

In our undistorted state, we are pulling on an invisible rope of which all living beings are attached.  Next in line may be the dog which develops a strong affinity with its loving master/mistress. It maybe will have the chance to return to Earth as a human in the next spirit cycle. The courageous cat or the sensitized horse likewise, and so on  along the chain. Even rocks will eventuality get their transformation chance. But, critically, only as long as all of life retains its spiral of forward and upward momentum – which it can only do if we humans fulfill our role in contributing our dynamic to that movement.

Everything on that jostling, energetic chain of life is aspiring towards becoming an ever more subtle form of itself. We included. Continuously aspiring to once again become one with Supreme Source. Yet as the evolutionary energies move ever onward – and not simply in a repeating circle – that which we come from is itself also further evolving. What we yearn to return to is itself in movement, continuously evolving and metamorphosing. However its omniscient essence is retained throughout and will be instantly recognized as ‘home’.

We humans occupy a pivotal point in all this. One which draws upon that which is below and aspires to that which is beyond. This places man in an unique position of responsibility towards the evolution of both Earth and Universe.

We humans have inherited powers that, when used wisely and creatively, can positively determine the future direction of Life both on the microcosmic and macro-cosmic levels. And equally, when used unwisely and destructively, can retard that same evolution. That is our gift from Divine. We are entrusted with responsibility for this planet – and ultimately the entirety of universal evolution.

We are even gifted with the potential to influence the ongoing composition of that which our Creator imagined into existence. The Creator does not cling to power as the delusional Illuminati do – but passes on the gift through us.

Therefore, should humanity be erased off the face of this Earth who will carry on the great experiment?

We are the ones to whom the baton of life has been passed and in whose hands its future rests. We are awaking to the realisation that ‘to be human’ means that we occupy a pivotal role in furthering the work of Creation. That is a gift which surpasses all other blessings with which we are endowed.

So precious is it that we cannot but totally commit – and fully embrace our calling. And that means fully embracing the inclusivity of planetary diversity as expressed through all its multifarious species; the poverty or richness of whose lives is inseparably linked with the poverty or richness of our lives – and whether we are able or unable to fulfill the quest to realise that potential with which we are all endowed.

So for the sake of that which we call Creation, mankind must come through. Humanity must prevail.


Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author.
His acclaimed book “In Defence of Life” is now available in paperback or ‘ebook’ at and also from Julian’s website


6/14/14 Recap

Since I posted earlier regarding my dream and others’ predictions about 6/14/14, I thought I’d give a little recap. Synchronously, the moment I started typing this current post, a comment came through on the “What’s Happening on 6/14/14?” post, which summarized my own sense:

Posted by gordonyumibe on June 17, 2014 at 11:21 am edit


I think the “good guys” have won…..they, the dark ones, are being routed…


I was just beginning a post to that effect when your comment came through. 🙂


It has been sooo much easier in my healing practices and meditations…0

Indeed, for most of the people I know, 6/14/14 proved to be that lotus blossom, emerging fresh from mud — the image that haunted me from my dream.

For David, 6/14/14 happened to mark the official end of a very long slog in the employment realm where he has tried for eighteen months to downsize to a position of less stress, better hours, and less responsibility. All the while companies kept “recognizing” him by placing him in higher responsibility, higher stress, less fun positions, even though he didn’t originally apply for those. Compensation, though slightly higher in those other positions, did not make up for quality of life issues and work bleed-through into the rest of life. The results of David’s work life were so not what we had envisioned for our time in Goshen! A window of opportunity opened a few weeks ago, and David leaped through it, right before that same window slammed shut and locked for the foreseeable future. In our own household, 6/14/14 clearly revealed itself as cause for joyful celebration after a very long slog through the mud!

I’ve also heard interesting stories from various friends and clients, many of which I can’t share here due to confidentiality. Two themes appeared: 1) continued presentation of the Cosmic “Are you sure?!” and 2) finding oneself in a “dangerous” or “precarious” position only to discover oneself as “safe.” One client had the second message underscored when, on three separate trips, she found herself booked in the emergency exit row on 6/14/14. She never gets booked in the emergency exit row, so the synchronicity began to freak her out, especially since she felt concerned about traveling on the 14th. I had reminded her that we live in frequency specific times, though, and she calmed herself by tuning into her guides and angels to bring a sense of calm. In the end, she found that nothing “bad” happened despite her increased awareness that something could. For people unsure if they have courage to take their next longed-for step, the Cosmic “Are you sure?!” combines with such non-emergencies as a way of reminding them that support exists, provided they decide to seek and accept that support.

On the world stage, 6/14/14 marked an uptick of NWO shenanigans in the Middle East. Since history tends to repeat itself, the globalist puppeteers very likely are fomenting both sides of the conflict in an effort to destabilize the region and start World War 3. June 14th is Flag Day, and it appears that this year, it was False Flag Day. Various people have noted the ISIS acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as a hallmark of “Illuminati goddess worship.” If this is so, then I find it crucial to note that certain groups have perverted and inverted understandings of the Goddess — taking a life-giving mother figure and turning her into a blood-thirsty, sacrifice-demanding, hungry beast. The impotent patriarchy running roughshod over our planet has stoked such fear of the Divine Feminine that we must guard against throwing out the baby with the bath water.

If the general population recognized our planet as a sacred mother goddess and allowed the softness and strength of the Divine Feminine to guide our ways, we would experience such harmony on this planet that the sickos in charge could no longer maintain their illusion of power through weapons, force and intimidation. That is the real reason the controllers revel when alternative media unmasks and dissects their “goddess worship.” The dissections fragment something organic and whole, creating such fear and revulsion that no one in their right mind would look towards the very thing that could return balance to this insane world.

In Runic language, the IS Rune is a vertical line representing the Mother Goddess, as well as a “possible need for sacrifice”; however, IS also connotes “ice” and the act of freezing a current state. Runes precede the religions on this planet, and they speak directly to our subconscious mind. Often used for divination, Runes are actually cosmic building blocks of creation. “ISIS” sends a direct message to the subconscious mind to stop — or at least delay — its process of awakening and liberation. At a metalinguistic level, ISIS represents a last ditch attempt to freeze our warming hearts back into paralyzing fear.

It won’t work. As alternative media demonstrates obvious photoshopped images, even mainstream media has begun to question the legitimacy of photos showing mass murders and destruction. Each failed attempt to begin WW3 brings the end game into clearer relief. Pun intended. Complete psychopathic control of the world requires secrecy and manipulation. Enough failed false flags reveal the agenda in neon lights, and at that point, the Cosmic “Are you sure?!” kicks in. Hell to the no, we don’t want World War 3! We want peace, joy, harmony, prosperity, abundance, liberty, and love. Ari Berk notes in Brian Froud’s “The Runes of Elfland,” that — tipped on its side — IS becomes a bridge. In Odin’s Magical Rune Poem, the stanza associated with IS says:

A ninth one is mine:
If danger is out in the sea
To protect my good ship
I conjure the wind on the billowing floods
And I sing into slumber the sea.

With conscious attention to symbols, we can reclaim these powerful triggers and use them for positive creation instead of the entropy, sleep, and destruction tapped into and intended by would-be controllers. We can choose to absorb the Higher Self Awakening potential of IS-IS — doubling our intention to connect Heaven and Earth and bring through Divine Will, radiating positive cosmic forces into our material realm.

Blessed Be … and be the blessing!

Mike ~ Are Americans Apathetic Or Increasingly Awake & Aware?

Gillian of ShiftFrequency bumped up one of the comments into its own post. I agree, this one’s worth sharing, as I also see signs of awakening in lots of places. Yes, it would be nice if things happened faster, but given the level of denial and disinformation that Americans have luxuriated in for most of their lives, I actually think things have moved along as fast as they could, particularly since late 2012. If you consider the dismal levels of mainstream news viewership and the rising alternative news and local solutions, it’s clear that a tide has turned.

Yes, some people stubbornly and irrationally stick to the old programming despite new options and new information, but those people are having to work for their denial these days. At least two versions of reality exist, and we each must choose which we intend to empower and inhabit. If you live overseas and think Americans are all brainwashed idiots, perhaps this article will give you a little more understanding of just how much courage and discipline it takes for Americans to recalibrate their world view and view of themselves in that world. No excuses … but faced with the choice between willful ignorance and awakening, many people have opted for awakening. Peace!

Mike ~ Are Americans Apathetic Or Increasingly Awake & Aware?

Fantastic comment in reply to BFP Roundtable ~ Why Are Americans So Apathetic? (And What Can Be Done About It?) [Video Thank you, Mike!

I think many Americans are out of touch, but of those who are not, I believe what appears to be apathy may be their taking in the vast amount of material that is coming in now. After all, for Americans, they must accept now that the country that once believed in itself as the best in the world, is not just not the best, but the worst in the world, in what it has been doing.

This is much more to absorb than people in other countries must do about their situation, not only because they started out with more experience of corrupt governments and wars on their soil, thus seeing the world more accurately, but they can also externalize their anger to some degree to the US because their country is NOT the leader in what is going on but a puppet. (The same can not be said of the British.)

So, for Americans, what looks like apathy may be in part an immense loss of identity and one hopes also internally regrouping. They are having to do this as news of being spied on and endless examples of militarized police going after anyone and the government targeting those who resist as terrorists. Yet, still people are signed onto sites where they are getting information that the government doesn’t want, joining militia, buying guns, prepping, talking to friends, and increasingly aware.

When one’s government is as malign as this one and as corrupt and the country as dispersed and the channels to make changes as rigged, it’s not easy to know what to do, and yet people are doing. That they are not doing it publicly like Europeans may be appropriate for here and shouldn’t be judged against countries that act politically in mass protests. I see once rabid patriots, ready to go to war, now anti-war and facing that they were maimed or friends and family died for a lie. They want our troops home. That’s huge.

Those Americans ALWAYS supported the government and the military. Now they are disgusted and angry and many are whistelblowing. Given that the US is the core evil around the world, and the people in the US have not known the truth, but are taking it in now in giant doses, who are we to expect some set formula of reaction or protest from them or to understand how their newly forming identity of not being No. 1, not being good, not being heroes but instead villains, have been set up for genocide by their own government, will unfold? It’s a process for any one person, but for Americans, it’s the hardest process anywhere in the world, that shift from the very best to the very worst.

Americans are great and decent people. Nothing is falling on deaf ears. Things are stirring in them. (And they have individually, even, done a stellar job of exposing false flags and educating a huge number of other Americans.) Perhaps their reaction will be new. Perhaps things are unfolding as they need to. The Cabal keeps seeking mass protests a la Egypt and the other countries they’ve taken over. Perhaps Americans are naturally not the right people to give them the dramas that have been planned, dramas that fit countries that protest on the streets, that have history of violent overthrow. In short, maybe Americans aren’t apathetic. Just to work their way through the lies here, much more than elsewhere in the world, takes a great deal. But they’ve turned away from mass media in huge numbers. That’s not apathy. They’ve turned to alternative media, where even there they must learn to sort out lies from possible reliable information.

Perhaps what looks on the surface like apathy is Americans doing difficult internal work that is critical for seeing through lies and for readiness to not only change the existing order and live through the chaos of a collapse of the economy and much else, but to hold together as a country and contribute to pulling it together after that. I tend to trust them. They are stronger and more resilient and more decent than they’re given credit for. And their going about their business while the sky is falling, may be the characteristic that is holding things together and will get us all to safe ground ultimately. For sure, they will leap in to help when needed.

Source ShiftFrequency June 11 2014

Whitley’s Journal

Whitley Strieber’s “The Key: A True Encounter” offers much food for thought for these times of Awakening and the attempt to co-opt that growing consciousness. I first became aware of Strieber’s work in Madison when that book literally fell off a shelf after I mentally asked, “What else do I need to know?” It’s a short book that covers everything from a sudden planetary freeze to time travel to the prospect of an AI or alien race already controlling reality options and human evolution.

I didn’t plan to write about “The Key” today, as I was enjoying a bizarre rabbit hole of research related to octopuses and the new NRO logo people are so freaked out about. Perhaps I will share that partially written post another time, as it continues to fascinate me; however, the synchronicity train stopped firmly at Whitley Strieber station when I found the following journal entry by Whitley regarding unauthorized and secret censoring (post-proof-approval and pre-printing) of the first edition. Strieber’s careful documentation of the censored material does more to reveal an obvious agenda to co-opt and control the Awakening than anything else I’ve seen. It’s pretty startling and, imho, a fantastic sign of positive shifts that this new edition was allowed to go to print as actually submitted instead of as secretly censored.

I haven’t reached any firm conclusions on any of this, but given my original synchronicities with “The Key” and now today’s synchronous antics, I felt led to share the information here. Please read with a discerning eye and heart and observe whatever you notice happening in and around you:

Whitley’s Journal

A few days ago, an astute reader informed me that there were differences between the new edition of the Key and the one I published in 2002.

The 2002 edition, it turns out, was secretly censored by unknown parties. Crucial changes were made, that had the effect of obscuring and diminshing the message of the book. If you have the old edition, you can use this journal entry to annotate it. To make this easier, I have provided page numbers from the old edition beside each comment that needs to be changed.

I provided Tarcher/Penguin with the same copy of the dialog between myself and the Master of the Key, dated November 16, 2000, that I used in the creation of the first edition.

My edition was changed by an unknown party. The current Tarcher edition reproduces the actual dialogue exactly, changing only a few typographical errors and misspellings. Thus the Tarcher edition contains the actual, correct dialog, while the one I published in 2002 does not.

The file that I sent to the printer of the orginal edition and to Tarcher is dated November 16, 2000. It was generated by converting the a Word file into PageMaker using the conventional process, which certainly wouldn’t have led to the changes that appeared in the book.

At some point prior to being printed, the file was edited by somebody other than me, and the edits resulted in crucially important changes. When I got the proofs back from the printer, they corresponded with the original, but when the book was actually printed, changes had been made.

These changes are extremely subtle and brilliant. They were made by a skilled censor with a very definite agenda, which was to diminish the ways in which the dialogue offers empowerment to the reader.

Since the proofs were accurate, I did not think to check the finished books, and thus have been unwittingly selling the edited version for ten years.

I have to say that I am appalled and horrified by this, and extremely glad that the actual conversation, as I remember it, has finally been published.

I just thank God that the Tarcher edition contains the actual dialogue, as it was meant to be read. In a sense, therefore, the SECOND edition of the Key is really the first!

Here are some of the notable differences between the Tarcher edition, which follows the original transcript, and my edition, which does not:

New Edition:

Ah. I’m lost.
All being includes all elements of the earth, and thus all are part of all bodies. We are the consciousness of the planetary level that it has spent all of its life evolving, each and all of us. My being is the awakening earth. As is yours. The destiny of earth and the destiny of man are one. If we kill earth, we kill ourselves. If we die before our time, then we will not be able to enter ecstasy as a whole being. You are not a whole being, child. And ‘Whitley’ is only a tiny part of you. All mankind in all time is a whole being.

Old Edition P 30:

Ah. I’m lost
All physical being includes the same elements, and thus all are part of the earth and of each other. Living bodies are the consciousness of the planet. Man is earth’s mind. If man kills earth, then earth has committed suicide, because its mind has reached the next level, which is ecstatic union with the rest of the universe.

Comment: The statement in the new edition is closer to what I remember being said, and it is profoundly empowering because it contains the powerful sentence, “All mankind in all time is a whole being.”

New Edition:

If we kill earth before we have all reached ecstasy, what happens?
We wait until and if the earth spins elemental bodies once again that fit all the attachments of our energetic bodies. If it does not, then we wait forever. We remain incomplete.

Old Edition:

This crucial idea is not present in the text of the 2001 edition. It is a gentle warning, but a very important one. It shows us why we need to preserve our planet, how deeply this matters to us.

New Edition:

What’s it like, going to another planet?
Other worlds exist on many different levels, and contain beings of many different levels and appearances. The details from world to world can be very different. But the basic laws of reality remain the same.

Old Edition P 34:

What’s it like, going to another planet?
The details from world to world can be very different. But the basic laws of reality remain the same.

Comment: The text in the current edition adds the concept that worlds “exist on many different levels and contain beings of many different levels.” This would appear to include the possibility of parallel universes.

New Edition:

There are aliens here?
Using you and guiding you.

Old Edition P 35:

There are aliens here?
Some using you and some guiding you.

Comment: The original transcript and current edition imply a consistency of policy among all aliens who are here, who are both using us and guiding us. The first edition suggests that different groups may have different motives—a skillful lie, I believe, intended to convert an empowering statement into one that will lead only to confusion. It strikes me as a small but extremely sinister edit.

New Edition:

We’re being exploited?
You are, but also helped. You are being guided to your place as guides of another world.

Old Edition P 35:

We’re being exploited?
You are, and in some respects horribly, by creatures of the dark. But you are also being helped. You are being guided to your place as guides of another world.

Comment: This difference is consistent with the one noted above, where the original transcript suggests a single alien presence both exploiting us and guiding us, while the first edition suggests different types of aliens with differing agendas. The first edition added the idea that ‘creatures of the dark’ were present. There is nothing else in the book that suggests ‘creatures of the dark’ and the phrase, with its lurid, horror-story overtones, doesn’t sound like the Master of the Key. I think that this was added so that people would seize on it and waste their energy indulging superstitions of demons and such, when the truth is that we need to see ourselves as we are, a mysteriously self-aware presence in an unconscious world, facing not illusory “creatures of the dark,” but rather facing ourselves.

New Edition:

Another world is in control of this one?

Old Edition P 36:

Another world is in control of this one?
Other worlds participate, both elemental and energetic.

Comment: At least the censor was consistent. The simple “yes” has been replaced by a statement that can, once again, send us into a labyrinth of confusion.

New Edition:

How do they control this world?
By planning, and they use mind control.

Old Edition P 36-37:

How do they control this world?
Very generally.

Comment: All I can say is that I am very glad that the current edition was published, otherwise this frank truth would have remained hidden. In my opinion, this is the most disturbing change in the whole book. “Very generally” tells us nothing. “By planning, and they use mind control,” tells us everything.

New Edition:

Am I under mind control?
The opposite. The technological intervention that has occurred in your case has been done to make it certain that general fields of control will not affect you.

Old Edition:

Question and answer not present.

Comment: I vividly remember asking this question, and thinking at the time that the ‘technological intervention’ that he was referring to was the implant in my left ear. I suspect that I am among a very small band of people who are not subject to this general level of control, and that my readers and I constitute the great majority of people who are free of this general influence. It is why we see the world as it truly is, and why the vast majority of people around us seem strangely blind to what to us appears to be obvious reality. They are blind. They have been blinded. For whatever reason, we can see.

New Edition:

General fields of control?
Directional suggestion is applied to all who are enhanced electrically. This is the means of control of military and government.

Old Edition P 37:

General fields of control?
Directional suggestion.

Comment: Again, the statement in the edited first edition is essentially meaningless and certainly useless. But the statement in the unedited version is filled with meaning and even suggests a potential means of escape for a species that I believe is being held in a state of mass hypnosis.

New Edition:

Radio frequencies. Extremely sensitive circuits can pick up and decode thought. Microwaves can be used to project thought into the brain. But the fields of which I speak are much more general. They create tendencies. The desire is to preserve the maximum amount of freedom in the maximum number of individuals.

Old Edition P 37:

Extremely sensitive circuits can pick up and decode thought. Microwaves can be used to project thought into the brain. But the fields of which I speak are much more general. They create tendencies. The desire is to preserve the maximum amount of freedom in the maximum number of individuals.

Comment: The censor here removed the sentence “Radio frequencies.” By doing this, he cuts off any possibility of actually understanding the technology that must be involved here.

New Edition:

What do they do here?
They enforce mankind’s blindness by preventing science from exploring the key mysteries of the past and discovering a practical means of expanding into the universe, and they maintain the official secrecy that keeps the question of whether or not aliens are here from being answered.

Old Edition P 39:

What do they do here?
They enforce mankind’s blindness by preventing science from exploring the key mysteries of the past and discovering a practical means of expanding into the universe.

Comment: The secret censor removed yet another reference to governmental involvement from the old edition. But the new edition includes the full statement that was actually made, which makes it clear that there is some sort of penetration of government, and use of official secrecy to conceal themselves.

New Edition:

Was Christ God?
The promise of resurrection is the essential promise of being. Rebirth is not a literal reconstitution of the elemental body. It is, rather, awakening from the sleep of being. Resurrection can take place in you right now. You are Lazarus in the tomb, all of you. And Christ is always knocking upon the door, calling you to come out. Soon, the tomb will be torn down around you, and you must come out.

Old Edition P 39:

Was Christ a product of this science?
The promise of resurrection is the essential promise of being. Rebirth is not a literal reconstitution of the elemental body. It is, rather, awakening from the sleep of being. Resurrection can take place in you right now. You are Lazarus in the tomb, all of you. And Christ is always knocking upon the door, calling you to come out. Soon, the tomb will be torn down around you, and you must come out.

Comment: The answers are the same, but there is a critical difference in the question, one that reflects on me. In the old edition, I am made to ask an arrogant, cold question. In the new edition, the question that appears is the one I actually asked: Was Christ God?

New Edition:

What practice would make us physically able to communicate?
Over the course of our discussion, everything you need to learn how to objectively communicate with these beings will be given, just as all information necessary for your science to begin to detect living energy, which is trying now to communicate with you.

Old Edition P 41:

What practice would make us physically able to communicate?
When you know by the use of scientific instruments that you are in the presence of such a being, go into a meditative state. Concentrate your attention on your physical body. You will soon find yourself in communication.

Comment: The reply in the old edition is intended to disempower. What ‘scientific instruments’ are we supposed to use? No indication of that. Then the promise, ‘you will soon find yourself in communication.’ This is a very subtle and sinister comment, intended to reinforce failure. By contrast, what he actually said is that the conversation itself contains the information we need to learn how to communicate, and all information necessary for our science to make a start at detecting living energy, and ends with the precious and empowering reassurance that it is trying to communicate with us now.

Old Edition P 41:

Do energetic beings appear in the physical world?
An example would be the much maligned crop circles. These are two dimensional portraits of these beings, self-created. They are trying to introduce themselves to this age.

New Edition:

An example would be the much maligned crop circles. These are two dimensional portraits of these beings, self-created. They are trying to introduce themselves to this age.

Comment: Here, it looks as if my mysterious editor simply preferred a more precise question that the one I actually asked, but a crucial piece of information is omitted: that they are trying to introduce themselves “to this age.” We have a lost and muddled history. Apparently somebody does not want us to realize that there has been an earlier attempt to communicate with us.

Old Edition P 41:

Why doesn’t anybody believe in them?
They are a manifestation of the rising of the dead and thus the end of time during which souls can change. For those souls who are yet incomplete, this is terrifying, because they fear two things: first, that this means that it’s too late for them; second, that they will, if the conjoin the world of the dead, also see as the dead see, and thus become unable to change even if the earth remains able to support elemental bodies. So they pretend that it’s all false. There are many other reasons to conceal such things, but these are the strongest.

New Edition:

Why doesn’t anybody believe in them?
To face the return of the dead is to face the change of the age. For those souls who are yet incomplete, this is terrifying, because they fear two things: first, that this portends that the time during which they can grow and develop is ending; second, that they will, if they conjoin the world of the dead, also see as the dead see, and thus become unable to change even if the earth remains able to support elemental bodies. So they pretend that it’s all false. There are many other reasons to conceal such things, but these are the strongest.

Comment: Here the censor wanted to muddy the waters. He removed the stunning, utterly clear sentence that is among the most powerful and clear ever uttered by anybody: “To face the return of the dead is to face the change of the age.” This statement was burned into my soul. It is, in fact, the central reality of our age and the central meaning of the whole close encounter experience. It is also theme of the book I am publishing in January, ‘What Is to Come.’ To understand it is to understand human reality as it is unfolding right now. I can only thank God that it is at last available to my readers.

New Edition:
What has this all got to do with resurrection?
The resurrected man is a consistent theme of the mythology that developed out of observations of a certain type of being, beginning with Osiris and ending with Christ. Fully conscious beings adept in this science can enable the radiant body to appear as an elemental body, so perfectly imprinted are its sensations on their energetic being.

Old Edition:
Statement censored.

Comment: This incredible statement tells us that resurrection is not a mystery, but a practice that is potentially available to anybody, and also tells us that Jesus is not the only being who has done this. I can well understand why somebody seeking to diminish the empowering potential of the Key would remove it.

New Edition:

You are saying that the demon is not evil, that he is—what–the bringer of knowledge?
We learn from our mistakes. But those who give themselves to evil suffer. Make no mistake. They can become so heavy that they sink into the earth. Just as the energetic body can enjoy extraordinary pleasure, it can suffer excruciating pain. You have in your body a few million nerves. But in your energetic body, every tiny bit of being can experience the totality of ecstasy or agony.

Old Edition P 49:

You are saying that the demon is not evil, that he is—what–the bringer of knowledge?
We learn from our mistakes. But those who give themselves to evil suffer. They can become so heavy that they sink into the earth. Just as the energetic body can enjoy extraordinary pleasure, it can suffer excruciating pain. You have in your body a few million nerves. But in your energetic body, every tiny bit of being can experience the totality of ecstasy or agony.

Comment: Dropping the sentence “Make no mistake” removes emphasis from the statement and makes it easy to pass over.

New Edition:

What did the word sound like?
I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

Old Edition P 52:

What did the word sound like?
A whine.

Comment: This is just an outrageous change. Sickening, and doubly sickening to me that I never noticed it. “A whine,” indeed. It’s calculated to make the Master of the Key look silly and arrogant, when his actual statement makes him appear clear, careful and humble.

In the old edition, I then ask him ‘That’s a joke?’ He says, ‘It’s a joke.’ In the new edition, this exchange obviously isn’t present.

New Edition:

And nobody ever leaves the recurrence? Every soul eventually comes back for a new life?
All recur, all do not.

Old Edition P 54:

And nobody ever leaves the recurrence? Every soul eventually comes back for a new life?
If needed.

Comment: It’s almost as if the ambiguity of the Master’s actual statement bothered the censor, who wanted a simpler answer. In truth, the Master’s comment is extraordinarily multidimensional. It means two things at once: first, that we all share in everything that happens to any of us; second, that even though we must live many lives, we also will eventually be free, all of us. A glorious promise in an incredibly dense few words, reduced by the censor to the mundane.

New Edition:

What’s going to happen to us?
You have come to the end of the resources that were given you in the time that was given you. We measured the rate at which you would expand and grow very precisely, and fitted your development to a calendar which we devised called the Zodiac. In your writings, Whitley, you have wondered why mankind would have such a long-count calendar. Why were simple farmers in need of it? They were not. We needed it. The constellations of the Zodiac are arbitrary inventions to enable us to mark the progress of the equinox and keep track of exactly where you are in your journey. At this moment, the little fish of Pisces is about to be spilled out onto the dry land by Aquarius. All you know how to do, little fish, is swim. How will you swim upon the dry land?

Old Edition P 56:
What’s going to happen to us?
You have come to the end of the resources that were given you in the time that was given you. We measured the rate at which you would expand and grow very precisely, and fitted your development to a calendar which we devised called the Zodiac. In your writings, Whitley, you have wondered why mankind would have such a long-count calendar. Why were simple farmers in need of it? They were not. We needed it. The constellations of the Zodiac are arbitrary inventions to enable us to mark the progress of the equinox and keep track of exactly where you are in your journey. At this moment, the little fish of Pisces is about to be spilled out onto the dry land by Aquarius. All you know how to do, little fish, is swim. How will you swim upon the dry land? Let me give you a hint: that water of Aquarius is the energetic body.

Comment: The mysterious sentence that is added to the statement, “Let me give you a hint: that water of Aquarius is the energetic body” is wrong. It is a misdirection. The truth is that the water of Aquarius is the world around us. I assume that this misdirection was intended by the censor to render the statement useless to the reader, which is consistent with what I perceive to be a desire by somebody who is in control of our world to continue to deceive us in every way possible so that we will blunder into the great changes that are coming in a state of total ignorance, and end by losing every shred of civilization and humanity in a worldwide holocaust of destruction and terror.

New Edition:

The Meister Eckhart? How did you know I was interested in that?
I read over shoulders, child. A bad habit of mine. God laughed, and his laughter begat the son, and their laughter begat the spirit, and out of the laughter of the three poured the creation. Laughter is the key to everything. It is far more powerful than prayer, than meditation. It is the stuff of which the world is created. Find laughter, find freedom.

Old Edition P 67:

The Meister Eckhart? How did you know I was interested in that?
I read over shoulders, child. A bad habit of mine. God laughed, and his laughter begat the son, and their laughter begat the spirit, and out of the laughter of the three poured the creation. Laughter is the key to everything. It is far more powerful than prayer, than meditation. It is the stuff of which the world is created. Find laughter, find God.

Comment: Once again, the censor is consistent in spreading disempowerment, and doing it with great cunning. “Find laughter, find freedom” is an incredibly valuable and useful statement. “Find laughter, find God” tells us very little of practical value.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the reader who noticed these changes. He naturally thought that I had rewritten the dialog, which I would never do. When I realized what had actually happened, I also understood a great deal more about my life and the lives of those of us who are open to material like this.

Overall, this does NOT mean that the original edition of the Key is without value. On the contrary, it is filled with wisdom and valuable informaiton–just less of it than there should have been. I am so grateful, though, that the new edition exists!

I know now why so many people tune me out. They’re captives. Sleepers. Rendered passive in the face of a world that is disintegrating before their eyes. Well, they might be fodder, but I’m not and neither are you, or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

We are outside of the context of control that rules this world. Now, I don’t think that it is necessarily evil. What it is doing is making sure that the full shock of what is coming impacts the human species as intensely as possible.

So, why are we outside of the enormous barnyard that contains the vast majority of the human species? The answer is obvious to me: there is a different fate in store for us, and for all who wake up and join us. We are here because we are able to face the unknown, not with answers that, in the end, are just guesswork, but with the truest and most human of all responses: the question explored with care and intelligence, but left open.

Read the original source:

(You can also glean some great information from the comments below the original.)

A Wake-Up Call for Prayer and Action

If you’re at all on the fence about whether or not the US should support “rebels” in Syria, or if for some reason, you believe that the war mongering occupants of the White House and Congress are really not insane — “just doing their jobs in a complicated situation” — you might want to read Michael Snyder’s eye-opening article, “Precious Little Girl Dismembered While She Is Still Alive By Obama’s Psychotic Syrian Rebels.” It’s a doozy, and it shares a lot of explicitly horrifying details of what the “rebels” Obama wants to support are really doing in Syria. It also shares where they’re from (hint: not Syria). At least 1,200 “Syrian rebels” are actually released death row inmates from Saudi Arabia given a choice between being beheaded or going to jihad in Syria, which turns out to mean beheading anyone who won’t immediately convert to Islam, eating still beating hearts of “enemies” and ransacking Christian settlements.

I recommend reading the story and sending it and/or the video clip of the atrocities to your decision makers in Washington. I personally don’t have the stomach or the heart to post the article here, but if the war mongerers in Washington want to send people to their own and others’ deaths, tortures and destruction, then those war mongerers have forfeited their right to insulate themselves from awareness and responsibility. Let them know that we know what the rebels are up to. Let Congress and the White House know that we know that they know what the rebels are up to, even if the reason we know is because we’ve forced the information into their faces.

No more excuses. No more “you have to read it to know what’s in it” or “if I knew then what I know now, I would have voted differently” even though the re-vote on things like the Patriot Act and the Monsatan Protection Act all too often produces the exact same original results. No more excuses. May the Light of Truth haunt any remaining shreds of souls that these decision makers have, and may We the People revoke the rights to make decisions “on our behalf” from those people eager to turn the world into a further bloodbath. No more excuses.

This is a wake-up call for prayer. A prayer for a wake-up call, and a prayer for peace. There are times for passivity, and there are times when we look upon unbelievable atrocities and say, “No. Not in my name. Not in any name. This. Must. Stop.” If arming “rebels” who behave worse than Charles Manson or the killer in Silence of the Lambs is not such an inspiration to reclaim our power, then I don’t know what is.

I post this chant again, and I will continue to chant and pray and intend and to harass Washington with detailed information, because I choose not to be the one who turned a blind eye to this, leaving it to someone else. We may not support our government psychopaths, but we do have some responsibility for their actions. We may not support war, but if we don’t do whatever is in our power to promote peace, to educate, and to move the energies in whatever ways we can towards peace, then we do not get a free pass on this one.

Awareness comes with responsibility. Awakening means recognizing the power and influence we do have, and taking action based on that awareness. Such action might mean prayer. Intense prayer. It might mean visualization empowered by a ritual or spell. It might mean many, many phone calls and letters to Washington. Why shouldn’t their phones continue to ring off the hook?! Why shouldn’t they get an earful of shocking information? Why shouldn’t their aides be overwhelmed by gory details to pass along? If they’re willing to be swayed by lobbyists or special interest group threats, then they need to know that we know they do not deserve our respect or any power we’ve lent to them.

Veils can drop in many ways. Reclaiming our own power also means accepting our own responsibility. These are not rhetorical or frivolous questions: “What are you contributing to bring about the world in which you wish to live? How are you participating in the Creation of what comes next?” Passivity is a vote for a gruesome agenda.

I don’t care what you do to empower your preferred New, but please do something — intentionally and powerfully. Rituals and chants count when dedicated with a sincere and pure heart. So do potent creative acts in the direction of peace and community. It matters not what you do, but please, for the love of all that’s good and true and beautiful, please do something.

More Awakening and Empowerment

For those of you who missed my History is Being Made post, or who prefer reading to listening, David Wilcock recently released a transcript of his interview with Pentagon insider “Drake.” In addition to the interview itself, David includes even more insider information about periods of near-military-coups in recent history. He describes the Watergate scandal as running far deeper than most of the civilian population ever realized, with striking parallels to 9/11 and today.

Over 1.3 million people tuned in to hear Drake’s followup interview on Freedom Reigns. The saying goes, “Where two or more are gathered, there am I among them,” highlighting the intensified power of collective focus. In this case, we’ve got over a million people focusing on an End to Financial Tyranny, Divine Intervention, and an age of greater ease and freedom than this planet has known for many aeons. As a Lightworker in 2012, I feel it’s important for people to contribute in whatever ways they can to raise the vibration of this planet. We face some incredible challenges, but we also stand to inherit generations worth of hopes, dreams and intentions for freedom. Understanding the stakes helps us more clearly to visualize solutions and to find our own part in the whole. How can we each support the unfolding of our most preferred scenario?

I believe the original interview and the global interest it sparked contain valuable keys for freeing ourselves; however, not everyone will resonate with what Drake and David share. And that’s OK, too. If you find all of these “conspiracy facts” new, confusing, and overwhelming, you might want to take a step back and view “Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?” This movie explains how our world got to where we are now, but it ends with phenomenal hope and practical solutions. If you already know what’s been happening and want to focus only on positive, proactive vibrations, that’s wonderful, too. As Abraham-Hicks says, “One person connected to Source is more powerful than one million who are not.”

It matters less what or how you participate in your life and your reality than that you do actively participate in your life and reality. A non-vote = a vote for a pretty crappy default reality, which will continue to shift according to those people actively molding it for you. “Create your own reality, or someone else will.” In order to create your own reality, you don’t need to know every detail of how your governments, banks, pharmaceutical companies, medical profession and religions have betrayed your confidence. Sometimes that information helps you to form stronger desires that align more clearly with what you truly want. But such knowledge isn’t required.

In order to exert positive, creative influence on your world you simply need to show up, dream big, and get out of your own way. Allow yourself to receive the wondrous things you’d most love to experience. For some people that will feel very personal; for others, it will feel global or even cosmic. Anyone interested in living in a freer, more peaceful, awakened society might want to consider the Drake-Wilcock interview as a fabulous launching pad.

And for those of you who prefer non-participatory participation, here’s a meditation for your personal power center, Manipura. A balanced Collective Solar Plexus = transcendence of the entire victim-abuser-savior cycle. As within, so without. Peace in, peace out!


Thrive: Full-Length Movie

We just finished watching this, and I’m encouraged to see how many of the ideas expressed are already in motion in our world. Mr. Gamble’s vision of a thriving world is remarkably similar to my own intentions, as well as many of my clients’ and friends’. Human Evolution is happening! Two hours and eight minutes: some new things, but lots of tying together of things I’ve written about for years. Blessings, cheers and thanks for holding the vision and being the change you wish to see in the world. 🙂 Looks like this has been removed by the user. I hope they are still selling the DVD’s, because this truly is an important film. You can check out their store right here.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the official trailer:

Update on March 30, 2012: beginning April 5, “Thrive: What On Earth Will it Take” will be available for free online viewing at the Thrive Website. Details here: