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March 2, 2022 ~ New Moon in Pisces

My March 2022 Forecast shared:

March 2 New Moon in Pisces, 12:34 p.m. Eastern time. This New Moon in the most spiritual sign of the zodiac occurs during the quadruple whammy, destiny level re-alignment involving Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Taurus. In addition to those powerful players, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. Jupiter co-rules Pisces with Neptune, and his regal presence expands, uplifts and inspires. Our capacity for faith soars. This is the final New Moon before we begin a new cycle. Do we have the willpower to change? Will we claim our own personal Excalibur and fight the good fight? This is primarily a spiritual battle: “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Typical of the more negative expression of Pisces, we’re currently in a miasma of illusions, evocative of Arthurian legend. Never mind the Mists of Avalon: whether through magic, media, or misdirection, the fog of this war is thicker than pea soup.

And yet …

… the higher expression of Pisces opens us to mystical experiences, alternate realities, and the power of prayer.

Ask for clarity to slice through swirling lies, illusions and delusions. Like sorcery, so much of what we’re shown is not real. At least — it isn’t real yet. With enough attention and fear energy, a shimmery thought form acquires more matter. This New Moon reminds us to use willpower not to fall victim to the spell.

According to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is:


KEYNOTE: Through the effectual use of his will a consecrated man can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in his footsteps.

Will power is the ultimate spiritual weapon, and its undeviating use is the certification of individual worth. Wherever found, this symbol emphasizes the imperative need to make use of the will in meeting the basic challenges of the inner life as well as outer adversaries.

With this third symbol of the sixty-ninth sequence we see singled out and strongly emphasized the one power in man which is an assurance of victory in the contests generated by social (or occult) processes in which he has become an active part. The individual must use that WILL POWER, yet it is not really his own once he operates at a spiritual level. It is God’s will operating through his mind which focuses its thrusts. It is, occultly speaking, the power of the Brotherhood — the energy of the Whole operating through the one-pointed individual who has made this Whole aware of the need for its use in a particular situation.

I can’t think of a more appropriate symbol for these times. Clear away the cobwebs. Summon your courage and pull that sword out of its rock. Who are you to change the world? Who is any of us?

In terms of Tarot imagery, the collective is moving through the entire Suit of Swords from Ace to Ten. Swords represent the mental realm — both its power and weakness. Briefly:

Ace of Swords: The essence of the mental realm. Pure thought form. A great idea. Success. Focused will. Birth of a great child.

Two of Swords: A difficult choice. Blindfolded and stuck between two evils and a stormy sea. Pay attention to “the still, small voice.” You can succeed even in these difficult circumstances.

Three of Swords: Misery. Break up. End of a relationship — or end of the way we think about a relationship.

Four of Swords: Retreat. A need to rest and recharge. Retire from the world’s distractions so you can refocus on something better.

Five of Swords: Law of Attraction is in effect. If you get your thoughts focused in the right direction for you, outer reality shifts. It looks like you got a lucky break without “doing” anything, but looks deceive. By focusing your mind, you manifested (or can manifest) that “lucky break.”

Six of Swords: Safe passage. An invisible guide steers the raft. The shore is within sight.

Seven of Swords: Lies, deceit, but also discretion, subterfuge for a higher purpose. Keep your plans close to your vest. “To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.

Eight of Swords: Blindfolded and unable to see your way forward. The mental realm is handicapped, but you can still feel your way forward by paying attention to your feet, to the physical and emotional realms. Comparable to the first trimester in pregnancy. Pay attention to cravings and aversions that protect the unseen, growing baby. When you can’t see your way forward, get back in touch with your instincts.

Nine of Swords: Awakening from the nightmare. Seeing horrors and then realizing these were illusions. You’ve been living through a bad dream. Unplugging from the Matrix.

Ten of Swords: “It’s always darkest before dawn.” “Things are even worse than you thought,” but also, “A new day dawns.” When we reach the Ten, we’ve already moved through the cycle of Swords. Old thoughts, filters, expectations, and attitudes fall away so that we can recognize and receive something fresh and new. Brighter days lie ahead.

Having reached a dead end, it’s time to face the rising Sun and reclaim our Ace of Swords:

Rider-Waite-Smith deck

Happy New Moon in Pisces. Blessed Be and be the blessing …

Algiz in the Moss

I agree with Jamie of sophiaschildren: “This is such a beautiful, verdant, lush setting for the Algiz (Elhaz) runic symbol!” I’ve studied and used several different systems of Runes, and this Rune always evokes a sense of protection, especially spiritual protection that manifests in the material world.

In the Armanen Rune system, it’s called “MAN” and this yang treetop acts as a companion Rune to the opposite yin roots of YR. MAN calls for inspiration from above, while YR summons the Earthlight Wisdom.

I particularly love the story included in Brian Froud’s and Ari Berk’s “The Runes of Elfland,” in which “fair hands” not of this world forged a sword “to embody defense in all aspects. History tells of far too many times when swords were wielded as weapons, the war songs sung, and blood flowed freely on the land. But within this Rune lies a rare and secret irony: defense may come not from raising the sword but by leaving it still. A battle cannot be without two sides willing to fight. As an emblem of ancestral support and faery solidarity, the Rune rises from the waters every time a war may be won by not waging war.”

Fittingly, though associated with an ancient king, this sword now follows a matrilinial heritage — through the “Woman of the Marsh,” and her daughters and granddaughters. Perhaps better known as the Lady of the Lake or the Lady of Avalon, she reveals the secret of the sword rather than lending it to unworthy hands. In order to possess the secret of this sword, we must seek the Woman of the Marsh — “and promise not to use it.”

For me, this Rune of many names suggests the powerful use of the sword of mind, wisdom and spiritual protection as more effective than violence or brute force. May we draw upon the magic and power available to each of us and watch the wars recede.

Liberation of the Goddess – Approaching Sunday’s Full Moon in Virgo

With the approaching Full Moon in Virgo this Sunday, we’ve got a new post from virgo magic.: “This Full Moon says: it’s time for the Goddess in each of us to come out, be seen and take the lead. ” I love the emphasis on sovereignty and healing the land, as this theme runs throughout Ancient Wisdom, Faery tradition, and my own imagination and intentions. Blessed be, and be the blessing …

virgo magic


Sunday’s Full Moon is in Virgo

, the sign that in modern times is seen as an old maid, secretary, librarian, or OCD housecleaner, but to the ancients represented the Goddess. Virgo is the only constellation in the Zodiac that depicts a woman, and she is “Virgin” in the sense that the Goddess, as the Great Mother, created life all on her own, no partner required.

The Virgin archetype evolved to mean sovereign, an independent woman, often referring to priestesses who dedicated their lives to the Goddess. These priestesses were not “virgin” in the modern meaning of chaste or sexually inexperienced. Quite the opposite – these Virgins were the sacredly sexual temple priestesses who initiated adolescent girls and boys of the community through sexual rites.

Embodiments of the Goddess, they used sexual energy to heal (including healing men returning from war), and to regenerate the life force to ensure…

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Enough Already!

Don't Piss Off the Fairies

Hint: the following meme does. The entire Faery Realm reiterates — again — “We have nothing to do with any of this!” Fairy tales and myths do not mean “un-Truth.” On the contrary, fairy tales and myths represent some of the greatest repositories of Ancient Wisdom remaining in our culture. This meme has grown beyond tiresome and is yet another symptom of a culture so diluted and deluded that up is down and in is out. The fact that people believe in the US economy and Obamacare but not in fairy tales or myths speaks volumes. And those volumes do not contain many compliments.


“‘Fairy Tale’ Continues as Obama Proposes Extralegal Obamacare Fix”

“Liberals in state of shock as they realize free health care was another Obama fairy tale.”

“Kathleen Sebilius is on a bad acid trip: will be repaired by magical elves and Gandalf the Wizard (satire)”

Nat Hentoff: Fracture Fairy Tales about Health Care”

Ross Douthat’s Right-Wing Fairy Tale: What the New York Times Columnist Misses about Obamacare”

“Photo Caption Contest Winner: Is It Fairy Tale Time at the White House?”

“RUSH: ‘ObamaCare’ fix is a fairy tale”

“‘It’s going to be just like Christmas.’ And other fairy tales.”

“Take My Coverage — PLEASE! An Obamacare Fairy Tale”

And many, many more where those headlines came from…

If that’s what this culture thinks of fairy tales and the Faery Realm, no wonder we’ve got issues! I’m reposting my intro to an article that explores Icelanders’ very common belief in elves. I always lose a few subscribers when I post about the Faery Realm, but before anyone considers Icelanders (or me) crazy for believing in elves, consider this:

Instead of bailing out the very banksters who orchestrated the 2008 housing crisis, Icelanders dismantled their corrupt government and arrested the Rothschild bankers. They refused to pay debt from banksters’ reckless risk taking. In the US, by contrast, we bailed out the gangster-banksters, allowed them to Pass Go and collect huge multi-million dollar bonuses, and then … when we learned they were rigging rates and laundering drug money, our “sane” culture decided that banks were “too big to fail and too big to jail.”

In contrast to the exponentially increasing assault on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the decreasing freedom of the press in the US, look what Icelanders did:

“Interpol, meanwhile, had issued an international arrest warrant against Sigurdur Einarsson, former president of one of the banks. This situation led scared bankers and executives to leave the country en masse.

“In this context of crisis, an assembly was elected to draft a new constitution that would reflect the lessons learned and replace the current one, inspired by the Danish constitution.

“To do this, instead of calling experts and politicians, Iceland decided to appeal directly to the people, after all they have sovereign power over the law. More than 500 Icelanders presented themselves as candidates to participate in this exercise in direct democracy and write a new constitution. 25 of them, without party affiliations, including lawyers, students, journalists, farmers and trade union representatives were elected.

“Among other developments, this constitution will call for the protection, like no other, of freedom of information and expression in the so-called Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, in a bill that aims to make the country a safe haven for investigative journalism and freedom of information, where sources, journalists and Internet providers that host news reporting are protected.

“The people, for once, will decide the future of the country while bankers and politicians witness the transformation of a nation from the sidelines.” (source)

Soooo, when you ponder elves and the Faery Realm and feel tempted to consider believers a little kooky or crazy, consider what passes for “normal” and “sane” in this world. Personally, I’ll continue to work with the Faery Realm. I’ll choose a reverence for Nature over drones any day. The Faery Rule, “Respect, not Control” works for me, and imho, lands with higher belief in Nature Spirits and the Faery Realm produce saner policies and superior results!

Hungary — another country with high belief in faeries, magick and the Unseen World — has also had recent success kicking out and banning Monsanto, the IMF and Rothschild banksters.

See also faery-friendly Ireland calling out war criminals and hypocrites.

“We call them faerie. We don’t believe in them. Our loss.” ~Charles de Lint

“The fairies went from the world, dear,
Because men’s hearts grew cold:
And only the eyes of children see
What is hidden from the old…”

~Kathleen Foyle

“It had to do with the knowledge that the world was as it was because of what men believed it was… year by year, these past three or four generations, the minds of men had been hardened to believing that there was one God, one world, one way of describing reality, and that all things which intruded on the realm of that great one-ness must be evil and of the fiends [or ridiculous], and that the sound of the bells and the shadow of their holy places [or war drums and news propaganda] would keep the evil afar. And as more and more people believed this, it was so, and Avalon no more than a dream adrift in an almost inaccessible other world.” ~Marion Zimmer Bradley, “The Mists of Avalon”

Ah, Avalon!


Just sayin’ …


A group of us in Goshen got together last night for an evening of gleaning, and ohhhh, what a lovely, lovely time! Transition Goshen has a project called, “The Low Hanging Fruit Press,” which many of us crowd funded so that we could purchase a community cider press. As a side part of this project, we also began to map fruit trees in town — on private or public property — in need of harvesting.

Many people buy homes that already have fruit trees planted, and they find these trees a nuisance rather than a boon. With permission, those people who do appreciate the abundance of free fruit can save the homeowners a lot of work. In some cases, a timely harvest will even save tree limbs from breaking with the weight of unpicked fruit. A number of websites help to match up gleaners and fruit trees, and David and I found something similar when we lived in Madison. I believe Transition Goshen has decided to use, which can be used for wherever you live around the world.

I have eaten a lot of apples in my life, but I’ve never actually harvested one from a tree. (Just crabapples.) Most apples in the grocery store are four months to a year old and waxed. Even “organic” apples may be sprayed with antibiotics. The apples we gleaned last night had not been sprayed at all, and you could tell. Many did not look “shelf quality,” because they had little marks on them or odd shapes. Our group harvested these for cider pressing and to donate to a local soup kitchen that will turn them into applesauce. I arrived after a foraging walk with and going away gathering for my friend, Kimber, so I had forgotten to bring any kind of bucket or barrel. That turned out well, though, since my backback swung around front to become a highly efficient harvesting set-up.

Something magical happened to me as I approached the trees at sunset. Long time readers know I feel a strong connection to Avalon, also known as “The Isle of Apples.”

apple tree

This particular property sits on an old orchard, with rolling hills and twisting trees. I said a little prayer to the faeries and trees to help me find the nicest “low hanging fruit” so that I didn’t need to climb a ladder. I felt an immediate response. Amazingly, even when I’d approach a tree after someone else had already gleaned the lower branches, I kept finding flawless or nearly flawless apples — enough to fill my backpack within the first half hour. I then helped others collect for their own harvests or the donation. While picking, as twilight settled in, I could feel the mystical energy of Avalon. A huge well of joy bubbled from my heart up through the crown of my head as I walked under the trees.

We took a cider break to enjoy pressed cider from last week’s similar outing, which I missed due to a friend visiting from out of town. I had donated to the crowd funded community cider press just to support the project, not because I usually like apple cider, but this was the sweetest, richest tasting cider I’ve ever had! Something about drinking a fresh community harvest that would otherwise have gone to waste or broken tree limbs just felt right. This project also dovetails with the Youth Engagement Grant I’m working towards with some neighborhood teenagers to plant fruit trees in a nearby park. I had sensed the community potential of planting the trees and beautifying the park, and I love the idea of providing free, local food to neighbors. But last night, I also realized how healing and empowering the community harvest is. Again, bubbles of joy from a deep well of gratitude.

It’s not just about the apples … although I must admit, the one I ate last night upon returning home has forever changed my attitude about Red Delicious apples. Normally, I find that a completely ironic name! Not this time. Sweet, crisp, fresh, no wax, no spray … and with that extra magical something I sensed while picking:

apples 2

We can heal our planet and our communities. Indeed, we already are. I encourage people to check out the website and see what gleaning opportunities exist in your area. What a treat! Free food. An evening in Nature. A gathering of friends.

Blessings abound!

March 2013 Specials

As always, the monthly specials arise from a creative brew of inspiration, client requests and reading the month’s energies. March 2013 offers great transformation for humanity, and I designed these specials to support and empower those transitions.

Tune-In, Tune-Up

Three half-hour Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions (total 1.5 hours) for $188. I’ve received a lot of requests for Life Coaching during the past few months and especially this past week. Most of the people asking for sessions have specifically asked for half-hour check-ins instead of the more usual hour-long offerings. I am happy to offer support for self-motivated people looking for timely affirmations, clarity and objective help with difficult decisions. This “Tune-In, Tune-Up” package offers the equivalent of three $90/half hour sessions at a savings of $82. It’s like buying two and getting the third for $8.

Intuitive Life Coaching sessions work best as a concentrated bunch, rather than spread out over six months or a year. That doesn’t necessarily mean once per week, but these shorter sessions are designed to supercharge your motivation and encourage continued momentum for people wanting to make lasting changes sooner rather than later.

Offer valid if prepaid by 3/31/13. Please contact me to sign up.

Healing Skills Reclamation

This $77 Special Past Life Reading focuses on your previous lifetime(s) as a healer, helping you to access deeply buried healing skills. Such skills may appear as “natural gifts,” because you’ve already studied and/or mastered them in previous or parallel lifetimes. We are each individual expressions of Infinite Potential; however, some of us resonate with and respond more strongly to certain healing or creative modalities. The Healing Skills Reclamation will help you find out why and will also help you to become aware of which modalities and skills may come easier for you or produce faster, more fluid results in this incarnation. This topic arises in Past Life Readings, but I’ve never offered it as a dedicated Special. Here’s your chance.

Offer valid if prepaid by 3/31/13. Please contact me to sign up.

Deborah Taylor – Dear Merlin – 18 February 2013

Thanks, Lucas, for bringing this post to my attention. As a fan of “The Mists of Avalon,” Druid history, and most recently, someone who’s been having multiple dreams of Merlin, I just had to post this musing by Deborah Taylor. In speaking of “Longing,” she really brings to light something I try to convey in Medical Intuitive Sessions and Intuitive Life Path Assessments — namely, that those persistent longings are important! They come from the soul, and they give us clues to deep, gorgeous parts of ourselves that long for expression in the world. Joseph Campbell phrased it a bit differently. He said, “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Discovering and honoring our longings can catapult us forward like nothing else. Longings, you see, stem from a well of Love, and Love is the greatest power and fuel in the entire Universe. Enjoy!

Deborah Taylor – Dear Merlin – 18 February 2013

Dearest Merlin,

As I was watching the movie Camelot and gazed upon Arthur, his soul laid bare to you, I could feel his Longing. When he asked you; “Merlin, make me a hawk! Let me fly away from here!” he wanted to be free from himself and his Longing, so he flew high and observed from above all that was to be seen from a bird’s perspective. He was able to get an overall view of his life and be transported to a place of detachment. But still he had to come back to earth to enter into the game again and try and fill that void in his heart and it was then that I began to wonder; Is Longing a vehicle for enlightenment, the unsung hero of the human complex? If Longing is a strong desire, especially for something unattainable, might it be the driving force behind our awakening, a constant need that propels us forward?

Whenever I feel Longing in myself or see it in others, it rises up as a need that will never be quenched, a desire never to be extinguished. We Long for something that is embedded so deeply in our memories, yet just that far out of reach. The feeling of wanting to “remember” can be maddening, but I can’t even fathom what it is that I’ve forgotten. A violin played in a certain way will make me Long from the depths of my being, or listening to a dog’s howl in the dead of the night will bring me closer to what I Long to remember. If we could connect to our real home and our Galactic lineage, that would certainly help us to come closer to who we truly are but even then, I suspect that Longing would still exist. It is more than just a human trait. If you’re still listening Merlin, I’d like to know, does “God” yearn? Does Source Energy long to know itself to the extent that it is always searching, always on the hunt for that sense of knowing and if so, will it ever become self evident? As a vehicle for the manifestation of Source, I was just wondering ….

It seems to me Merlin, that the flame of Longing is a thread that runs through us, this matrix, and beyond. The idea that there would come a point in “time” that would extinguish that flame of Longing does not seem to exist, at least not from this perspective. Stepping into fourth and fifth density helps to widen the understanding and Longing becomes more of a joyful exploration rather than a limited, trapped vision. Becoming a hawk and flying above it all certainly does have it’s advantages.

I feel that life is like a book and with every new chapter comes a breaking of a seal, so to speak, as we come closer to having that innate sense of “knowing” revealed and we vibrate accordingly. Our understanding is largely predicated on our Longing and thirst as a collective to explore the depths and mysteries of our being. It is a process with no restrictions of “time”. And correct me if I’m wrong Merlin, but isn’t this whole adventure about letting ourselves go into the mysteries? To become fully realized. I think that’s what we’ve always Longed for. An understanding of who we are and what we have always been. That is just one illumination though, just one of many chapters in our book, one of the many seals to be broken.

So Merlin, thanks for listening. It’s always wonderful to chat with you. Please send my warm regards to Arthur and Guinevere and if you would like to shed any light on my musings, I’m open. Till then, I’ll see you in my dreams.

My best,


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Oracle Report ~ Saturday August 25 – Sunday August 26 2012

Mists of Avalon? I had to post this one. It’s particularly timely after some Glastonbury Tor synchronicities yesterday with a client and later with Angels of Atlantis cards. Thanks to Gillian for the link.

Oracle Report | First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

This weekend’s energy is like walking through the mists of Avalon. There is a predominance of mutable and watery astrological energy, which heightens intuition and creativity, as well as strengthening links with the spirit realm. It is wonderfully calming if you are one who goes with the flow, but if you are trying to structure or control things, it will cause emotional difficulties.

The best bet is to be on a mental vacation this weekend because the energy favors escapism. Be careful of overindulging in anything (especially alcohol) because it is easy to get lost.

This weekend’s energy is highly emotional. Feelings will run the gamut and can spill out like water. But as we span the emotional spectrum, the spectrum of the colors of the rainbow are forming. The planet is using this energy to reform and correct things (situations in our lives). Last month was the Turning Point and this month is The Reformation.

We are witnessing a great master painting her masterpiece. The keyword is “painting” – as a verb, meaning that it is in process. It can be unsettling when we want things settled. But we want the best possible outcome so we must float along while it’s happening. Resistance is futile this weekend, so continue to let go and let Gaia and don’t force anything.

Last Day to Sign Up for June Specials

June sure flew by! I’ve had a lot of fun offering these goodies this month. One more day for the June Specials:

Avalon Oracle Card Readings

These half hour ($55.55) or hour ($111) readings use Colette Baron-Reid’s “The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards” as springboards for deeper discussion. Regular readers of this blog know I have a strong resonance with Avalon and the faery realm, but I’ve not offered regular sessions with this deck before. Divided into “Messengers of Avalon,” “Animal Guides of Avalon,” “Guides of the Faery,” and “Sacred Journey Markers,” this gorgeous deck honors the Mystery and parts the veil. This month’s readings combine the synchronous selection of cards with whatever the guides choose to share through me. They offer a different yet powerful glimpse beyond tarot, designed to awaken your own sense of mystery, mysticism and delight in life.

45-Minute Raph (Archangel Raphael) Channeled Sessions

Most local Madison and Milwaukee area clients know I offer private “Raph” (pronounced “Rawf”) Sessions, but people from further away have been asking if I can do these over the phone as well. Yes, yes, yes! I have worked closely with Archangel Raphael since researching my honors thesis in 1994. Although AA Raphael always advises me in Medical Intuitive and other sessions, I had never thought to try channeling until it happened spontaneously in January 2011. I had asked David to hypnotize me so I could get out of my own way to do an intense Medical Intuitive session on myself. Lo and behold, an angel appeared. Well, sort of! Raph calls himself “an aspect of what humans call the Archangel Raphael energy collective,” explaining that this entire energy could not fit within the confines of a 3D body.

Raph has an accent, a gentle and wry sense of humor, and strongly healing, loving and supportive presence. Since January 2011, I’ve offered many private channeled sessions as well as public events. As a healer, Raph’s primary intent is to connect with individuals who wish to embrace their own healing and freedom on all levels. As individuals seek, find, love, and move beyond their own blocks and blinders, they free others to do so, too. Raph welcomes questions about your personal life or global issues.

$133 for 45-Minutes, in-person in Madison or by phone. (Yahoo Instant Messenger sessions are not available for channeled sessions.)

These specials are valid if prepaid through today, June 30, 2012. They can be scheduled later. Please email me for availability and additional details.