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Tom Lescher ~ Astrology Forecast for April 10, 2013

Thanks, Toni!

In his exuberant and somewhat goofy way, Tom really sums up the energies right now. If you’re feeling particularly intense or fried, this video will help put things into context:

“I now summon Spirit Warrior,
From the depths of my inner soul,
To vanquish my fear with the sword of Love,
and lead me to my goal.
Feeling the angst of the New Moon in Aries? There is a lot of uncertainty, fear, and doubt to face when forging a new reality. It is like the sculpture starting with a big lump of clay…. hummm…. where and how to start…. gotta make that first move/change. Take a deep breath, trust yourself, and commit to the new which may involve cutting free from the old first. You will be glad you went for it when you look back! InJoy!”

Electra Jung ~ April 2013 Energies

Another guest blog post by Master Astrologer Electra Jung. This forecast is also available on youtube.

April 2013…spring is in the air

April begins with the Sun in fiery Aries connected to expansive and optimistic Jupiter. This provides a pioneering and enterprising spirit which encourages you to develop your original ideas and to pursue your own projects. Opportunities are waiting…

If others cannot commit to grow and expand in new areas…then trust yourself and go it alone… a very Arian trait. Trust yourself and get going. This Aries wants to make things happen and happen now! Successful negotiations in projects and business agreements are favored now wherever you go in your career.

Fire is spontaneous and loves adventure. The energy at the beginning of April is most welcomed by like-minded fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius. This brings a great deal of passionate, sexual desire into relationships although real stability doesn’t settle in until April 2o when Mars enters the more grounded Taurus element.

By April 25 the real test of commitment appears when we have our first partial lunar eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio… more on that later.

The assertive fire energy beginning this month of April may feel too impulsive and rash with the more practical earth-signs like Taurus and Virgo. Even Capricorns will be feeling the push to proceed in to areas out of their “comfy zones” due to the pressure of the Aries planets in challenging aspect to their stoic, traditional need for certainty!

Aries is ruled by Mars…planet of competition, war, and rash behavior leading to accidents. In days of old Mars was the god of war and strife but:

“Metaphysically this planet symbolizes our potency, our ability to motivate ourselves to grow as spiritual beings, and our courage to fight for a higher purpose – something beyond our own self-satisfaction.”

Acts of frustration, impulse and haste work in combination with the Aries planets compounding the impulsive and aggressiveness in the air… so remain aware of your surroundings, pay attention to traffic, make time to get out and enjoy the splendor of spring in all her glory!

Always Loving Life,

Electra Jung
mobile (928) 451-1809

Lee Harris ~ April 2013 Energy Forecast

Another spot-on monthly forecast from Lee Harris!

In this forecast, he uses the analogy of a mosaic, which reminds me of a session I did yesterday suggesting someone “put on her multidimensional bug eyes.” Just as a mosaic is a non-linear collection of different tiles, we can also hop among different perspectives much more fluidly than before. Lee notes a pervading sense of inner peace amidst the chaos — and again this comes in part from the shifting perspectives and the easier ability to choose reality. “Issues are everywhere … so, too does this have an effect on us as an individual. What petitions have you been signing in yourself this month? … The illusion of what we live in is here for a reason.”

Lee encourages integration of all the levels — body, mind, emotions and spirit. Like me, he finds the body especially needs support right now — keeping the body balanced gives a base energy to support creative changes in this world. This includes physical manifestation of all those lovely things we’ve been hoping for.

“[T]he release side will be broad but will have a focus for many on: anger, unresolved relationship energies, feeling unaligned with your life as a human being, a sense that change needs to happen internally and/or externally. Then post-release, the activation side will be heartfelt creation/action, feeling truly alive, and in your heart and senses like never before, with a softness and peace that you had not known before.

“So April is an opportunity to be patient with yourself, and what you may be experiencing as it all moves through you.

“For the contraction found in resistance or fight – thoughts such as ‘I don’t want/like this’ just stops the release movement and traps you in a circle of ‘dislike’.

“If you hear thoughts such as these, simply counteract those words with ‘I accept’ so that the release is allowed and balance can begin to restore in you and your body.”