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Tom Kaypacha Lescher and James Gilliland

This is a fabulous discussion from June 6, 2013, but I found it particularly relevant today. Really excellent observations and a fun discussion between two friends who are both contributing mightily to the Awakening on our planet. It also gave me specifics on why I felt so led to offer the Shadow Work Tarot Special this month, especially tailored to Lightworkers and Healers.

Oracle Report ~ Saturday, June 22 – Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thanks, G!

Oracle Report ~ Saturday, June 22 – Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oracle Report Saturday: Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius Sunday:
Full Moon Phase- Moon in Capricorn
Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi


Like the giraffe, this weekend we are gifted with the ability to see far ahead. Events foreshadow the future. We are taking the high road in all things, especially things that involve three’s (as in three people). Most of the time we are focused on the present moment (“the point of power is in the present moment”-Seth), but this weekend we are able to project things out.

This weekend’s super Full Moon (supermoon) adds to the power. With the addition of the Sun conjunct the Black Moon and Friday’s solstice, we have all that is needed to aim ourselves toward what is highest and best for us. We can cast a line in to the future and follow it. Any personal activity or ritual undertaken this weekend is heavily supported, so take advantage of the opportunity to visualize your future. What do you want to cast out there?

Tom Lescher/Kaypacha ~ Astrology Forecast for June 5, 2013

Thanks, Toni! 🙂

“The intention is to take the Dream and bring it down to Reality.” This week’s report covers the Square between Pisces and Gemini, “the New Moon sowing the seed in the sign of Gemini,” a Grand Trine, Black Moon Lilith’s move from Gemini into Cancer, “squeezing twelve dimensions into three,” and how this energy initiates strong feelings and an outpouring of Truth. “Ready or not,” here comes the revolutionary change!

From Tom:

“It’s time for me to speak my truth,
Whether the world is ready to hear it,
I won’t know until I share it,
But I’ll die if I keep on stuffin’ it!

“Wow! So much busyness is happening with this New Moon coming up in Gemini! Hope you’re wrapping up the old stuff and getting ready for a new blast off! It’s time to pull out the barbeque, invite the neighbors over and share the joy. Wishing you the best of of all….aloha….”