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Mike ~ Are Americans Apathetic Or Increasingly Awake & Aware?

Gillian of ShiftFrequency bumped up one of the comments into its own post. I agree, this one’s worth sharing, as I also see signs of awakening in lots of places. Yes, it would be nice if things happened faster, but given the level of denial and disinformation that Americans have luxuriated in for most of their lives, I actually think things have moved along as fast as they could, particularly since late 2012. If you consider the dismal levels of mainstream news viewership and the rising alternative news and local solutions, it’s clear that a tide has turned.

Yes, some people stubbornly and irrationally stick to the old programming despite new options and new information, but those people are having to work for their denial these days. At least two versions of reality exist, and we each must choose which we intend to empower and inhabit. If you live overseas and think Americans are all brainwashed idiots, perhaps this article will give you a little more understanding of just how much courage and discipline it takes for Americans to recalibrate their world view and view of themselves in that world. No excuses … but faced with the choice between willful ignorance and awakening, many people have opted for awakening. Peace!

Mike ~ Are Americans Apathetic Or Increasingly Awake & Aware?

Fantastic comment in reply to BFP Roundtable ~ Why Are Americans So Apathetic? (And What Can Be Done About It?) [Video Thank you, Mike!

I think many Americans are out of touch, but of those who are not, I believe what appears to be apathy may be their taking in the vast amount of material that is coming in now. After all, for Americans, they must accept now that the country that once believed in itself as the best in the world, is not just not the best, but the worst in the world, in what it has been doing.

This is much more to absorb than people in other countries must do about their situation, not only because they started out with more experience of corrupt governments and wars on their soil, thus seeing the world more accurately, but they can also externalize their anger to some degree to the US because their country is NOT the leader in what is going on but a puppet. (The same can not be said of the British.)

So, for Americans, what looks like apathy may be in part an immense loss of identity and one hopes also internally regrouping. They are having to do this as news of being spied on and endless examples of militarized police going after anyone and the government targeting those who resist as terrorists. Yet, still people are signed onto sites where they are getting information that the government doesn’t want, joining militia, buying guns, prepping, talking to friends, and increasingly aware.

When one’s government is as malign as this one and as corrupt and the country as dispersed and the channels to make changes as rigged, it’s not easy to know what to do, and yet people are doing. That they are not doing it publicly like Europeans may be appropriate for here and shouldn’t be judged against countries that act politically in mass protests. I see once rabid patriots, ready to go to war, now anti-war and facing that they were maimed or friends and family died for a lie. They want our troops home. That’s huge.

Those Americans ALWAYS supported the government and the military. Now they are disgusted and angry and many are whistelblowing. Given that the US is the core evil around the world, and the people in the US have not known the truth, but are taking it in now in giant doses, who are we to expect some set formula of reaction or protest from them or to understand how their newly forming identity of not being No. 1, not being good, not being heroes but instead villains, have been set up for genocide by their own government, will unfold? It’s a process for any one person, but for Americans, it’s the hardest process anywhere in the world, that shift from the very best to the very worst.

Americans are great and decent people. Nothing is falling on deaf ears. Things are stirring in them. (And they have individually, even, done a stellar job of exposing false flags and educating a huge number of other Americans.) Perhaps their reaction will be new. Perhaps things are unfolding as they need to. The Cabal keeps seeking mass protests a la Egypt and the other countries they’ve taken over. Perhaps Americans are naturally not the right people to give them the dramas that have been planned, dramas that fit countries that protest on the streets, that have history of violent overthrow. In short, maybe Americans aren’t apathetic. Just to work their way through the lies here, much more than elsewhere in the world, takes a great deal. But they’ve turned away from mass media in huge numbers. That’s not apathy. They’ve turned to alternative media, where even there they must learn to sort out lies from possible reliable information.

Perhaps what looks on the surface like apathy is Americans doing difficult internal work that is critical for seeing through lies and for readiness to not only change the existing order and live through the chaos of a collapse of the economy and much else, but to hold together as a country and contribute to pulling it together after that. I tend to trust them. They are stronger and more resilient and more decent than they’re given credit for. And their going about their business while the sky is falling, may be the characteristic that is holding things together and will get us all to safe ground ultimately. For sure, they will leap in to help when needed.

Source ShiftFrequency June 11 2014

2012: Year of Power

Here’s Lee Harris sharing his visions of what 2012 holds for all of us. I found his 2011 predictions so spot on in retrospect that I thought I’d share his new ones here. Synchronously, I awoke this morning talking about Pluto’s influence in my chart as well as the larger world right now. I was just saying, “Pluto’s not just about rebirth. It’s about rooting out the hidden. It’s about power, so wherever Pluto makes an appearance, expect what’s hidden to show itself, expect a rebirth, and honor the power that comes from it.” According to Lee Harris, 2012 is all about power — personal, collective, how it’s used and how it manifests. One of my favorite phrases is “power to, not power over.” May we all learn to empower others and our planet with respect, rather than control. Many Blessings and Happy Saturday!