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Legalese, Administrative Procedures and “Vaccine Courts”

Although this video does not focus on scientific proof of vaccines’ connections to autism, it gives an excellent run down of exactly how the legal system works when it comes to vaccine injuries. Transparency? Hardly. One of the most damning facts of this video, in light of the Department of Health and Human Services consideration of the National Adult Immunization Plan (which sets the stage for mandatory vaccines), is that the Department of HHS owns patents on vaccines and makes money when they are distributed. How much deeper can the conflict of interest go? Watch and learn, then you decide if you’d like to encourage Rebecca Fish to exercise her conscience during this last day of public comment on the NAIP.

Natural News ~ Glyphosate contamination will cause 50% of children to be autistic by 2025, according to researcher

It’s not just about the GMOs themselves, but what goes along with them, namely toxic chemicals and gut-destroying pathogens. In addition to this article below, you might enjoy Ronnie Cummins’ recent essay, “Consumer Self-Defense: 12 Ways to Drive GMOs and Roundup off the Market.” Ronnie shares some information I didn’t know, which puts other battles into perspective, too. For example, remember that Tryptophan incident used to justify all manner of attacks on supplements? Who knew that the Tryptophan supplement in question was a GMO? Ultimately, we need a ban, and soon. At issue is helping the general public to recognize why. Any and all methods to do so seem valid, imho, since most people still have no clue of the differences and crossovers between organic, conventional, GMO-free and completely toxic. Anyway, I recommend both articles, but I’m copying in the autism one below, because it’s a simpler argument with a specific timeline. Please do click through to Ronnie’s essay, too.


Natural News ~ Glyphosate contamination will cause 50% of children to be autistic by 2025, according to researcher

By Julie Wilson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Today, 1 in 68 children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the U.S., a rate that’s increased 30 percent since 2012, according to a March 2014 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Boys are five times more likely than girls to have ASD, and white children are more prone to the condition than black or Hispanic children.

Speaking at a conference sponsored by the holistic-focused Groton Wellness organization, research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented data showing a consistent correlation between glyphosate (a key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide), and the rise in autism.

Dr. Seneff also made an alarming prediction regarding the recent spike in ASD: “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

According to a fellow panelist, “All of the 70 or so people in attendance were squirming, likely because they now had serious misgivings about serving their kids, or themselves, anything with corn or soy, which are nearly all genetically modified and thus tainted with Roundup and its glyphosate.”

Kids with autism have biomarkers indicative of glyphosate toxicity

It’s unsurprising that Dr. Seneff struck a cord with other professionals at the special panel on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as she’s most certainly an expert on the matter. She’s published over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles and is an expert in biology and technology. She’s also listed as the first author on 7 out of 10 papers published in various medical and health journals on modern diseases as well as drug side effects, nutritional deficiencies and the impacts of environmental toxins on our health, according to reports.

During the special panel discussion, Dr. Seneff spoke about the alignment between the side effects of glyphosate toxicity and autism, noting that they closely “mimic” one another. The illustrations she presented show that, since Monsanto’s Roundup became a flagship weedkiller in 1990, the number of kids with ASD has soared from 1 in 5,000 to 1 in 68.

Seneff’s research shows that children with autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate, including zinc and iron deficiencies, low serum sulfate, seizures and mitochondrial disorder, according to the Alliance for Natural Health.

Monsanto denies all evidence pointing to such a connection, arguing that Roundup is harmless because humans don’t have a shikimate pathway, which the chemical inhibits. However, Seneff notes that our gut bacteria do in fact have this pathway, and these bacteria are crucial for supplying the body with amino acids.

Seneff also argues that most studies on the dangers of Roundup are too short to truly identify the effects of Roundup accumulation in the body over time.

According to Seneff, there are two key problems with autism that are completely unrelated to the brain but are connected to glyphosate exposure:

1. Gut dysbiosis (an upset in the natural balance of microorganisms in the gut)

2. Disrupted sulfur metabolism (sulfur and sulfate deficiency)

While certain microbes break down glyphosate, they leave behind ammonia, and, interestingly, children with ASD tend to have higher ammonia levels, explains Seneff in an interview with Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Seneff says Roundup has the following side effects: It kills beneficial gut bacteria, allowing pathogens to grow; interferes with the synthesis of amino acids and methionine, which leads to shortages in critical neurotransmitters and folate; chelates (removes) important minerals like iron, cobalt and manganese, and much more.


Common But Lesser Known Health Tips and Medical Intuitive Observations

Two categories of people tend to call me for Medical Intuitive Sessions: those who’ve been injured and/or ill for many years (sometimes decades) with no effective diagnosis and/or treatment … and those people who keep top notch tabs on their health and already know that every physical ailment has a mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic trigger. The second group tends to call very early in their health journey, usually right after their own arsenal of natural remedies and meditations fails to bring relief.

Lately, I’ve received many calls from a third category of clients, and I attribute this to the increased Awakening on our planet. These clients also exhibit “medical mystery” symptoms, but, unlike the first group, they’ve only been ill or injured for weeks rather than years. Unlike the second group, they’ve never consulted a Medical Intuitive or “psychic” before, but “something just tells” them that they need to expand their thinking about these health issues. I love these sessions, because I can feel the gears start turning as people discover how their body partners with their soul in order to bring about the deepest levels of healing. I love watching their upper chakras suddenly light up with understanding and expansion.

Today’s post is a hodgepodge of things I’ve noticed in nearly 12 years of professional Medical Intuitive work. I thought I’d share some common observations and tips that don’t seem to have reached the mainstream. As always, I am not legally allowed to diagnose or prescribe, and nothing in this blog or in my sessions constitutes medical advice. I’m simply sharing what buzzes across my intuition or patterns I’ve recognized in the past decade plus of intriguing work.

1) Lyme Disease has some truly unexpected manifestations. People call it “the great imitator” for a reason! Since the Lyme spirochetes attack the weakest points in the body, symptoms vary widely. Some common (in my line of work) complaints from people who turn out to have confirmed Lyme Disease that eventually responds to treatment and lifestyle changes include: extreme TMJ; persistent jaw, gum or tooth infections; major food sensitivities and severely compromised intestinal health; heart palpitations; inexplicable sensitivity to salt; Bell’s Palsy; extreme EMF sensitivity; uncharacteristic bursts of difficult to control rage; and a creeping malaise even though “life is going well.”

This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor does it mean that these symptoms necessarily indicate LD. In the absence of other explanations or treatment, though, it’s a reasonable question for people to ask themselves and their treatment providers. Awareness has grown so that more well-known Lyme symptoms like achy joints, chronic fatigue, the bulls-eye rash, and irregular immune response will sometimes flag LD. I’ve found the above symptoms just as strong, if not more so, indicators of LD.

2) Lyme Disease, like every illness, has a specific energetic signature and personality/spiritual profile. I’ve previously written about spiritual and natural healing of Chronic Lyme Disease. You can read that article (and dozens of comments) by clicking here. Please know that for every person who comments on the blog, I tend to receive three or four private emails expressing how that article exactly sums up their life just prior to getting Lyme, as well as their current journey. I’ve also had countless clients find me through that article, and they’ve all shared corroborating details as well. Not everyone exposed to Lyme or the co-infections develops Chronic Lyme Disease. If you recognize yourself in that profile and have some of the symptoms in #1, then that increases the value of exploring LD as a possible physical cause.

3) Swaddling: not just for infants! Variants of the old practice of calming babies down by wrapping them tightly in a blanket work for adults as well. The psoas muscle holds much of our traumatic experiences — in this life, and other lifetimes, too. You can read about that here, and see a photo of “Constructive Rest Position,” which helps to release the psoas. Less known is the fact that you can take a yoga strap or belt, wrap it around the thighs and gently support them in their release. This allows deeper relaxation, since you expend no energy in keeping your legs from flopping open.

I call the next swaddling option the “Al Bundy,” since it involves resting your hands on your hipbones while lying down, sliding those hands slightly under the waist of your pants. The slight constriction of fabric acts like the yoga belt, gently supporting your arms so that they can completely release the neck and trapezius muscles. You might initially feel weird doing this pose so reminiscent of Married with Children, but if you suffer chronic neck pain, you’ll find yourself greatly rejuvenated after sleeping that way.

People suffering from anxiety or insomnia may also find comfort in tightly wrapping themselves in a blanket, if possible having someone else “tuck in” the sides underneath the arms and legs. Other techniques that can help with overwhelm include lying on the stomach (to cover the heart and solar plexus chakras) while placing a pillow over the crown of the head. The covering of these areas shuts down the zapping and buzzing so many people complain about with solar flares, empathic assaults, or racing mind at night.

4) Autistic children are more advanced than what society calls “normal.” We can learn from them. I’ve written on this before here. RMN also posted a series of videos featuring Jacob Barnett, an autistic teenager genius who promises to “prove Einstein wrong.” You can find a bunch of Jacob Barnett videos by clicking here. Note how his mother searched for and fostered his gifts. I’ve had clients with autistic and Asperger’s children who turned out to be able to see and communicate with faeries and the dead. I’ve also encountered many highly advanced souls masquerading as autistic children just so that they could have the chance to devote themselves to the one or two items of most interest in this lifetime.

In sharing the gifted nature of autistic children, I in no way mean to minimize the horrors of vaccine damage, the frustration of parents, or the isolation that comes from autism and Asperger’s. I’m simply indicating that gifts exist. They can be found and nurtured. Souls seek healing and expression. Given the chance, they will amaze parents, expose the failures and limitations of our education system, and return us to more natural (now called supernatural) ways of experiencing our Universe.

5) When one chakra is imbalanced, it pays to look at the opposite chakra on the color wheel. I find that imbalances tend to occur in pairs. Second chakra (orange) issues tend to occur in connection with throat and/or third eye (blue) issues. Root chakra problems (red) almost always connect with a need for heart chakra (green) healing, and I have yet to find anyone with solar plexus problems (yellow) who doesn’t have a corresponding imbalance in the crown chakra (purple). Most people who dabble in mind-body-spirit healing research all the issues and affirmations connected to whatever chakra corresponds with their biggest complaint. Faster relief may come from treating the opposite color chakra issues first, or at least in conjunction with the primary spot in need of healing.

That’s it for today’s installment of things that make you go hmmm… . Please feel free to share via comments any “counter-intuitive” or unusual correspondences you’ve discovered or observed. Many blessings and much healing!

Impulses Are Your Key to the Miraculous

Beautiful and inspiring, just like YOU! Much Love …

Autism and the Law of Attraction

I work with quite a few parents of children diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Just wanted to share this video from Abraham-Hicks, which shares many of the things that come forth in Medical Intuitive Sessions with me. These are special kids! Even if you’ve not experienced someone with either of these conditions, this is a valuable talk that shares tips on how to convey things like the Law of Attraction to “superiors” or others who “just don’t get it.” Namaste.

Fertility, Miscarriage & Special Needs Kids: Some Medical Intuitive Observations

I receive a fair number of inquiries from women who would love to have children but experience some sort of block en route: infertility, miscarriages, repeated complications in childbirth … . By the time they contact a Medical Intuitive, these women have already seen multiple doctors, midwives, doulas, and naturopaths, so my work with them tends to focus primarily on non-physical steps they can take to improve their chances. Of the women I’ve worked with, 100% have either gotten pregnant within two months and carried to term, or they have realized that they do not, in fact, want children at this time. They discovered that nature’s “no” had blessed them unawares. Recognizing that each instance holds its own unique factors and story, I thought I’d share some of the most common patterns I’ve noticed:

Oftentimes, the more aware and desirous of a child the would-be mother is, the more demanding the unborn child. Women who call me feel very frustrated,sad and angry, wondering why “everyone else” gets pregnant without hassle and why they, who live such “healthy and spiritual lives,” are “being punished” or at the very least “not rewarded” for their efforts. The more they try, the more depressed they get because it just doesn’t seem fair that people who pay little attention to diet, exercise and conscious awareness have little concern about fertility or miscarriages.

If this describes you, then my heart goes out to you. I have talked with enough women in this situation to understand how deeply the pain can cut. In order to grasp what’s going on, we need to pan back out of 3D reality for a bit. We also need to accept — at least for the moment — the idea that babies really do choose their parents.

Souls determine a rough outline for their lives before incarnating. Babies do not enter our world with a blank slate and zero conscious awareness. In many ways, they know more than we do because they have just arrived fresh from Source. They have goals, hopes and dreams, and parents offer some of the greatest influence on potential achievements in this lifetime.

When a pre-incarnate soul starts shopping around for parents, s/he makes an assessment of who can best offer the lessons or experiences s/he wants to have. Given that many souls come here to work through past life issues, the “easiest” life is often not the most efficient. Parents who work hard to get all their finances in order, finish therapy, take all the prenatal vitamins, internally cleanse, buy the dream home and paint the nursery ironically limit the number and kinds of souls that would choose them. (This is not a bad thing; it just bears mentioning.) Sometimes pain and struggle create the exact conditions needed for growth. If would-be parents create a too comfy life, then souls that believe they need work will look elsewhere.

If a soul has a specific contract with potential parents who’ve created an easier than necessary reception, then sometimes the soul will come in as a special needs child. Would-be parents usually pray and pray for a “healthy baby,” assuming that no child would choose to come in “different.” But this belief comes from a 3D world perspective. In the bigger picture, souls choose way more than we imagine. They don’t look for ease; they look for growth. In the twenty-first century, they also look for efficient growth. Maximum evolution for minimum time on this planet.

I’ve worked with a lot of special needs kids, and believe me, these kids are special. Whenever I do soul readings for them it becomes clear that they came here determined to blast through previous limitations. Their missing skills either encourage them to focus on the specific gifts they want to offer to the world and/or the strain of “disabilities” creates just the right conditions for soul healing. This healing usually extends beyond their own soul, at least to their family, often to the world. In any case, the special needs reflect conscious choices designed to move them most efficiently through whatever they came here to heal and achieve.

When I speak with would-be parents who fit the “highly conscious,” “reasonably healthy” profile, I always need to ask how they would feel if they birthed a special needs child. Many times, people don’t even want to think about it, but I find the question an important one. It’s like the pre-incarnate soul wants to know, “How fully will you accept me? To what degree will you support my process? If this is what it took for me to be with you and experience what I need to experience, would you stand by me?” A yes goes a long way in convincing these souls that they will have options. Potential parents willing to embrace the possibility of a special needs child also seem more likely to create the flexible environment needed for growth without the special needs. Other times, children who feel the “special needs” are important to their development will search until they find parents with huge hearts who can support and grow with them during these challenges.

People willing to accept with joy the challenges of a “disabled” child demonstrate an ability to view each soul as an individual with a full history and future. I’ve noticed that once potential parents reach this place of acceptance, they generate a lot of interest in the pre-incarnate world. They suddenly earn “cool” status and souls that previously considered them too rigid will reconsider coming into their lives, even as healthy babies. Incarnation is always a gamble, and souls will take calculated risks based on parents’ ability to adapt.

Our current, transitional times have interested many souls. Whatever will or will not happen in 2012, change pervades the Earthly atmosphere. Souls wanting to incarnate recognize that they may not have an infinite number of times to get things right. As a result, the more conscious souls have become pickier. Evolved souls naturally resonate with more conscious parents, but they won’t just give things a whirl and try again next time. With how fast things continue to change on this planet, they can no longer predict how “next time” might look. Many pre-incarnate souls view their next lifetime as potentially their last.

If you sensed you might be about to eat your last piece of pizza, or inhale your last breath, or view your last sunset, think of how you’d feel. How might you savor the experience? How might you opt out of some experiences you normally wouldn’t mind having? With whom would you want to spend your remaining time? What’s your “bucket list” — those things you want to make sure you do before you die?

Evolved souls coming in right now are asking themselves these questions with more urgency than usual. They’re not predicting the end of the world (and neither am I!), but they are acknowledging some big-time changes headed our way. In scanning potential parents, they like the idea of conscious ones open to Spirit, intuition and synchronicity. They would love to spend a lifetime with you. They just realize that they need to get serious about priorities. Potential parents who seem wishy-washy about egoless commitment to their kids’ spiritual and emotional growth have become higher risk. Whereas ten years ago, a gambling soul might have bet on them, now the soul’s behaving like the US Credit market, denying people whom they would have accepted at another time. Those souls who throw the dice by allowing conception to occur, carefully monitor the situation all the way to birth. If the parental situation starts to look less conducive to achieving that bucket list, the babies bail out early, sometimes via repeat miscarriages.

I worked with one woman who kept having miscarriages with the same soul. The issue turned out to be a past life one, and we worked extensively to heal the relationship with her unborn baby. Through this process, the woman experienced a major heart opening and felt a forgiveness, self-love and connection to Source, which she had never allowed herself to know before.

Shortly afterwards, she miscarried again. She called me, sobbing, wanting to know how this could happen. I tuned in, and the soul informed me that “he” had already worked out his entire reason for incarnating with this woman just during the past two months in her womb. Freed of the karmic sorrow associated with this would-be mom, he saw a chance to “skip a lifetime.” Last I heard, he had decided to incarnate in a small village in South America, where he could connect deeply with the Earth and her indigenous cultures.

The woman grieved, and I supported this, but I also told her that I sensed she would get pregnant very soon and carry to term this time with a different soul. After three miscarriages she found this difficult to believe, but she did, in fact, get pregnant without even trying. She carried to term with no complications and gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy over a year ago. Her karmic ties to that first soul had created a block preventing any other soul from coming through her until she healed that relationship. By forgiving each other, she and the little soul freed her womb to carry someone else to term.

Aside from past life work, what can hopeful parents do? Here’s a quick list of some of the most helpful shifts:

1) Minimize all refined flours and sugars. This sounds like a physical request, but it’s actually about vibration. The new babies want clarity, and nothing fogs things up so fast as white flour and white sugar. For people already avoiding these items, the souls may require you to step it up another notch from wherever you are. Many of the very old souls coming in now want to bring sweetness to the planet. They themselves are so “sweet” that their mothers tend to become more predisposed to gestational diabetes or other blood sugar issues during pregnancy. It’s a bit more complicated than I’m explaining here, but the upshot remains: minimize refined sweeteners and stop eating refined flour.

2) Seriously consider if you can accept your child as a conscious being who has a life path and goals beyond your intentions for him or her. Will you allow your child to be true to himself or herself? Or will you try to implant all of your values into your child? Can you view parenting from a place of balance where you have authority and knowledge, but where you can also learn a great deal from your child? Can you handle the possibility of your child being far more spiritually evolved and wise than you are? Would you try to squash associated gifts or welcome them?

Taking the time and courage to explore and answer these questions allows pre-incarnate souls to move you from the unknown pile into the known pile. Yes, your answers will result in many souls choosing other parents, but your answers will also help compatible souls to find you. If you don’t define your values, expectations and beliefs, then you may remain too high risk for today’s picky souls.

3) Start a meditation practice and invite awareness of any little beings who might want to come into your life. Allow yourself just to feel and observe. Listen. A quiet mind and an open heart create attractive reservoirs for evolved souls. They want parents who go deep.

4) Get creative! In the bigger scheme of things, it’s all energy, so the more creative projects in your life, the more creative energy flows through and around you. If you want to make a baby, then make a book, a scrapbook, paint a picture, form a sculpture. It doesn’t matter so much what you create; it’s more important that you feel creativity at work in your life. If you have fertility problems, then start new projects. If you have trouble carrying to term, then focus on finishing creative projects. When you do finish projects, display them proudly.

5) Be grateful. I know you might feel discouraged, but it doesn’t help you make a baby. In addition to supporting their own healing and dreams, souls want to create more beauty and fulfilment in your life. If circumstances haven’t resulted in a child, try to trust in a bigger plan at work. Sometimes “soul mate” children arrive through adoption. Sometimes they arrive when you stop trying. Sometimes they’re just waiting for another soul to feel ready to arrive as a twin.

The 3D world can look hopelessly unfair sometimes, but after thousands of intuitive readings, I promise you there’s more love and beauty around you than you imagine. You have more unseen support than you would dream. If your desire for a child hasn’t manifested yet, be grateful for the chance to open even more.


For a fictional take on some of these themes, you might also enjoy Schizandra and the Gates of Mu. (Schizandra’s grandmother is a midwife.)